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Every merger involves a lead church and a joining church. of the church merger movement, but it's becoming a strategy for church planters.
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It frustrated me at first, but I quickly saw the benefit as we reversed course on several ideas that I initially thought were best but turned out not to be.

Church Mergers: The Complicated Business of Combining Congregations

This saved us a lot of work and hardship. After finalizing plans for the merger, I expected a five percent rate of attrition in leadership, attendance, and money. No leaders left, nearly every member is still around, attendance is at record highs, and people are giving sacrificially. Throughout the merger planning, we continually asked this core question: We often returned to the questions: Did we really need to merge? Five months into the merger, and looking forward to the exciting plans and vision on our near horizon, I firmly believe what I suspected all along—we are better together than we were apart.

This experience makes me think multi-site strategies in general, and mergers specifically, provide a bright future for the church in America. Doctrinal, Philosophical, and Relational.

2. Patience actually is a virtue

We knew going into our merger discussions that we had Doctrinal and Philosophical Unity, but the Relational Unity was something of a question mark. Again, few mergers have been successful. Those who were successful, gave ample time to planning, praying, and preparing. God is the author and finisher of our faith but he allows us to seek wisdom.

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Better Together: Making Church Mergers Work