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Absaroka Ambush (first Mt Man)/Courage Of The Mt Man (Mountain Man) eBook: William W. Johnstone: Kindle Store.
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Smoke Jensen was buying cattle a hundred miles away from his Colorado ranch when he got the news. Drawing two horses from the remuda, he saddled up, rode off She had been shot three times, and lay close to death.

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Smoke Jensen knew the outlaws had come to kill him. He was going after them. Right between the Eyes. What America Needs Now. A lawman with a past. A gunman with a grudge. A blood-soaked massacre just waiting to happen. Welcome back to Rattlesnake Wells, Wyoming. He swears he was wrongfully convicted of embezzling from his boss at the local mine. He wants to clear his name and reclaim the woman he loves.

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Hatfield wants to give the boy the benefit of the doubt. Someone is gunning for him. Flowing text, Original pages. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders.

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When gold is discovered near the little town of No-Name, Colorado, the citizens are overjoyed at their good fortune For gold's closest companions are greed and murder, and every two-bit gunslick from the Atlantic to the Rockies is beating a path to the gold strike--which is practically on the doorstep of Smoke Jensen. They're looking to get rich quick But this legendary mountain man never learned how to back away from a good fight--and this one promises to be a whopper.

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  • Absaroka Ambush (first Mt Man)/Courage Of The Mt Man.

Outnumbered a hundred to one, he recruits an army of his own: One thing you can count on: There's going to be a lot of blood spilled before anyone walks away with the gold. Seven Days to Die.

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He wasn't born to the gun. But a gunman's blood ran in his veins--and it was only a matter of time before there would be hell to pay.

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Six Days Of Killing. No Day Of Rest. Once he was a young, happily married businessman. Then he lost his wife to human madness and that young man was gone, replaced by Kid Morgan, the wandering son of legendary gunfighter Frank Morgan and the current occupant of a cell in Hell Gate prison. He looked too much like an outlaw who escaped from this very prison. So the Kid teams up with a fellow inmate with an escape plan, vowing to hunt down a look-alike killer on the loose.

But in or out of prison, Frank Morgan's boy knows better than to trust anyone. And with Hell Gate behind him, any day could be his last. So every bullet must be his best.

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A hard term in Yuma Prison gave Ralph Tinsdale and his gunhawk sidekicks time to nurse a deep hatred for Smoke Jensen--the man who put them there. A bloody escape gives them the chance to get even. Their posse is already forty strong, the price on Smoke's head is up to twenty grand, and with Jensen's own wife shanghaied into Tinsdale's deadly trap, this time there's more at stake than Smoke's own life.

The Wyoming tinderbox of Muddy Gap is feeling none too friendly ever since the Grubbs gang tore through on a hellraising rampage. And it's far from over. Because what the vicious Utah Jack Grubbs would really kill for just rode into town: Creator Johnstone, William W. Summary The Price Of Gold A wagon train winding through the remote reaches of the Rocky Mountain high country can attract plenty of scavengers--some of them human--like Vic Bedell and his gang of cutthroats.

All he wants is the women, who can be traded for gold mine supplies But he didn't count on Preacher leading that train.

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His second mistake is underestimating Preacher's strength And Preacher needs all he can get to lead a hundred and fifty helpless ladies out of captivity Bedell and his wild avengers.. Nature of contents dictionaries.

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