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Productivity Strategies for Executives: Time Management Issues Facing C(x)o Leaders Traditional productivity concepts look a bit different at the highest of senior leadership, and the standard issues, concerns, and challenges faced by upper-level executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, Presidents, VPs, and Directors): 1.
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Reinventing the Organization for the Digital Age. The findings in this study reflect a general atmosphere of confidence in the global economy. Businesses are focused on competing in the digital world and reinventing themselves through digital transformation, new strategies, organizational culture, and attracting and retaining talent. They are dedicated to the creation of innovative, customer centric and inclusive workplace environments within their organizations.

Meanwhile, executives slightly down the ladder in the C-Suite are embracing the highly tactical strategy side of organization-building to support this bigger vision.

Pressing Business Issues for C-Suite Leaders in 2018

To meet the digital transformation challenge, our CEO respondents are focused on building leadership teams of strategic thinkers who are adaptable, entrepreneurial, and capable of inspiring employees. There are times when the CHRO role is more focused on human capital strategies around leadership, people, and culture, but these all ranked high. And for many organizations, reinvention begins with digital transformation. But just what does that mean, exactly?

Then the question becomes how can you lead people through a process that may or may not be a clear definitive path? Brand management plays an increasingly important role in recruiting and retaining talent. Sought-after employees have choices and they will exercise them, especially in tight markets. In the old days, you went where the company told you to go. In the current market for talent, skills and those who possess them are portable.

So how can an organization retain top talent? The desire for continued development is very strong, particularly among Millennials. The responsibility for professional development has evolved over the last generation or two. Opportunities for development must be available in order for a workplace to remain attractive, but it is often up to the employee to seek out those opportunities.

Retaining top talent is going to require tuning in to the characteristics of a rising generation of leaders. In that way, they will create a lot of change. As industry boundaries blur, competition is approaching from all quarters: This rapid pace of change is demonstrated by … estimates that four in 10 companies could be displaced by digital rivals by There's an Uber for everything. Every company can be disrupted—no one is safe. How cognizant are you of your industry, of where you're vulnerable?

Making time management the organization’s priority

But some things you can, so how is your scenario planning? How rigorous is that process at your organization, and how well do your people think that way? Some organizations even have to disrupt themselves. Fundamental to any business is the customer, and the customer experience is where disruptive technologies hit home. How smart are you about your customers and what can you anticipate?

Can you make sense out of the data? Development at all levels of the organization is a focus of global business leaders, and strong development opportunities are essential both for retaining ambitious employees and making sure that companies have people with the skillset they need to remain competitive.

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While the CEOs surveyed have a focus on performance management, training and development, leaders are also considering a new employment model. What does this mean for contingent and freelance workers?

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Certainly they are likely to be in greater demand, but Ray is torn. Senate, and the Department of Defense. She lives with her husband and three children in Denver, Colorado.

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