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It was less intense than the first one but just as engaging in its own way. .. Then when her new series started with The Architect of Song, I was very much The Hummingbird Heart is the second book in the Haunted Hearts Legacy series, and .. to the Goodreads Terms of Service and confirm that I am at least 13 years old.
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View all 71 comments. Aug 26, Rosa, really rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Way to go, buddy. My mind is a blank today so I don't have much to say. Clearly I need about 18 more cups of coffee. Or some cocaine, I don't know. So, I really liked it. I liked both Flynn and Kirk and I'm looking forward to watching them bow chicka wow wow.

See a Problem?

I'm looking forward to seeing how their characters develop over the next three books. Also, there'll be more ghosts! It's a gosh darn Hey, Lanyon! It's a gosh darn entertaining book and you should give it a go. I never liked you anyway. View all 66 comments. Jun 05, Vivian rated it liked it Shelves: For Flynn, life is this long dark of sadness where nothing is warm or alive. In this old cluttered house that seeps with the cold of a Connecticut winter he busies himself sorting the affairs of his uncle and meets two individuals who change his life.

Kirk is the steady soul who gets pulled into Flynn's sphere and Ines, well, she's a bit of a mirror of Flynn, but unrepressed. This is definitely creepy. It is also emotionally taxing as a great deal of what is happening relates to F Perfect title. It is also emotionally taxing as a great deal of what is happening relates to Flynn and his well-being. Lanyon has kept up the tragically-flawed character with Flynn.

If you're looking for a chilling thriller than this is a solid choice. View all 5 comments. Oct 12, Natasha rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What did I just read?! How do books this perfect exist? I have no idea. I can't even comprehend this. This book scared the shit outta me. I was terrified reading this from the very first chapter. Keep in mind, I"m a gigantic wussy, but it was legitimately scary. And I love scary books.

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They make you feel so uncomfortable in your own skin and so mentally terrified. I didn't even know Lanyon could write horror books. Let's be honest though, is there anything this What did I just read?! Let's be honest though, is there anything this man CAN'T do? Here are some reasons NOT to read this book. Don't read this book if Very unique, different, and so beautiful together. But it's not like I got to see Flynn with Alan.. I like their relationship because I feel like it's still blooming.. How will Flynn get over Alan? Their love seemed so real, so tangible to poor Flynn that I'm not sure where the happy future with Kirk will be I choked up and then started wailing.

I didn't think that this was the agreement! I smiled at him. I'll just be over here sobbing. View all 10 comments. Aug 25, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: While this starts as online-series, I decided to wait until it is officially edited and published. So I don't know how edited or expanded this one compared to the Wattpad's version -- all I knew was that Josh Lanyon added around 10k from the original version.

I assumed that this would be a 4-stories involved with 4 seasons related to the couple, Flynn and Kirk. In that sense, I could take the rather abrupt ending because this While this starts as online-series, I decided to wait until it is officially edited and published. In that sense, I could take the rather abrupt ending because this was merely a beginning for the two of them.

I loved Josh Lanyon's writing, that was no secret. This one was another great story. I immediately felt for Flynn -- I could sense his struggle, his depression of losing his lover Alan so suddenly. The conversation he had with Kirk about the agreement he made with his parents just touch me deep. Despite the kind of angsty set up, I could also sense Flynn's strength -- as he was determined to find out what happened with the ghost in the mirror. I was glad that there would be three more stories because I would love to see how he gradually healed and moved on.

The chemistry with Kirk was not instant, in my perception. I did like the fact that they had 13 years age gap between them. Kirk also had baggage after his life as Ranger in Afghanistan yes, it was another PTSD character, which might be one of my tiny complains. Again, I was happy that there would be more stories because I wanted to see how these two men working it out. The 'clue' in the end was a very good mystery set-up. I don't know when Josh will start writing the next series online, but again, I will just wait for the official version. View all 21 comments. Written November 15, 3.

This was the first one, Winter. I listened to the audiobook 6: I felt the end was somewhat abrupt. The ghost story in itself was completed and explained, but what about the Written November 15, 3. The ghost story in itself was completed and explained, but what about these men? I wanted much more about Flynn and Kirk. Especially about dear Flynn. My heart bled for the poor fellow. Despite all interesting and well done although it felt like I just got half the book. I keep my fingers crossed that JL write the second part "Spring"? View all 15 comments. Aug 26, Macky rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Josh Lanyon has done it again!

Another wonderful read from a man who never fails to amaze me at how great he is at creating characters who from the word go slowly and subtly burrow themselves into your heart in a quiet way yet when you've finished the story, their presence tends to stay with you for a long time. Typical of his couples, the banter and interplay between these two MC's is understated but also very classy and his balance of poignant and amusing is just perfect.

What I also love abou Josh Lanyon has done it again! What I also love about Josh's plots is the fact that his couples don't throw themselves at each other. Forget insta love, there's aways a slow delicious simmer that very often doesn't get acted upon until the book has really got going and his love scenes are rarely in your face or graphic, yet they're still sexy and sensual and tingly when they happen.

Don't expect much sex in this but also don't let that deter you from reading this fabulous book because its an absolute treat! The creepy, at times quite scary ghost story with its underlying mystery was a huge part of what kept me glued as well as being totally drawn to Flynn and Kirks growing friendship and poignant backstories.

I really hope so because this surely can't be the end of Flynn and Kirk Once again I am awestruck by the talent that is Mr Lanyon. Aug 27, Ulysses Dietz rated it really liked it. Ah, how nice to spend time in Josh Lanyon's mind again. A romance in the old sense of the word - a story about the human heart, not about hookups turning into love along the way. The first of a series I'm guessing a four part series, given the title and the setting , "The Haunted Heart: Winter" is both a satisfying work of romantic literature AND a great set-up for what I certainly hope will come next.

A year earlier, at twenty-five, Flynn's lifelong friend, lover and soulmate died suddenly. All we really know at first is that Flynn has been scarred so deeply by that loss that his family fears for him. Kirk, on the other hand, is and remains more of a mystery. Now thirty-nine, a loner and a writer, Kirk holed up two years ago in Flynn's great-uncle Winston's decaying Victorian mansion to hide from whatever horrors his military past left him with.

Flynn joins him amidst the clutter of the late Winston's obsessive collecting, hoping to find solace in cataloging the treasures that have become his legacy. The most important thing we learn about Kirk is that he cannot turn his back when he sees another human being in danger or distress. And Flynn, so far as Kirk can tell, is both. The apparent appearance of a ghost in a huge gilt mirror brings these two self-isolated men together; at first against their wills, but gradually more and more willingly. Lanyon is spare and witty in his writing.

His imagery is beautiful, but not lavish. He gives you what you need to know where you are, and nothing more. His people, however, are more richly drawn - although he begins with the most delicate of sketches and gradually reveals more and more detail, until you have a fully realized picture, flaws and all. Winter is a journey, sometimes literally, but mostly figuratively, as these two men take the first tentative steps out of their individual darkness and into each other's light.

It is a ghost story in which the ghost is hardly more tortured than the two men she needs to set her free. I hope Josh is almost done with part two. His fans are legion, and they're waiting. View all 3 comments. Jan 12, Trio rated it really liked it Shelves: This author always writes a terrific mystery and I wasn't disappointed here at all, a clever and interesting plot.

The two main characters' relationship develops slowly, with Flynn recovering from the tragic loss of his lover and Kirk struggling with his own demons, the growing friendship and attraction between the two is paced perfectly. I love a good ghost story and it is one of the be Damn, the beginning was SO scary - I was thinkin' "Josh Lanyon wrote this?!?

I love a good ghost story and it is one of the best I've read in awhile, it was a great read. Sep 02, Sunny rated it liked it Shelves: While I cared about Flynn and worried about him, I was also irritated with him, so I strongly identified with Kirk during that ride to the airport. Flynn was grieving, so I wanted to give him some leeway, but I also wanted to shake him at times. I did like the slow build in their friendship, it was a nice balance to Flynn's grief and it felt real.

Although the ghost story was well done, sad, but interesting and spooky, The Haunted Heart as a whole wasn't a winner for me. As a set up for the next While I cared about Flynn and worried about him, I was also irritated with him, so I strongly identified with Kirk during that ride to the airport. As a set up for the next book, though, it was fantastic. We have a nice intro to the characters and some nice chemistry developing. I can't wait to read the next one. I want to see Flynn's progress and find out more about that photo.

I'm also looking forward to more Kirk. Oct 28, Breann rated it really liked it Shelves: Totally creepy and surprisingly emotional. I just love Flynn, so much. It's hard not to. In fact, I dare anyone to read this and not love Flynn. I want so badly for him to be able to move on and be happy. I felt like he was almost there, almost to the point where he realizes 'hey, maybe I can be happy one day, just not today.

Please, please let there be more. Jul 20, Johanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I totally fell in love with the intelligent complexity and the emotional sensibility of this story. It's scary, funny, touching and thought-provoking at the same time. Flynn Ambrose has lost the love of his life and the aftermath of it is not pretty — it's excruciating.

Flynn has never loved anyone else like he loves Alan whom he has grown up with and whom he literally shared his whole young life with. He feels lost and hopeless and simply Flynn doesn't have an I totally fell in love with the intelligent complexity and the emotional sensibility of this story. Flynn doesn't have anything in his life to look forward to anymore.

And he can't imagine ever being happy again. But who knows — maybe a not so ordinary mirror and even more intriguing new neighbor are about to change his miserable fate for good? Josh Lanyon brilliantly combines the horror of a ghost story and the horror of a personal tragedy in this novel. I'm in awe how those two mix and mingle throughout the book. He really is the master of subtle and smart writing. Lanyon has planted so many wonderful details and themes in the story that it sticks with the reader for a long time and rereading it will be a pleasurable experience. One can honestly say that the new series couldn't have started more brightly, more satisfyingly.

Josh, Flynn and Kirk, you can haunt my heart any time you like! Aug 26, Ann rated it really liked it Recommended to Ann by: It can't be done. Firstly, this was a great ghost story. The good old fashioned kind with wrongs that needed to be righted, haunted mirrors and creepy basements. The ghost story brought Kirk and Flynn together and they are great characters.

I have a huge book crush on Kirk and these two are why I don't want it to be over!!! There is still so much story to be told for these two and I really can't wait to read more. Aug 27, Rhys Ford rated it it was amazing. Back after a hiatus with a stunning novella, Lanyon once again paints fantastically romantic and eerie pictures with his words. The plot in this book is solid and the characters, Flynn and Kirk, are both at odds and entangled.

This is the first of four novellas for these characters and the poetry of their relationship is wonderful. I highly recommend this book. Jul 23, Meep rated it really liked it Shelves: Poignant, creepy little tale with the start of a good relationship but no sudden declarations - I look forward to the other seasons. We meet the characters al la A Ghost of a Chance and there's the feel of The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks about the spooky house, ex-military character and sofa surfing.

Personally I'd have liked more information on the house, at least a clearer concept of how it was set-up with what appears to be self-contained apartments. The couple dynamic is standard Lanyon and there Poignant, creepy little tale with the start of a good relationship but no sudden declarations - I look forward to the other seasons.

The couple dynamic is standard Lanyon and there's a nice visit from familiar faces view spoiler [Mark and Stephen from I Spy Something Bloody hide spoiler ]. There's a creepy air of expectancy coupled with secrets of loss and hurt, an argreement when revealed is a doozy both a clever concept and a heartbreaking one. A friendship forms slow despite both men's best intentions and when they come together unintentional pun! They both find strength for the other. As the story says everyone experiences loss at some point and you can't outrun grief, for anyone who has lost anyone this, just this.

Ines pain was vivid, undimmed by decades, as real as Flynn's fresh hurt; Kirk has losses of his own that he's holding close for now.

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This is the first 'season' there's more to come and I believe each will bring changes. While there's no explicit HEA with this, it would be too sudden, the end has a quiet satisfying feel to it that promises good things. Aug 27, Leanne rated it really liked it Shelves: This was quintessential Lanyon and I loved it.

Beautiful writing, two complex, interesting characters- each so consumed with dealing with their own demons and past traumas they don't appear to need each other at all. I loved the slow reveal of why Flynn appears to This was quintessential Lanyon and I loved it. I loved the slow reveal of why Flynn appears to be holding on to his sanity by his fingernails I hesitate to say it, because the Adrien English series is believed to be the benchmark in MM romance and such a crowd favourite, but this one has the potential to be as good.

Just how these two men get to find their HEA has me very curious.

I relish the thought that there will be more but please don't keep me waiting too long! Aug 27, Mercedes rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't know what it is about stories with grieving MCs that attracts me to them. It really is not the angst as I am not a fan of that. I think it is the hope of seeing a broken heart mended. In this story 26yo Flynn is grieving the sudden loss of his partner a few months prior. He takes on the job of sorting through his dead uncle's antiques to get them ready for sale as a distraction. In this process he comes across a haunted mirror.

He also finally meets his uncle's tenant Kirk. Kirk is in hi I don't know what it is about stories with grieving MCs that attracts me to them. Kirk is in his late 30s. Since this is the first book in a series we do not get to know Kirk very well but we know he suffers from PTSD from being an Army Ranger. Francisville, LA to solve the mystery because I am familiar with the area and this brought back good memories. I didn't think the paranormal aspect was too spooky and the romance aspect was light. I had to remind myself that this is a series so this book is just the beginning of a journey.

I am looking forward to reading more about Flynn and Kirk. Sep 27, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: This book reminded me a great deal of The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks I did enjoy this new story and a slightly longer Lanyon book, but for me there was something missing and I'm not sure what. Maybe the set up of the mystery was a little cliche and I felt like I knew where it was going. Maybe it was the whole similarity to this previous novel. Ok read, just not my favourite from this author. Oct 29, Joy rated it it was amazing. The best Josh Lanyon in a while--I so love his sentences-- "The snow was forming white mounds at the bottom of the foggy glass, like an ant farm winter wonderland.

Sep 15, Chris, the Dalek King rated it really liked it Shelves: Flynn Ambrose has inherited a lot of things from his uncle. A basement full of junk, a living room full of antiques, and a bathroom gestating the next plague. Nothing a little bleach, care, and tactful avoidance can't fix. But Flynn can't help but think that his uncle could have done without leaving him that lovely mirror holding the ghost of one seriously pissed-off lady.

Or at least left a note on how to go about exorcising her. Because running down the st Flynn Ambrose has inherited a lot of things from his uncle. Because running down the stairs in terror, and right over the taciturn boarder, didn't seem to do the trick. Life, it seems, is never that easy. Luckily Kirk, though bruised, is big and strong--and willing to humor the insane ramblings of the man upstairs.

And if he is lucky, Kirk might even get Flynn to stop pacing at all hours of the night. Right above his head. Except what Kirk ends up finding is a lot trickier than a burglar or twitchy neighbor. Now Kirk must find a way deal a world that is a tad more supernatural than he ever wanted to believe. And Flynn must find a way to deal with a world that keeps insisting that life is worth living. Because death, it seems, is not as final as he thought. I've been circling around the new offering from Josh Lanyon for a couple months, letting the temptation lure me in and then backing off when I get that nervous feeling in my gut.

The one that says but what if this one lets you down? I'll be the first to admit that the voices in my head are annoying and very stupid. Is this book going to be released a physical copy or is it only going to be an ebook? Howard This title will be available both as an e-version and as a paperback. However, only the ebook is available for preorder …more This title will be available both as an e-version and as a paperback. However, only the ebook is available for preorder https: The paperback will become available for purchase on the official release date: Is the sexual content heavy?

Although there are a lot of erotica-themed new adult books, it's not officially a requirement for the genre. The only requirement is to have …more Hi! The only requirement is to have discoveries about sexuality along with finding one's footing as an adult.

The book doesn't necessarily have to have explicit sex scenes in order to accomplish those things. My series wouldn't be categorized as erotica it's nothing like 50 Shades of Grey , but it does have sensual undercurrents since the story-lines and characters are more mature. It also contains more intimate scenes -- steamy with a side of emotional stakes -- than my young adult books would. But it's not as graphic as some new adults are, because it leans more toward literary than traditional romance.

I hope that answered your question! See all 8 questions about The Architect of Song…. Lists with This Book. Mar 27, A.

The Architect of Song

This is book one in my New Adult historical literary romance series with paranormal elements, slated to launch in August There are significant differences between my new adult NA novels and my young adult YA reads. I've listed the four most noteworthy ones for quick reference: Unlike my YA stories, my NA series is not spun-off or based-on any classical novels or fairytales. Although not graphic, my Haunted Hearts Legacy does have more intimate scenes -- steamy with a side of emotional stakes -- than my YA books since the plots and characters are more mature.

However, the scenes are not as explicit as a lot of NA books because my storytelling process leans more toward literary than traditional romance or erotica. In that respect, these stories are comparable to gothic classics such as Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights in their descriptive, slow-burn unraveling, but less heavy on the old world English. Also, I've posted an excerpt of the first few pages on my FB: Check out my blog here for details: View all 43 comments.

Mar 27, C. Drews rated it really liked it Shelves: Being a rabid fan of Splintered and A. Very apt of me since this is about a ghost. It did take me a while to get into the story, and admittedly: Historical Fiction isn't my favourite. I Being a rabid fan of Splintered and A. I wrote a wattpad story about a deaf girl and a dead boy, so clearly the combination is the best.

The story features Juliet, who is deaf, and gets tangled up with a viscount who wants to marry her or marry her estate; who knows and a very dead boy from the cemetery. Seriously, kids, don't go to cemeteries unless you want to find attractive and unattainable dead boys.

  1. Winter (The Haunted Heart, #1) by Josh Lanyon.
  2. Written on the Tide!
  3. 50 Must-Read Coming-of-Age Books!
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Not being a fan of period dramas, I did get nervous. It doesn't have a lot of banter or quirky dialogue, but the ghost is definitely sassy which is a win. Ah, yes it does have a love triangle. The book ticked all the right boxes for me by A developing BOTH the viscount and the ghost, and B making them both so intriguing I didn't even know who to ship with Juliet! But the ghost FTW, I confess. She was raised that way though, since everyone around her viewed her deafness as a "dire defect" and tried to hide it. So she was really hidden away and treated like a little fragile popsicle. And that was awesome!

AG Howard has this way of picking the most perfect words to create such vivid tangible pictures. This is just so beautiful omg. I do have some negatives though Even though I monstrously enjoyed the story, there were a few things that niggled at me. One thing that stuck out to me is: I definitely recommend watching this video to see how freakishly difficult lip reading is. I felt like Juliet's deafness didn't really affect her life because A she could lip read perfectly, B her lip-reading was a superpower in that she could even lip-read and "eavesdrop" on conversations at a long distance.

I've read numerous articles that indicate this isn't realistic. This is more like a trigger warning for people. Because this is like the s, I believe, and historically accurately: I would've liked to see Juliet more accepting of her Deafness though and less references to her living half a life because of this. Also the Viscount is crippled and he is referred to as broken too. I really enjoyed the book! SURE I had a few niggles! But like I said: The incredibly complex characters. Everyone being quite morally grey there for a while.

And Disability and POC representation!! There was a few sections I had to re-read while my brain was going "omg omg omg" thanks brain, very eloquent and by the end I had 97 emotions and just finished up the book feeling immensely pleased with the whole thing. View all 16 comments. My September Lit-Cube box came early!

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  • View all 6 comments. Rounded to three Goodreads stars even though I might change to four later - undecided Okay, so this book pretty much consumed me for the past couple of days. I could not put it down until I got all the answers to this captivating and romantic ghostly mystery. The story revolves around three characters who are closely connected in a pretty complicated way that reveals itself as the story goes on. Our main character Juliet Emerline , is a girl who's just lost her mot Actual rating: Our main character Juliet Emerline , is a girl who's just lost her mother when we meet her; and she's also a girl who's lost her hearing at a young age but is talented at lip-reading.

    At her mother's cemetery, she comes across another grief stricken man at an enclosed grave with only the word "Hawk" on the headstone. Once alone, she steals a flower from that grave - one that surprisngly allows a ghost to start appearing to her. A ghost that she can hear talk and sing, and who she forms a tight bond with and falls in love with. The ghost, who she calls Hawk , doesn't remember his life or how he died.

    But he and Juliet know the answers are somehow connected to the man who was at his grave, Viscount Thorton; the same man who is trying to buy her childhood home and wants to marry her. And he offers her a job selling hats at his estate. So, for the sake of her ghost, she sets out to Thornton's estate to solve the mystery of his death and past life , and how it relates to the viscount and an old gypsy lady who watches over his grave.

    I really liked the setting being nineteenth century England , which gives the perfect atmosphere for a gothic romance. It vaguely reminded me of Jane Eyre during Juliet's time in Thornton's manor, where she and her ghost "Hawk" keep growing wary because of the disturbing rumors surrounding the enigmatic viscount and the sounds that Hawk hears and warns Juliet about coming from above her room.

    Also because of the time period, Juliet has always felt like she might not be accepted or comfortable socially because of her disability. But this challenge to step out adds to her character growth and how she gains confidence and self-acceptance through her journey in the book. There is a triangle in this book and as much as I tried to focus on the mystery and ignore it - it really took priority. But while it did not endear me to triangles in stories, it wasn't the regular kind, and both sides of the romance here each have their share of beautiful moments.

    The three characters are connected in a complicated and interesting way especially the two men that is revealed through the book - it's a part of the mystery I can't spoil. Triangles usually make all the characters involved look bad, no exceptions here , but I think I understood Juliet's feelings for both men and the conflict that presents , especially since one of them is a ghost who she can't touch without sad consequences.

    There's an intriguing secrecy and unpredictability about the two male characters , as different as they are from on another, which had me at times questioning how trustful one is over the other -- which is a good thing in a mystery novel. And it's always a great thing when characters are complex. Still, the book managed to make me feel for all three characters. The mystery is what really captivated me in the novel. It kept unfolding bit by bit in a way that had me dying to skip to the end at times, because of all the theories it built up in my head. There are enough clues that made me guess a couple of things ahead of the characters which was exciting to wait to be sure, but then one might argue these parts are made a bit predictable.

    But, new questions and surprises kept popping up that kept me constantly wondering, and the bonds between the characters made me care more to know every detail. And I was afraid this would have slow pacing but I was surprised that I was never bored. My complaint , and unfortunately it made me take down stars from my rating, is that I was a bit disappointed by the ending. It did not leave any loose ends, nor was I upset by anything in particular, and I liked how the 'mystery' concluded what we learn happened , but I was not really satisfied by how it was presented to us.

    There was so much built up, to the point of suspense, that I expected more from the ending. Some important information and events I was waiting for were "told" to Juliet rather than "shown". Maybe it's just me having let my expectations grow too high. But the ending did feel a bit too convenient , and too neatly and quickly settled.

    The ending as it is in the book should have gotten more of an emotional response from me, but I just felt like something was missing. And yet nothing was notably missing and everything was indeed concluded by the end. That being said, overall this was just the kind of book I've been wanting to read. A romantic mystery with a ghost yes, I've been looking for this actually - not weird! Yes, it could have been a bit better at the end, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the whole book and how for the most part, it was an enthralling and enjoyable experience that I would want repeated in a heart beat through the upcoming novels in this series.

    I don't think the rest of the books continue this story this one looks to be concluded , but they will probably have the same romantic and haunting atmosphere which I really liked in this book! Also, I wish that more books in this genre New Adult tried something new like this, instead of the usual contemporary. This genre needs more of the historical, the paranormal, the fantastical There is a readership for this type of novel, I'm sure of it as I'm definitely one of them.

    View all 20 comments. Jul 15, Wendy Higgins added it. I am blissed out from the beauty of these words. Mar 27, Stacee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just adore Anita's words and this was just as perfect the second time around. View all 3 comments. An ARC of this title was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

    My thoughts are my own. This review can also be found at The Starry-Eyed Revue. I was offered a review copy of The Architect of Song and being a hard-core fan of A. Howard's Splintered series, I couldn't say yes fast enough. This is her first "new adult" novel and it's historical fiction with ghosts and baronets and an orphaned protagonist and it's very reminiscent of Crimson Peak , which I just recently watched An ARC of this title was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

    This is her first "new adult" novel and it's historical fiction with ghosts and baronets and an orphaned protagonist and it's very reminiscent of Crimson Peak , which I just recently watched this week, and I'm kind of in love with it. I finished reading this novel with the biggest sense of satisfaction I've had from completing a novel in awhile.

    It is most definitely my new favorite novel from A. Howard because it feels more like her own writing than even the Splintered series did, and I've enjoyed following the tour and reading why she decided to self-publish this novel. The Architect of Song wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn close for my tastes. I adored the ending but I could have used more exposition, namely a conversation between the MC and the Lord of the manor so I could see all of the awkward as they finally, FINALLY came completely clean about everything.

    I don't like that this reconciliation of sorts happened mostly off the page.

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    But I always want more at the end, especially more time with the characters, so I don't even really know if that can be considered a complaint. But if it is, it's really my only one. I loved how Juliet's affliction was handled. Because in the time period this story was based, she would have been abhorred for her lack of hearing, and yet the author found a way to make her deafness a strength I felt that this ailment was presented in a manner that was accurate for the time period, even if that level of lip reading is a bit implausible.

    At the heart of this story is grief and loss and yes, love. I expected this novel to be like all of the "new adult" novels that have come before it, but it's mostly just sensual in nature. But I still found it hot and very swoony. Being historical fiction, too, meant that the protagonist's virtue and reputation were at stake, and I liked how that aspect was handled, as well, especially as there was a love triangle involved. I'm kind of gaga for Howard's love triangles.

    I can see why publishers might have had a hard time classifying this novel. The age of the heroine leans more heavily toward new adult, but the romance is not overtly sexual, as most new adult novels are. And it's not strictly a romance either because there is a serious mystery to be solved and a ghost not at rest and gender roles to preserve and well, just loads more than a simple romance. I loved the romantic aspects but I might have loved the mystery of the ghost more. There were so many things playing into it: I had heaps of theories and couldn't wait for the identity of Hawk to come to light.

    The way it all unraveled was just perfect Here's the thing I don't get, though: It was dark and mysterious and clever, and I loved it every bit as much as I love Hodge's novels. It's very similar in tone and writing style, which leaves me wondering why this story was so hard for publishers to classify when that doesn't appear to be the case for Hodge's books. I understand that the publishing industry is a fickle one, but it's enough to make an author give up entirely. But I'm so glad this author decided to self-publish so that legions of her fans will still get a chance to read it.

    I don't care if it's hard to classify; this is the type of story I most love to read: I really did love this one. GIF it to me straight: Mar 28, Maria rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was a scandalous yet romantic novel- not really a erotica like everybody wanted, but it was a very great adventure. Review to come tomorrow! Actual Review- Spoilers may be present: Hiya Guys- Welcome To the Nether! Hey I'm going to be talk about the architect of song by AG Howard. And I know people will argue with me because I am kind of saying that I know that there's going to be Raunchy scenes because I know this is an adult novel, but blah I'm kind of just used to AG Howard writing in her typical why YA style it might have just threw me off guard a little, don't judge me.

    I actually really adore this book because of its sheer originality of it even though it is just a ghost love novel. Without furtherer adue I'm probably just going to go to the plot of the novel and tell you what I think it's about before going into my points. This book takes place in 18th century England. The main character is Juliette and she is deaf. This man ends up being one of the main male characters of the story and the whole story is about The two finding out how he died. Meanwhile in her real life she is getting courted by this young nobleman, Thorn.

    Juliette finds out a lot of dirty secrets about him-what truly happened to Hawk. This becomes a love triangle which actually works a little bit other than most love triangles nowadays and her desire to find the truth. Well we ever find out how Hawks died? Only you can to find out if you read the book that's all I'm gonna say about it. Of course I'm going to talk about both characters and their weird obsession with the main character. Sorry guys did not like hawk that much-which he was the main love interest of the story and was the ghost.

    I thought you was way too clingy- both characters just seemly fell in love with each other within like a week. Don't get me wrong I thought they were very cute but yeah I felt like it was unbelievable because I felt like there wasn't a lot of time spent on building the relationship up. On the other hand however I thought that Shawn and Juliette's relationship was believable enough to make me like them both. That is just the sheer aspect of him be a romantically involved with her more, and that he is alive and not dead but let's just move on.

    If you read the entire story all the way through it reads like a standalone novel I don't feel like we could get three more books of the series after the conclusion of this novel. Feel like I should be talking about this in point 4 but been aching my mind since I've finished this novel. I have felt like that this novel really does not need a sequel but I guess you can elaborate on the children that Juliet has and they're problems I guess? I felt like the plot in the story was begun and ended at the last page so I don't know how she's going to pick it up in the next novel.

    Good thing about this novel though is that it's a self published novel if she could basically publish the book whenever she goddamn feels like it so I feel like we're going to probably get the sequel fairly soon soon whether or not it'll be next year I don't know. I remember her saying that she was done with the first draft of the second book already so I would be surprised if the book came around sometime early next year.

    Hopefully she will publish a audiobook along with the novel because I rather read a novel with the audiobook alongside with it. A lot of the being maids or her family but I felt like it was an OK addition to the series. I know that there's going to be some additional characters in the next novel probably just because we know that she's having twins probably twin boys because there are twin boys in this novel after her heart that's not a spoiler at all. But I also feel like this but really needed more characters in it. I didn't really feel like there was a lot going on because of the lack of characters in it- don't like Juliet was whining for most of the novel because there wasn't a lot of conflict in the Novel that we saw in anyway.

    A lot of it was fighting herself trying to realize that she shouldn't be so longing of the dead and embracing her livelihood- and I feel like that was what the book attended to go Upon. Other than that I thought that a lot of the conflicts in the novel which was like the conflict with herself the conflict with the ghost it was all concluded throughout the story as it ended.

    I might have to read the summary in order to understand where she's heading with the series but for now I am kind of confused. The side characters yet again did have some conflicts within themselves but it was resolved by the end of the novel like I said before. I really don't know what else to say other then I was content with how the book ended and I love the romantic scenes between the couples.

    I felt like it was appropriate for that time it was in- and overall I love the ambience of the book itself. I feel like maybe we should go into further detail what I thought of the plot of them trying to solve the mystery of the ghost but there really wasn't a lot to say about it without spoiling it to the extreme so I'm just going to say that there is a ghost she goes on a adventure to find out how he dies she finds out how he dies and gets married to the man you would not expect.

    That's it and that's all I'm going to say about it! Conclusion I'm going to give this book a four star rating for what the book really wise which was a love adult novel. Writing is very compelling because AG Howard knows how to write very well, story drives you in with that steamy love scenes even though there's not particularly any sex in this novel. I believe that it's a better love love triangle novel that I have read. Granted I don't think that it deserves a series of but maybe she will surprise me I don't know but I will see you next time when I read a book!

    The woman is a genius I love her XD May 20, Candace Robinson rated it it was amazing. I really liked this one. I normally don't like books with ghosts, but this one worked for me. I liked that the main character was deaf, and I also liked the mystery of the story. I liked being able to guess what was going to happen.

    The Hummingbird Heart

    Now the love triangle was odd not because one was a ghost, but I still give it a five because I just love the era and the atmosphere! Full review on my blog https: Jun 27, Jaime Two Chicks on Books rated it it was amazing. This book needs more than 5 stars!!!! Omg it was so good! I need more now!!!! Sep 02, Sabrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Checkout my full review on my blog!!

    This book was absolutely beautiful. The writing was haunting, tormenting and lush, all in one. Each word, phrase was intricately crafted to create a dark telling of a tragic love story that goes beyond death. This book is perfect. This book consumed me for a week.

    I could have finished it in one day but The Architect of Song was so achingly beautiful that I h Checkout my full review on my blog!! I could have finished it in one day but The Architect of Song was so achingly beautiful that I had to space it out and savor each minute of it.