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In other words, God's sovereign freedom in dispensing mercy on At other times, God's love to his people is likened to a father for a son or a mother to her . replaced in Deuteronomy with a description of God's love, .. 2 Timothy )? The “world” is not any particular class of objects or people.
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I thought of what has happened and what may happen. I pictured myself years from now with the ones I love most, laughing and playing in a similar park. As I have been on my knees lately asking Heavenly Father for help and guidance, I have found that I place a lot of trust and confidence in Him.

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I know that He cares. The power of prayer is not only a gift from our Heavenly Father but it is also very powerful and effective if you put in the effort. I have noticed a huge difference in my life now that I have been praying more. One of my favorite things to do is to find a quiet and peaceful area where I can talk to my Heavenly Father and tell Him how I am feeling.

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Icons of mercy: Spreading God’s mercy to the poorest of the poor

I have felt His love through prayer, and I know that He wants us to speak to Him and remember Him always in our hearts and in our minds. I had been struggling for a few weeks with some health problems when a friend told me she was praying and felt prompted to tell me I needed a blessing. I knew she was right, but I felt worthless. I felt like I didn't deserve a blessing. Then I was looking at youth. The Spirit was so strong as I read the article. I knew my friend was right and I truly needed a blessing.

I know Heavenly Father wants to bless us, and we only need to ask. No matter how worthless you feel, you are still a son or daughter of God. I asked my father for a blessing that night.

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After the blessing I felt a comfort and calm that hadn't been there before. His response was not as quick, for he wanted to test its validity. Permission finally came in January , and with the news, Mother Teresa left the convent and went to the streets doing the work for which she became famous: The main goal was always to love Jesus in those who were forgotten by everyone else and to make known to them the love and mercy of God.

Twelve women, former teachers and students from St. Their work and their numbers have continued to grow ever since. And it is well known that Mother Teresa herself received numerous awards from heads of state throughout her lifetime, the most famous being the Nobel Peace Prize in What was behind all the success? Even as late as , readers can find articles passing on the most negative views of Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

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The accusations include using the sick to make herself appear charitable, failing to provide adequate medical treatment, being preoccupied with abortion and contraceptives, and providing cover — by her good reputation — for unsavory politicians and businessmen who rubbed shoulders with her. All of these accusations have been shown to have no merit, so why pay attention to them at all?

One reason is that no one, not even Mother Teresa, is above criticism. Indeed, she accepted criticism herself, and if it had merit, she would make the improvement, whether it dealt with herself or her institute. Another reason is to take the opportunity to correct misinformation. Jesus came to save all people, yet throughout his ministry, he, too, was misunderstood. When he fed thousands with a few pieces of bread and some fish, they wanted to make him king.

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But now he is challenging the entire Church to trek a new way forward. Bishops and priests will talk and quarrel over the text for months, even years to come. And that, perhaps, is what Francis intends. The question-and-answer book is told in simple, breezy language, with the pope referring to experiences and people in his own life.

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What makes his book most moving is the way in which this man, without disrespecting his own privacy or offering false bromides of modesty, opens the sacred space of his conscience to explain how he came to center his ministry, and now his papacy, around mercy. His new book comes out toward the start of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, which he inaugurated in December, in a centuries-old ritual, by unlocking the ceremonial Holy Door of St. The Church of which Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope, nearly three years ago, was itself a locked door.

And that, perhaps, is what Francis intends: He has started the conversation by setting compassion for the poor, oppressed and deprived of the world above casuistic rule-keeping. The question-and-answer book is told in simple, breezy language, with the pope referring to experiences and people in his own life including a niece and prisoners he has visited.