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Gattaca doesn't do that. I did find it to be emotional and actually uplifting, but not in a phony way. It's an understated film, and it becomes surprisingly effective. One criticism leveled at Gattaca is its slow pace. Yes, the picture does proceed at a less-than-breakneck speed, but I didn't think it was too slow.

Really, it's nice to see a film for once that doesn't feel it has to give the audience a big song and dance during every second of its running time; ideas and themes are given time to flow and evolve at their own pace. Another criticism revolves around its acting, primarily its lead.

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At one point, Ethan Hawke possessed some box office draw, but Olivier he ain't. Hawke's repertoire here includes smirking and sneering and that's about it. Nonetheless, while he does little to elevate his role, he also does little to hurt it; he's a liability, but not a gross one. The supporting cast is really a top-notch group, but they do little to distinguish themselves in their roles as well. Alan Arkin is his usual fine self, and I always like to see Tony Shalhoub, but neither they nor most of the others stand out as terrific.

The sole exception comes from Jude Law in his role as the bitter, selfish man whose persona Hawke's Vincent assumes.

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Law's really quite exceptional in what could have been a one-note role; his is the only fully-realized performance in the film. Despite the high quality of Gattaca , it completely failed to find an audience during its theatrical release in the fall of This probably shouldn't have been a surprise, since action fans would be disinterested in such a cerebral film, and its sci-fi trappings may have turned off those who go for more thoughtful fare.

Its ad campaign probably didn't help much either. Indeed, the trailer did a poor job of communicating the nature and content of the film. Watching it, you're not sure just what to make of the movie, but its rapid-fire editing and breathless music certainly make the film look more like an action flick than it is. Unfortunately, it makes the movie look like a rather bad action flick, so it's no surprise the crowds stayed home for this one.

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Unfortunately, this meant that Gattaca didn't reach much of a crowd, and that's a shame. While not flawless, the movie seems moving and compelling, and it features a generally low-key take that is refreshing.

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It gets its emotions naturally, and does little to force them. Gattaca offers a compelling and provocative experience. Gattaca appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 2. Overall, this was a satisfying transfer. Sharpness appeared solid for the most part. Some mild edge enhancement occasionally made wide shots a little tentative, but most of the time the film exhibited good definition. No issues with jagged edges or shimmering materialized, and source defects appeared to be absent. Gattaca featured an intentionally limited palette that fit with the sterile depiction of the future.

Like all the best serious science fiction it is really a study of the social consequences of a particular technological development, in this case instant automated DNA analysis. Since it appears that technology is developing very much along the lines predicted here, do not be surprised if this prophetic film achieves cult status in years to come. In the meanwhile, enjoy it for the languorous pace, the fine acting, the beautiful cinematography and the timeless s look. The Vertical axis represents the bits transferred per second.

The Horizontal is the time in minutes.

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Widescreen letterboxed - 2. Welcome to Gattaca March 11th, Standard Blu-ray case. Chapters 28 Release Information: Widescreen anamorphic - 2. In the last four hours alone, news has surfaced online about the possible elimination of epilepsy, the discovery of a family of liver cancer genes, and a major business deal that will accelerate the production of anti-aging procedures.

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As we stand on the precipice of a genomics industry boom, the reality of genetic alteration becoming the new plastic surgery suddenly makes 's future dystopian film 'Gattaca' seem all too relevant. In the near future, genetic engineering has divided humanity into two classes -- the "invalids," cursed with flaws in their DNA, and "valids," healthy, intelligent individuals who are genetically predisposed to a long, productive life. In this chilling world, a young man named Vincent Freeman Ethan Hawke is told that he will never achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut because he was born with a congenital heart condition.

Going underground and assuming the genetic identity of a crippled valid named Jerome Morrow Jude Law , Freeman is accepted into the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation and is soon chosen for a mission to one of Saturn's moons. He even pursues a romantic relationship with one of his co-workers, an attractive valid named Irene Uma Thurman.

But when the mission director is mysteriously murdered, Freeman must evade a determined pair of detectives Alan Arkin and Loren Dean , a perceptive doctor Xander Berkeley , and the firm's internal security. I've never been a huge fan of Hawke's work, but his timid demeanor and anxious stares work brilliantly in his portrayal of Freeman. He imbues the character with an abundance of humanity, so much so that he comes to represent anyone who's ever had an unreachable dream.

Law is excellent as well, but he exists in stark contrast to Freeman's character. His performance as Jerome is heart wrenching and realistic, bringing authenticity to his character's depressive personality. He serves as both a counter-weight and a force of demoralization -- I would even say he's the only character in the film who actually undergoes legitimate change.

The intensity of Freeman's struggle is a bit contrived at times, but director Andrew Niccol 'Simone,' ' Lord of War ' keeps the character's plight grim and littered with sacrifice. An excruciating pair of leg implants to match Jerome's height are just the beginning of the physical and psychological tortures Freeman subjects himself to in order to achieve his dream.

Despite his eager attempts to deceive everyone he meets, Freeman's pain and perseverance make him worthy of our admiration. The slight downside is that our admiration undermines the potential of such a challenging story, making Freeman a compelling character, but creating a one sided sermon about genetic research. Niccol clearly assumes that such scientific advancements would be abused without any checks and balances. As a result, the story never creates an engaging debate, but is simply satisfied with presenting a convincing argument.

Consider the number of people who discover Freeman's true identity and choose to look the other way -- if so many people are willing to overlook his crimes, wouldn't their entire society be embroiled in a fierce debate? Would everything be so cut and dry?

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Don't get me wrong, the director's focus certainly doesn't lessen the film's impact, but it does limit the scope of the message. Either way you look at it, 'Gattaca' is a powerful piece of dystopian sci-fi. It offers a trio of complex performances, a relevant plotline, and a tense game of genetic cat and mouse.