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Correct or not, the Forbes rich list tended to stick. Different publications came up with completely different results, suggesting rich list compiling was very much an art not a science a bit like auditing and accounting, really.


But the huge variations did not appear to undermine the attractions of reading lists of rich people, and speculating about them in a league table of wealth in which participants moved up or down year after year, as events, mistakes and the passing scene impacted on their incomes, outgoings and perceived wealth. When they died, their fortunes were divided up.

Many of the American participants in the Forbes Rich List owe their position solely to inheritance: In some cases a fortune is big enough to create several family members in the List, like the Walton inheritors of the Walmart billions. Inherited wealth has not yet had time to happen in China. But the Forbes Rich List idea has grown internationally over the years, and it does not seem to lose its potency. Most countries now seem to have at least one list of the richest, the most powerful, the smartest, and circulations rise whenever the lists are published.


Fortune's Obsession (Paperback)

Readers love thinking about wealth, matching the money to the personal histories of people they do not know and will never meet. The obvious unspoken questions are "Are they beautiful?

TOKYO (10 p.m.)

What did they sacrifice to get on the list? Meanwhile, the global rich have lost their reticence, if they ever had such a thing. What use is wealth if you cannot flaunt it? Sales of luxury goods are booming all over the world.

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Hence the extraordinary boom in luxury watches, wealth you can wear on your wrist and flourish to others whenever you need to know the time. The basic game is free to play, but players progress faster if they buy weapons and characters with real money. The enigmatic crystals obscure what players are actually buying.

Granblue employs a technique called gacha , which takes its name from Japanese vending machines that dispense prizes in plastic capsules without showing the contents. Players have to crack the crystals open — after they have paid for them — to see what they have won. Certain forms of gacha have been banned in Japan because they are too manipulative.

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Taste, who did not respond to requests for comment, bought crystals in bulk and cracked them every few seconds. He is too chagrined to reveal his name, he said, but he is in his 20s and works in the tech industry in Osaka. He spends regularly on games. This time, he said he was driven by his friends who had already acquired the avatar and the time pressure. He saved screenshots from his phone that document the spending spree.

The weather: a very British obsession

Some players shelled out a small fortune and never even got the girl. The petition claims the company led a misleading advertising campaign and potentially violated the rules passed in He accumulated statistics from his own games and other users, and came away convinced Cygames did not fulfill the 6 percent winning percentage it had advertised.

An official at the agency would not confirm the receipt of the complaint or explain what action the agency may take, and Kataoka said he has not heard back from the regulator yet. Cygames denied any wrongdoing. For example, users would be prompted to gather four different kinds of wizards so they could get an extra powerful wizard. But once users had three wizards, they could be enticed to keep pursuing the fourth at very high costs, regulators ruled.

More broadly, the guidelines ban manipulating shako-shin, or the gambling spirit. There was cool-headed James Glaisher, who in July boarded a balloon called the Mammoth, carrying a list of observational questions and a huge smorgasbord of measuring instruments thermometers, barometers, hygrometers. Travelling seven miles up into the atmosphere a newly current word , quite uncharted territory, Glaisher almost lost his life — a gripping moment in the story — but managed, nonetheless, to continue calmly recording meteorological observations throughout the drama, resolutely unfazed by the evident mortal peril.

Through his most famous incarnation as captain on the Beagle to his time as admiral and his shocking, sad end, we watch a brilliant, restless man, who instigates an innovative mission to create a public weather service.

Fascinating fortunes: Our rich list obsession - BBC News

Following a violent storm that wrecked a steam-clipper on Anglesey in October , FitzRoy finally insisted the government needed to invest in a storm-warning system. The Weather Experiment assembles seven decades of progress, comprised of sometimes quite small personal, political or scientific moments that inch the world closer to where we are today.

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FitzRoy himself would live to see the reputation of his work flounder. Henry Coxwell and James Glaisher in their balloon car, studying the moisture content of the atmosphere. Daniel Hahn 4 July 9: Most Popular Read Recent Read. The nine lessons of Brexit Ivan Rogers. The myth of the Brexit cliff edge Matthew Lynn.