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Stasera tutto è possibile (spesso abbreviato in STEP) è un varietà televisivo italiano tratto dal Esistono più di 25 adattamenti in tutto il mondo: lo hanno adottato paesi secondo gli ordini del conduttore, stando sdraiati sul pavimento, dove vi è con la A e finisce con la Z, sempre seguendo le indicazioni del conduttore.
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Fiordiligi But what are they doing in my house? Guglielmo Here at your feet, ladies, are Two miscreants, two culprits! Dorabella Ye gods, what do I hear? Ferrando It was love, that powerful god, Who drew us here in search of you. Guglielmo No sooner having glimpsed The light of your dazzling eyes Fiordiligi Heavens, what presumption! Dorabella Sister, what shall we do? Fiordiligi Begone, bold creatures! Despina goes out, in a fright. And with the unwelcome breath of base words Do not profane our hearts, Our ears and our affections!

In vain do you, or others, seek to seduce Our souls; the unsullied faith which We plighted to our dear loves We shall know bow to preserve for them Until death, despite the world and fate. Between us we have kindled A flame which warms, and consoles us, And death alone could Change my heart's devotion. Respect this example Of constancy, you abject creatures, And do not let a base hope Make you so rash again!

The ladies make to go. Ferrando detains one, Guglielmo the other. Recitative Ferrando a Fiordiligi Ah, do not go! Guglielmo to Dorabella Cruel one, stay! Don Alfonso Just wait. In charity to me, my dears, Don't put me more out of countenance. Dorabella angrily And what do you expect? Don Alfonso Oh, nothing! But it seems to me That a scrap of courtesy After all, they are gentlemen And they are friends of mine, Fiordiligi So! And I should listen Guglielmo To our sufferings And take pity on them!

The heavenly beauty of your eyes Opened a wound in ours That the salve of love Alone can cure. Open your heart for a moment To its sweet words, my beauties; You'll see before you the most faithful of lovers. Make us happy, And love with us; And we will make you in return The happiest of women. Look at us, touch us, Take stock of us: We're crazy but we're charming, We're strong and well made, And as anyone can see, Whether by merit or by chance, We've good feet, Good eyes, good noses.

Look, good feet; note, good eyes; Touch, good noses; take stock of us; And these moustaches Could be called Manly triumphs, The plumage of love. Fiordiligi and Dorabella exeunt. Ferrando e Guglielmo Certo, ridiamo. Don Alfonso Ma cosa avete? Don Alfonso Ridete piano! Ferrando e Guglielmo Parlate invano. Ferrando e Guglielmo sforzandosi di ridere sottovoce Ah, che dal ridere L'alma dividere, Ah, che le viscere Sento scoppiar! Non vi pare che abbiam giusta ragione, Il mio caro padrone?

Ferrando come sopra Pagate solo Ventiquattro zecchini. Don Alfonso Poveri innocentini! Venite qua, vi voglio Porre il ditino in bocca! Guglielmo E avete ancora Coraggio di fiatar? Don Alfonso Avanti sera Ci parlerem. Don Alfonso Intanto, Silenzio e ubbidienza Fino a doman mattina. Guglielmo Siam soldati, E amiam la disciplina. Guglielmo Ed oggi non si mangia? Ferrando e Guglielmo partono. Ferrando and Guglielmo Of course we're laughing. Don Alfonso But what's the matter? Ferrando and Guglielmo Oh, we know. Don Alfonso Don't laugh so loudly! Ferrando and Guglielmo You can save your breath.

Ferrando and Guglielmo How can I Keep from laughing I feel as though I'm going to burst! Guglielmo Oh what a face! Don't you think, my dear sir, That we have good cause? Ferrando mockingly How much will you pay, And we'll drop our wager? Guglielmo mockingly Pay half. Ferrando Well let you off with Twentyfour sequins. Don Alfonso Poor little innocents! Come here; I'll give you My little finger to suck on. Guglielmo And you still have The courage to go on?

Don Alfonso Before evening We'll talk of this. Ferrando Whenever you like. Don Alfonso Meanwhile Silence and obedience. Guglielmo We are soldiers And accept discipline. Don Alfonso Very well: There I'll give you your orders. Guglielmo But don't we eat today? Ferrando What's it matter? When the battle's over Our supper will taste the better. A heart nourished On the hope of love Has no need Of greater inducement. Exeunt Ferrando and Guglielmo. Recitativo Don Alfonso Oh, la faria da ridere: Entra Despina Vieni, vieni, fanciulla, e dimmi un poco Dove sono e che fan le tue padrone.

Despina Le povere buffone Stanno nel giardinetto A lagnarsi coll'aria e colle mosche D'aver perso gli amanti. Vogliam sperare Che faranno giudizio? Despina Io lo farei; E dove piangon esse io riderei. Se ne pigliano due, s'uno va via. Despina E legge di natura, E non prudenza sola. Piacer, comodo, gusto, Gioia, divertimento, Passatempo, allegria: Don Alfonso Ma intanto quelle pazze Despina Quelle pazze Faranno a modo nostro.

Don Alfonso Lo sanno. Despina A me lasciate La briglia di condur tutta la macchina. Don Alfonso Son ricchissimi. Don Alfonso Sulla strada Attendendo mi stanno. Despina Ite e sul fatto Per la picciola porta A me riconduceteli; v'aspetto Nella camera mia. Recitative Don Alfonso It's quite absurd! There are So few constant women in this world, And here are two of them! Enter Despina Come here, diild, and tell me Where your mistresses are and what they're doing. Despina The poor fools Are standing in the garden Bewailing the loss of their lovers To the breezes and the mosquitos.

Don Alfonso And how do you think This will end? Can we hope They'll come to their senses? Despina Well, I would; Where they weep, I'd laugh. To choke with despair Because a lover goes away! Have you ever seen such folly! If one goes, take two others.

Don Alfonso Well said! Despina It's a law of nature, and not Merely sense. Pleasure, convenience, taste, Enjoyment, amusement, Pastime, fun, it's no longer love If it becomes a burden and Instead of pleasure brings pain and torment. Don Alfonso But meanwhile our sillies Despina They'll do What we say. It's good that they should know They're loved by them. Don Alfonso They know it. Despina Then they'll readmit them, They'll spin the usual tale, And devil take the hindmost!

Don Alfonso But how can you bring them back Now they've gone, and make These tiger?

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Despina Leave me the bother Of running the show. When Despina runs something It can't fail: I've already led A thousand men by the nose: I should know how to manage two women.

Weird Italiano

Are your two whiskered monsieurs rich? Don Alfonso Rolling in it. Don Alfonso In the street, Waiting for me. Despina Then off you go And bring them to me here By the little door; I'll wait for you in my room. If you'll do all I tell you, Before tomorrow your friends Will win the day: Ah, what a sea of torment Is life henceforth for me! So long as the cruel stars Left my dear one with me, I knew not what grief was, I knew not what it was to pine. Fiordiligi e Dorabella Stelle, che grida orribili! Ferrando e Guglielmo come sopra Lasciatemi! Don Alfonso come sopra Aspettate! Bevono e gittan via il nappo.

Nel voltarsi vedono le due donne Fiordiligi e Dorabella Stelle, un velen fu quello? Fiordiligi e Dorabella Il tragico spettacolo Gelare il cor mi fa! Ferrando e Guglielmo Ah, che del sole il raggio Fosco per me diventa! Don Alfonso, Fiordiligi e Dorabella Tremo: Fiordiligi e Dorabella Gente, accorrete, gente! Nessuno, oddio, ci sente! Despina di dentro Chi mi chiama? Fiordiligi e Dorabella Despina! Despina entrando in scena Cosa vedo! Morti i meschini io credo, O prossimi a spirar! Furenti, disperati, Si sono avvelenati. Despina Abbandonar i miseri Saria per voi vergogna: Fiordiligi, Dorabella e Don Alfonso Cosa possiam mai far?

Despina Di vita ancor dan segno; Colle pietose mani Fate un po' lor sostegno. Un medico, un antidoto Voliamo a ricercar. Fiordiligi e Dorabella stando lontano dagli amanti Sospiran gli infelici. Dorabella Tu che dici? Dorabella si accosta un poco Che figure interessanti!

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Fiordiligi si accosta un poco Possiam farci un poco avanti. Dorabella Ha freddissima la testa. Dorabella Ed il polso? Fiordiligi Io non gliel sento. Dorabella Questo batte lento lento. Fiordiligi e Dorabella Poverini! La lor morte Mi farebbe lagrimar. Ferrando and Guglielmo off stage Let us die, yes, let us die And thus melt their hard hearts. Don Alfonso off stage There is yet a hope: I beg you, do not do it!

Fiordiligi and Dorabella Goodness, what terrible cries! Ferrando and Guglielmo Let me be! Don Alfonso come sopra Wait! Ferrando and Gugliemo, each carrying a phial, enter followed by Don Alfonso. Ferrando and Guglielmo May arsenic set me free From such cruelty! They drink and throw down the containers; the two women turn and see them. Fiordiligi and Dorabella Heavens, was that poison?

Don Alfonso Poison good and proper, That in a few moments Will deprive them of their lives! Fiordiligi and Dorabella The tragic sight Turns my heart to ice. Ferrando and Guglielmo Draw near, cruel ones; See the dire effect Of despairing love And at least pity us. Ferrando and Guglielmo fall on the grassy banks. Fiordiligi and Dorabella Help, someone, come quickly O Heaven, can no one hear! Despina off stage Did someone call? Fiordiligi and Dorabella Despina! Despina entering What do I see?

I fear the poor things are dead, Or very near to dying! Don Alfonso Alas, only too true! Distraught, despairing, They have taken poison! Despina It would be shameful of you To forsake these unhappy wretches. You must aid them. Fiordiligi, Dorabella and Don Alfonso Whatever can we do? Despina They still show signs of life; Give them a little comfort From your kindly hands. No more dreadful situation Could ever be imagined!

Ferrando and Guglielmo aside No more farcical comedy Could ever be imagined! Fiordiligi and Dorabella standing away from the men The poor dears are sighing! Fiordiligi What shall we do? Dorabella You suggest something. Fiordiligi At a moment so painful Who could forsake them? Dorabella approaching a little Their faces are quite interesting! Fiordiligi approaching a little We could go a little further.

Dorabella His head is very cold. Fiordiligi This one's cold as ice. Dorabella And his pulse? Fiordiligi I can't feel it. Dorabella This one's beating very slowly. Fiordiligi and Dorabella Oh, if help is long in coming, There'll be no more hope of life! Ferrando and Guglielmo softly Both have become Calmer and more gentle; We shall see if their pity Will turn into love. Fiordiligi and Dorabella Poor dears! Their death Would fill me with grief. Don Alfonso Eccovi il medico, Signore belle! Despina Salvete, amabiles Buonae puellae!

Fiordiligi e Dorabella Parla un linguaggio Che non sappiamo. Despina Come comandano Dunque parliamo: So il greco e l'arabo, So il turco e il vandalo; Lo svevo e il tartaro So ancor parlar. Despina tocca il polso e la fronte all'uno e indi all'altro Saper bisognami Pria la cagione, E quinci l'indole Della pozione: Despina Non vi affannate, Non vi turbate: Fiordiligi e Dorabella Egli ha di un ferro La man fornita. Despina Ah, lor la fronte Tenete su.

Fiordiligi e Dorabella Eccoci pronte! Corraggio; or liberi Siete da morte. Ferrando e Guglielmo sorgendo in piedi Dove son? Son di Giove innanzi al trono? No, tu sei l'alma mia Dea! Non abbiate alcun timor. Ferrando e Guglielmo come sopra Volgi a me le luci liete! Ferrando e Guglielmo come sopra Dammi un bacio, o mio tesoro; Un sol bacio, o qui mi moro. Fiordiligi e Dorabella Stelle, un bacio?

Despina Secondate Per effetto di bontate. Fiordiligi e Dorabella Ah, che troppo si richiede Da una fida onesta amante! Ch'io ben so che tanto foco Cangerassi in quel d'amor. Ma non so se finta o vera Sian quell'ira e quel furor. Don Alfonso Here's the doctor, Gentle ladies! Ferrando and Guglielmo aside Despina dressed up! How heavily she's disguised! Fiordiligi and Dorabella He speaks a language We do not understand. Despina Let's speak, then, As you command me. Don Alfonso Keep all these languages For yourself, sir; For the moment, Look at these poor fellows; They've taken poison; What can be done?

Antonello Carozza, un italiano a The Voice Russia: «È l’occasione della vita»

Fiordiligi and Dorabella Yes, doctor, What can be done? Despina feeling the pulse and forehead of each First I must know The nature of this potion And the reason it was taken; Whether it was swallowed Hot or cold, A little or much, In one draught Or in several. The cause was love And they swallowed it In a single gulp. Despina Don't worry, Don't be afraid; Here is an earnest Of my skill. Fiordiligi and Dorabella He's taken a piece Of iron in his hand. Despina She touches the heads of the feigned invalids with the magnet and gently draws it the length of their bodies.

They'll hit their heads On the ground in a moment. Despina Ah, hold their foreheads Steady, will you? Fiordiligi and Dorabella We're standing ready! Now they Are safe from death. Ah, this doctor's Worth all the gold in Peru! Ferrando and Guglielmo rising to their feet Where am I? What place is this? Am I before Jove's throne? No, you are my fair goddess! I recognise you by that sweet face, And by that hand I now know so well; It is my only treasure.

They embrace the girls tenderly and kiss their hands Despina and Don Alfonso It's the effect of the poison still; Don't be afraid. Fiordiligi and Dorabella That may be so, but such liberties Do violence to our reputation. Ferrando and Guglielmo I beg you, My adored one, Turn your lovely eyes on me. Fiordiligi and Dorabella I can resist no longer! Ferrando and Guglielmo Despina and Don Alfonso Very soon now you'll see, By virtue of magnetism's power, The end of this paroxysm, And they'll be as they were before. Ferrando e Guglielmo aside My lungs are bursting With the need to laugh.

Fiordiligi and Dorabella Heavens, a kiss? Despina Agree, As an act of kindness! Fiordiligi and Dorabella This is too much to ask Of a chaste and faithful woman! It's an outrage to my love, It's an outrage to my heart! Despina, Ferrando, Guglielmo and Don Alfonso aside A more amusing picture Can't be found in all the world; That which makes me laugh the most Is their rage and fury. Fiordiligi and Dorabella Despairing or poisoned, Go to the devil, The lot of you, Truly you'll repent too late If you anger me more!

Despina and Don Alfonso aside I don't know if their rage And fury are feigned or real, But wouldn't wish this fire To end in the fire of love. I know full well this fire Will change to that of love.. Ferrando and Guglielmo aside I don't know if their rage And fury are feigned or real, But wouldn't wish this fire To end in the fire of love.

Despina Per me nulla. Fiordiligi Per chi dunque? Siete voi donne, o no? Fiordiligi E per questo? Despina E per questo Dovete far da donne. Ma vorrei che anche voi Per gloria del bel sesso, Faceste un po' lo stesso. Per esemplo, I vostri Ganimedi Son andati alla guerra?

Infin che tornano Fate alla militare: Dorabella Il cielo ce ne guardi! Despina Eh, che noi siamo in terra, e non in cielo! Fidatevi al mio zelo: Son ricchi, belli, Nobili, generosi, come fede Fece a voi Don Alfonso; avean coraggio di morire per voi; questi son merti Che sprezzar non si denno Da giovani qual voi belle e galanti, Che pon star senza amor, non senza amanti.

Fiordiligi Per Bacco, ci faresti Far delle belle cose! Credi tu che vogliamo Favola diventar degli oziosi? Ai nostri cari sposi Credi tu che vogliam dar tal tormento? Despina E chi dice che abbiate A far loro alcun torto? Dorabella Non ti pare che Sia torto bastante Se noto si facesse Che trattiamo costor? Io voglio sparger fama Che vengono da me.

Dorabella Chi vuoi che il creda? Non ha forse Merto una cameriera D'aver due cicisbei? Fiordiligi No, no; son troppo audaci, Questi tuoi forastieri. Non ebber la baldanza Fin di chieder dei baci? Convulsioni, deliri, Follie, vaneggiamenti. Ma or vedrete come son discreti, Manierosi, modesti e mansueti. Fiordiligi Cosa dobbiamo far? Despina Quel che volete: Siete d'ossa e di carne O cosa siete? Viva Despina Che sa servir! Recitative Despina Upon my word, you're The strangest pair of creatures! What are your after?

Despina For me, nothing. Fiordiligi For whom, then? Are you women or not? Fiordiligi What do you mean? Despina I mean, You should act like women, then. Dorabella And how is that? Despina Treat love lightly. Never neglect an opportunity; Change at the right moment, Sometimes be constant, Flirt with charm, Foresee the misfortune so common To those who trust in men, Have your cake and eat it too.

Despina That's what I do now. But I wish that you too Would do the same For the glory of the fair sex; For example, your gallants Have gone off to the wars: Dorabella Heaven protect us! Despina Oh, we're on earth and not in heaven! Trust in my zeal. Since these strangers adore you, Let them do so. They're rich, handsome, Well? Fiordiligi Indeed, you'd have us Acting very strangely. Do you think we want to be The talk of all the gossips? Do you think we want to cause Such anguish to our loved ones?

Despina And who says You'd he doing them any harm? Dorabella Don't you consider It would be harm enough If word got round That we were entertaining them? Despina As for that, there's A perfectly safe method; I'll spread it abroad That they're after me. Dorabella Who'd believe that? Despina Oh thank you! Hasn't a maid The right to have a couple of followers? You can trust in me. Fiordiligi No, no; these strangers of yours Are too bold. Didn't they even go so far As to ask for kisses? Despina to herself How shocking! Convulsions, deliriums, Delusions, ravings: But now you'll see how mild they are, Well?

Let them come back. Bless us, get on with it. Fiordiligi What should we do? Despina Whatever you want. Are you flesh and blood, Or what?

She should know the wiles That ensnare lovers, How to feign laughter or tears And to make up good excuses. At one and the same moment She must listen to a hundred But speak with her eyes To a thousand, Hold out hope to all, Be they handsome or plain, Know how to hide things Without getting flustered, Know how to tell lies Without ever blushing. Recitativo Fiordiligi Sorella, cosa dici? Dorabella Io son stordita Dallo spirto infernal di tal ragazza. Ti par che siamo in caso Di seguir suoi consigli? Dorabella Oh, certo, se tu pigli Pel rovescio il negozio. Fiordiligi Anzi, io lo piglio Per il suo verso dritto: Non credi tu delitto, Per due giovani omai promesse spose, Il far di queste cose?

Dorabella Ella non dice Che facciamo alcun mal. Dorabella Quando si dice Che vengon per Despina! Fiordiligi Oh, tu sei troppo larga di coscienza! E che diran Gli sposi nostri? Fiordiligi Ma i nostri cori? Dorabella Restano quel che sono: Fiordiligi Dunque, Fa un po' tu: Dorabella Che imbroglio nascer deve Con tanta precauzion? Per intenderci bene, Qual vuoi sceglier per te de' due Narcisi?

Fiordiligi Decidi tu, sorella. Fiordiligi Ed intanto io col biondino Vo' un po' ridere e burlar. Ben mio, mi moro. Recitative Fiordiligi Sister, what do you say? Dorabella I'm dumbfounded At the fiendish ideas of that girl. Fiordiligi Believe me, she's crazy.

Do you think we could possibly Follow her counsel? Dorabella Of course, if you stood everything Upside down. Fiordiligi On the contrary, I'm standing things The right way up: Don't you think it wrong For two young women who are betrothed To do such things? Dorabella She's not saying We should do any harm. Fiordiligi It' bad enough Getting ourselves talked about! Dorabella But if it's said They've come to see Despina! Fiordiligi Your conscience Is too elastic! What will our menfolk say?

Dorabella Nothing;Either they'll not know about it And it's over and done with, Or they'll hear something, And then we'll say They came to see her. Fiordiligi But our hearts? Dorabella Will stay as they are; To amuse ourselves a little And not to die of boredom Is not to be false, My dear sister. Fiordiligi So you go ahead: But I don't want to be involved If there should be a scandal. Dorabella How can there be a scandal When we're taking such precautions? However, listen, let's come to an agreement: Which of these two Narcissi do you fancy for yourself?

Fiordiligi You choose, sister. Dorabella I've already chosen. Fiordiligi And meantime I'll laugh And joke a bit with the fair one. Dorabella Playfully I'll answer His sweet words. Fiordiligi Sighing, I'll imitate The other's sighs. Dorabella He'll say to me: My love, I'm dying! Fiordiligi He'll say to me: Fiordiligi and Dorabella And meanwhile What sport and pleasure I shall have! Recitativo Don Alfonso Ah, correte al giardino, Le mie care ragazze!

Don Alfonso Tosto vedrete. Recitative Don Alfonso Come, make haste to the garden, Dear young ladies! What a brilliant sight! Dorabella Whatever's going on? Don Alfonso You'll soon see. Giardino alla riva del mare con sedili d'erba e due tavolini di pietra. Alla sponda una barca ornata di fiori. Ferrando e Guglielmo con una banda di suonatori e coro di marinai - cantatori e cantatrici - nella barca; Despina nel giardino; Fiordiligi e Dorabella, accompagnate da Don Alfonso, vengono da lato; servi riccamente vestiti.

A garden by the seashore, with garden seats and two small stone tables. At the landing stage is a barge decorated with flowers. Ferrando and Guglielmo in the barge, with singers and musicians; Despina in the garden; Fiordiligi and Dorabella, accompanied by Don Alfonso, come in from one side. Richly attired servants, etc. Voi che udiste mille volte Il tenor delle mie pene, Ripetete al caro bene Tutto quel che udiste allor.

Nel tempo del ritornello di questo coro, Ferrando e Guglielmo scendono con catene di fiori; Don Alfonso e Despina li conducono davanti le due amanti, che resteranno ammutite ed attonite Recitativo Don Alfonso ai servi che portano bacili con fiori Il tutto deponete Sopra quei tavolini, e nella barca Ritiratevi, amici. Despina a Ferrando e Guglielmo Animo, via, coraggio: La barca s'allontana dalla sponda Ferrando Io tremo e palpito Dalla testa alle piante. Guglielmo Amor lega le membra a vero amante.

Don Alfonso alle donne Da brave, incoraggiateli. Fiordiligi agli amanti Parlate. Dorabella agli amanti Liberi dite pur quel che bramate. Ferrando a Guglielmo Parla pur tu. Guglielmo a Ferrando No, no, parla pur tu. Don Alfonso Oh cospetto del diavolo, Lasciate tali smorfie Del secolo passato. Or pena, ma tace Ferrando e Guglielmo ripetono l'ultima parola con la stessa cantilena Don Alfonso Or lasciavi in pace Don Alfonso alle ragazze Su via rispondete, Guardate e ridete?

Repeat, you who at thousand times Have heard the tenor of my griefs, All that you have heard To my beloved. Coro Ye friendly breezes, Help the longings of their dear hearts. Recitative Don Alfonso to the servants carrying baskets of flowers Set all those down On these tables, my lads, And then return to the barge.

Fiordiligi and Dorabella What is this masquerade? Despina Come now, courage! Have you lost your tongues? The barge leaves the shore. Ferrando I tremble and quake From head to foot. Guglielmo Love binds the limbs of a true lover. Don Alfonso Give them a word of encouragement. Fiordiligi to the suitors Speak then. Dorabella to the suitors Say frankly what it is you want. Guglielmo Rather, my ladies! Ferrando to Guglielmo You do the talking.

Guglielmo to Ferrando No, no, you do it. Don Alfonso The devil take it! Do stop this absurd Old? Despina, let's get this over; You act for one side while I act for the other. A trembling slave Implores your pardon; He offended you, he sees, Though only for a moment; Now he repents in silence Ferrando and Guglielmo In silence Don Alfonso Now he leaves you in peace Ferrando e Guglielmo In peace. Don Alfonso He can't do what he wants to, He would do what he can. Ferrando and Guglielmo He can't do what he wants to, He would do what he can. Don Alfonso Now come, give them an answer; You just look on and laugh?

Despina I'll give them an answer For you. What's done is done, Least said, soonest mended. So let the knot, the sign Of servitude, be broken. Give me your arm, And sigh no more. Despina and Don Alfonso softly, aside Let's go, for mercy's sake; We'll watch what they will do. I'll rank them higher than the devil If they don't give way now.

Guglielmo a braccio di Dorabella, Ferrando e Fiordiligi senza darsi braccio. Fanno una piccola scena muta guardandosi, sospirando, ridendo etc. Recitativo Fiordiligi Oh che bella giornata! Ferrando Caldetta anzi che no. Dorabella Che vezzosi arboscelli! Fiordiligi Quei viali Come son leggiadri. Ferrando Son pronto, o cara, Ad ogni vostro cenno.

Ferrando a Guglielmo, nel passare Eccoci alla gran crisi. Fiordiligi Cosa gli avete detto?

Ferrando Eh, gli raccomandai Di divertirla bene. Dorabella a Guglielmo Passeggiamo anche noi. Guglielmo Come vi piace.

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Dorabella Che cosa avete? Fatevi un poco fresco. Dove diamin son iti? Dorabella Eh, via, non fate Guglielmo Io mi moro, crudele, e voi burlate? Dorabella Due, se volete; Dite quel che far deggio, e lo vedrete. Di sedur non tentate un cor fedele. Guglielmo Son tutto vostro! Guglielmo Cedete, o cara! Dorabella Mi farete morir Guglielmo Morremo insieme, Amorosa mia speme. Dorabella dopo breve intervallo, con un sospiro L'accetto. Dorabella Mel date, lo prendo, Ma il mio non vi rendo: Guglielmo Vuol metterle il core dov'ha il ritratto dell'amante Qui lascia che il metta.

Dorabella e Guglielmo Oh cambio felice Di cori e d'affetti! Che nuovi diletti, Che dolce penar! Recitative Fiordiligi What a lovely day! Ferrando Perhaps a trifle hot. Dorabella What pretty bushes! Guglielmo Yes, yes, very pretty; They've more leaves than fruit.

Fiordiligi How charming These paths are! Shall we take a stroll? Ferrando Your slightest wish Is my command. Fiordiligi You are too kind! Ferrando to Guglielmo, as he passes This is the big moment! Fiordiligi What did you say to him? I told him To keep her entertained.

Dorabella to Guglielmo Let us go for a stroll too. Guglielmo Just as you please. Dorabella What's the matter? Dorabella to herself This simply won't do. Dorabella It'll be a burning poison; Cool yourself a little. Guglielmo Unkind one, you mock me While I'm dying. Dorabella Oh, don't do that. Guglielmo I'm dying, cruel one, and you mock me? Dorabella I mock you? Guglielmo Then give me, light of my life, Some token of your pity. Dorabella Two, if you like. Tell me what you'd have, and we'll see. Guglielmo to himself Is she joking or in earnest? Guglielmo Yes, a heart; the symbol of that one Which burns, pines and longs for you.

Dorabella to herself What a precious gift! Guglielmo Will you accept it? Dorabella Cruel man, Do not seek to tempt a faithful heart. Guglielmo to himself The mountain is weakening. I don't like this, but I've pledged My honour as a soldier. Dorabella I beg of you! Guglielmo I am all yours! Guglielmo Give in, my dear one! Dorabella You'll drive me to my death!

Guglielmo We'll die together then, My hope and love. Will you accept it? Dorabella with a sigh I accept. Guglielmo to himself Poor Ferrando! Guglielmo If you no longer own it, Why does it beat here? Dorabella If you gave me it, What is still beating there? Dorabella and Guglielmo It is my own dear heart That is no longer mine; It's come to lodge with you, And that's what's beating so. Guglielmo trying to put the heart where she has the miniature of her lover Let me put it here.

Dorabella There it cannot stay. Guglielmo I understand, you little rogue. Dorabella What are you doing? Guglielmo You're not to look. He gently turns her face away, takes out the miniature and puts in the heart. Dorabella to herself I feel I have A volcano in my bosom! It doesn't seem possible. Sesto appuntamento , in Ufficiostampa. Domani l'ultima puntata , in Ufficiostampa. URL consultato il 14 settembre URL consultato il 21 settembre URL consultato il 28 settembre URL consultato il 5 ottobre URL consultato il 12 ottobre URL consultato il 19 ottobre URL consultato il 26 ottobre URL consultato il 2 novembre Si rivedranno i momenti cult del programma , in Ufficiostampa.

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