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A Collection of Flash-Fictions (Paperback). Book Review. This published pdf is wonderful. it was writtern really completely and valuable. I found out this book.
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On the porch, the radio plays old tunes. Sometimes our heads bob. Below me, Bianca sits behind my little sister, Tia, braiding her hair. She has good hair. She was gentler with that orange comb.

Don't Go Near the Well - Flash Fiction Audio Story

Her gentle hands would glide the clippers through my hair, trimming it to her liking. I would feel like a new me afterwards. It gets longer by the day, it seems.

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The Mississippi sun tans us, sweat beads dot our black skin. I hold a cup of lemonade to my forehead, then take a swallow, ice cubes kiss my lips. The comb works through the hair. The sweet, greasy fragrance sweeps across my nose.


Not a Flash in the Pan: Flash Fiction Storytelling

Let your imagination run wild No Entry Fee Word limit: Brilliant Flash Fiction staff more…. Many thanks to the writers who entered our contest and to Judge Adam Kluger who created the art prompt and volunteered his time to select three prizewinners. Infinite Morning by Alyson Hilbourne. A quick note to thank you so much for participating in the Art Prompt Writing Contest.

It is such an honor to have so many talented writers participate. In my opinion there are winners. She is one of the current co-hosts of Escape Pod, and her narrations have appeared all over.

The Fantasy Fiction Podcast

She is extremely delighted to have had both her stories and her narrations featured on all four Escape Artists podcasts. Find more by Tina Connolly. Hobson recently decided to follow a time-honored authorial tradition and become a bitter recluse. She swore off all social media and left her website to go to seed.

She leavens the tedium of her vastly expanded free time with misanthropy, paranoia, and weight lifting. Find more by M. He lives outside Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

Liberating ideas

Together with co-editor Anna Schwind, he ran PodCastle for five years, stepping down to focus on his own writing in What do you like about flash fiction? Precisely what I mention above. I love the miniature aspect of it. I collected anything I came across that was tiny. To me, flash is an art form; it appeals to my desire to reduce reality into something made more wondrous by virtue of its condensed size.

Bruce Holland Rogers is the one who revealed the world of flash fiction to me; he was my thesis advisor at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts: In your opinion, what are the hallmarks of a good flash fiction story? You are propelled to the end. And then you pause in awe. What do you look for when choosing a winner? I look for not needing to look! I look to be grabbed—when a piece is successful no searching or hunting seems to take place. When reading through a pile of stories, a few of them will not give me the chance to turn away.

BRILLIANT flash fiction

It is like hypnotism, from the first line. The story owns my attention. And I have to know what happens. There is no magical answer to why this happens sometimes and not others. Each story is unique in its way of capturing attention and emotional involvement. What mistakes do wannabe writers of flash fiction commonly make?

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  • They think what grabs attention is fancy ways of mixing words and word-sorcery, like exotic drinks with no emotional content. They tell us what is happening and then how to feel and think. They draw characters that are black and white, no gray. Flashes from literary agent Andrea Hurst. In judging WOW's recent flash fiction contest, was there anything that surprised you? The quality of writing was quite good. I was surprised by how much story and emotion could be contained in a short piece of fiction.

    What were you looking for when choosing a winner? Memorable, moving, well-written pieces.