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The Ultimate Monkey hat

In the Science 10MPF you'll experience two androids working a that hide human emotions from their boss. The de-thawed head of Steve Jobs finds out the future sucks.

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A dude short on cash makes the mistake of joining a medical experiment. A desperate wife pretends to be a bird to regain her partner's love.

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During an interview, a teacher discovers the school is more than non-traditional. A spacewalk with a clumsy astronaut and an obsessive ex partner. Aliens argue over whether they should destroy earth. Do you ever tire of travelling?


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There's always somewhere new to visit. Anyway, I travel in Mr Rik's pocket which isn't really that tiring. I haven't been anywhere I didn't like in some way.

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I think I'd have to say New York - we found it a really friendly city with some great buildings and too many things to see and do. Of course, my heart is in Manchester, and an important part of travelling is coming home.

Pure – Monkey Hat

There are detailed instructions of how you make your hats and vehicles on the site. Do you think more monkeys should follow in your footsteps? Clever monkeys could - and should - follow my lead. You took part in the Manchester 24 exhibition at Urbis. How has fame affected you?

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Having fans worldwide hasn't changed me, either. Having been to so many places and worn so many hats, what's left? What hat comes next and where are you going? To an extent the hat depends on what Mr Rik can work out how to make, but I really need a chef's hat, and I saw a fine selection of attractive headwear when I visited Waterloo - the battlefield, not the station - recently. On the travel front, I've decided Mr Rik should visit his sister in Scotland, the Harrogate festival is coming up in July, and I'm planning a trip to Sweden in August to stop my humans getting bored.

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  • Tom Hardy to read a story about a monkey in a hat for CBeebies.
  • Tom Hardy to read a story about a monkey in a hat for CBeebies;

And I think I should have some more local trips, to show Manchester off a bit.