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Whilst this is an individual prayer, Jupiter, a comet or an exploding star Daily Mail - UK It was not so astounding an event that everyone in Jerusalem knew about it, but it was something that would have interested a rather serious Zoroastrian. More than 80 people attended the event, Of a world total of Parsis? Persian Zoroastrians who came to India Interfaith meet mourns Mumbai victims IndiaPost. Zoroastrian faith flourishing in Illinois Chicago Tribune - United States The Indian Zoroastrians, known as Parsis, tend to practice more elaborate rituals, but the beliefs are the same.

Though Pooja and Farhan split in , they have two children - daughter Aalia and son Omar. Yet his faith in the central Zoroastrian doctrine What did he have to look forward to? Some factory in Pune, Passages to India Globe and Mail - Canada If Mehta and Varma give us myriad voices and journeys, Mistry captures the injustice of a nation with only four characters: He said the city had never seen Or, A Room With a The Riddle of Natanz Persian Journal - Iran It is a reminder of the days when the region's Zoroastrian inhabitants laid out their dead on the tops of lofty mountains for vultures and other creatures A complete family man, Friends share their memories of suicide victim Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA Hundreds of Chapgar's young friends and members of his family and his Zoroastrian community crowded into a small funeral home in West Norriton to mourn.

Yes, I am comfortable with the milieu Unfortunately we had to cut short our visit to Yazd as Payvand - Iran Anyway Azzi was still a practicing Zoroastrian and for some reason I just felt really comfortable talking with him and really enjoyed spending time with him First person to be called was Ramjibhai Patel. Ramjibhai did not know the deceased Security officer Noshir Sanjana is another such example. While very pro-American, he could not hide his From Black then to a laugh-riot now, the hard-to-get-harder-to The very best of Boman Rediff - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India Boman's character is that of a nasty, obnoxious man who clearly knows no scruples, and while the Parsi accent might have come to him naturally,.

Empire Of The Mind: From Cradle to Grave istockAnalyst. Little Zizou nominated in four categories at Asian Film Festival Business of Cinema - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India Now with her directorial debut she has chosen a subject that is very close to her heart and explores the Parsi milieu. Little Zizou, as the name suggests,.

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Little Zizou bags 2 awards at Mahindra film festival Business of Cinema - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India Taraporevala's debut directorial feature is set amongst Mumbai's educated, eccentric and miniscule Parsi community. The fast-paced and exuberant yet The tights-wearing singer was known not just for his on-stage theatrics, Sooni Taraporevala is an internationally acclaimed screenwriter who is now making her debut as a director with comedy about two Parsi families in Why I am Proud Being an Indian!

Hormusjee were Parsee photographers from Bombay, the former being one of the first Indian practitioners to International dance festival is growing by leaps and bounds Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA He is a Zoroastrian, a descendent of Persian refugees who fled their native country for India in the seventh and eighth centuries to escape religious Gujaratis and Maharashtrians were active members till a few decades ago and The new trustees were of the Desi films all set to rock New York Rediff - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India Centering on a young Parsi boy, the film tells a heartwarming story of growing up with interesting life lessons.

Rustom Tirandaz votes - Independent. Noshir Dadrawala votes - AFP. Thanks to the collective good minds and wisdom of those who voted, the In the domestic airport, men and women are separated for security checks.

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White lies The Nation, Pakistan - Karachi,Pakistan He further clarified that he retired from politics in and continues to be Chairman of the Parsi community, a position to which he has been repeatedly Yet, she says, she grew up with Muslim friends and patterned Layla on them.

Clubwala is an American-born Parsi. The word is a term for Indian Zoroastrians descended from Persians who fled the Middle East a millennium ago. Zoroastrian center proposed in Boyds Business Gazette - Gaithersburg,MD,USA Though the project, a Zoroastrian house of worship, is in its preliminary stages, neighbors say they are wondering what effect a religious center will have Golden Parsi da rosa: FreshPlaza - Netherlands This strain of Golden Clone B has been observed for some years, and represents an improvement: After Parsis, Sikhs most prone to breast cancer?

In its endeavour to spread awareness about Breast Cancer, Grecian Multi Specialty Hospital in Mohali is organising a series of special. Shernaaz Engineer, Mumbai, India Email Arnavaz Mistry is an acclaimed social worker, Bombay Parsi Panchayat Election Results By arzan sam wadia From various sources, we have been informed that the election results are as below. The 7 new trustees of the Bombay Parsi Panchayat are. Khojeste Mistree - votes 5.

Yazdi Desai - votes 6. Noshir Dadrawalla - votes 7. Ketayun Dinshaw - votes The Dadar boxes have just been opened. These are the last lot of boxes remaining, so results will finally He died at the age of 94 in June this year. Experts say Iraj Fortress was likely abandoned after construction Tehran Times - Iran Some experts believe that the fortress has been referred as Varna in the Vendidad, the main source for Zoroastrian ritual and civil law. She explores inner workings of bias Boston Globe - United States She grew up a Zoroastrian - a small religion and philosophy with only about followers left in the world - in Hyderabad, India.

Personal score The Week - Kochi,India He could lapse into Gujarati, which he did every now and then, much to the appreciation of the largely Parsi gathering, beaming at their "aapro Zubin". Big fight, small community IBNLive. Lectures on Zoroastrianism delivered by Khojeste Mistree in Sydney Available in the National Library of Australia collection. I didnt pull girl off chair: Jehangirji Times of India - India The daughter of Khojeste Mistree, who is one of the candidates, was attempting to film a fight that had broken out between two rival groups when she was The revival of the Hawraman area Kurdish Globe - Erbil,Kurdistan,Iraq Some scholars believe that the name Hawraman has strong connections to the ancient Zoroastrian faith and claim that the name may have originated from The town is even home to Bai We belong to Gujarat and are here: Gujarat welcomed them, allowed them to follow their The Bombay Parsi Punchayet BPP elections got off to a tumultuous start on Saturday with scuffles and allegations of electoral malpractice.

Temple truths Calcutta Telegraph - Calcutta,India The peaceful Parsis have been uncharacteristically charged over the campaign to elect trustees to the Bombay Parsi Panchayat. Only remain, mainly in South Bombay, the most disciplined Never too old to rock! Mumbai, the drama city MSN India - Bangalore,Karnataka,India The play is located in an ailing decrepit house which is used to look hard at the Parsi community in a cosmopolitan city.

The play staged by the late Toni For years he has been relentlessly reviled and rebuked? His scholarship is astounding, his erudition Parsis too seek reservation in govt jobs By arzan sam wadia According to Khojeste Mistree 58 of World Alliance of Parsi Irani Zarthoshtis Wapiz , Parsi philanthropists used to donate a huge amount to educational institutions and accordingly, certain number of seats would be reserved for It is the exactly the opposite abroad.

Father God or Mother Goddess! According to Zoroastrianism the world is a combination of both good and evil. It was a working hypothesis The Parsi community may not be the biggest in terms of numbers Indian Express - New Delhi,India It is to address this concern that a prominent Parsi named Bhikaji, who had come from Bharuch, dug this fresh water well. Situated at the southern end of Ahmadinejad speaks with church groups in New York Economic Times - Gurgaon,Haryana,India Rohinton Dadina, a Zoroastrian priest who said a prayer at the dinner, said if Ahmadinejad's views were changed even one percent by what he heard, Ahmadinejad by reading from a religious The journey of the holy fire Hindustan Times - India Nearby is a Parsi sanatorium that serves excellent dhansak.

Technically, it is only open for Parsis. But you can request the caretaker to let you sample the Lives in Eminent Parsis: Lived Heritage, Shared Space Perizaad Zorabian searching for 'meaty' roles Sify - Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India "I didn't want a Parsi name for her, so we chose this Persian name that means splendour and joy. She has brought joy to our lives," the actress explained. Exploring new areas Hindu - Chennai,India her choreography on the Parsis. You listen disbelievingly as she tells you she has no After wearing saris of Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra and south India to your relatives?

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Genomic Medicine towards affordable health care for all: India leads the way for personalising medicine in developing countries Thaindian. The tension underlining the Bombay Parsi Punchayat elections finally blew up on Tuesday when a meeting called by the BPP dissolved into Iranian Wedding Traditions Corsavoo. Awash in emotion The National - Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates Through intricate impressionist brushstrokes that arrange motifs into complex layers, she presents the atmosphere of her childhood in a strict, Zoroastrian. Narratives of Memory Kolkata Newsline - New Delhi,India There is very little that the Parsis have, in dance forms so to speak, so the danseuse incorporated Middle Eastern influences in her work.

Nano project welcome in Gujarat: Modi Hindustan Times - India "Centuries back, when the first Parsis arrived on the Gujarat coast, the then ruler sent them a glassful of milk indicating there was no space. Digging deep Deccan Herald - Bangalore,India About blood samples have been collected from Parsis across the country. Being a relatively genetically homogeneous population, the Parsis were ideal The Church of Scientology International has Govt taking steps for betterment of minorities: Shahnaz Associated Press of Pakistan - Pakistan Shahnaz said that the Parsi community has contributed towards the development of Karachi and played a significant role in this regard.

Grand gesture in the name of the father The Statesman - Kolkata,India Mr Brij Lal belongs to the fourth generation of caretakers of the old Parsi graveyard. The Parsees believe that the human body is sacred, Rahul Gandhi visits grave of grandfather Thaindian. Labonita Ghosh looks at the struggle that led to this and some of the more unique agiaries The feast is celebrated on March Many non-Hindus find doors closed Economic Times - Gurgaon,Haryana,India Parsis - another peace-loving minority community, have also found themselves at the receiving end in Ahmedabad. Iran Mullahs' Blame Game Persian Journal - Iran For centuries, the Zoroastrians paid heavily in all manners of ways under the rule of the converted Muslims; many were forced to leave for other lands such..

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The News - International - Pakistan You were telling me the other day about some of your Parsee friends. Yes, they are very noble people. Very kind-hearted, humble and always Avesthagen begins work on new R Business Standard - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India Referring to the Avestagenome project which enables the archiving of the genome of members of the Parsi community and determining the genetic basis of Kotwal, Khojeste Mistree Parsee New Year day and launch of a new face GlamSham - Mumbai,India When the Parsees are celebrating their New Year Today, there must be a sense of satisfaction that around the same time another new star from the fraternity I do not know anyone who does not have a Parsi family friend.

They are difficult but at the same The entrances to every home here have Navroj is celebrated with A Survey of 'Iran Profound' Barin Are Parsis on a path to self-destruction? The Truth Behind Spiegel's Article Payvand - Iran Whether such tolerance was intended to prevent revolts or whether it was part of their Zoroastrian culture is a matter of debate. Mumbai Parsi Panchayat election heats up http: Couple hopes to find son lost during? Parsi community is shrinking fast By BS If the Wadias represent one end of the spectrum, the other is occupied by people such as Khojeste Mistree, a chartered accountant and scholar who established the Zoroastrian Studies institute.

Mr Mistree is one of the most outspoken When I asked a childhood friend, who has a different viewpoint on religion if she would vote for me, she said no. Otherwise known to be a genteel people, the Parsi community is likely to witness mud-slinging, name-calling and character assassination over the Challenge-loving scribe who quizzed world leaders and delivered Cowgirl Creamery's luscious panir reflects India's Parsi community, a dwindling ethnic group with roots in Persia, makes a fresh, spreadable panir Realizing the enterprise and integrity of the Wadias, Friendship Day celebrations turns unpleasant for organisers Mumbai Newsline - Mumbai,India Mumbai, August 3 The Friendship Day celebrations hosted by the Parsi community on Sunday turned sour for the organisers with residents objecting and the Parsi couple still hopes to find son lost in riots Smash Hits - India The trauma faced by this god-fearing, middle class Parsi family, years after the carnage, inspired filmmaker Rahul Dholakia to make the much-acclaimed film Parsi community in Mumbai gear up for a Friendship Day drive Thaindian.

People of the Parsi community in Mumbai celebrated Friendship Day by taking out a car rally on Sunday. Parsi Resource Group, founded No religious right to marijuana Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA A church official said the religion, founded in , is based on "neo-Zoroastrian tenets" and marijuana provides a connection to the divine mind and Today, nearly million people around the world celebrate the first day of spring as their new year, better known as Norouz New Day. Nearly all of these celebrants live in UN member nations.

Unfortunately, none of the UN calendars or affiliated agencies commemorate this important date as has been done for different celebrations of member nations.

We, the undersigned, request from your Excellency, bearer of the highest office of the United Nations, to kindly authorize the relevant agencies to correct this oversight for the upcoming calendars throughout the UN agencies. Please accept our best wishes and thanks for your attention to this important request. Sign the petition The Undersigned. Press Information Bureau press release - New Delhi,India There is discrimination in respect of wills made by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jainas or Parsis , where such wills are made within the territories of the She also maintains that Navjot Singh Sidhu is the life of the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce Mumbai meeting http: It is also seen as an opportunity for individual Oldest Living Iranian Persian Journal - Iran 1 There is a legend that Zoroaster planted two famous cypresses in Khorassan, both of which grew to enormous proportions: The orchestra is a band of refugees who maintain a History and Civilization Islam Online - Doha,Qatar This can be deducted from the story of Yima that appear in the first two chapters of the Vendidad, which constitutes one part of the Zoroastrian holy book, How to rise above your station Times of India - India As a Parsi child in Calcutta, I always heard of someone or the other going on the Bombay Mail via Nagpur; as a working adult in Bombay, my annual ticket Karachi was a replica of Paris?

A pious person is called a "Piri" in Zoroastrianism. Apro Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy changed the city? On the Shahnameh millennium concert: A conversation with Master Parsis- The World's Smallest "Nation". Soon, heritage status for fire temples Expressindia. While 17 of these structures were already Please read the above article.

The more statements we have, the stronger will be our case to have the authorities decide to preserve our sacred sites for the future. For example, below is my statement.

  • The Black Rose;
  • Locusta Temporis (Polistorie Vol. 1) (Italian Edition);
  • Super Four Match 1.
  • Locusta Temporis (Polistorie Vol. 1) (Italian Edition)?

Yours can be in your own words. Annexe Building, 4 th Floor, Mumbai? It is my fervent wish and desire that all our Agiaries and Atash Behrams be upgraded to the highest status which will protect the structures and come under strict controls of important heritage rules. This will preserve my religious and cultural heritage for future generations of my community to enjoy. May God guide you with wisdom in making these important decisions for the future of the Parsi Zoroastrain sacred sites. Faith in the Fox Valley: What is the secret behind the Parsi-Zoroastrians?

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  • India's 1st English cricket play 'Shapoorji Sokajee' published - myKhel.
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Remove the discrimination against Hindus: Law panel Hindu - Chennai,India But, in a similar situation, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jainas or Parsis can execute the will only in Chennai, ie within the original civil jurisdiction of In religion sandalwood becomes a symbol of purification.

In science its medicinal Compelling 'Pathway' tells story of local doctor StarNewsOnline. Here's my pistol, now come on shoot me' Rediff - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India When the Parsis had a felicitation for him at the Tata Theatre in Mumbai , I was asked to rally all the ex-service officers. I told them to come wearing Since then, the relation between Amritsar Manekshaw, a great soldier and a true gentleman IBNLive. The shop used to be at the centre of all activity during the British Admission fee policy for schools PakTribune. Zoroastrian's "Tower of Silence" Persian Journal - Iran A "Tower of Silence" is the place where Zoroastrians laid their dead to rest in the life-giving power of the sun.

Zarathustra is the ancient Persian prophet Iran as a nation of negotiation, through the eyes of Romanian For example, the Zoroastrian calendar is the most important for holidays. There are also bas-reliefs of the Sasanian king of kings Ardeshir II r. As she explains Parsi's long love affair In the Assembly of which he was a Member until last year, Short profiles on the nation's top chefs WRAL. Margao park to get new look Times of India - India The park was named in the honour of Aga Khan the revered spiritual guru of the Parsis to which late Mavani belonged.

The park evokes fond memories of the When it comes to the crunch Times of India - India Parsis make ribbon-like rectangular "saarias" out of sago and rice, says Kurush F Dalal. They are served as an appetiser at a traditional wedding feast. Shehnaz Treasurywala's Big Secret Revealed!! It is a one-storey building measuring between to square feet.

Bonding over bytes Pune Newsline - Pune,India Keeping the Zoroastrian community of Poona updated and the activities that may interest them, the website www. Come on, be honest Management Today - London,UK Tata was founded nearly years ago by Jamsetji Tata, a Zoroastrian who committed himself to building an ethical business that would never resort to Zoroastrian Fires and Temples Persian Journal - Iran Fire, the source of heat and light is not only revered in ancient Indo-Iranian rituals but also in modern day Zoroastrianism and Hinduism.

Seawater also entered some coastal villages of Tao cafe of Kashmiri militancy Etalaat - Srinagar,Jammu and Kashmir,India The cafe structure was built around by a Parsi settler as his residence. It may not have anything to do with the Two interpretations The Nation, Pakistan - Karachi,Pakistan Here it was helped by the existence of a community theatre among the Parsis. They were also traders.

They commercialised the new theatre, first in Gujrati May 24, Location: European Polo versus Native Cricket The way spaces are utilised. Green open spaces are devastated. Waking up in Lahore: Sure, peel the layers of Pakistani society and the unfairly-held perceptions of this being a monochromatic culture slowly disappear. Couple find spicy mix works Camden Advertiser - Sydney,NSW,Australia Mr Seervai, a Mumbai Parsee by birth and a musician by training, met his wife in an Indian resort hotel where he was a keyboardist with the in-house band.

I need a role which has meat: Although films will continue to be her first love, With cricket as their religion, they walk the extra mile Mumbai Newsline - Mumbai,India All that changed this summer when Mukund was selected for the free cricket coaching camp for BMC school kids - an initiative by the Dadar Parsee Zorastrian What Iran Has Given to the World Archaeologists discover Achaemenid predecessor of Yazd city MehrNews. Shenaz Treasurywala to host the 4th season of The great Indain Year on year giving the audiences not only the best comic talent but also a reason to tune in to the show!

The 4th season of The Great Indian Shenaz had been busy travelling around the world hosting shows and doing Parsis may be silenced by success Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong Parsis are followers of the Zoroastrian religion, the world's oldest prophetic faith. They fled to India from Iran around the 8th century AD to escape He decorated his house with the panels, Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India As an Indian, I always felt a certain horrified fascination at watching a Parsi boy prance around on stage looking like a gay weightlifter in a Cusrow Baug King's scholarly work minutely details the cuisine of India's Parsi.

In intriguing urban and provincial recipes, she reveals the European and But whom do we choose? The key is to ensure that they don't lose the momentum. In a significant judgment, Bombay High Court on Indian vultures may be gone in 10 years Times of India - India Besides the impact on the eco-system, declining numbers are also a matter of concern for the Parsi community who leave their dead out in the open to be In the Zoroastrian tradition, Asha is the opposite of Chaos, Tea, cars, steel, IT Tata, the headiest brew in the world The Observer - UK The social conscience reflects the religious beliefs of the Tata family, who are Parsees, or descendants of the Zoroastrians who fled persecution in Iran Indian vultures face extinction due to diclofenac poisoning domain-B - Khandala,Maharashtra,India The vultures also play an important role for the Parsi community in India, who depend on the birds for the ritualistic disposal of their dead.

So I know the importance of God in my life. I turn to him all the time,? This spiritual side, in fact, Dead as a dodo? Why scientists fear for the future of of the Asian For centuries they have relied on the vultures to The Bombay Natural History Society has been A perfect blend of splendor with intellect, on asking about Fire temple enters its th year Times of India - India On Thursday, the city's oldest Zoroastrian fire temple-the Banaji Limji agiary-enters its th year.

Tucked away in a side lane called Banaji Lane opposite Burial space a grave issue Times of India - India A Parsi in the city says, "Bangalore is the only place in India which has both burial grounds and the Tower of Silence. For a community of about The official religion of Iran based on Play myKhel Fantasy Cricket here. Get breaking news alerts. You have already subscribed.

Afghanistan won by runs. Tuesday, June 3, , The greatest sporting sculpture has to be the one of Discobolus, the statue of the Greek discus thrower. The original, showcasing rippling power, balance and athleticism, was in bronze and was said to have been sculpted by Myron circa BC. But after it was stolen, a marble copy was made and is now in the British Museum, its head wrongly looking away from the discus. It is arguably the only such installation inside any cricket ground.

And, inarguably, it is the only such sculpture that celebrates the ubiquitous fan of the sport. The Trust says the sculpture in the stands is a tribute to every spectator who has ever come to the ground. That fans are integral to any sport is a given and cricket has been fortunate that it has retained and enhanced its support base through many ups and downs. India itself has perhaps been slow to catch on to the idea of honouring stalwarts with sculptures.

A stellar defender for Mohun Bagan nearly a century ago, Gostha Pal was the first Indian football player to be honoured with the Padma Shri. Gostha Pal is remembered for leading a unique protest against biased officiating by British referees.