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Happy Hour Stories. The Dating Misadventures of a Girl between Her Cocktails By Chelsea Ashe Life's short, so why limit happy to one hour? Cheers!.
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He will discuss why he created this stunning range of unique, yet classic, aperitifs. Learn all about the man, the process, and the inspiration behind arguably the most interesting line of new products to reach US shores in a long time. Please join us in what will be a memorable First Sip at Tales and an opportunity to learn from a master bartender how the most innovative bars and restaurants around the world are integrating these products into their programs.

Giancarlo Mancino is one of the most talented and best bartenders ever to come out of Italy. A charming host and a master of vintage cocktails He is also the founder of Mancino Vermouth.

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Lars Fasel Owner, Fasel Shenstone. Lars Fasel is the founder and owner of Fasel Shenstone. Fasel Shenstone was established in and began importing and managing multiple vermouth producers from Europe. Expanding quickly, their portfolio has garnered the attention of major restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail Leith Shenstone Owner, Fasel Shenstone. I am an importer of aperitifs, digestifs, and other fine European traditions. We go out into the world to find great quality and authentic products that deserve to be here in the US, and that merit the attention of people committed to the craft of bar owning, managing or tending Tasting Room , The First Sip.

The are no pre-requisites for the Spirits Professional Exam. Exams are scheduled between 11AM — 4PM. You will receive your scheduled exam time closer to the event date. For more information and to register, please click on the link to the test you would like to register for: We accomplish this through working with our committed partners to enrich the career advancement of our members through peer-to-peer learning, expert instruction Join us and ShareTheSilence.

Sponsors Mezcal El Silencio. From artisanal producers, to planet-spanning liquor empires: It's a rollicking tale. Takin in plucky entrepreneurs, predatory management consultants, oft-baffling drinks trends, needy shareholders, and the ever-present push to "add value". After attending this seminar you'll never walk into a bar- or liquor store- the same way again! La Canne Sugar Tony Bonomolo will be showing off his collection La Canne Sugar , consisting of natural sugar flavours such as lavender, pecan, and ginger!

You will have no problem finding the perfect accent to add to your favorite cocktail! Tuesday July 14, 2: Celebrate Bastille Day with Lillet! After two distillations, Riazul Anejo is aged for two years in Cognac barrels. It displays subtle hints of Agave, driven by delicate flavors of honey, vanilla, dried fruits, and spices. Personalities Inaki Orozco Riazul Imports. The acres of land in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, where his blue agave is grown, was handed down in his family from his great-great grandmother. Terlato Artisan Spirits Terlato Artisan Spirits offers an exclusive collection of hand-crafted premium spirits from around the world.

Listen to the real-time reports of all the happenings at Tales from guests, program speakers and sponsors. Tuesday July 14, 3: Tuesday July 14, 4: Personalities CH Chris Hannah. Shortly after graduating he moved to New York City where he developed an appreciation for a well-crafted cocktail using seasonal ingredients and a diverse array of spirits. Through the years he has acquired the experience and expertise necessary to fulfill his Tuesday July 14, 5: No further explanation is needed. Grab that SPF cause this is 90 Proof!

Tasting Room , Pool. Starring Charlotte Voisey and Kent Westmoreland.

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Cocktails inspired by classic noir films and fiction. Kent Westmoreland Cocktail Purist. And all that implies. As passionate about people as he is knowledgeable about classic cocktails, Kent Westmoreland is right at home behind the bar getting to know his customers and recommending new drinks in place of old standbys. His expertise in classic and craft cocktails proves instrumental in his Tuesday July 14, 6: Bring the Noise…Tuesday 7pm at the Three Muses. She oversees the operation of three bars, a restaurant, catering facility and retail operation, and has owned and operated her own award winning establishments.

It is a place built on social interaction, that brings groups together by their appreciation and passion for innovative cocktails, music, desgin and the camaraderie of gaming. Wednesday , July A symbol of prosperity and fertility, pomegranates are ripe with polyphenols, antioxidants that help counteract harmful free radicals, more than that of even red wine or green tea. We will be providing a healthy breakfast Wednesday through Friday to nourish your body and provide energy for you to survive the week. Our PAMA Boost frozen smoothie, blended daily with your choice of fruit base, will complement your power up meal and provide that extra boost of energy you need.

Realign your spine with a local yoga instructor that will be on hand to lead the group in some power yoga moves designed to give you a refreshed and rejuvenated start to your day. Lynn has 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Wednesday July 15, 7: Wednesday July 15, 8: We feed local pig farmers our Potato stillage. Personalities Keith Hemeon V. Sean Kenyon was literally born to be behind a bar. He is a third generation Barman, his Grandfather, Mother and Father have been pub owners and bartenders in New Jersey since the 's.

Sean was raised in his family's pubs and while other kids wanted to be firemen or super heroes Our signature brand is our Woody Creek Potato Vodka where we control every aspect of production: Before turning his love of Hudson Whiskey into a vocation, this autodidactic polymath traveled the world as an environmental and human rights campaigner, film and video producer, painter, photographer, storyteller, and bon vivant. With an abiding love for the history and enjoyment Combining passion, charisma and originality with an unrivalled knowledge and reverence for the art of tequila, Milagro Ambassador Jaime Salas is the perfect embodiment of modern day Mexico.

Wednesday July 15, 9: Well, the Kick Start Coffee Bar has you covered. Sponsors Orleans Coffee Exchange. Moore and Giles Moore and Giles is responsible for having the worlds largest collection of fine leather. Join Jim Meehan to see some of the fine leather bags and bartenders necessities they provide. Wednesday July 15, Of course, we are unable to reveal the entire mystery of what goes into Chartreuse but we will be able to explore the many secrets and bountiful history of this liqueur. Chartreuse Liqueur is one of the few spirits that ages after bottling.

In some cases, for the better. More and more, people are searching for older bottles of Chartreuse; searching online, in rural liquor stores, even at estate sales.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

We will discuss a little bit about what causes this aging process as we sip on bottles found in back of the liquor cabinets. We will also take a look at the other special Chartreuse types the monks have created. These Chartreuse types are sold only to elite restaurateurs in France and surrounding areas.

And finally, we would be remiss not to speak about the Carthusian life and what effects it has played on the liqueur itself. Guests of this exclusive seminar will be given the chance to taste through several Chartreuse limited release types and a couple different vintages. Bill earned his B. Seminar , Exclusive Tasting. Cocktail Photography When it comes to getting your cocktails published, a photo really is worth a thousand words! Quality cocktail photography is a must and if you know what you're doing, all it takes is a camera phone.

Daniel Krieger is a New York City based food photographer. Daniel has photographed several cocktail and cookbooks, including the recent Ivan Ramen book, The Old A privately owned distiller and importer, Anchor boasts an artisanal portfolio with over specialty How They Took Over the World From their beginnings in Ireland; as rural grocers and grog's to the Victorian bars of Dublin and Belfast, the Irish Pub has evolved from country shop pubs, even doubling up as undertakers with adjoining boozers, to being exported to every corner of the world - an Irish Pub embassy in every city across the globe.

US Ambassador Tim Herlihy. Born and raised in Ireland, Tim began his whiskey career with the Cooley Distillery and has travelled to numerous distilleries across Ireland, Scotland, the US and beyond Gerard Graham Gerry Graham grew up surrounded by the origins of whiskey in his native land of Ireland. He is its youngest Citrus oils, on the other hand, have an unusually long shelf life.

And not just citrus oils but oils from various fruits and herbs retain aroma and flavor when extracted properly. These oils in combination with a variety of naturally derived acids, like citric and subsidiary sodium citrate, along with sugar and water can mock a citrus component in a cocktail but retain the integrity of its natural flavor. At varying degrees, these components can create Citrates that have a similar pH and brix level to citrus or Elixirs that have added water and sugar content and can be utilized in bottled or two step cocktails.

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During the seminar, attendees will learn various techniques for extracting oils from citrus, herbs, spices and various fruits and how to convert those extracted oils into citrates and elixirs. Cocktail Citrates and Elixirs can transform citrus based draft cocktails, punches and bottled cocktails and remove the volatility of fresh citrus. During this seminar, attendees will also learn practical information about how to keg and bottle cocktails. An information booklet will be given to all attendees that will include Cocktail Citrate and Elixir recipes and formulas, equipment, techniques, cocktail recipes and ideas for further experimentation.

Also during the seminar, attendees will taste Citrate and Elixir based cocktails and a number of citrates on their own. Moderators Ira Koplowitz Proprietor, Bittercube. Ira Koplowitz worked for more than two years at the Violet Hour in Chicago where he developed a number of house-made syrups, tonics and bitters and contributed cocktails to more than a year's worth of seasonal cocktail menus. Beyond bartending, Koplowitz has traveled extensively Nicholas Kosevich Proprietor, Bittercube. Bittercube was founded by Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz in , and they began developing, formulating, and tweaking the lineup that is now the six varieties of Bittercube Bitters.

The first larger batches began maceration in July of , and since then the business has grown It affected every aspect of life for those who lived through it and its aftermath has shaped every aspect of the world today. Not even the humble cocktail was immune to its influence, as a thirsty and often terrified humanity was forced to extraordinary lengths of improvisation and invention in order to sip something that might at least for a moment help it to forget the horrors around it.

Wondrich will for the purpose of this seminar assume the role of General Eisenhower and command the European Theater of Operations, while Tiki God Berry will act as General MacArthur and return to his Pacific stomping grounds. There will be historic cocktails, naturally. The longtime Drinks Correspondent for Esquire magazine, Dr. Wondrich he has a PhD in Comparative Literature is a five-time Our award-winning products are batch-distilled with an intense, passionate and near-obsessive pursuit of quality Tequila Mockingbird Luxardo Magic in a Shaker: The Anatomy of Mezcal Tiffany Soles: The Art of American Whiskey Bittercube 5: He is chief engineer of www.

He is also the author of the book The Art of American Whiskey: Robert Simonson writes about cocktails, spirits, bars and bartenders for the New York Times, where he had been a contributor since He is the author of the acclaimed book "The Old-Fashioned: He is also a major contributor His books for adults United States Bartenders' Guild The mission of the United States Bartenders' Guild is to united the hospitality community to advance professional bartending. The Anatomy of Agave-Seductive Succulent Do you know where the complex flavors you love in mezcal and tequila come from?

How much do you know about the chemistry that occurs in agave and how that chemistry translates into the agave spirits? Do you know that the sweetness of mezcal is created during cooking via a Maillard Reaction, in a very similar way meat flavor is generated in an oven? Are you keen to sample unique deconstructed flavor fractions obtained from mezcals, agave tissues and pulque? Have you ever wondered what the inside of a 'palenque' tastes like and why agaves are the base of the most complex white spirits on earth?

There is an intense love affair going on between bartenders and agave spirits from hand crafted tequila to smoky Oaxacan mezcal, and other innumerable expressions from all over Mexico, but what do we really know about the subject? This seminar will offer rational and scientific explanations that will help to connect raw material, process and spirits made from agave. Subjects like agave plasticity and chemical adaptation terroir effect , agave evolution and diversity will be covered.

We will discuss other sources of flavor in mezcal. You will learn specifically, what impact wild fermentation and artisanal 'palenque' methods can have on the final spirit. You will be guided through the talk with experiential samples that will exemplify the core flavor and aroma groups in this distillate, to bring this detailed information to life in unparalleled depth.

Moderators Tomas Estes Tomas Estes has been a bar and restaurant owner for 39 years, having founded the Pacifico Group in What's the Right Deal to Take? As independent spirit brands continue to make waves in the global drinks industry, the number of people wanting a piece of the action has multiplied massively.

Happy Hour Stories

So when there are multiple offers on the table from both potential partners and investors, how do you choose which deal to take? Get it wrong and you could end up making no one rich but the lawyers. Delivered by a world class group of drinks entrepreneurs, this seminar will provide real insight and practical advice on the pros and cons of different financial and distribution deals, at different stages of your business, helping you navigate your way to the smartest money!

A proud drinks business geek with a love for all the The Cooper Spirits Co. Cooper, a third generation distiller and creator of rare and fine spirits. His company is an independent producer of innovative, integrity-driven spirits that was established in The company was founded with the introduction of St-Germain I live in Wisconsin, we tend to be friendly and talk to people about whatever they want to talk about.

I really like talking about my gin, and drinking it, and talking about drinking it. Chip is an acknowledged leader in the craft distilling industry, having received more than national and international awards, including US Craft Distillery of the Year and Global Distillery of the Year from the Wizards of Whisky International Competition in Distill Ventures Distill Ventures is an accelerator for new and growing spirits brands set up by a group of entrepreneurs and industry experts with investment from Diageo. It offers a unique combination of cash investment and access to world-class industry expertise and independent drinks specialists The bartending behemoth has created unique beverage programs that have earned a place Carla Rivera Lead mixologist, Hakkasan.

Carla Rivera, 34, an up and coming mixologist and Miami native is bringing her passion for cocktails to Hakkasan at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Rivera honed her skills as a craft bartender and beverage manager at various bars in Tampa, Florida, after going abroad to Cyprus and Turkey Chris Bostick Half Step. Originally from Austin, Texas, Chris Bostick began his career behind the bar slinging cans of beer and margaritas over 15 years ago.

If you hear a loud melodic laugh from across the room somewhere in between a cackle and a roar then you have just heard Hollis Bulleit. If you scan the room and see a bewitching bearcat Top Hat bobbing about then you have almost seen Hollis Bulleit she's a bit of a hobbit and quite It all started in Lawrenceburg, KY home of some of the best Bourbon distilleries in the world, and where Josh grew up. He has been immersed in spirit culture since he was very young, a large portion of his family still works in some capacity for the distilleries in Lawrencerburg Nathan Burdette Thirsty Revivalist, Collectif Philip Khandehrish Bartender, AlambiQ.

I was born in Iran but also have Greek and Assyrian heritage. I came to America when I was 5 and moved to Miami when I was 7. In the last 30 years, in Miami, I have seen and been a part of its beatiful growth. TJ has stood behind every different kind of bar imaginable before finding his way into the cocktail world nearly a decade ago. He was the bar manager for Dragonfly Restaurants before moving on to helm the award winning 2nd Street Speakeasy and is now hard at work opening Madrina's The return of our clientele and long lasting partnerships is the proof of our success. We help revolutionize the industry Boiron Fruit Purees The global leader in frozen fruit and vegetable purees and coulis with more than 12, tons of products sold each year in 70 countries, Les vergers Boiron's expertise goes back more than 40 years.

Strict selection of the best raw materials, controlled assembly techniques inherited The Mixing Room The spirits may get most of the attention, but no cocktail is complete without the help of a number of other ingredients. The Mixing Room is a comprehensive collection of mixers, bitters, garnishes and other craft cocktail ingredients made by artisans from around the country. Be a part of this special tasting room as we talk to the makers, sample their wares and enjoy these innovative products. Mess Hall Cocktail Co. Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries are a new cocktail cherry specifically made for the high quality of craft cocktails that are being stirred, shaken, and poured across the globe.

We preserve our cherries by hand, with demerara sugar, a splash of bourbon, and the smallest notes of black Tippleman's Tippleman's is a line of "Not Quite Simple Syrups" designed for bartenders to easily introduce more complex flavor characteristics into cocktails.

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Each bar syrup is handcrafted with a unique attention to the ingredients. Made in rather small batches, the finest quality ingredients Emerson Lamb is president and co-founder of Westland Distillery. Started in with the goal of putting the state of Washington on the map as a world class place to make single malt whiskey, today Westland is the largest such distillery in the United States.

As a family business Born in , grew up in the country side till the age of 10 where I have discovered the beauty of being wild, a feeling that have never left me. Graduated from high school as a graphic designer have tried the world of university studying Japanese and Chinese, I have tried hardly Westland American Single Malt.

FED UP is the film the food industry doesn't want you to see. Movie snacks and drinks will be provided. Personalities Ali Dedianko InsideBelve. While she majored in European Studies and minored in Russian Language, she has always had a true passion for spirits. After 7 years behind the bar, working everywhere from speakeasies Amanda Victoria is a recognized leader in the global spirits industry as the face of elegant drinking and a revivalist of the modern day aperitif category.

Claire Smith-Warner is Head of Spirit Creation at Belvedere Vodka and has been working with alcohol in its various forms for over 15 years. Creating a fully immersive experience from the quintessential British spirit, allow us to transport you to a little piece of London where you can enjoy our tasty tipples in their proper place. Receiving Gold Medals from the L. A sublime spirit with a captivating Small Change Finery Keep your favorite spirit close to your heart with the Small Change Finery's hand stamped various liqour themed necklaces. Holly Williams will be on site to show you just how she hand-crafts her fine pieces of jewlery.

Past SEDTalks have covered topics such as the intersection of whisky and music, how sustainable, low-impact distillery architecture can be exhilarating, the place of mysticism in gin marketing, why "craft" doesn't have to mean small-scale, and what we can learn from Cuba about simplicity in cocktails. SEDTalks presenters range from industry legends like Angus Winchester, Ryan Chetiyawardana and Dave Broom, to people you've never heard of who possess fresh perspectives on the world of spirits and cocktails.

Buy the ticket, come to SEDTalks, and prepare to have your boundaries expanded! As the Global Brand Ambassador for Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky - a year secret from the heart of Speyside - Georgie spends around 9 months of the year travelling the world, introducing whisky lovers to this award winning scotch. A BSc in Distillation, a background Jeffrey Kluger is the science editor for Time magazine and Time.

His newest nonfiction book is Apollo 8. His newest novel is Freedom Stone, a young tale set on a South Carolina plantation in , also published in Nick is an acknowledged authority on the Scotch Whisky business and a frequent speaker at Whisky and Spirits events around The always vibrant and charismatic industry personality and Global Bombay Sapphire Brand Ambassador Raj Nagra brings over two decades of unique industry knowledge from both a business and trade perspective to his role at Bacardi Global Brands.

Now in his 14th year as an Ambassador Pamela Wiznitzer Creative Director, Seamstress. Pamela Wiznitzer has a true passion and zest for the industry that is seen and tasted in every drink she serves and also transcends the bar. For decades it has been adored by whisky enthusiasts Genie In A Bottle: How Spirits Age There was a time when Spirits bottles were thought to be time capsules.

When the cap or cork went in at the end of the bottling line, the perfect aromas and flavors, carefully crafted by the distiller, were sealed in a deep sleep ready to be awakened by a bartender or host. These days the forensic attention to detail of the modern bartender and consumer has discovered that there is more to bottle age than was once thought and this seminar will decode the mysteries of how spirits age.

Through a range of controlled experiments we will illustrate the effects of age and environment on spirits in bottle; decipher the aromas that are gained and lost with time; recommend the ideal storage conditions to keep spirits in mint condition and break down which spirits are the most at risk from change in bottle. Panelists from the world of vintage spirits and science will be on hand to answer your questions about how to build and maintain your collection of dusty bottles as well as tackling what is and is not worth opening.

A proud Scotsman, Ian started his career in the alcohol business straight from school working for an independent wine merchant in his home town of Edinburgh. From here his formative years in the On Premise were spent in the late night scene working in more sticky floored nightclubs This seminar, led by Master Distiller Shaun Caleb, will offer you the even rarer opportunity to taste aged individual marques from each of our heritage stills at cask strength.

Our Edward Henry Porter is a wooden continuous Coffey still, producing rum since The double and single pot wooden Navy stills produced rum for the British Navy for centuries; the unique copper necked single-pot originated from the Versailles Estate while the double-pot is the only one of its kind left in the world and originated from the Port Mourant Estate, established in All three stills are made from Guyanese greenheart though "Guyana" didn't exist yet!

And as a special treat, we will also present our Special Reserve 25 year-old blended rum, coming back stateside for the first time in several years. She has the unique opportunity to travel across the US and work with the fascinating people who are the heart and soul of the Spirits Industry. In her role, Nalini has created a team of local advocates for El Shakers and Movers Guide to Advancement You've spent years behind the bar growing the business, creating press-worthy cocktail menus and creating a name for yourself in the community.

Now the calls are coming in: Run our bar; Create our menu; Become our brand ambassador; Help us launch a new brand. Options are a good thing, but how do you choose whether the best choice is to become a consultant, open a bar or work directly with a brand? Attend this seminar and this panel of experts will give you the insight you need to make the right decision for you. Charles Joly, World Class winner , former head bartender at Aviary and founder of Crafthouse, will share why, among all of the many options, he started his own brand.

Gabriel Orta, co-owner Bar Lab, Broken Shaker will explore bar ownership and consulting in on-premise, while Ryan Malkin, an attorney serving the alcohol beverage industry who works with startups and major suppliers, will provide legal watch-outs and the basics on how get started, timing and costs. Do you want to know what it will take and how much you can make when you leave your position behind the bar? Then attend this seminar. Marrero quickly made the transition from cocktail-waitress to bartender and knew that the spirits industry was her true calling.

Charles Joly Founder, Crafthouse Cocktails. Chicago native Charles Joly is an award-winning, lifelong food and beverage professional. Ryan Malkin Attorney, Malkin Law. Ryan Malkin is an attorney serving the alcohol beverage industry. Ryan is well versed in navigating the federal and state-by-state alcohol beverage laws, assisting clients large and small with industry specific agreements and crafting compliant marketing and sales programs.

Stylish Service - Flair for Mixologists Interaction with the bartender get your mind out of the gutter can make or break a guest's experience at a bar. This seminar hosted by the Bols Bartending Academy will feature 3 world champion bartenders from a variety of backgrounds. They will teach you how to manipulate a wide variety of objects that you use everyday behind the bar. That little flick, roll or throw can go a long way towards how confident a guest feels about your ability to make them a great drink, even before it touches their lips.

In this hands on class; straws, strainers, jiggers and even liquid itself will not be spared from your attempts to defy gravity as we share with you some of our greatest hits to make you look truly stylish behind the bar. After all it is all in the delivery! No prior experience is necessary and those with experience will still learn something from this panel. Note- You are only human and will make a mistake at some point, don't let that mistake ruin your day.

You cannot wear open toed shoes to this technique seminar. Peruvian Pisco Lunch presented by Trade Commission of Peru in Miami This Peruvian-themed lunch is a unique opportunity to introduce to those selected for the Cocktail Apprentice Program to Peru's craft piscos including some that have not yet made it to the US. Melanie Asher, Master Distiller and Master Blender of Macchu Pisco, will be on-hand to share the history and traditions of these piscos that embody the 3 different styles of pisco and represent unique grape varietals and give away some traditional swag like chuyos.

Don't know what that means? Well, make sure to swing by to find out! Along with his impeccable knowledge of wine, he also served as an Lizzie Asher President, Macchu Pisco. Pisco evangelist and partner-in-crime to Melanie Asher, Peru's most successful woman pisco distiller. Trade Commission of Peru in Miami. What it would be like to trace this unique spirit from the moment of its birth through the full maturation process, then onto its ultimate expression?

Well, now you can Join Cognac Educators Ms. Franky Marshall, Hoke Harden, Alexandre Vingtier, and Distiller Allen Katz for an in-depth exploration of this timeless Eau-de-Vie from inception, through different levels of barrel maturation, and finally, into the bottle.

We will examine the effects of terroir and the region's viticulture. Then we will focus on the Cellar Master's work, the aging and blending of the heart of the distillation to see how it ultimately matures into a spirit for all seasons. You will be offered an array of specially selected Cognacs of contrasting styles, ages, and Crus to taste side-by-side. To help awaken your senses, you will be provided with a variety of fruits, flowers, herbs and spices designed to stimulate your palate. Taste, compare, and discover the intricate combinations of aromas and flavors in the glass.

You will leave this seminar with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the category, a new outlook on Cognac's myriad flavors and versatility, and an invigorated vision of how to combine elements to craft the perfect Cognac cocktail. Having worked as a Bartender and in various other front-of-house positions at establishments across the spectrum has given her a great deal of experience to draw on.

She was introduced to this rarefied cocktail world when she An enthusiastic lover of wine and spirits, Hoke Harden left a career in academia to follow his other muse for the last 35 years, trekking around the world to the great producing regions. Recently referred to as a veritable walking omnibus of wine and spirits knowledge, he has experienced He is also the Director He works with distillers, blenders, bottlers, retailers, bartenders, sommeliers, chefs and even noses, and has visited hundreds of distilleries around the world Wednesday July 15, 1: Sustainable Agave, Best Practices With the growth of agave spirits we are confronted with responsibility of preserving our resources to protect the future.

The demand for wild agave has skyrocketed and continues to rise. The pressure on farmers to increase yields have compelled many to cultivate monocultures with narrow genetic diversity. Our thirst for agave is booming and if we do not act responsibly we can have major crop failures and mass extinctions. We ask the questions: Where is the data? What is being done? What are the results? What should be done? Unfortunately there is very little information available and there is no unified resource.

In September , Encuentro Agave, was a gathering of concerned and involved individuals with a purpose of sharing ideas, with the hopes of finding conclusions and and ultimately outlining pathways for best practices. In this seminar we will detail the problems and present testimonials of different approaches to prevent a great loss of agave.

We will also present Encuentro Agave an NGO with three primary mission of Agave Sustainability and a website that will be a place to share to share information, answer questions and outline best practices. Arik started his career in the restaurant business over 20 years ago, and has risen as beverage director and sommelier of note in the competitive New York City market.

Over the past ten years, Jonathan has focused on promoting the I've been an entrepreneur myself and lately working close to other successful entrepreneurs consolidating their projects. I believe business are also an opportunity to create good to the biggest problems that affect the people and the planet. At Los Danzantes I found a great Esteban is a Bio-Chef and owner of Rabbits Agaveria, in Guadalajara; a venue dedicated to the culture of Mexican agave distillates.

In the last 5 years he has been traveling the state of Jalisco looking for and documenting the great and diverse agave distillate known as Raicilla He is now leading his new venture SUIN Zapotec for honey , a natural prebiotic drink made for children, based on Santiago is the Founder and CEO of Mezcal Amaras, After graduating from college as an Industrial Engineer major from Universidad Iberoamericana in , he chose to do his Social Service in Oaxaca, restructuring an association that sponsored children in need aiding and supervising LV La Venenosa Raicilla. Los Danzantes Los Danzantes produce artisanal high-quality mezcal, while working with respect for people, the environment, traditional production techniques and the agave plant.

These beliefs consist of working only with sustainably cultivated agaves, managing fair trade and redistributing a part of The Project hopes to influence a change in Mexican dietary habits in response to an alarming increase in obesity and diabetes nation-wide. Beam Suntory Jul e p Hours You are cordially invited to enjoy southern hospitality, and a sip of history from the Beam Suntory family, at our French Quarter retreat.

We will be paying homage to the Mint Jul e p from around the world. Costco pulls 'cult favourite' Kirkland Signature Light Beer from shelves. Five of this year's best festive pop-ups in London. One in four young people in UK admit going to work drunk. Jackson Boxer to open Scottish resto in Notting Hill. Scottish distiller to send , gin baubles to US after bank funding.

The 6 fastest-growing alcohol businesses in the UK. Four reasons why UK consumers are drinking less wine. Six new Master Sommeliers announced following exam resit. Sales Administrator Company details: Click to view more. The Global Fortified Masters Deadline: I highly recommend every author attend this once in a lifetime opportunity! It was a truly amazing and rewarding experience for me. I am extremely excited to announce that Happy Hour Stories: There are 54,, single people in the United States and of those, 41,, have tried online dating. On the other hand, women tend to be quite active during this time and the majority of women that join online dating occurs on Sunday, January 5 th Sundays usually have the largest amount of traffic on online dating sites.

Through my own research from discussions with men, I have found this stat holds true for the majority. While men might shy away from the pressure, women usually thrive during this time and are looking for a special someone to curl up with during the celebratory period. As mentioned, this is only for the majority; there are some men who choose to sign up for online dating during this time period because they want someone during the holiday seasons and there are some women who would shy away from the extra pressure instead of embracing it as well.

Single ladies, February 15 th should be the actual national holiday and celebratory day for you. This wine does exist. Go to your local liquor store to get yourself a bottle. Can I Close My Tab? Excerpt from Happy Hour Stories: On other occasions it is due to the fact that I got a little too excited and had too many adult beverages. And then there are the times when you know the evening is going to be a bust from the start and you just want to close your tab and leave as quickly as possible.

I have had all three scenarios happen to me when it comes to dating, but it is the last scenario that has happened quite often with my online men. Some of my dates were with great guys that were just so socially awkward that they had a hard time with online dating. Some were ridiculous, but the good ones — and all men for that matter right, ladies? We both know how we met — online. I am not sure what response these men are looking for.

To be quite honest, I feel like I have had a lot of luck in getting dates on the site, just not finding a man that has enough in common with me to have a long-term relationship. Is that the response a man wants to hear? A date might think that is funny, but I just think that is rude and unnecessary. If a man does this, he is basically saying one of two things — either 1 I am not that into you and want to see who else I can find while you are still sitting in front of me or 2 come see how many other girls want me and how I judge women.

Neither is attractive nor will lead to a second date. Dates are supposed to be carefree and fun. It is a great chance to get to know someone, but that does not mean you have to come with a list of questions. I left one date second guessing my answers as if it was a company that was going to call me for a second interview. I look at numbers all day. I am flattered that the man has paid attention to my profile, but if he knows more about my profile than I do, it turns into an interrogation instead of a date.

I understand you think it is a compliment, but guess what? I already know a hell of a lot about myself.

After my date goes through this portion of the date, I kind of want to date myself instead of him. Be careful what drink s you order on the date. I like to drink I think you all have gotten that vibe. Having said that, I know what drinks I can and cannot handle. The same should go for men. Know what you can handle on a first date — and when I say handle, I am not talking about how much you can drink without getting sick or drinking a handle of liquor. No, this should have been discovered after freshman year of college.

I am referring to knowing what you should drink so you are not one of the following: I have gotten drunk on the first date by accident, but it truly was an accident. And just so we are all on the same page, my couch is not an appropriate place to crash after a first date especially if it is a weekday. I love me some alcohol; if I can handle it, then I am sure as hell you can, too. Or the second year of marriage. A lot of men make the mistake of putting it all out there up front. There are some things that should be held for a more appropriate time when we both know each other better.

The mystery also leaves me guessing what interests you and it adds to the excitement. Some of these details include:.

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There is nothing worse than a man that does baby talk. I want a man — a real man. So act like one. And the pet names after a date or two are just not appropriate.