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4 days ago You Retire Staying Mentally Sharp?Younger This Year A Concise Guide To Staying Young Fit When You Retire Staying Mentally Sharp.
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Bring mindfulness practices to your daily activities. Eating intentionally, in a relaxed and thoughtful way, is tied to better digestion and health. Walking meditation is simply bringing mindfulness practices to the ordinary activity of walking. It is not the aerobic exercise that brings the benefits of a brisk walk, but a meditative activity that centers the mind and calms the nervous system.

You can do this anywhere, but for best results find a place to walk where you will not encounter people to talk to or obstacles that may distract you from your meditation. Feel the way your feet connect to the ground, and the way the air feels against your skin. Walk forward at a gentle pace. Continue to notice the way your body feels as you move. Breathe through your nostrils, maintaining awareness of the feeling of your breath flowing through your nostrils and into your lungs. Come to a stop, and notice how it feels to cease movement. Repeat this exercise until your attention wanders.

Over time you'll develop the ability to practice this meditation for longer periods of time. Focus on something larger than yourself. People who have a connection with something larger than themselves are more likely to be resilient. You might try spending time mentoring young people, or participating in a spiritual group.

Simply connecting with people who are important to you will also help you feel like a part of something larger than yourself. Participating in a larger group will help bring a sense of meaning and purpose to your life. You're more likely to feel important to other people when you're active in their lives.

I retire today

Eat a healthy, balanced diet. If you feel young, you're more likely to want to eat foods that will keep you healthy in the future. To stay young, you have to believe that you have a future! A diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and plenty of fiber will help you feel better.

Avoid heavy drinking, overeating sugar, trans and saturated fats. Increase the amount of good fats, whole grains, and Omega 3s for optimal health. People who spend at least minutes a week engaged in aerobic exercise experience benefits in their physical health. They also have better mental health, less likely to experience depression and anxiety, and have better cognitive skills. Follow your body's comfort level with exercise.

Check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. If you like animals, consider volunteering as a dog walker for your local animal rescue organization. In addition to your weekly commitment of minutes, it's important to work your muscles. Strength exercises build muscle mass, help your muscles process energy more efficiently, and strengthen bones. Strength exercises are generally measured in repetitions rather then in lengths of time. However, you can also do heavy gardening such as working with a shovel or carrying heavy household items.

Exercises that use your own body as a weight, such as sit-ups or push-ups, are also considered strength exercises. Take a yoga class. Research suggests that an hour of yoga reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Thank you for being a mensch. Thank you for waving the cudgel of truth against the mendacious spirit of our times. And I look forward to reading your insights in the future. The best to you. Take care, my long distance friend.

Congratulation on your great career and happy retirement.

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CC], going out your door. You should include in your accomplishments what you have given to us — US, your readers. You have widened my horizons and stimulated my curiosity about science, the world, the cosmos, both small and large. You get no credit for my atheism, that way preceded your words, but you do provide hope that it will prevail in greater numbers of future humans. Cats — and dogs, Sir,- are way ahead of us in that. The University of Chicago was always a powerhouse in evolutionary biology and you are a power in the house.

That book did what reading multiple previous books could not. It was a clear, concise, well-ordered explanation. Before that book, many believed evolution was true, but could not articulate why that was so. Your book changed that. That book would not have been possible without your life in science. This is my favorite website. But, for the moment, there must be a pair of boots commemorating the occasion. As a student myself, I will take your advice to heart. I wish you the best of luck in whatever will come next. You have led a fascinating and fulfilling life to this point and it seems a sure bet that you will continue to do so.

Congratulations on your achievements to date and your retirement, sincere thanks for sharing and best wishes on your future challenges. Of course, you are rightfully proud of your scientific and academic accomplishments. It has provided a forum for those people who need a place to resist the flood tide of ignorance that is sweeping this country. As a role-model, you show others how to impact still more people.

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It is great that some of us are able to tell you. Best wishes to you, Professor. I am not a scientist but your book WEIT is one of my all time favorites. Your aspirations to broaden your experiences should add much joy to your life. I retired at 45 from business and became a dilettante generalist. Clever phrases and syntheses of knowledge are about it. Congratulations on an inspiring career, and thanks for this very fine valedictory statement. It deserves to be printed in the alumni magazine, at least. I join all your other readers in being grateful for your posts and wishing you a delightful retirement and many interesting adventures!

The best part is: At the age of 67 my wife and I published a chemistry paper with all the work including washing glassware was done by us. Your books and your blog have enlarged my life immensely. Your site is part of my daily nourishment. Looking forward very much to your proposed book on speciation for non-specialists. And of course to many more articles — scientific as well as polemic — on this fantastic site. I am a great admirer of your writing, and for purely selfish reasons I am delighted that no more of your prose will devoted to grant proposals having written and reviewed countless proposals I know all too well how much effort is involved.

Best wishes for a long writing career. Congratulations, and I know we all will look forward to your continuing engagement with helping all of us know more and learn more. A hearty congratulations to you. And thanks for providing this forum which extends your community of friends and provides a great place for me to join the fun. I still see that book as my true legacy, for it not only summed up where the field had gone, but also highlighted its important but unsolved questions, serving as a guide for future research.

During my time as a graduate student , this book was absolutely foundational, and it remains my primary authority on all things speciation. My copy is dog-eared as hell and much revered. Thank you for sharing your story. I will never be able to thank you enough for coming to Greenville, South Carolina to present your accomplishments. I am honored to have gotten to know you! Your work on Drosophila speciation has been an essential part of a major development in evolutionary biology — the reunion between work on within-species variation and work on between-species differences.

When I was a grad student, in the s, these two lines of work were almost completely separate. Now the two are interacting in new and productive ways. You can take a good chunk of the credit. It was great meeting you at INR5. I look forward to reading you here an in your next book s. And maybe hearing you live sometime. Jerry, you are still You picked an appropriate day to retire — today, 30 September , is the sixth annual International Blasphemy Day.

Congratulations on your retirement, Jerry, although it sounds from your post that you are hardly retiring at all.

How to Stay Young: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

May you enjoy what you do in the future as much as you have enjoyed what you accomplished in your past. I first read WEIT back in by accident, checking it out at the library, but did not know you from Adam. Sorry for that line. Later, I had to get the book for myself because just reading it once was not enough.

What I learned specifically from this book was the less you know about something the more you can get out of a good book on the subject. I did not even look until later at the names of some of the people who wrote praise — Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

I guess I know a good read when I accidentally pick it up. Thank You Now and in the future Your influence on my life and thought is profound Harbo. The world, especially the academic world, needs more people like you. I read your posts first thing every day. Thank you for your contributions to science and to humanity in general. May you enjoy a long and healthy retirement. Congratulations and all the best to you.

There are so many questions and ideas…. Congratulations and best wishes, enjoyed reading your summary. WEIT was a seminal work which has surely brought to many an understanding of evolution that was previously lacking. Hate golf, mind you. For riding do you prefer a bike that is light, quick and precise, like a sabre, or something that is less nimble but with more heft and brute strength, like a two handed Claymore?

I have never taken it up, but I can see how others enjoy it. Not strenuous, requires thinking. My way of playing would involve beer and laughter and teasing, and only informal score keeping. I guess I ca just go fr a nice walk on Sunday morning now, without needing to lose 4 balls in a pond.

Congratulations on a long and accomplished career and I look forward to more of your written work in the future especially on food! Best of luck in your retirement! Take good care of yourself. I can only dream about what it would have been like being an under grad in your class.

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I am in awe. Congratulations and may you get as much enjoyment out of this new chapter of life as you did the last! I look forward to the new books. It influenced me a lot, and I try not to think about species at all other than as the conveniently packaged tips of trees. Congratulations Jerry — this piece was warm-hearted, intelligent and restrained. I hope you enjoy life post-retirement just as much as you did before.

WEIT is one of only two websites I visit daily as a routine — and if you started including football transfer gossip and Manchester United match reports I could reduce that number to one…. Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal life with us today — you have a life to be proud of! Congratulations and good luck with your next phase of life. I hope you get to pursue some of those humanities subjects. You did win the race — the only one that matters: Jerry, this was an awesome read and I savored every paragraph.

After reading this post, I have the utmost respect for you. Congratulations on your accomplishments and retirement. All the best to you in this new chapter of your life. You are an original and a breath of fresh air. Long may your good work and obvious enjoyment of life continue.

My only regret is that we only wrote two pieces together, with very different tones. One was a letter to Nature attacking their pandering to the Templeton Foundation, the other was an in memoriam piece in Evolution about our mutual friend and colleague, Daniel Lachaise, with whom Jerry did some great work on a new species of Drosophila on the island of Sao Tome in Africa. Congratulations on an academic life well lived, which has had a real impact on how we understand the world! Like many, I have enjoyed your book and articles not so much the cats….

From my selfish side: This is not something many people get to do. As for self-deprecation I was like that for years but I think mine could be more classified as self-loathing. Then I worked in the Corporate world and changed to promoting my accomplishments. Now you have more time to do even more of what you do so well — write and travel. No committee meetings which were the bane of my existence. Congratulation on a long and successful career both in and out of you field. As you say little will change and we all look forward to future accomplishments from your hand.

I look forward to the popular book on speciation. There is a real need for such a book. Well I certainly need it. Forever in blue jeans! You are a true inspiration. Although, I have to admit all this pent up anxiety I had for you about your going back to school was for naught. Warm and heartfelt congratulations, Jerry! This is a lovely summary of your career, I wish you a full and happy retirement! I hope you will still be available for speaking engagements in the future and I sincerely wish you all the best in your retirement. The nicest part about this is that you are happy with your career.

You will certainly find what we all do, that there is no longer enough time to do everything you want. That was a heart-stopper when I saw the title in my feed reader!! All the best from across the pond. I hope the travel posts increase as a consequence. And I appreciate the sentiment you enjoy wearing jeans to work- software engineers in CA have that same luxury. I was one for over 2 decades.

The compulsive punster in me demands that I post this logo of a Canadian annuities company. The punster in me also compels to note I look forward to finding out why speciation is not specious. Welcome to the ranks. Your announcement was quite poignant and roughly paralleled the character of my own career in Architecture — quite different things, I know, but a lot of the same dynamics.

So, thanks for the memories. While your retirement future is determined, I think you may find as I have that what you imagine it will be may be delightfully inaccurate. But I am looking forward to all those books. There are never too many science writers for me.

Jerry, After 33 years in academic biological science I went part-time a few months ago. All I can say is to wish you a long, happy and fulfilling retirement, and long may you continue to inspire, educate and entertain us with your books and, of course, this indispensable website! Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done! Now you have more time to devote yourself to improving this world with your unique voice.

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I look forward to listening. I started as a chemistry major in but plenty of sex with a woman delayed my getting back to school for seven years and then a history major with emphasis in labor history and black history. I have followed science and evolution all my life and have read a great number of books and read WEIT as soon as it was out.

Great book and I bought more copies and gave or sold to friends. Still reading Faith vs Fact. Congratulations for your accomplishments and what you will learn for us in the future! Thank you for all of us who you have influenced! Ironically, I only came to love Drosophila well into graduate school and to study speciation genetics even later; I wish I had learned to push flies as an undergraduate in your lab. Congratulations and I hope you make the most of your retirement! I really liked the Macroevolution seminar he team taught with Paul Sereno.

Much food for thought there, and good times were had by all. I completely agree that you should not sell yourself short as a teacher of undergraduates. I took your evolution course as an undergrad at Chicago, and it was truly wonderful. Most of the classes I took were amazing, but your teaching stood out as particularly real and relevant. It was clear that you were personally passionate about everything you taught in that course.

You also had a very serious-about-science while still being a bit goofy attitude that I found personally appealing. You handcuffed a briefcase containing the final exams to your wrist and made a big production of bringing them in… I remember clearly everything I learned from you, despite the fact that it was nearly 30 years ago. Since then, I have eagerly read and absorbed all of your books, and am so very grateful to have the opportunity to have continued learning so much from you. Thank you for your contributions to science, and to my own personal journey.

You have truly earned your new position as Professor Emeri-cat in chief. Professor, there is little I can add to the many eloquent comments above save to say thank you for the entertainment and education provided by your posts on this website and congratulations on a great career. This is a beautiful post and inspirational is an understatement.

It is remarkable to me how many brilliant readers comment on WEIT, and this gathering of great minds is an accomplishment in its own right. So with that I want to add another Congratulations on your retirement! You deserve the best life has to offer. Will your university email still work for sending you wildlife photography or will you have a new address to send things to? The University is letting Jerry keep his office and sqrlz!

My son got his PhD from Princeton three years ago and he still has his email address. I think that is typical of grad school and higher. I am an alumnus and still have my UofC email address. And they did not even have email when I was a student. Yes, same email address, and thanks to all who have posted in this thread for their wonderful and encouraging comments. This has helped brighten Retirement Day considerably!!! Much, much better to sleep with the cats than the fishes. Though, I suppose, to be fair, we and the cats are fishes…and now my head hurts…I should go find Baihu and sneak a cat nap with him….

Now the fun begins! I look forward to your future writings, long may they continue. Or bed, at the very least. I have to say your writing voice is already distinctive — the combination of simple honesty and trenchancy with your handful of signature synonyms is both agreeable and hard to mistake. And of course, good science is very artistic.

A wonderful summing up to an obviously wonderful career. My grampa would always greet us with a shot glass of homemade honey whiskey, a delicious tradition I keep up. It may not be the tradition where you are now, but close enough. I raise a shot glass of honey whisky to you Jerry with the refrain we always say: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

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