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Click I Have iTunes to open it now. View More by This Author. Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average for this book. More by Abbey Kypner. Don't Tell My Girlfriend 2!: The Scene Book 6: Don't Tell My Girlfriend! If so will they stay on the same path and what will happen when they reach the next fork? This journey is only half over and you can now get the first three stories in a bundle, at a great deal or you can get them one at a time. You can choose how you want to start this journey. I will let you know that the way Kora Knight has written these stories you may get a bit of an erotic discovery as well.

Yes her style of writing for these stories sets the scene so the reader gets a taste of erotic voyeurism. She has set the scene so you can see them happening. So grab a tall cold beverage, get comfy and enjoy the journey! You can see the fun extras this story received at http: Kora Knight has taken me to an all new level of interest in reading. She has a way with words that makes the reader see clearly the characters she is writiing about. She brings you to such a heart racing place with her choice of words, pauses, and even grunts until you can't wait to turn the page and see what is going to happen on the next page.

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Tad is like a lot of guys, he really has no idea WHO he is, he only knows what he has been told he SHOULD BE and that soon is challenged to its very core by a simple meeting with a kind, but hot and handsome man who is charged with testing his limits because he lost a bet in a card game. This gay BDSM story brings to mind many things about the human life and how we truly experience it, through our senses - all of them. What happens when you are deprived of one of those senses, say sight by being blindfolded, which often happens in the BDSM scene. The individual becomes hyper-alert and aware on other levels and begins to realize, know and feel things never before even considered.

What really happens when your physical feelings and responses begin to make your heart and mind challenge everything about yourself you have ever believed? IF you want to know I made a new word. If you like a dirty little break between your angsty and deep reads and are a fan of GFY gloriously greedy butt secks virgins this is definitely for you. The serial starts out as smut and gradually becomes more. It becomes about acceptance, about owning who you are, about letting go and letting someone in. Ended up with much more depth than I was expecting.

Each book has a super long sex scene in it. In the begi Holy shit. In the beginning it's superdupersmuttylicious but as the series goes on I can see how it could be too much for some because of the relationship progression. The guys experience hang ups, insecurity and feelers so it's not so dirty still most def hot just not as naughty.

I felt this was kind of natural. The big scene in Book 6 after they've admitted to feelings becomes more emotional and kinda playful.

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It showed the difference in their personalities and how far Tad had grown and changed, I think for it to play out that way. I liked it but I think some would become bored with it. Can't wait for the follow up coming with Max and Sean. And I hope she shows more about Kai and Breck. A Journey of Erotic Discovery Bundle , encompassing the first three books in her aptly named series, really gets right down to it. Not only is the detail amazing in these three books: Loser Takes All, Test of Endurance and Sideline Submission , but Kora creates such a guy-vibe and demanding flirty banter between Tad and Scott, that is so believably fun, it absolutely endears you to them.

The fact that an author can put context within the throes of sex, aaaa-maz-ing! These boys are definitely in my top five of the best book boyfriends ever! Thus my review was changed from a 4 to a 5 star rating. The hottest couple around!!!! This set contains the first 3 books in this brilliant series.

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Tad has been swindled in a card game by 3 hustlers - he loses and as a result he must either face a beating at their hands or be flogged by another. Tad choses to be flogged! This decision will change his life as he knows it. Tad finds himself at the home of Scott, to face his sentence. There is instant attraction for Scott, but Tad finds himself emotionally and physically confused.

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What ens Tad and Scott What ensues is three books full of extremely hot sex, friendship and major decisions. These books are beautifully written and tell of a journey of one man discovering who he actually is. Kora Knight has perfected this story and it was such a pleasure to read. I look forward to reading the 4th book in this series. They are extremely addictive. Reread for the third time! New release for Max coming out!

I remembered I am not a fan of calling someone "dude" during sex scenes. OMG So, I personally embrace my perviness.

The Scene: Sex Bundle 1

Some of the Best. It is also a personal growth journey for Tad. Can't say I understand his issues. He couldn't deny the gay part the first time Scott was u Reread for the third time! He couldn't deny the gay part the first time Scott was up his butt? I guess it's the emotional connection he feels with Scott that throws him off.

This is actually the second time I've read these, since 6 is now out. I'm sure I'll read it again and again! Absolutely amazing A new author for me but definitely will be a auto one-click. A beautiful story, hot sexy men and discovery of oneself. Thank you for sharing such a beautifully written work. Wonderfully erotic tales of sexual discovery I loved the first three encounters between Tad and Scott as the former finds out that he not only has a kink for a flogger but that he might just be crossing the line of sexual attraction.

These are stupendously hot, not least the beautifully drawn out breakdown of Tad's resistance each time he meets with Scott.

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There's loads of emotional context though too, it's not all based on lustful need. Feb 13, Avalon rated it liked it.

It was to be expected though. I loved the first one the most.. Nov 18, Yue rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of No Homo. Re-read, May 18th, As much as I want to complete my reading challenge, I decided to rate this box set, since the novelettes can be read as one book. I would recommend this to people who loved No Homo. Because it is about Tad, a "straight" guy who loves to hang around with another guy, and yet, keeps denying he is gay.

His thoughts are just hilarious to read. He over-thinks, over-analyzes everything; he is in constant denial, Re-read, May 18th, He over-thinks, over-analyzes everything; he is in constant denial, whenever he is going to experience something homo new, he freaks out. But he is also crazy about Scott eventually and can't keep himself away from Scott. My rating for the novelettes are: Starts as a dub-con, with Tad reluctantly agreeing to be flogged by Scott. Besides the beginning, with the bullies kind of dragging Tad to Scott's place, the novella is all about Scott and Tad and no one else, inside that little room.

It was immensely , and Scott's words! Not a romance per se, since they do not even know each other and do not even kiss , and Tad is just on the receiving end he does not even see Scott during the whole experience -he is blindfolded- and does not touch Scott not even once -he is tied- , but Scott was incredibly gentle and sensual. Or at least, that was his plan. After working out, Scott offers him a massage, and we all know where a massage eventually leads to.

Again, Tad is only on the receiving end, first just laying there not tied this time, but he is blindfold This novella is where is starts to get funnier, because of Tad's inner struggles. This statement of him made me cracked-up: Must you be so fucking large? Takes all the romance away. Scott's friend asks him to be a voyeur in his session with a sub, and since Tad is with Scott, he tags along. Both of them watch behind a glass, and wow, the session was just a turn off! To be honest, I scan-read these scenes only.

I just wanted to read what was happening behind the mirror, that is, between Tad and Scott. Both of them get so turned on, the fun begins once Tad tries to hide his excitement. After 3 novellas and 3 insanely hot sex scenes, these guys have not even kissed yet. Because kissing is the big deal, and Tad does not want to go there yet. Every time he thinks about it, and seems like it is going to happen, he freaks out.