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Each quest in Outcast Cove and Shanty Seas offers three levels of difficulty to test your wizarding skill. Unlock your magical prowess in this huge content update for Hidden Fortune, introducing Challenges and the Wizard Shop. Challenges add unique tiers of difficulty to Hidden Fortune's original quests.

Helios Wire sees a hidden fortune in finding lost assets

They may start simply enough, but don't get too comfy: Then, head to the all-new Wizard Shop and swap your hard-earned gold for fanciful skins for your wand and orbs. Collect all eight magical styles, then wield your newfound magic to conquer all 30 challenges! Toggle navigation Menu Hidden Fortune.

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  • Chapter 2: Shanty Seas?
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Outcast Cove Available now for free. See It In Action. These discoveries were packed into the game, along with a fun, charming art style, and a story full of characters that make us laugh.

Hidden Fortune

The title recieved its first content update on April 21st, ; this patch introduced the Wand, a feature which fully integrates the Gear VR Controller into gameplay, and enables players to interact with the world in an even more immersive and intuitive way. Additionally, Chapter One was made free for all to download.

These collectable magic devices enable seamless interaction with the virtual world. With the introduction of Challenges, each quest in Outcast Cove now offers three levels of difficulty to test your wizarding skill against. Explore beautiful fantasy-scapes, meet sly characters, and solve clever puzzles, all while collecting secrets and treasures to aid in your daring quest.

Chapter 1: Outcast Cove

Continue to unravel a twisting tale through each new episode. Discover whole new levels, quests, and collectable items; all in future chapters!

Hidden Fortune: Man Buys Iraqi Tank & Finds $2.4 Million In Gold Hidden Inside!

Highlights Cast Your Magic: I want the inside scoop on Archiact and their games!