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The Science of Mind by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes, full text etext at . The Garden of Eden typifies man's original state of perfection before he.
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The Story described in Genesis is the story of us as individuals and us as a species on this planet. Understanding our role on this planet, and the value of knowledge, and wisdom is the only way to discover the Paradise that has been within us and all around us all along. For all things holy stop being an idiot. Every time you new agers go to an extreme and denounce the historicity of the bible illustrates just how illiterate you are when it comes to the hebrew and Greek language.

The age of a text does not correlate to its validity.

What Are the Two Trees?

To then make a claim that the bible has been translated so many times as another reason to not accept its literalness is another ignorant statement. The ot has been translated once from hebrew to Greek and then to English. The nt once from Greek to English. We have thousands of nt manuscripts as well. You are not a scholar, nor do you even have a basic concept of Greek or hebrew language and culture. Your ignorance and denial of the love jesus has spews from your nonsensical statements. The most logic take on the bible is literal and symbolical, not either or.

The problem is not the bible.

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The problem is the people who taught you the bible. They did not understand hebrew or 1st century Greek. You illustrated your ignorance of the hebrew language by reciting what church has taught you. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Garden of Eden

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The Garden Of Eden (The Bible Is A Book Of Psychology) - Bill Donahue

At one time, humans were directly connected to this Divine channel of perfection, and the garden was plentiful and good. But as the allegory continues, God created mankind in His image This was the forbidden tree Not to be lead by conscious mind working on logic and doubt rather than solid faith and knowingness. This is not to say that mankind has not made good use of conscious mind, but doubt prevents us from incredibly powerful and miraculous moments in our lives. When we give our conscious mind the dominance, we toil and sweat. When we listen to only our conscious mind, we suffer from lack, fear, guilt, sadness, and a myriad of other negative emotions and consequences.

The conscious mind is limited from the Wisdom Sophia of God. Humans have made subconscious mind slave to the conscious mind. The default plan was the other way around. In the garden, the serpent offered the element of doubt and fear in our conscious mind. By being driven out, and placing a guard at the gates, humanity no longer has easy access to the wonders of the subconscious mind and the abundant life within.

The rest is where the treasures of the garden lay hidden. When we are driven by the principles of our subconscious Divine creative mind, we become like Jesus Divine nature versus base nature.

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Air the 3 rd stage where one separates from thought. Fire the 4 th stage where one makes spiritual union and the Renewed Mind. The boat is our lower mind or stage 1. Seeking Jesus we enter the water which is the meditation state or stage 2. As long as we keep our minds free of the thoughts of stage 1 we will walk on the water.


As soon as the thoughts from the lower mind enter into our meditation, we look down , we sink. If you followed the above description relative to walking on water,. The scripture says we shall rise to meet Jesus in the air. Air is the 3 rd stage of consciousness. When our meditation lifts us above the earth or lower mind, we go through the 2 nd ,.

Air is the Greek reference of absence of thought. Where Christians believe that rapture is actually flying up in the sky to meet Jesus,. The Bible is clear that every child of promise is born to a woman who is. The virgin or barren womb is the Pia Mater of the brain. Pia Mater means tender mother. It is there in our meditation which takes us to the center that the virgin mother. There are many other explanations of Biblical tales given to the world in deep symbols so as to reveal the essence of life and our place in Gods wonderful plan.

In Newsletter 1 I provided scriptures that point out quite graphically that the Bible is allegory, parable, and dark sayings. In addition I provided you with the startling information from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel that after hundreds of years of research of all kinds, not one thing in the Bible can be confirmed to have actually happened.