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Kissing Under the Mistletoe (A St. Helena Vineyard Novel) [Marina Adair] on wesatimunogo.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Regan Martin stopped.
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Renee Raudman did an excellent job with her narration of this story. She's a wonderful author. It's a sweet story that stirs a variety of emotions It's about the plight of a single parent, Regan, made harder by the head of the poweful Deluca family, whom she unknowingly wronged. Believing he is protecting his family, he makes her professional life a nightmare, stalking her all over the country, getting her fired and keeping her from getting jobs. Not able to support her daughter and herself in her chosen profession, she takes a job as a maid, but finds help and friendship in the most unexpected places.

Most of the characters are very likeable. Regans 5 year old daughter, Holly, is adorable. Renee Raudman gave a good performance. At first I didn't think I would like her narration, but she got better, and better as the story progressed. I would recommend "Kissing Under The Mistletoe" to all romantics. I would never read or listen to this author again! Gabe is a complete jerk and continues being a jerk throughout the book! How or why he ends up with the girl is beyond me. I have read and listened to other books in this series prior to to this one that I like much more.

If you listen to this one first please give her other books a try. Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not? It was a more or less mindless listen. I went in not expecting greatness. But, it is fiction, and one has to suspend the whole reality thing and just take it as it is. Has Kissing Under the Mistletoe: Helena Vineyard Novel, Book 1 turned you off from other books in this genre?

It is one of my favorites.


Kissing Under the Mistletoe by Marina Adair

How does this one compare? All the same, I think she's a good narrator, does well with the different voices. I picked this up with the Kindle Unlimited, so it was utterly free, I'm not sure I'd have been so accepting of its mediocrity had I paid money for it. Many uninteresting misunderstandings, adding troubles upon troubles for poor Regan. Some readers will enjoy this type of humor in a slapstick sort of way, but it did not work for me. I was impatient, wanting it to be over. Regan is a single mom who has been unable to find work in her field wine marketing for six years - because Gabe repeatedly sabotages her career.

He is wealthy and influential in the wine industry. Regan does stupid things and makes stupid choices which snowball into problems. The story opens with stupidity. Regan sees Gabe in a grocery story. He watches her do this. Then she puts one of the statues Randolph a reindeer in her trunk and drives away.

The subject of who will pay for the damages to his car and the statues never comes up in the book. The town is upset at the theft of Randolph, with the sheriff planning to arrest the thief. Randolph in her car trunk causes repeated problems for Regan. Notices are posted asking for help to find Randolph. So why does Regan tear down a bunch of notices to throw them away? And then she is seen doing that. She tries a few times to return Randolph but people are there.

Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Or leave him somewhere with an anonymous note or a phone call to the authorities. No, she creates embarrassing situations for herself. And then she is seen doing that. She tries a few times to return Randolph but people are there. Or leave him somewhere with an anonymous note or a phone call to the authorities.

No, she creates embarrassing situations for herself. Isabelle wants to hurt and humiliate Regan every chance she gets.

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Regan is a single mom working as a hotel maid. She later discovers that Isabelle signed her up as chairwomen of the most expensive and time consuming job. Instead of getting out of it claiming there was a misunderstanding, Regan takes it on. Has she no brain? Has she no backbone? One part I liked: As to the romance: Regan and Gabe desire each other and begin a relationship, but during the book a series of things happen causing misunderstandings and problems for them. These problems did not entertain me - maybe because they were one person assuming something inaccurate about the other - causing angst and worry.

Yes these types of misunderstandings are commonly used in romances. But for me they did not work here. The narrator Renee Raudman was ok. Number of sex scenes: Helena Napa Valley California. Dec 09, Teresa rated it liked it Shelves: There was just the right amount of conflict to keep the story going. Lots of cute moments. Oct 15, Tina rated it it was ok Shelves: Regan Martin had the bad misfortune at the age of 19 to fall in love with a smooth talking man who was already married.

She did not know this and was as much a victim of his perfidy as his wife. Except the wife has a large and loving family who will do anything to protect her. Since the cheating husband has taken a powder and disappeared to parts unknown, all the considerable ire of the vengeance seeking clan falls on the head of the hapless Regan.

The book pick his book had me scratching my head. The book picks up six years later. Regan, who happens to work in the same industry as the DeLuca family the family of the wronged wife has found herself blackballed and unable to find a job. Every time she gets an interview, the oldest DeLuca brother Gabe somehow manages to get to the prospective employer and poor Regan finds herself without prospects again.

However Regan finally gets a break. She gets a job at a small start-up winery in Napa valley and it includes a place to live. This couldn't have come at a better time because Regan is down to the fumes of her savings account and it is Christmas season. She has a young daughter she was pregnant with married-cheater's child when he took off who she wants to make this the best Christmas ever. Except, Gabe DeLuca has caught up with her again. The reason this book has me scratching my head was because I was not sure what tone this author intended to take.

On the one hand it sometimes plays out like a sexy comedy.

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Regan and Gabe spar and twinkle and flirt throughout. They sometimes seem like they are simply playing a fun game of sexy one-upmanship. There are also wacky hijinks involving a reindeer and three busybody old ladies. Yet at other times, Regan is in the pits of despair. She has been prevented from holding a meaningful job for 6 years through the whims of one vengeful family. Through dialogue and exposition we learn that she and her daughter have lived in a succession of not-very-nice apartments, she has very little money left and is feeling incredibly demoralized.

Having been unceremoniously tossed out this job and home which she thought was finally going to give her a measure of security, she ends up working as a hotel maid briefly. This is untenable to her because as the daughter of a Mexican illegal immigrant, Regan had been determined not to have the same menial jobs her mother had when she was growing up. And yet, here she was.. So yeah, there was a bit of cognitive dissonance there. At times the story was engaging and even funny. However, I simply could not resolve how Regan could be feeling any attraction to Gabe considering he had pretty much messed up her livelihood for six years.

To the author's credit, she doesn't make Gabe a total asshat. Once he realizes that his unrelenting campaign has impacted the life of a child he did not know she had a daughter he begins to question his actions and tries to make amends. The story does get better once he realizes this, but I had already been so soured on what I felt was such willfully unfair persecution that I couldn't really enjoy the romance between these two.

Another headscratcher is Regan herself. She was 19 when she had the affair and found out she was pregnant with her daughter, still a sophomore in college. And yet she is supposedly some whiz at Marketing at the ripe old age of The job she gets is actually VP of Marketing. I was not convinced that she could have landed such a job considering that she had been denied job opportunities since the affair was discovered. I also kept getting knocked out of the story a bit whenever Regan mentioned her Mexican immigrant mother and her absentee French father because I would idly wonder where the heck the name 'Regan Martin' came from?

Not a bad book by any means. It was a quick read and I did not feel like I was slogging through it nor did I want to chuck it against the wall. But definitely not a winner for me. Dec 10, Katherine Coble rated it did not like it. More supposedly-professional people acting like preteens.

The book opens with a woman shoplifting, vandalizing a car and assaulting someone. Then we get lots of talk about dicks and hard nipples and There are certain words that kill romance for me in fiction. This really is a Frankenstein novella. It's marketed as a holiday romance but then it talks like erotica. And the adversity faced by the heroine is far too melodramatically bad for light category romance. Add to that the fact that implausibility piles upon implausibility--a 24yo VP of Marketing who hasn't held down a job in the field at all?

A Franco-Mexican daughter of illegal immigrants named 'Regan'? It feels like a bad first book from someone who doesn't know how to tell a plausible story in the least. Mar 29, TJ rated it really liked it Shelves: First the parts I love: It is rich and emotional. And, her daughter Holly is absolutely adorable. The parts that drove me nuts: Sabatoging all her jobs for six years until she is borderline destitute?

He, nor any of his family ever took the time to hear her side of the story - rather they all - Gabe included - do the most despicable things with only half the information. He never truly trusted her and the final blow was the most infuriating of all. The story desperately needed at least a chapter where he has to prove he is actually worthy of her love. Jul 01, KatieV rated it liked it Shelves: A secret baby with a twist since the H is not the father, but the the brother-in-law of the father.

The heroine was 19 when the H's year-old brother-in-law seduced her and made her believe he loved her. She didn't live in the same town as the wife, so she didn't know he was married. She made a stupid, naive mistake and ended up pregnant and alone when the guy skips town. She was horrified to learn the man was married. She wasn't a heartless homewrecker, but the H basical 2. She wasn't a heartless homewrecker, but the H basically ruined her life for 6 years over her mistake.

Much of this is a rant I posted on a forum. Sorry I wasn't more original, but I'm lazy today. This was an odd one. I've never read anything by the author before and she is pretty good. The book flowed and she can be witty. Then again, the tone was bizarre. It attempted to be a fluffy romcom, but the issues were much too weighty for a fluffy romcom. I'd have bought it if the H's actions had been toned down.

The initially firing 6 years before - sure. Being a sarcastic jerk to her when she moved back to town - sure. Having her blackballed and ruining her life for 6 years - really? IMHO if the author wanted to go with the fluffy romcom Christmas special, she should have dialed way back on the h's suffering and the darn pitifullness of a little girl just wanting a home and a cat - that just broke my heart. If she wanted to keep the suffering, then there needed to be some real suffering for the H aside from him "feeling like a jerk". The h should have packed up and left town and he should have had to follow her and crawl.

Not setup a 'I stole Randolph' thing that just made me think of the old Kirk Douglas Spartacus movie. Also, I don't see why the heroine was immediately panting over the man who just had her fired and tossed out of her home. I know that's how these stories go, but jeez! DNF and returned to Audible. So much of the beginning of this story just did not add up and was just silly. She kept me engaged with every page of the book and falling in love with the characters immediately.

Reading this book definitely put me in the right mood for the holidays, though I would have no problem reading it in the middle of summer. Reagan Martin is a jaded single mom trying to survive from a mistake she had made 6 years ago. She had fallen in love with a married man and she has been paying for that mistake ever since. Career destroyed and financially troubled, she is trying to raise her daughter the best way she can, however, Gabe DeLuca will stop at nothing until she leaves town. Regan is lovable, funny and one badass heroine.

She does not kick ass in the literal term but she kicked ass in terms of survival. This woman endured hardships and survived not letting anything bring her down. She saw the best in her situation and did not let her daughter feel any of the grunts. Having a single mom my self along with many friends and family who are single parents, connecting to her was effortless.

Kissed Blind A Hot Pursuit Novel Volume 2

Her story actually had me in tears. Gabe on the other hand, I had no tears for him in the beginning. His only goal was to drive Regan out of town. Though he was only trying to protect his sister, I thought that was a jerk move on his part. They are indeed a hot couple. Their banters and innuendos were hilarious. The sexual tension between them was off the charts and boy, their sexual encounters were even hotter. God forbid I become single again, but if I do, I want me a Gabe!

The rest of the characters also captured my attention. Holly was just the sweetheart and the Mrs. Clauses were very entertaining. Randolph was one I cannot forget and I cheered for him to make home safe. This small town contemporary romance is fast-paced, romantic and sexy. It had me tears and made me laugh-out-loud like a crazy woman. If you have not picked up this book, I strongly recommend you do.

Adair absolutely did not disappoint and made an instant fan out of me. View all 16 comments. I am not going to lie; I am a sucker for holiday themed romances. They put me in a festive mood and Kissing Under the Mistletoe did just that. This was a fun, smexy, snugly read and I quickly consumed it in a single evening. This is the first in the St. Helena Vineyard series and I cannot wait to go back to Napa Valley.

The tale begins when we meet Regan Martin and her adorable six year old daughter. When she was younger she met and fell in love with her employer, only to discover he was married I am not going to lie; I am a sucker for holiday themed romances. When she was younger she met and fell in love with her employer, only to discover he was married and lied to her.

That mistake cost her everything and gave her the most precious gift. Now she is looking for a fresh start in Napa Valley and had just landed her dream job that comes with the perfect cottage and school to raise her daughter. Convinced Regan is a homewrecker he quickly fires her and orders her to leave town. Regan is a twenty-seven year old French-Mexican woman who up until her ill-fated affair was a successful marketer for the wine industry.

The relationship with a married man shamed her and yet she is one tough cookie. She is a wonderful mother and despite many setbacks, she continues to build a life for them. I easily connected with her. Gabe of course is completely swoon-worthy! As the ever protective head of the family. The attraction he feels for Regan downright annoys him!

The romance that unfolded was sweet, hot and oh so fun. Watching these two fight their insane physical attraction to each other was hilarious. The attraction was hot, heavy, and fast, while the romance developed slowly and with a few bumps. A meddling family, evil townspeople and a missing reindeer made this tale a hoot. Adair delivered a well paced, entertaining romance with characters I enjoyed. I love when an author captures my attention in the first few pages and has me laughing aloud. While the plot isn't new she added her own little twists to it making it feel fresh.

The banter between Regan and Gabe was priceless. I adored the meddling Christmas grandmas and despised those who stood in the way of my much needed HEA. I want to thank the author for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review. Kimba Caffeinated Book Reviewer Nov 27, Aly is so frigging bored rated it really liked it Shelves: Buddy read with Maru, Sarah and Layla, possibly Madu as well: Can't wait for the next one. View all 13 comments. Not the small snickering giggles but the loud barking laughter that will have people staring.

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