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Sep 06, Alexandria Darcy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yet another masterpiece from author Jesi Lea Ryan! Our main characters are Marley and JC.

She is a stripper motivated by her love for her mother and making money to pay her hospital bills. He is a CIA agent with a personal agenda. If you've read the Arcadia trilogy, you know about the CIA's "psy agents" - people with special psychic abilities that seem to vary as much as the characters themselves. These two both have psychic abilities, and a knack for getting into trouble. Right from the start of the story, Marley and JC find themselves tangled up in a mess with a Mexican drug cartel.

Just a Little Nudge is action-packed from start to finish, with the perfect amounts or romance and humor thrown in to mix things up a bit. One thing I loved about this novella was Ryan's treatment of the stripper lifestyle. Marley feels no shame in her job, and she has a very specific reason for doing it. Marley can take care of herself, and it's incredibly empowering and sexy. Marley and JC gravitate toward each other and it feels completely natural. Ryan has a gift, and I can't wait to read more of it! If you've read Carolyn Crane 's Disillusionists trilogy, you'll probably love this novella.

I would love more stories like this from the Psy Agent world! Jan 14, Cindy Caron rated it it was amazing. I have read this book as part of Psychic Storm box set. Not my usual genre, but I loved it so much, I may have to revise my definition of favorite genres. Just a wonderful read. Not too fast paced, but still has lots of action, sex and suspense. Marley is the perfect partner for JC, both for work and romantically. They compliment each other as if they were made to be.

The story is catchy and keeps your attention until the end.

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The end leaves us open to many opportunities to visit this coupl wow! The end leaves us open to many opportunities to visit this couple in the future near future I hope. This was the first book written by Jesi Lea Ryan for me, but I see more of them in my future. Feb 13, Peggy rated it it was amazing. The characters are amazing. I love so many things about this book I can just name one.

Come join Marlay and JC on adventure to save Lucas. I hope to have more of this series.

Just a Little Nudge

Jul 18, L Bongiorno rated it liked it Shelves: Another read from Psychic Storm anthology for. It is a good, short, setup for future books in a series. This focused more on the couple getting together and how well they complement each other, thus, setting up their future careers together to solve mysteries. This was not a stand out good mystery itself, but you get a good feel they will be good at getting things done.

Hell of a story and I love the Nudge! I think Jesi Lea Ryan did a great job with a story few would understand. I think it was pretty darn neat and loved Marley and I think I fell in love with her within the first page. I was actually scared for her for a few seconds but right after I thought she was pretty damn amazing. Mar 09, Rachel Tsoumbakos rated it it was amazing. A stripper who can nudge people out of money?

The thing I loved the most about this book was the two main characters, Marley and JC. They are sassy and flawed and unbelievably likable.

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I must admit, while reading this book, I made hardly any notes. About the only fault I could find with this story was when the author flipped to the main characters back story. It did become a little clunky at times with the transition. Actually there was one other scene, that I thought I would hate, it involves describing a strip tease and these are inherently embarrassing to read.

Mostly though I was just laughing out loud and making notes that went something like this: May 27, Ashley Books and Warpaint rated it really liked it.

This is definitely a different take on the typical storyline. For some reason when Marley meets JC, I got the impression of him being a dorky guy but later in the book he is described as this buff, tan and sexy-as-hell Hispanic dude. I know he was just a dork a couple chapters ago! Marley describes herself as being the girl next door and too skinny while JC sees her as being athletic.

Jeez, all the shivers and fun. The ending really surprised me which is a gigantic feat these days. You did a great job of getting me to my last first date! And with her expertise all in one place, Erika is able to disseminate a lot of valuable information to a larger number of people at one time. During this time, she was also an early adopter of online dating, having joined her first dating site in To Erika, the math had to work: If she could market herself better to singles, she would get more responses.

If she got more dates, the more likely one of those dates would turn into a relationship. Erika started letting her friends in on her secrets and became inspired to leave the finance world and take the leap as a full-time online dating coach.