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Flight of Eagles has ratings and 87 reviews. Nick said: This is a weak offering from an author who can do a lot is quite an old novel s.
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Jan Troell lacks neither. In such details, the storyteller Troell has always had his strength and has it here too, but he is more restrained than before, it appears to me. Here is not the same profusion of lyrical whims as in previous films. Internationally the film was also well received. He further wrote that the film "leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Yet the adventure is both panoramic and unusually intimate. Toward the end of the expedition, the personal drama of the three men, as they are overtaken by fate, is detailed with an intensity that is as moving as the earlier sequences are spectacular. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Hardcover , pages. Published January 28th by Brevet Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about Flight Of Eagles , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. That is not to say it is bad or you shouldn't read it, but one can't help but compare the two. It is also a bit dated now. Since most of it takes place in 'Nuworld' that is not a huge problem, but it shows particularly in this one because it is the first of the series and as such partly takes place in 'our' world.


The threat of Nuclear Apocalypse is perhaps again starting to be relevant with the current issues facing the world, but we are simply not as steeped in it as most people would have been who read this series when it first came out. As I said, it shows mostly in this book, and is only for a couple of the first chapters. If you have issues with Christian fiction, this is probably not for you, though the story itself is very interesting and I do recommend it. While not the best piece of children's fiction I've ever read, it is engaging and well worth the quick read it is.

Sep 24, Kendra Ardnek rated it really liked it Shelves: Not the best Christian fantasy I've ever read, but I probably would have loved it when I was younger. It's kinda weird and takes a lot of suspension of belief, not many of the characters are very memorable, and there's lots of awkward or stiff wording, but the idea behind it is pretty unique even if it's not very realistic, even for fantasy. The Christian message comes across strongly, but it doesn't feel like I'm being hit across the head with it.

I'll continue the series, since my church lib Not the best Christian fantasy I've ever read, but I probably would have loved it when I was younger. I'll continue the series, since my church library owns all of it, and the sequel series. I loved the Gemini twins though, that was a really cool idea. Feb 18, Samuel Hinkle rated it it was amazing. This series is probably the first that I ever chose to start reading The Chronicles of Narnia was my first, but mom read the first two to me.

I enjoyed ever minute of these ten books and because I liked them so well, even read a civil war romance series by Mr. And for me, that's saying something! Jul 31, Melmo rated it really liked it. Does anyone else remember the Seven Sleeper series???

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I want to read them all again!! This calls for a trip to the library.. May 02, AJ rated it it was ok.

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I read this series once a couple of years ago, and I didn't overly like it. I didn't remember it, so I decided to give it another try to see if maybe I would enjoy it more now that I'm a little older and have more varied reading tastes I still wasn't really feeling the vibe for this series. I find the characters really flat, kind of annoying, and way too happy-dappy.


In some parts of the book when the characters are interacting, it feels more like a Barney episode than a couple of young I read this series once a couple of years ago, and I didn't overly like it. In some parts of the book when the characters are interacting, it feels more like a Barney episode than a couple of young teenagers trying to do Maybe it comes in later. I really wanted to bang my head when Crusoe turned out to be Josh's dad. The plot was just eh. I felt like there was no real conflict. The characters never had to really do anything or show anything in order to get out of their predicament.

I liked the Christian twist to the story, but I did feel like it could have been better done. There's some fighting at the end and I'm still not sure how young teenagers knew how to fight with swords and bows and stuff The book is written with a pretty obvious Christian theme throughout it. It was It was interesting Heavy on "being led by higher being", I won't buy the rest of the series but might check it out at the library. Mar 24, Rico Zmaray rated it really liked it. I ate this series up with a big spoon as a child.

Was a great period of transition in my reading and these served as a good stepping stone to larger novels. This first one is probably the best in the series; they became a little formulaic for me after this, which I discovered later is characteristic of Morris' writing style. Nevertheless, these took me away as a child and engaged my imagination with plenty of Biblical overtones. I look forward to passing the series on one day.

Jun 02, Sarah rated it did not like it. I did not care for this book at all. The plot was really far out there. The characters were poorly developed. There were gaping holes in the storyline that are never answered. I cannot tell you how many times the words, "I don't know why it is that way, it just is" are used in this book.

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To me that is copping out. The characters run into trouble a lot and are always saved by a voice in their heads or a person only one person can see at a time. Feb 07, Simon rated it liked it Shelves: The first 2 chapters of this book were good. I think that this is a good book to read. It was about a 14 year old kid, Joshua, who has to go to sleep for 50 years because of a nuclear war.

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