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Marked in Flesh has ratings and reviews. Melodramaticfool said: Let's Marked in Flesh (The Others, #4) Rate this book . 2: crown of midnight.
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The strip followed a similar path to Hook Jaw , one of the strips Mills had written in Action , in that it featured humans trying to dominate nature for their own purposes before being eaten by sharks in Hook Jaw and dinosaurs in Flesh. Mills' original story also shows some influence from Westworld as the frontier town on which the plot focuses is policed by an android and tourists treat the Dinosaurs as a theme park attraction.

The first book ran for the first 19 issues of AD as well as the annual. Flesh Book One proved popular but the series was not mentioned again until during the Judge Dredd story The Cursed Earth when Satanus a Tyrannosaurus cloned from the son of Old One Eye, the main dinosaur from the first Flesh story appeared in the course of that story.

Following this appearance the series returned with Flesh Book Two in issue 86, which was written by Kelvin Gosnell and drawn with the exception of the last two episodes by Massimo Belardinelli. The series again proved popular and ran until issue After a year absence from AD, flesh returned in 30th year anniversary Prog with "Hand of Glory". This was a prequel to the events of "Book 1" showing how Claw Carver won the claw he wears on his hand, by cutting it from a dinosaur that had just eaten Claw Carver's hand.

This described the aftermath of the disaster at the Trans Time base. Following this came "Midnight Cowboys" in , the sequel to "Texas", which had never reached a conclusion. The Home Office Pathologist is the first person to shed any light on who the victim may be and from there on, Kay and her devoted team slowly and methodically work with the evidence they have to a Gone to Ground opens with a leisurely Sunday bike ride that quickly morphs into a terrifying experience for a group of friends when they discover a severed foot, still housed in its original boot.

The Home Office Pathologist is the first person to shed any light on who the victim may be and from there on, Kay and her devoted team slowly and methodically work with the evidence they have to attempt to solve a difficult case. The teams floundering in the first half of the book shows the frustrations of everyday police work and the minutiae they are required to sift through.

Add to this Kay's recent promotion to Detective Inspector, her despair at the mounting paperwork her new role entails and the thankless task of interviewing and finding a new Detective Sargeant for her close-knit team. I have to admit, the thought of a new character joining the team made me feel a little uneasy but I'm sure I'll get used to the new arrangements soon enough. Adam is a veterinarian and regularly brings home a patient from the practice. Often Kay has stumbled home after an exhausting day protecting the folk of Kent to be met by some odd creature snuggled up on her kitchen floor!


Close to Home (DI Adam Fawley, #1) by Cara Hunter

I love these small, often furry additions to the storyline as they add a touch of humour and as a regular reader of the series, I am always looking forward to finding out who will be arriving next. Adam also adds to the story as he grounds Kay and allows the reader to see Kay the person, not Kay the copper. Would I recommend this book? This is my favourite in the series, so far. The plot had me gripped from start to finish and I struggled to put the book down.

I have a bit of a thing for serial killer thrillers so Gone to Ground ticked all the boxes for me. Gone to Ground works perfectly well as a standalone as it feels as though this is a new dawn for Kay and the team. Saying that, why would you want to miss out on the proceeding five books when they're brilliant and well worth a read! Absolutely compulsive reading from an author who gets better and better with each book. Roll on book seven because I can't flipping wait! Five out of five stars. The above review is my own unbiased opinion. Oct 30, Pat rated it really liked it.

In this instalment of a series that goes from strength to strength a bunch of weekend cyclists make the gruesome discovery of a severed foot. Hunter and her team are on the job, trying to find the rest of the body and identify the victim. Before long, more body parts show up. It looks like they have a serial killer on their hands. Jul 21, Janine rated it liked it Shelves: September 8th "She had tried to push the memory away over the years, heeding the advice of the psychologists her parents had consulted, but she would never forget the stench of burning human flesh.

I'm still kicking myself for not starting this series sooner, but at least I have another new favorite discovery to add to my list of top reads Gone To Ground is already book number six in the series, and once again an excellent read. This series hasn't disappointed me yet! I always look forward spending more time with Kay Hunter, and time always flies as soon as I start reading the first page. I really like the new dynamics between Hunter and her team and reading about them is like returning to an old friend. The writing is sold, engaging and the plot twists are very well executed.

I had no idea who was behind it all until the very end! And I do love my surprises. This investigation starts out a little slower than usual, as there are a lot of unknowns, but it leaves us with more time to spend with our favorite main characters instead. It was interesting to see how things slowly started to fit together and boy, what an ending! Disturbing, shocking and chilled me to the bone Gone To Ground is without doubt another excellent to this series. I can highly recommend all six books to any detective thriller fan.

It's hard to identify the victim based on the little evidence they have, but as more body parts start showing up, they are slowly starting to piece things together. Kay realises they have another serial killer on the loose, and they will have to step up their game before he kills again. If you are looking for a detective thriller series that keeps delivering, a plot that will keep you guessing until the very end or simply a very engaging and absorbing read, you will find all those things are covered in every single Detective Kay Hunter book.

Gone To Ground is no exception and has exactly the same high quality I have become used to.

Until the Beginning

I liked spending more time with my favorite team and while the case they investigate took some time to start rolling, the ending left me completely shocked. I definitely didn't see that coming! Yet another detective thriller winner and without doubt worth the read. Find more of my reviews here. Jul 09, Rubina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sixth addition to the series and it still feels fresh like the first one!

I thank all the stars in the whole universe for making our paths cross.

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From the first chapter, we dive straight into act Sixth addition to the series and it still feels fresh like the first one! From the first chapter, we dive straight into action. And, funny enough, I find myself waiting for that particular moment. Rachel has this amazing skill of delaying the pleasure of discovery with a bit of extra detail or backstory — which sometimes made my brain shout — Come on!

Just tell me what the woman saw! I felt pity for the witnesses who found the said severed pieces. The description even made me gulping down my bile. As I would read their part I would say to myself — Oh! I loved how the writing flowed in this book. For some reason I felt it was more polished and fine-tuned than the other books, placing it a step ahead. There is a balance in the narrative, with subtle comic reliefs sprinkled throughout the book, making it easy for me to continue reading. It gave much needed breaks to the characters and me as a reader.

I love them all! They all are in this together, through thick and thin. Also, plus one more point to Rachel for letting Adam bring in a miniature goat this time. And I think I might be developing a crush on Ian Barnes. The plot just kept me on the hooks! I loved how Kay and Co kept hitting dead-ends but still strove through and saw that they catch the killer. I have to say. With every new addition to this series, I feel a bit anxious.

Now that I have read the sixth book in the series, I can say that I am not disappointed at all! On that note, I just realised that she has just entered my list of authors who never disappoint me and let me tell you — there are some big names there. You might have heard this name in my posts — Agatha Christie — heard of it? For more review please visit www. Once again, Rachel Amphlett has delivered a terrific British police procedural and visiting again with Detective Inspector Kay Hunter and the people she cares about was well worth the wait for this episode.

Still, Kay and her colleagues are on a rollercoaster and the last nugget of information is a stomach-churning bombshell. Barnes, in particular, becomes more fleshed out in this book and I like him even more than I already did while criminalist Harriet is becoming more and more vivid in my mind. Campbell does men really well and all her voices are distinct from one another. Great stories, wonderful narration, characters that have become friends—what more could I want? I do hope there will be many more books to come. Jul 10, Ellen rated it it was amazing.

The story opens in an innocuous manner with a leisurely cycle ride amongst a group of friends. The tone soon changes when one of the group find an abondoned boot…. Thus begins a new case for Kay Hunter and her team. I have loved seeing this team grow closer as the series has progressed and once again they prove to be a well oiled machine of investigative work. Each knows their role and gets on with it and Kay is confortable to let them do so.

I have learnt that Rachel Amphlett is a master of misdirection and I did not predict where the story was going or who the culprit was! Of course it is not a Kay Hunter novel without her loving husband, Adam, and his unusual house guests — being a vet has resulted in some hilarious events in the Hunter household which are a welcome relief from the gory details of the murders. Another five star read and I look forward to book seven! Jun 28, Kerry rated it it was amazing. What a brilliantly light-hearted last couple of pages to what is a horrifying serial killer thriller!

An awesome addition to the excellent Detective Kay Hunter series. If you haven't read this series as yet then I highly recommend that you do. You don't know what you're missing out on. Gone To Ground is the sixth book in the Kay Hunter series and they just get better. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

I warmed to Kay and her team from book one, but they have really grown on me over the series. They a What a brilliantly light-hearted last couple of pages to what is a horrifying serial killer thriller! They are dedicated to their jobs and to each other, but we do get to see a personal side to them also. In this book Kay and her team find themselves investigating the discovery of a severed foot. This gruesome discovery leads them to a victim who has been cut in to pieces and it isn't long before they realise they have a serial killer on their hands.

But what connects these victims and what possible motive could someone have to commit such horrific crimes? What starts off as a somewhat frustrating case, with no apparent leads, soon ramps up when things start clicking in to place and the brutal truth left me absolutely gobsmacked. This killer is a whole new level of psycho! My skin was literally crawling. Rachel Amphlett knows how to create despicable human beings!

This is a compelling murder mystery, full of suspense, twists and turns. The story flows perfectly and as a reader I felt every frustration as well as the delight of every positive lead as the investigation progresses. If you like a good crime thriller you will love it. I love Rachel Amphlett's writing style. Short chapters add to the tension and the fast-paced storyline. A true example of a gripping page-turner.

I am thrilled to be a part of the blog tour: Jun 12, LooseBoots rated it it was amazing. It is the first story with Kay in her new role as Inspector. A tense and gripping murder mystery. Once again I not only enjoyed the tension but also the inter play with her work colleagues and of course her personal home life with Adam. It makes these stories human and realistic.

Another recommendation from me. From the mailing list of the author I received an email that this is to be published July 8th, and a few retailers allowed pre-ordering it today June 10th, , ebook. Amazon will surely follow soon.

See a Problem?

Also there was a link to excerpt from the book, although I downloaded it, I am not so sure I will read it, as I do not like to be stopped reading. All books by this author I read so far where great, 4 or 5 star reads for me, so I am looking forward to it, and will pr From the mailing list of the author I received an email that this is to be published July 8th, and a few retailers allowed pre-ordering it today June 10th, , ebook. All books by this author I read so far where great, 4 or 5 star reads for me, so I am looking forward to it, and will probably read it in one sitting or on a weekend, which really is not a good idea with an excerpt, but we'll see, may be I cannot wait.

Gone to Ground is the sixth and the best of the Detective Kay Hunter series yet. Take your Dramamine because if you are prone to motion sickness, the twists and turns on this baby will put you right over the edge. As is the case with nearly all the Detective Kay Hunter series books, Gone to Ground grips the reader from the start. What makes this installment and others interesting is how it starts with one thing and ICK.

Where other police jurisdictions might have put something like this case on the back burner well, more likely in cold storage , the newly promoted Detective Inspector Kay Hunter and her team tackle the mystery completely. Not only do the team members like each other, they also work together nearly seamlessly — now that DCI Larch seems to be out of the picture. In Gone to Ground , readers see the very human side of Kay and her team and that they all, like all of us, are just trying to find balance. The same basic cast of characters returns, each unique and uniquely flawed, but author Rachel Amphlett is letting readers better know them.

Barnes particularly has more personality and depth than ever, and his humorous, witty asides are a source of amusement. Readers even get a glimpse of a Kay who is distracted from her duties — just temporarily - by a flirtatious hottie, which makes her feel more real. I am becoming more attached to these characters with every installment in this series. Now, about those twists and turns… Amphlett was KILLING me with her super obvious hints at the beginning and let me feel all superior because I had so clearly figured it out, case closed.

Next, she convinced me that I was so smart to have caught the hints and figured it out and then showed me that I was wrong, and then I was right — almost. Ignore her hints and carrots: There are not only twists, but it gets pretty twisted when all is finally revealed. There have been some dark storylines in the series so far, and Gone to Ground's is no different.

It explores what the disturbed mind can do and how evil deeds can be rationalized. As always, I love the oh-so-Britishness to these stories. From the delightful accent of narrator Alison Campbell Nailed it. Alison Campbell nails it. She is absolutely perfect for this series and is now fully the voice of Kay Hunter. And with the book only six and a half hours long, that is just fine. She voices the multiple characters so that it seems like there are multiple voice actors, not just one, and male and female voices alike are well-done. Thank you to Audiobookworm Promotions and the author for providing me a digital download in exchange for my honest opinion — the only kind I give.

This book take a new direction than the first book which makes it so much more awesome than I had dared to hope for! There are a lot of secrets which need to be solved and the story takes a few amazing twists and turns! Loved Gene who is slowly getting a strong boy who deserves to be called a hero' Loved Sissy and all the kids who survived and run away with them! The ending again left me speechless and the cliffhange This was such a worthy sequel!!! The ending again left me speechless and the cliffhanger left me with my mouth hanging wide open!!! Jan 29, Ang rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm saving my review until the girls finish because I don't want to give anything away.

I will however say I liked it more than the first book. Again though I am left feeling like I don't have any answers and it is frustrating as all heck! Sep 03, Carina Olsen rated it really liked it. And now I finally got the chance to do so; and I must say that it was worth the wait: I remember loving the first book a whole lot. The writing, the plot, the characters. And I still did that. Only, I do think that the first book was better. I enjoyed this book a whole lot, and I never wanted to stop reading it, and I cannot wait for the third and final one.

It will be a long wait. Because this book ends kind of bad. Something awful is about to happen. And it really is the best ending as well. Cruel and perfect ;p The Prey starts right where The Hunt ended. Which I will be spoiling a lot about right now. So you probably should not read more if you have not yet read The Hunt.

You have been warned. Book one ended with Gene, Sissy and the four boys leaving on a boat on the river. Gene had to leave Ashley June behind. It starts the day after, while they are still on the river. I must admit that it took me a little time to get used to the writing. I blame it on me having gotten so picky with things I read these past months: The book is still from the point of view of Gene.

And I loved that. Because I find Gene to be an amazing character. He's a bit broken, though.

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Which I loved even more. There were a few things about him that annoyed me, but yeah, I did love him. He's kind and smart. He doesn't like to open up at first, but he does. I did love that as well. Just wish it had been written even longer A Hih. We also learn more about his father. I must admit that I did not like his father much.

I mean, he isn't in the book. But we read a lot about him, and at first Gene seems to have some hate for him. And I loved that very much. But then he changes his mind, and starts loving him again. I did not approve of that. I mean, yes, I do understand him.

I still think his father is an asshole, to be honest. I mean, he left his son alone, when he was still just a kid, with a whole bunch of evil vampires. And no friends, family, or other humans. I did not like his dad. There are vampires in this book. At least, I think they are. The people in this book don't call them that. They call them Duskers. Which is a fitting name. Pretty sure they are vampires: They are a lot different than others that I have read about, and I loved that a lot. And scary and creepy. Also kind of perfect. I did enjoy reading about them a lot.

Mentioned them more in my review of The Hunt, so I won't do that now: They are an amazing plot twist. Most of this book is about Gene and Sissy. And there is some romance between them as well. And I did like that. I wanted them together. I also liked Ashley June a lot, though. But she wasn't there. We do get to know for sure, though. Gene feels guilty for feeling things for Sissy. I'm glad for that. But I am upset that I didn't feel that much of the romance.

Just didn't feel it: I am super excited for the last book ; One thing I didn't like were the four boys with Sissy. Well, okay, yes, I did like Jacob and Ben and David. But mostly because they were kids. And they were adorable. I did not like Epap, though. He was about the age of Gene and Sissy. And he was kind of in love with Sissy.

Which made him a total asshole, to be honest. Didn't like him much. Might have approved of him at the ending, but still ; The five of them, the ones who had lived in the Dome, they were a bit stupid in the beginning. At least to me. But they got better. And I did like reading about them all. I just wanted more and more. We get to see a new place in this book. This little place of paradise where a few hundred humans live. It is kind of amazing. For Gene and them, the first days. But then they see how it really is there. It gave me shivers. This place is awful. And I loved reading about it so much.

I do love these awful places.

City of Bones (Mortal Instruments Book 1) Audiobook

It's a "town" run by a bunch of old men, The Elders. There are just young girls there. No boys or men. I won't say what happens at this place. It's amazing to read about. And I kind of wanted another pages about it. But then a lot more gruesome things would have to happen. Would not have wanted that. A lot of awful things do happen, though. Like the branding of the girls. It was not nice. And the thing they did to their feet!

I hated that there were a lot of rape in this village, though. We never got to see it, but I was sure it was happening. I won't share more of the plot now. Have shared a few important things ; But there is a lot more happening in this book. And it is all so amazing. You really must read The Prey if you have read The Hunt.

And if you haven't read the first one yet, you must get on that ; We get to learn so much in this book. But I also wished we had learned more. But it was also enough. The ending of this book is kind of awful. There is a small hope right at the end, last page. But it doesn't matter.

Not when you think back to what happened the few pages before that. I really need the third book right now! There is a lot happening in The Prey. Lots of exciting things. But it was all amazing to read about. And I never wanted to stop reading this book. Wished it had been longer. But I cannot wait for the third book, so I'm glad there is another one coming out: I really enjoyed this book. Even though I am giving it a four star, because I didn't love it as much as the first one. But it was still so good and a really great read.

I'm glad I got to read it. And I will re-read it someday: Thank you to Andrew for writing these amazing books. And thank you to St. Martin's Press for letting me read and review this book more than a month before it comes out. You really must get it in January: Feb 25, Sultanah Boraie rated it really liked it. Here's the thing—once i finished reading the first book in the series i felt no compelling need to write a review, and the moment i finished its sequel, i knew why.

With this series, you dont realize how much is off about the first book until you read the second. And that in itself is a flaw, especially with dystopian series. The kind of information you'd want to know being introduced to a new world is only given, in this case, in the SECOND book of the series rather than the first. I'd hate to s Here's the thing—once i finished reading the first book in the series i felt no compelling need to write a review, and the moment i finished its sequel, i knew why. I'd hate to spoil it for you, but anyone reading this series would know exactly what i mean.

But that's the problem, no one would bother continuing it if their primary questions weren't answered to begin with.. All that aside, Andrew Fukuda's way with words is remarkable; every single word charmed me, never once failing to lure me into the pits of the spine-chilling world described in the series. Barely any character description is given, but when it is, it's like poetry amidst chaos, heaven in hell. Aug 26, Sierra Abrams rated it it was amazing Shelves: I finished this book last night. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I really genuinely loved the first book.

I rated it a little lower because I couldn't stomach some of the scenes And that cliffhanger, right? Ok well this was worse. Currently sitting in my chair contemplating the meaning of life because of this book. And I can't say anything to you all because I thought I was guessing some things but then Either is fine with me.

Can we talk about how much I love Gene? He is so incredible. I could kiss him. I love that this book has a male narrator - if it had been a girl, it wouldn't have had the same weight.

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  5. I love female narrators, don't get me wrong, but I don't pass up any opportunity to read sci-fi from a man's POV. Clair, Krugman, the elders, the pregnant women. And we see some great returns, too, one of which I totally called. There was another I wasn't so sure about and Zipping my mouth shut now. Also - Sissy grew on me so much within the first 50 pages. I want to be like Sissy. She has so much to offer to this story and I can say that she definitely eased some of my pain about that one character in The Hunt who made incredible sacrifices and made me SO SAD.

    Sissy was like a salve on my wounds. Can you all just read this book? This book reminds me of Creepy men seriously, I'm not joking Pregnant women again, not even kidding you Prisons disguised as safe havens Suspense that just hangs in the air even though nothing is happening and everything feels safe One single word that I can't say because it gives away the entire ending if you've read it, you KNOW Incredibly complex plot twists that blow my mind to pieces Trains.

    Incredibly amazing book boys that deserve to go into a hall of fame or something Nearly drowning Etc, etc. Basically all this book reminds me of is horrifying and creepy things, and somehow this is a good thing. Pregnant women, in of themselves, are not creepy, but his book Summary Spoilers for the 1st book! Sep 28, Jon rated it really liked it Shelves: To be chased, to be hunted? To be their prey your whole life? Born prey, die prey? I look at them in turn. This is our chance to be more than prey.