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Treasures of Darkness. Preached at Eden Street Chapel, London, on Tuesday Evening, August 2, , by J. C. Philpot. "I will go before you, and make the.
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But I am struck by the force of the phrase used in our text rather than by the context:. It is a phrase full of meaning, and especially to those who feel themselves to be in darkness just now. A treasure to be found by those whose pathway is dark, who can say with David in Psalm It is worth observing that — in the natural and the scientific world it is true that there are some treasures that are only revealed in darkness:. The glistening evidence of the cloud chamber where flashes of light indicate subatomic particles.

When I was a child I spent ages trying to create luminous paint. The idea of being able to glow in the dark fascinated me. For every marvel revealed by the bright light of day there are a multitude more that can only be seen in darkness.

But our hearts recoil from going into the dark. In considering this beautiful promise I would like to set out four ways in which the Word of God demonstrates this truth:. Everyone in the camp trembled.

Treasures Of Darkness

Thus, Daniel took the scroll of Isaiah to Cyrus to show him that God had recorded his name in Scripture two centuries earlier. What an incredible story! God would not let Cyrus liberate Israel without recompense. Records from Jewish history reveal that once Cyrus freed the Jews he also granted them permission to rebuild their Temple.

In fact, Cyrus issued an edict an official decree for them to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. And on the exact day Cyrus issued this decree, his soldiers back in Babylon, unearthed vast amounts of silver and gold that the king of Babylon had hidden under the Euphrates River.

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Do you see how God wants us claiming His blessings? You have to move toward the plan God has ordained for your life. And God has a purpose for everyone. But we must also ask ourselves: And this too is revealed in our text. The Lord said to Cyrus in Isaiah God exercised divine wisdom in His promise to recompense Cyrus.

Receiving The Treasures Of Darkness

The Bible says God knew you before your birth. He recorded your existence before time began. And that means the Lord wants you to know Him and then follow His plan for your life. You must specifically and deliberately ask God to disclose them to you. Remember my remarks from the opening statements of this message: Prayer For years I have prayed this prayer: They place them in vaults and hidden chambers. He has to sovereignly open your eyes to them. Jesus said in Luke Illustration Many years ago my dad visited Cambodia.

While there, he found a rundown building in a floodplain area. My dad, who was years-old at that time, saw something no one else saw, because months later he launched a construction project to house widows and orphans. Today, there is a village that surrounds a beautiful orphanage compound that houses children and numerous widows. The property around it has since quadrupled in price! Not far from the orphanage, he built a Community Center for teaching the Bible and business skills.

It includes a coffee shop that generates revenue for the ministry. How did these facilities emerge? Folks, there are treasures all around you, but they are hidden! He is likely trying to show you something that would otherwise be unseen so you can claim what would otherwise be unclaimed. And I want the Holy Spirit to show me people that, to others, appear as lumps of coal, but deep within they will produce diamonds.

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Illustration There is an ancient legend of three horsemen traveling at midnight. As they crossed over a dry riverbed they heard a voice pierce the darkness. Moments later the voice said: Tomorrow you will be both sorry and glad. – FINDING THE TREASURES OF DARKNESS AND WEALTH OF SECRET PLACES

For the remainder of night they anxiously waited for morning. When the sun arose, they reached into their pockets to examine their take and discovered what they had picked up was diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. And they immediately remembered the voice: They were sorry they had not taken more, but they were glad they took what they did!

That story tells us there are treasures all around us. Teach Your People to Get Connected. I Love My Church. Hear Jesus Whisper, "Follow Me". Abraham experienced a horror of darkness, but in that season God gave him a treasure of revelation! Home Sermons Treasures Of Darkness. Anointed -consecrated - set apart God holds the hands of the anointed ones. God opens the gates and they are not shut.

God makes the crooked places straight. Do you have any crooked places? The frustration of darkness is: Darkness is a time of moving slower, feeling awkward, feeling unsure. Browse All Media Related Media. Nobody has commented yet. Sign in to leave a comment. Discovering Truth When it Hurts 4 week sermon series from the Psalms.


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