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Trump, who both avoided service during the Vietnam war because they needed to make sure they stayed alive so 50 years later they could save America from the toxic contamination left behind by the Obama dictatorship , could ever presume to lecture John McCain on the subjects of honor, patriotism and courage!!!!

Just when you think these soulless ghouls in the democrat party could not possibly sink any lower and do more destruction to the foundational tenets of America, they go and pull something like this!!!!! In Republican Club talk, Nugent urges ban on gun-free zones. The National Small Penis Association confirms it will be in Washington for the so-called March For Our Lives juvenile delinquent festival to stand up to the Soros Youth who want to confiscate our guns!!!!!! When will the violence against National Small Penis Association members end????!!!!!?????

Ronald Goss from our Cherokee County NSPA chapter was booked into the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center Thursday and faces charges of get this criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated battery of a family member, aggravated assault and home invasion after he allegedly tried to pay a little visit to his estranged wife, probably because he went back to her house to retrieve a Bible he must have left behind when he moved out of their house.

Please keep in mind this whopper is being reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Is it just a coincidence that Atlanta also happens to be the headquarters of CNN???!!!??? As if a woman could ever get the upper hand on an NSPA member!!!!!! This case is just another sad reminder that it is still open season on insecure, small-penised, White guys in America.

How many times must we see our NSPA brothers victimized by perpetrators who never face accountability for their crimes before this indelible stain of sin is finally cleansed from the fabric of America????!!!!???? Estranged husband jailed after police say he broke in, shot wife. Please excuse the disruption in regular posting activity since yesterday because we here at the National Small Penis Association executive headquarters have been called to serve our country in the pursuit of world peace by playing an instrumental role in planning the upcoming Small Penis Summit between President Donald J.

I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. I was able to get a sense of his small-penised soul!!!!!! See, we were called into service because President Donald J. Trump always said he was going to bring the very best people into the White House, and there is nobody better at small-penis statecraft than the NSPA executive council.

Let this stand as a teachable moment that we in the small-penis community must always be willing to overlook the nominal differences we may have with one another to recognize the spiritual commonality of all of our small-penised brothers around the world because in our heart of hearts all of us small-penised guys are exactly the same no matter where we live!!!!!!! Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because the democrat party does absolutely nothing to address income inequality for the American people!!!!!!

Jason Tilley from our Cudahy NSPA chapter was arrested last week and charged with get this first-degree intentional homicide and possession of a firearm as a felon after he allegedly shot and killed his landlord. See, all this nonsense started March 1 when Patriot Tilley met his landlord to pay his rent.

Trump in the White House to put an end to this economic inequity created by the democrat party so not one more Good Guy With A Gun will ever again be put in a position where he has no choice except to shoot his landlord!!!!!!!! Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for doing nothing more than giving a courtesy wave to a woman driver!!!!!!! Then you would also believe that the woman driver passed Patriot Poole and that he pulled up alongside her and allegedly brandished a gun at her as his way of showing his displeasure with her honk.

See, we heard from the other members of our Gretna NSPA chapter that Patriot Poole was simply giving the woman driver a courtesy wave to thank her for honking to give him the heads-up to start driving at the intersection, and he just so happened to give her the courtesy wave while he was holding his gun. Gretna driver with road rage flashed gun at woman, JPSO said. Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because his son is one of those selfish millennials who only thinks about himself!!!!!!! Travis Rex Ramsey from our Little Rock NSPA chapter was arrested last night and charged with get this first-degree domestic battery and second-degree terroristic threatening after he allegedly shot his son in the hand during a late night argument.

Well, all this racket which was created by the big brat in the house woke Patriot Ramsey up. Sure enough, the little wiseass ignored him so Patriot Ramsey had to make sure his son learned his lesson to prevent this type of irresponsible behavior in the future so he allegedly fired one shot that missed his son, but a second ricocheted off an air conditioner and struck him in the hand, police said.

That just goes to show the type of stupefying corruption the Clinton machine based in Little Rock is still capable of. Trump and his family in the White House to put an end to this type of monstrous pursuit of self-interests at the expense of the American people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Little Rock man shot son after argument over alcohol woke him up, police say. See, we heard from the other members of our Dalton NSPA chapter by the way, Dalton, GA is the Carpet Capital of the World, so if you are planning to purchase carpet soon, email me so I can put you in touch with one of our Dalton NSPA chapter members who will be able to take care of you that Patriot Davidson had brought his snub-nosed.

Trump in the White House to keep these evil, avaricious, soulless forces at bay!!!!!!!! Voice of Dalton High football who fired shot in classroom once tried to confess to murder, police say. Well, sure enough, it was just a matter of time until the castrated corporate cucks who have cut and run on the National Rifle Association would cave and turn on the National Small Penis Association!!!!!!! Today I suffered the indignity of being kicked out of the Manchester Rd. Hamburger Station and told never to come back by Donny, the manager there who I never liked anyways.

He said I was being kicked out because he claimed I loiter there for an average of three hours a day while just purchasing an order of onion rings and a Dr. Pepper and ask for repeated refills with no ice, I take too many napkins home with me and, most of all, because I get this make the high school girls who work there feel uncomfortable when I just try to make a little harmless small talk with them and wait for them in the parking lot to make sure they get in their cars safely. Obviously, the real reason I was kicked out was because The Hamburger Station is afraid of the unhinged, anti-gun hysteria that is being fomented by George Soros and his stock theater troupe of highly paid crisis actors.

Trump in the White House to provide unflappable, well-reasoned guidance on the issue of guns during this turbulent time!!!!!! I mean, can you imagine the daily nightmare we would be living if we had to look to Crooked Hillary to set the tone and tenor for a national discourse on guns???!!!!????

Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to keep school children safe!!!!!!!!

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See, these craven bastards are more interested in making money than in keeping children safe!!!!!!! Then, once the dogs completed their training, a group of year-old and year-old crisis actors who are posing as high school sophomores and juniors were going to smuggle these dogs into their high schools under the guise of needing them as emotional support dogs because they are oh-so-afraid of being shot by an AR asif!!!!!!!

Then, in a coordinated attack, the crisis actors were going to give these dogs the command to begin killing as many students as they can!!!!!! So Patriot Hutchins had the courage to do the right thing, and look what it got him. At least we can thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump in the White House because he will stand up to these evil forces no matter what the political cost is to make sure not one more child will ever have her or his life snuffed out by MS!!!!!!!!! Bardstown man arrested, charged with shooting deaths of four dogs. Sure enough, though, this is nothing more than the typical democrat party fueled fake news that is spewed to the public with the insidious and unforgivable goal of delegitimizing the narrative of the guaranteed protection that can be delivered by a Good Guy With A Gun.

Heaven forbid if there was actually a high profile case reported about a Good Guy With A Gun saving the day in a situation like this because it would immediately undermine the foundational and totally bogus argument liberals always trot out to call for the senseless restriction of access to firearms as a way to save lives!!!!!!!!!!

See, what we heard from the other members of our Broward County NSPA chapter was that Patriot Peterson stayed outside to protect all of the students who had run out of the school from any members of MS who might have been prowling around the school grounds to kill a bunch of the defenseless students as part of some kind of sick gang initiation!!!!!!! I mean, this was in Florida after all so you just know the area was crawling with dangerous MS members who had snuck in from Mexico and El Salvador because the democrat party continues to show a disgusting disregard for the safety of Americans by their continued, reflexive obstruction of any common sense measures to construct a border wall!!!!!!!!

We can only thank Jesus Christ that Patriot Peterson had the sense and courage to stay outside to keep them safe!!!!! Also, we can only thank Jesus Christ that we have Donald J. Trump as president because he is not getting sidetracked by what happened in Florida and is keeping his eye on the true threat to the safety of Americans — the looming menace of MS — which he tweeted about this morning!!!!!!!

National Small Penis Association proudly announces the formation of a film and television production division!!!!!!! As a further teaser, we are excited to draw upon our National Small Penis Association ranks for the casting of this film. It will bring in so much money the theater owners will get tired of having to count all of the money they will be making, so amazing, really fantastic!!!!!!!

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If you are interested in volunteering or helping us finish the script or showing us how to operate the camera or how to use the special effects software my mother purchased for me at Best Buy today or if you can bring your Confederate flags for our big crowd scene or if you can help pay for lunch every day at the Hamburger Station on Manchester Road for the cast and crew, please email Lee Greenwood Hannity at lgh nationalsmallpenisassociation. What, would you expect Patriot Cole to just stand there and let her get away with this?????

After all, President Donald J. Greene County man pointed gun at woman and her baby and threatened to shoot, deputy says. Trump from making America great again!!!!!!! See, this is yet another example of to what despicable depths the soulless democrat party will sink to push their voter suppression tactics because they know they cannot win elections honestly!!!!!!!!

Worse yet, we have uncovered a bombshell memo which reveals these anti-American forces have colluded with foreign agents to aid them in their racist assault on White Americans!!!!!!!! Trump in the White House because he has the courage to tell the truth that Africa is filled with a bunch of shithole countries, not vibrant cultures that could produce heroic men and women.

I mean, can you even imagine what Africa would have been like if White Christians had not arrived on its shores to deliver them from darkness and to show them how to act like civilized human beings????!!!!??? John Christian Lewis Sr.

Sure enough, this is just another example of the totally disgusting, unlike anything anybody has ever seen before, democrat party witch hunts against Christians and Good Guys With A Gun!!!!! See, all this nonsense started yesterday when Patriot Lewis was minding his own business shopping at the local CVS when some busybody broad poked her nose in his business by helping him carry his bags to his car.

Well, Patriot Lewis then did the gentlemanly thing by offering her a ride home. See, she obviously made a big show of helping him carry his bags to his car because she wanted people in the parking lot to see her doing this so she could trick all of them into thinking she is pure-hearted Christian. Well, Patriot Lewis was obviously fed up with this false piety so he allegedly pulled his gun on her and told her she was going to help him carry his bags into the house.

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Worse yet, get this with a middle name of Christian, do you think Patriot Lewis has the slightest chance of getting a fair trial or getting his gun back????????? See, all this shameful hatred against Christians started when Dictator Obama took office in that totally invalid election in !!!!!!

It is frightening that this hatred against real Christians persists even though Dictator Obama has thankfully been out of office for over a year. This is a painful reminder of the profound, systemic, long-term damage that can be inflicted upon a country when an impossibly unfit person sits in the White House. Suspect pointed gun at woman who helped him carry bags from store: We apologize for breaking with our typical format, but we will not have a standard post tonight because we are busy doing the only thing that can be done at times like this to prevent a similar incident.

Since it appears we have not been praying enough during times like this over the past 20 years, we now fortunately have finally come to terms with what really needs to be done — pray longer and harder!!!!!!!!!!! At least 17 dead in Florida school shooting, law enforcement says. Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for simply trying to teach his adult son how to behave like a grown-ass man!!!!!!!! Timothy Aspan from our Willow Springs NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday and charged with get this unlawful restraint and aggravated discharge of a firearm after he allegedly fired two shots at his year-old son in the home they share.

Sure enough, the anti-family, nanny-state liberals have pounced upon this case with mercenary intentions to manipulate the coverage of it to push their horrible agenda. The so-called judge then ordered Patriot Aspan to surrender his gun and gun owner license!!!!!! Who could have seen that coming?????!!!!!!!????? Even though Patriot Aspan is facing a rigged court, we are sure all charges will be dropped once he has a chance to have his say in court. Willow Springs man fired gun at son for turning down his radio: There will be no regular post tonight because the National Small Penis Association executive council has been called to an emergency strategic planning session to deal with the existential threat facing our brotherhood of insecure, small-penised, White guys now that the George Soros-funded Deep State is openly enacting its plot to destroy our lives in plain sight!!!!!!

Trump, the Deep State has been forced to resort to character assassination to achieve their goal of destroying the lives of insecure, small-penised, White guys!!!!!! See, they have shamelessly unleashed a horrible smear campaign that has forced Rob Porter and David Sorenson, both from our Washington, D. Now that they are emboldened, they will be coming for the rest of us!!!!!!!!! First, they wanted to take away our guns!!!! Trump in the White House so we know that at least somebody out there has the courage to have our backs and to speak out against this violence directed against us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because he was the victim of vicious name calling!!!!!!! Mitchell Christen from our Madison NSPA chapter was arrested the other day and charged with get this disorderly conduct, possession of a firearm and pointing a firearm at another person after he allegedly pointed a gun at a neighbor in his apartment complex. I mean, when you think about it, Patriot Christen had no choice except to point the gun at him to stop the name calling. Trump in the White House because we heard that at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning in Washington he said a prayer to cure the sickness in the hearts of alt-left liberals that causes them to treat others abominably by calling them horrible names!!!!!!

WOW, just think of the disgracefully undignified tone we would have had to deal with daily coming from the White House if Crooked Hillary had been elected????!!!!??? Madison man arrested after pointing gun at victim. Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for doing nothing more than trying to graciously provide samples to Walmart customers!!!!!!!! Alexander Tonkin-Kingsley from our Leander NSPA chapter was charged today with get this second-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly pointed a gun at a man who was with his girlfriend and their nine-month-old son and threatened to shoot the man outside of the Cedar Park Walmart way back in October.

Then they claimed Patriot Tonkin-Kingsley revved his engine to the point that the sound scared the nine-month-old. Fake news, fake news!!!!!! This is really awful, nobody has ever seen anything like this. Sure enough, since this is in Texas, with Patriot Tonkin-Kingsley locked up in jail, there is one less Good Guy With A Gun around to keep the good citizens of Leander safe from all of the MS gang members who are just going to stroll across the border because the treasonous members of the democrat party have blocked President Donald J.

Trump from building his big, beautiful wall!!!!! Come to think of it, that must be exactly what George Soros and all of his alt-left minions want to see happen because those craven cowards always place America behind their own selfish schemes!!!!!!!! Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for showing a woman and her 3-year-old child what he would do to protect them if one of those MS gang members tried to hurt them!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie Keith Estep from our High Shoals NSPA chapter was arrested yesterday and charged with get this discharging a weapon in an occupied property, causing serious bodily injury, assault by pointing a gun, assaulting a female and assault with a deadly weapon with a minor present after he allegedly threw a woman with whom he had a personal relationship onto the floor, stomped upon her stomach, placed his foot upon her neck while forcing her against a wall and threw her into a shower area. Trump masterfully deliver the greatest State of the Union speech ever delivered by a U.

After all, what would happen to them if an MS gang member broke into the house while Patriot Estep was away and unable to protect them?????!!!!!????? Well, we heard Patriot Estep vowed to his girlfriend and her child from the bottom of his heart that he would never allow for one second for a member of MS to harm either one of them and to prove his point he started pantomiming to them what he would do to any MS member who broke into her home.

Well, we heard one thing led to another and Patriot Estep got so caught up in the passion of the moment that he basically understandably lost control of his senses for a moment and allegedly attacked his girlfriend and fired the rifle because he momentarily imagined his girlfriend was an MS member. See, the emotional strain he experienced by worrying about what the MS gang members might do to his girlfriend and her child was so overpowering that he had a brief emotional breakdown!!!

So, basically, when you really think about it, the only thing Patriot Estep is guilty of is loving his girlfriend and her child too much!!!!!!!! However, should any of us be surprised for a second that this is happening when you consider the hateful fraud and corruption that has infected the upper levels of the FBI?????? Man discharged gun in home with child. Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for simply making sure a woman driver got woke to the rules of the road!!!!!!!

See, the truth is Patriot Shuback was minding his own business, driving along Clark Rd. Well, thanks to the MeToo and the timesup movements, women can now get away with claiming to be a victim at the hands of every single man they encounter, even men like Patriot Shuback who are trying to help them!!!!!! See, with Donald J. Well, the joke is on them because we only have one thing to say to them now that we have Donald J. Drunken driver threatens woman with gun. The National Small Penis Association is proud to announce its newly formed real news investigative journalism division will release a bombshell intel memo tomorrow, detailing the collusion between Marvel Comics, the Disney Co.

See, these godless, anti-American, democracy-hating selfish bastards in the democrat party will sink to any disgusting depth necessary to push their endless voter suppression scams!!!!!!!! That sure is a surprise…….. Good Guy With A Gun on trial apparently for the capital offenses of trying to help his wife get in line and of being a skilled marksman!!!!!!!! Turyna from our St. See, they claimed Patriot Turyna beat his wife so badly that she just barely escaped from their home bloodied and concussed as he retrieved a gun. Then they claimed Patriot Turyna exited the house with his gun and saw his wife begging for help from a couple of busy body neighbors you know, the window watcher types, every neighborhood has them!

Well, Patriot Turyna reasonably explained that his wife had simply taken a fall in the house and that he simply wanted to get her back in the house to make sure she was safe. Well, sure enough, we figure she sensed she had reeled in a couple of suckers so she told the neighbors that Patriot Turyna had gone nuts and was trying to kill her so, sure enough, one of the neighbors wanted to be the big shot hero so he attacked Patriot Turyna and ripped his gun away from him!!!!!!

After all, as she pointed out, if he had wanted to intentionally shoot her, he would not have missed!!!! See, we heard that members of MS are planning a crime wave in St. First, they came for our flag……….. Today, January 29, , will live as a day of infamy for the insecure, small-penised, White guys who are disappointed with the way their lives have turned out community as the craven cowards who own the Cleveland Indians have unabashedly colluded with the Political Correctness Police and the alt-left thugs who always shamelessly play the race card to whitewash Chief Wahoo out of existence because they enjoy nothing more than proudly and purposefully exhibiting a disgusting disregard and inexcusable insensitivity toward the cultures of those who are different from them!!!!!!!!!!

Trump in the White House that the arc of the moral universe will always bend toward justice for insecure, small-penised, White guys who are disappointed with the way their lives have turned out!!!!!!!!!!! James Franklin Comer from our Eagle Springs NSPA chapter was arrested Monday and charged with get this communicating threats, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon of mass destruction and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill after he allegedly fired multiple shots at two nosy busybodies from the state Department of Public Safety who were making one of their intrusive probation monitoring visits to his mobile home.

The flimsy pretext they used for snooping around his property is that the state Department of Corrections had listed Patriot Comer as an absconder for violating the probation sentence he received in connection with a conviction for assault inflicting serious injury on a law enforcement officer. In this day and age can you believe there are actually still some states that deny felons who have served their time the right to own a gun?????!!!!???

Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because most of the online dating sites out there are a ripoff and will never help you find your soul mate!!!!!!!!!! Troy James Queen from our Scappoose NSPA chapter was arrested last week on get this suspicion of kidnapping, unlawful use of a weapon, assault, menacing and interference with making a report after he allegedly began hitting a woman in his car after she had asked him to bring her home after a date.

He then allegedly pulled his car to the side of the road and fired a shot from his gun and then pointed the gun at her head while telling her she would never see her family again. He then allegedly pointed the gun to his head and noticed the tattletale in the car with him called so he understandably allegedly grabbed her phone and threw it out the window. Sure enough, this is obviously yet another alt-left witch hunt against a Good Guy With A Gun in an effort to misdirect their gullible base from paying attention to real news, like the incredible boost President Donald J.

While he acknowledged he shot the gun out the car window and threw her cell phone out the window and that these actions would frighten a reasonable person, he denied these actions frightened his date. Scappoose man accused of kidnapping, hitting, pointing gun at woman he met online. See, we heard from the other members of our Amoret NSPA chapter that Patriot Johnson had recently been leading a Bible study and initiated a conversation about Deuteronomy Even the most cursory review of Deuteronomy Trump for abiding by Two Corinthians????!!!!???

We here at the National Small Penis Association executive headquarters in Akron, OH have been accused for many years of being a racist organization because of rumors that we have barred colored guys from joining our fine organization. The truth is that we have never had a formal policy to exclude colored guys because of the color of their skin since we are without a doubt the least racist organization you will ever meet.

See, the inconvenient truth is that up until now there has never been a colored guy who met the strict membership criteria of the NSPA. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce we have finally found a colored guy who has what it takes to join our illustrious ranks and become the Jackie Robinson of the NSPA. His name is Paris Dennard, the omnipresent pundit who NPR and all of the cable news networks trot out when they need a colored guy to provide unconditional support for President Donald J. Patriot Dennard has been on our radar as one of the good ones for a long time, and when we saw him on CNN last week saying it was wrong to call President Donald J.

Sure enough, the alt-left and democrat party racists say horrible things about Patriot Dennard, thereby exposing their true dark colors!!!!!! Welcome to the tribe, Patriot Dennard!!!!!!!! See, Patriot Greitens was elected in as the Republican governor of Missouri, and the totally failing democrat party has targeted him for character assassination because he is a proud defender of Christian marriage i.

See, Patriot Greitens became a registered member of the Republican Party in July when he announced his intentions to run for governor of Missouri. He also surely wanted to destroy the marriage between the woman and her husband at the time because members of the democrat party love nothing more than destroying the family unit!!!!!! He and his wife say their marriage and faith in Christ are stronger than ever so this story really is nothing more than a big nothingburger!!!!!!!!

Sure enough, though, the hate mongers in the democrat party keep coming after Patriot Greitens. Disgraced Missouri Governor Eric Greitens denies slapping his married mistress in a hospital while his wife was giving birth.

National Small Penis Association | 2 inches + the 2nd Amendment = BIG MAN

Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for standing up to an unhinged environmentalist activist!!!!!!!! Andrew Riehle from our Lafayette NSPA chapter was arrested early Friday morning and charged with get this intimidation, criminal recklessness and pointing a firearm after he allegedly pulled a gun on a bar owner who was attempting to kick him out of the bar.

Trump in the White House and Ryan Zinke as the Secretary of the Interior to put an and to this relentless, nightmarish attempted takeover of government land by the alt-left, George Soros-funded arborists!!!!!!!!! Bar patron pulls pistol after shown the door. However, Patriot Graham proves over and over and over again that we can count him on him to demonstrate that he has the backbone to stand up for truth i. Sure enough, the haters and the internet trolls have been directing their vile venom at Patriot Graham by accusing him of degrading the integrity of his office by shamelessly sinking to an embarrassingly obvious partisan stunt in a futile and pathetic attempt to try to provide ultimately pointless cover for Patriot Trump in the face of the ongoing and ever expanding Mueller investigation.

See, it takes a special man to have the courage to place the interest of America and the TRUTH above any personal loyalties and lifelong friendships!!!!!!!! I mean, this was an obvious call for Patriot Graham to make. For example, if you had to choose between facing down the Vietcong with Donald J.

Trump or John McCain, who are you going to pick???? Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to put a dog out of its misery before it suffered a horrible death!!!!!!!!!! Sure enough, in our opinion, this is just another case of the fake news media conducting a witch hunt against a Good Guy With A Gun to push their alt-left, man-hating, gun-hating agenda!!!!!

Well, we talked to the other members of our Laurel NSPA chapter and got the alternative facts about what we believe actually happened. I mean, he surely knew there was a good chance that she would get in a car accident because of her poor driving skills, and the puppy would likely die a horrible death inside the mangled car.

So Patriot Hooten humanely decided to allegedly shoot the puppy in the face with his 16 gauge shotgun to put it out of its suffering before it got in a car accident caused by his ex-girlfriend. Well, sure enough, the ex-girlfriend slid off the road and wrecked her car surprise, surprise!!!!! Jon Hanley from our Lakeville NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday and faces charges of get this criminal recklessness and could eventually be charged with get this animal cruelty after he allegedly shot a German shepherd named Major.

Sure enough, the fake news media at WNDU-Channel 16 is trying to make Patriot Hanley sound like a bad guy with their rigged coverage of the story. While she was trying to catch Major in the store parking lot, witnesses reported Patriot Hanley tried to help her catch him. The bullet simply passed harmlessly through his skull and lodged in his shoulder, where it safely came to a stop. Furthermore, we talked to the other members of our Lakeville NSPA chapter and got the alternative facts about what really happened.

NSPA members of America, unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Police ID suspect in custody after dog shot outside Lakeville store. Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically because the job killing, alt-left, environmental fascists in the democrat party have destroyed the lumber industry with their selfish, unhinged zeal to cater to the big money tree hugger lobby!!!!!!!!! David Wayne Gore from our Wilmington NSPA chapter was arrested Saturday and charged with get this murder after he allegedly shot and killed a year-old man in the course of a totally understandable misunderstanding that was created by the American carnage left behind by the soulless, venal tree growing lobby which totally owns the disgustingly servile and amoral democrat party and is driven by the shockingly selfish and sinfully short-sighted goal to destroy the lumber industry!!!!!!!

Well, Patriot Gore used some solid deductive reasoning and went looking for his boat at Squires Timber, an abandoned lumber mill where there are multiple large buildings. See, if you were a thief who was trying to hide a stolen boat, this is exactly the kind of place you would go to stash the boat out of sight. Well, Patriot Gore came upon two guys who must have looked like they were up to no good because who else other than a suspicious criminal would be hanging out in an abandoned lumber mill?

Trump in the White House so he can single-handedly save the lumber industry just like he saved the coal industry this year. See, now all of the abandoned lumber yards will be brought back as thriving businesses and no boat owner will ever again have to go to an abandoned lumber yard to look for his boat and to accidentally shoot and kill somebody who he mistakenly thought stole his boat!!!!!!!!

Sure enough, by simply talking to the other members of our Ontario NSPA chapter, we were able to piece together the alternative facts to determine what probably actually happened. Well, one thing led to another, and just like at the end of the movie when Ralphie almost accidentally shot his eye out, we heard Patriot Bolin allegedly accidentally shot his mother, and she ended up dying.

Ontario man suspected of fatally shooting his mother on Christmas. On top of that, the alt-left hit squad has had it in for him for years because Patriot Schnatter had the noble courage to oppose Obamacare because the government takeover of healthcare might add 14 cents to the cost of each pizza!!!!!! Patriot Schnatter looks forward to bringing his awesome marketing and public relations skills full-time to the NSPA headquarters to fight for the cause of inclusion of the insecure, small-penised, White guy community in American society.

Even with the totally awesome leadership of President Donald J. Trump, America will never be truly great again until the racist persecution of insecure, small-penised, White guys who are disappointed with the way their lives turned out finally comes to an end!!!!!

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Good Guy With A Gun arrested basically for trying to save his son from a life of crime by using his 2nd Amendment to school him on the 8th Commandment!!!!!!!! See, Big Government thinks it can do a better job of raising children than the Christian father can!!!!! All this nonsense started last week when Patriot Leuser had no choice except to call off sick from his job as a police officer with the Indian Head Park Police Department. Get to Know Us.

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