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Kari Peter Conrad von Bagh (29 August – 17 September ) was a Finnish film .. Lähikuvassa 1– Tuomari Nurmio, Remu Aaltonen, Pelle Miljoona, Juice De Fritz Lang á Lars von Trier (Claire VALADE), Arte Editions, Mille et une Ivens – dokumentaristin muotokuva, Suomen Elokuva-arkisto, Helsinki
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Peter von Bagh's death on 17 September changed the plan. The tribute is now also a memorial for the great cineaste. Peter gave a lot to the Cineteca and to the city of Bologna, contributing in a decisive way to Il Cinema Ritrovato and its international stature. He had a wealth of unique talents: He was an uncommonly cultivated man, admired by many filmmakers and carried himself with a simplicity and a playful sense of humor that naturally lead him to support many right — therefore often impossible — causes.

His departure is a huge loss for the international community of film lovers. Cineteca di Bologna lost a precious friend, his personal and human presence will stay with us as well as the rich patrimony of studies and films which is bound to acquire more and more relevance in the future. Peter's trusted cinematographer Arto Kaivanto was there with his camera. After the Orion event Corona Bar in the next block was full of Peter's friends. Some of us had not seen each other for a long time, and the precious memory brought us together again.

The sorrow is too big for words, but we must try. Peter von Bagh is irreplaceable, but we all must work together more to keep the great projects going in which his contribution was instrumental. Posted by Antti Alanen at 7: In memoriam Peter von Bagh August — Posted by Antti Alanen at 2: Von Bagh had also a full career on the radio including a hundred one-hour long features called Films Bigger Than Life, — and television with award-winning series and programs , and he was a university professor well-known for generations of film and theatre students.

Already as a teenager cinephile comet in the late s Peter von Bagh was getting noticed in his hometown Oulu and the country at large. He started to discover an international network of cinephilic contacts at age 19 when he travelled to a seminar about American cinema in Kiel in , getting acquainted with what would become the Movie circle of cinephiles in Britain.

Peter von Bagh become known in Finland as a serious young man, an angry young man, and an irreverent young man. The most inspired cultural trends in s Finland were rooted in cultural modernism. That was the era when universities were still elite universities, soon to turn into mass universities. Von Bagh wrote about film in the bright and ambitious Ylioppilaslehti the journal of the Helsinki University students , and Parnasso, the mouthpiece of literary modernism. He lambasted Finnish populist cinema mercilessly. He became known as "the Elitist Peter". He was active on the radio and on television since the early s, always on a serious note, dressed in dark suit and tie.

Von Bagh become a key figure in cultural radicalism as it started to emerge in the early s. His friends included writers, musicians, theatre people, cultural critics, and new wave film makers, most importantly the team of Filminor, a film company established by Risto Jarva and Jaakko Pakkasvirta in Von Bagh was active as a critic and historian in newspapers, journals, on the radio and on the television. Von Bagh's fellow students of sociology, Pekka Gronow and M.

Innovative labels such as Love Records were established. Von Bagh's was active in all of this. Numminen was and still is the anarchistic central figure of the Finnish Underground movement, inspired by but not copying Americans with happenings, concerts, and films. Von Bagh started his film career with 8 mm underground home movies such as Life in the Finnish Woods Peter at the Finnish Film Archive was also instrumental in hosting P.

A critic becoming a film-maker: Having essayed fiction in his early years von Bagh later focused on non-fiction and became a master of the compilation film, a topic on which he also wrote his dissertation The Mirror Which Had a Memory, The film studio era had ended in Finland in with the coming of television. The Finnish students stormed their own house.


All this with an irreverent slant. In fact, von Bagh had never been an elitist, as he had always ignored the demarcation lines of elitist and popular cultures. Disappointed with Kreivi's lack of commercial success von Bagh turned to non-fiction and television and started to create an oeuvre which grew into a work-in-progress about the history of Finnish popular culture, the history of Finland, and the history of Finnish culture.

Vuosi also launched von Bagh's "years series" of Finnish history: Separate feature films on major film personalities von Bagh dedicated to Armand Lohikoski, and Edvin Laine. Exceptionally distinguished is the three-part documentary on Mikko Niskanen. Von Bagh's magnum opus is the tv series The Blue Song: The Story of the Arts of Finland. A Cultural History of Independent Finland, 1—12 — , which had been preceded by the series Oi kallis Suomenmaa: The Story of Independent Finland 1—8 — Ever since Pockpicket , its motto: His master's thesis von Bagh wrote in about Vertigo, about the obsession with the hidden past.

The montage principle was central, the art of the collage and compilation was evolving into a personal syntax of the documentary essay. The films were built on multiple levels of associations and interconnections. From the cultural radicalism of the s von Bagh inherited a Brechtian sense of material aesthetics, a philosophy of history, and a passion for dialectics. Coincidentia oppositorum and paradoxes abound. Like John Ford, von Bagh juxtaposed the sublime with the ridiculous.

The small and the big, the intimate and the grandiose, the temporary and the eternal clashed with each other in his montage. But like Godard, von Bagh believed in the continuity in the breaks: The past with all its memories, events and experiences lives in us". The experience of the war was central. Something had been broken, and a compilation film was a form of vital redemption of something that had been lost.

In the background there was a feeling of the presence of death, a cosmic homelessness, and the vital need for reconstruction via the life-affirming power of art. Peter von Bagh's voice was one of the most recognizable in Finland, acknowledged by awards, imitated by every imitator. In the beginning it was the omniscient voice of the narrator, but with the years it changed into something more confidential. Von Bagh was a master of the interview. Among his early subjects: Dreyer, Alfred Hitchcock, and Fritz Lang.

Among his models, the classic of the American interview, Studs Terkel: Pois muuttaessaan nuori nainen soittaa sille, jonka kanssa ennen asui. Patricia Ortiz Martinez Sound: Kai Rantala, Nuutti Vapaavuori Editing: Katariina Lillqvist, Radio Dolores is a puppet animation documentary of the everyday lives of shoe factory workers in s Tampere.

It tells the story of stove room rebels, the illegal radio transmitters of cold attics, and shoemaker Arvo, who disappeared in the Spanish Civil War and left his son only an accordion and a ticket to the jail in Malaga. Matti has drifted into a double life, unable of taking responsibility for his actions and their effects on those close to him. It neither pulls in or pushes away the flow of traffic that trickles through it via the E4 motorway.

It is very difficult to come up with any more adjectives describing it. Drag Me to Kempele is a portrait of a mediocre town where people shop, exercise or drive through on their way to North or South. Kempele on Pohjois-Pohjanmaalla sijaitseva harmaa aukko. Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen Script: Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen Sound: Nainen ryhtyy au pairiksi sinkkumiehen pahviperheelle.

Janne Vanhanen, A quiet farmer father and his son set out on a trip to the pharmacy after the teen has a little accident with his girlfriend. Risto "Legenda" Laakkonen Sound: Kokeellinen ja episodimainen elokuva juuristani, unelmistani, kokemuksistani ja filosofiastani. Her smartphone is an integral part of her days, from when she wakes up to when she goes to sleep.

The documentary follows Julia's everyday life and observes what kind of content she shares on social media and how it affects her life. The film takes a look at the life of a young girl, and offers a realistic view of our modern times. Ilona Hiltunen, Juulia Kalavainen Script: In order to inherit Mauri's estate, Ulf must organise a party that will have at least one guest. Can Ulf find a guest for his party?

Finland Documentary 13 min Director: Mikko Uusitalo, Pauli Huhtaniemi Production: Who is allowed to wear what? The answer hit Markus Kuotesaho, a junkyard entrepreneur from Siikajoki Finland, like a sledgehammer. Siikajokelaiselle Markus Kuotesaholle vastaus tuli kuin lekan isku suoraan ohimoon. Elina Renko, The country has a dilemma. People need jobs, the forest needs to be taken care of.

Should these two meet? And what about the old forests? Mervi Junkkonen, A young woman who has suffered eating disorders half of her life suddenly gets pregnant. She faces the challenges of eating properly and staying healthy. An intimate story about balancing between motherhood and a difficult illness. Someone is at the door. But everything's a mess. His fear and need to protect his family make him get up to investigate the cause of the sounds.

Jussi encounters a homeless alcoholic, Pentti, who has just broken the window of the hallway door. He mentioned if I remember correctly that the transportation would be a mere logistic operation and would go well. A brilliant name for a film. In the film, people who have just stepped out of a truck march in line towards their next ride. Just so they can wait in the camp for another ride, or the return back to their country of origin. Retreating to the cold arctic winter storms from obligations and everyday routines, he's set on finding peace of mind with the life he has lived.

What does a journey to find happiness look like, when life is not shared with friends and loved ones? PT Check the regulations and how to apply! It is also a burden carried by contemporary Indigenous filmmakers who are making an ever-important mark on the short and feature film industries in Canada and worldwide. This year marks Canada s sesquicentennial years of a state that supplanted the numerous Indigenous nations that existed for millennia prior to the permanent arrival of European settlers.

So for citizens of nations that were colonised and whose cultures, languages and practises were actively forbidden and supressed celebrating Canada s th birthday can be a complex party. In a Canadian context, Indigenous refers to three larger groups: Indeed, great diversity exists between and within these groups and nations, including the rich, layered, beautiful films their storytellers create.

Imagine Native presents a selection of films from Indigenous filmmakers from across Canada. The selected works reveal a tapestry of contemporary Indigenous realities realities that can be strongly tethered to the past, but have immense resonance in the present. This collection of films explores issues related to cultural and linguistic survival, the national tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women, and the horrors and legacies of residential schools.

By addressing themes of power, resistance, and hope, these films also reveal the immense strength and vitality of Indigenous cultures, communities, and storytelling. So as we commemorate a certain milestone in the history of one country, I invite you to consider the histories and the futures of many other nations that thrived before Canada and that will continue to stand strong for another years.

After drifting in darkness for many days, they arrive on the shore of a strange land known as the Country of Wolves. Billy Roy Mowatt Editing: Serge Bordeleau, Louis Fontaine Contact: Through their misadventures, their evening reveals a day-in-the-life of First Nations youth and the challenges many of them must face on a daily basis. Mitchell Wrathgeb, Geoff Mitchell Editing: Troy Slocum, Menalon Production: She then undergoes her own transformation into a salmon trying to make it back home.

Michelle Derosier, Sonya Lacroi Contact: This stunning animation reveals the true story of how a drum designed to heal became trapped by colonial forces designed to disrupt the delicate balance between the world above and the world below. Michael Dilauro, Shawn Delnick Production: Annie and Gordon travel back in time to save Charlie and Niska, trapped in a nightmare reality designed to eradicate their culture. Glenn Gear, With rare archival images and collage, this is an early Inuit story of how one young girl s quest for independence leads to an unlikely union between human and animal and the eventual creation of the Kablunat, the white people.

Canada Documentary 5 min Director: Kevin Papatie, Mathieu Vachon Music: Kevin Papatie, Miranda Gunn Production: Canada Fiction 6 min Director: Hart Snider, Brendan Woollard Music: Lauren Grant, Lori Lozinski Contact: She arrives to find that the end of her journey is simply the beginning. James "Zicks" McDougal Script: James "Zicks" McDougal Cinematography: Canada Fiction 10 min Director: Canada Fiction 18 min Director: Miranda de Pencier Script: Miranda de Pencier Cinematography: Stacey Aglok, A young Inuit woman searches for a way out of her abusive relationship only to find the voice she thought she d lost forever.

Extraordinary photography and an exquisite musical score punctuate this breathtaking journey through the rugged Arctic home of the Inuit. Real Junior Leblanc Cinematography: Alec McNeill Richardson Music: Christine Kleckner, Danis Goulet Contact: As the intergenerational gap between them becomes more apparent, so does the pull of a much greater force. Phillip Joamie, Mark Hamilton Music: Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, An ancient test of athleticism and skill is dramatically and sensuously portrayed.

Featuring world champion high kicker Johnny Issaluk. Dramaattinen ja aistikas kuvaus ikiaikaisesta atleettisuuden ja taidon koetuksesta. Canada Documentary 73 min Director: Sophie Farkas Bolla Music: Florencia di Concilio Production: Long a vital source of food and income for the Inuit, the seal hunt has been disrupted by high profile, international campaigns fronted by celebrities and led by well-funded animal rights organizations.

The ensuing bans on seal products particularly from Europe have caused financial devastation to northern communities, creating what the filmmaker calls the Inuit Great Depression. The tides, however, are beginning to turn as an emerging group of Inuit activists armed with their own sense of humour and justice insert themselves into the international discussion. Utilizing social media, these thoughtful, grassroots warriors push back against corporate profiteering and political might to ensure their place in the global economy while also protecting the fragility and stewardship of the Arctic.

However, once there, he quickly realizes that the urban life is not what he d imagined. In his quest for a better future, he meets a homeless man who sells art on the sidewalk. This encounter reminds him of the stark fate that befalls many First Nations people living within urban centres. As he wanders the streets of lost souls, he is reminded of all that he s left behind.

Inspired by the late, contemporary, First Nation s artist Kyle Morrisseau, Choke uses stop-motion animation to explore themes of urban isolation and the individual search for identity within modern society. Canada Animation 73 min Director: Michael Dilauro, Shawn Delnick Editing: Pearl self-righteously positions herself as superior to the animals she now finds herself surrounded by a Queen in a savage land. The Manitous, on the other hand, have a plan of their own and her fate falls into their hands. Rendered in stunning stop-motion animation, The Lodge interrogates colonial concepts of savagery, critiques the de-humanizing of Indigenous peoples and explores the powerful medicine of our animal relations.

Claude Castonguay, Mona Laviolette Production: Featuring hundreds of clips from old classics as well as recent releases, the film traces the evolution of the Hollywood Indian. Diamond guides the audience on a journey across America to some of cinema s most iconic landscapes and conducts candid interviews with celebrities like Clint Eastwood, Robbie Robertson and Jim Jarmusch.

The film is a loving look at cinema through the eyes of the people who appeared in its very first flickering images and have survived to tell their stories in their own way. She studied both Sociology and Communication at the University of Ottawa Canada and the University of Granada Spain before pursuing a career in visual arts and films. Her works are unintentionally close to nature, partially due to her indigenous heritage. The other movies dwell in the indigenous landscape and shows us stories of wilderness, isolation and search of identities. She is also working on several visual art exhibitions opening up in March and over the summer.

Itseoppinut elokuvaohjaaja ja kuvataiteilija Caroline Monnet liikkuu sulavasti kokeellisesta elokuvanteosta dokumentteihin ja fiktioon. Elokuva Liike voitti parhaan kokeellisen elokuvan Kultaisen lyhteen -palkinnon Yorktonin elokuvajuhlilla. Kevin Lee Burton Music: Canada Documentary 4 min Director: Travis Cook, Brad Crawford Sound: South East Collegiate is a boarding school in Winnipeg where students have the chance to participate in the Mino Bimaadiziwin program where they are challenged to restrain from drugs and alcohol for a full academic year.

Kevin Lee Burton Contact: Honest, thoughtful and personal narration illuminates a survivor's state of mind that seeks serenity, while a background drumbeat accelerates the pace of this starkly resilient, black and white cinematic portrait. Gephyrophobia, meaning fear of bridges, is a film about movement, landscape and the tension between two distinct identities sharing the Ottawa River as their common border. Caroline Monnet, Daniel Watchorn Script: Caroline Monnet, Daniel Watchorn Cinematography: Over every landscape, in all conditions, everyday life flows with strength, skill and extreme competence.

Sophie Benoit Sylvestre Music: Identity, language and cultural heritage have a strong presence in their work. She is dragging a big trampoline, a burden she hopes will bring a bit of joy to the monotonous journey of life. But it can also be seen as a prison or a wall that is hard to see through. Lyhytelokuva Trambo on absurdi kuvaus saamelaisnaisen vaelluksesta lumisessa tunturissa. Sara Margarethe Oskat Script: Sara Margarethe Oskat Cinematography: Hoel, An overworked single mother offends Big sister badly. Big sister revenges on Little brother, forcing him out sledging in the freezing cold after bedtime.

Little brother tries to escape but Big sister ties him to the sledge and sends him off into the darkness. Suddenly Little Brother is gone. Sister finds him nowhere, gets desperate and have to beg the Aurora for help. Sofia Jannok, Anders Sunna Cinematography: Sofia Jannok, Sweden, we are still here! Pekka Aikio, Miro Mantere Editing: Her life is changing with her upcoming first child.

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She is longing back to her ancestral land to North and would like to have her child to have a northern identity. He doesn't feel like home up in the North, but he wants her to be happy and considers totally different lifestyle. Is it all longing for nostalgia? A dream that doesn't exist? Onko kyse vain nostalgian kaipuusta? Unelmasta, jota ei ole olemassa?

Jouni West, Juuso Laatio Music: Being peace-loving people the Sami fled when they realized that they were on the losing side.

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Then came a day when one of the Sami begun to fight back. Morten Hyld Pettersen Editing: Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole Contact: Sweden Fiction 15 min Director: Brian Dyrby, Mira Falk Editing: Now she claims that she is completely Swedish and from the south. Under pressure from her son, she reluctantly returns north for her sister s funeral.

As they are about to leave, she understands that her son has planned for them to stay with their relatives overnight. Refusing to do so, Elle checks in at the local Grand Hotel with all the tourists February Regular deadline March Late deadline COM 28th edition L. It has managed to establish itself as the third largest film industry in Latin America, thanks to the Law of Cinema Law passed in which has helped boost production in all genres and formats. Between and , our films received wide acknowledgement through participation in the vital scenes of the world of cinema, including tributes and prizes awarded at international events that have validated this evolutionary process.

This upswing has also had a positive impact on the filmmakers specialising in short film, who in recent years have dared to start producing more films and explore a wider range of themes and styles. This has resulted in quality films receiving recognition at many international festivals, earning Colombia its first Palme D Or for a short film at the Cannes Film Festival and an invitation to be the guest country of honour at the 39th Clermont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France, one of the highest pinnacles in the short film world.

In addition to the recognition we have received elsewhere, it is an honour, but above all a very special opportunity, to have this focus on Colombian short films at the Tampere Film Festival, granting us a chance to highlight the current positive state of film production in Colombia through a diverse and exciting selection of short films and hopefully find a connection between our productions and the vitality of the Finnish short. Andres arrives at a forgotten town looking for his brother. A picture is the only clue of his whereabouts. He finds a place ruled by violence and silence.

Indifference marks his route towards finding his brother. A sinister presence lingers about. A body subjugated to an environment that burns it inside out. Manrique, A journey through the profound silence of a mother. Juan Camilo Paredes Sound: Manrique, It s Sunday, the local market day, and Grandma Paulina wants to prepare creole hen to her husband for lunch, but the money is not enough. Without wishing it, she wins a Polaroid camera in a raffle, so, she proposes her husband to take pictures of their lives in the country. But the camera roll ends up, and the hunger persists. Juan Sebastian Mesa Script: One day a mysterious package appears in their backyard.

Its content will confront them with a moral conflict, where their decisions might involve them in an warfare. That seemed not to affect them before. Aiemmin se ei tuntunut vaikuttavan heihin. Cristina Motta, Nadina Marquisio Music: Cristina Motta, is not a year, it is a number. It is the number of massacres that occurred in Colombia. Carlos Gomez Salamanca Script: Manrique, Flesh is an audiovisual Project that reveal isolated and tangential actions around the sacrifice of an animal in a country celebration in Colombia; where different scenes function as rumors about an uncertain and disturbing fact, linked to the latent image of a destroyed body.

Manrique, Completo and Lizardo distribute milk in the country farms. Tired of Completo giving away milk to the girl he likes, Lizardo offers him some extra money to ask her out, if he manages to make their most difficult client to pay what he owes them.

Completo ja Lizardo jakavat maitoa maaseudun taloihin. Juan Pablo Rozo G. Juan Manuel Salazar Production: Manrique, Maicol, Anyi, Jackson, Leidi, David and Rafael are a group of neighborhood friends unhappy with their lives and environment. Together they decide to fix an abandoned car to escape from the neighborhood. This faces them with the beginning of their growing up experiences that will converge in one common aim. Oscar Ruiz Navia Script: Oscar Ruiz Navia Cinematography: Oscar Ruiz Navia Sound: Right there, they told him, each one by his own side, the story of their love relationship breaking up.

  1. Petaluda et Aponi, la fille du chaman 2 (Primo) (French Edition);
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  4. Winter Demon 2 (Yaoi).
  5. What if a fiction would allow them to get back together? To achieve it, she tries to win her sister s boyfriend, Gustavo. In a universe of teenagers, music and dance, in the discovery of identity and sexuality, Sara, without knowing, tries to find something hitherto unrecognizable to her she tries to find herself. Juan Felipe Rayo Editing: Manrique, The Girl on the Bus is a film that depicts a few days of the life of a young woman that, in order to survive with her baby, sells sweets in public busses.

    The rawness of the environment that surrounds her, brings to the surface her most primary instincts. This film is the result of the need of filming real people not actors and to combine them with fiction, to take their stories to the screen and to give them a voice. Manrique, Two teenagers irrupt in 'Eden', an abandoned spa in the middle of the deep vegetation. The violence of the place embodies them.

    Simon Mesa Soto Script: Simon Mesa Soto Cinematography: Her boyfriend, Alexis, hasn't shown up in days. That sunny morning, after she bathed her baby, Leidi was sent by her mother to buy plantains. She meets a guy that tells her he has seen Alexis with another girl. She forgets about bringing home the plantains and embarks on a journey to find him. Leidi won t return home until she finds the father of her child. Juan Manuel Mesa Editing: With the country in crisis, the protagonist is in constant danger and fights relentlessly, almost obsessively, for justice.

    Also the Canon screening will take us on a sentimental journey to London s past in Every Day Except Christmas with the film s s footage from the legendary Covent Garden market. However, the leading role in Swinging London is played by the present-day London. In these films, London is seen as a city of people going about their daily business, not as a postcard for tourists. The films shed light on the different aspects of being a Londoner, but most of all the screening emphasises life outside of Central London.

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    Swinging London aims to attract viewers that are perhaps more familiar with London than they are with short films. The screening consists of a wide variety of serious and less serious documentaries and fictions, and one of the films even answers a question that concerns the whole nation: In addition, many of the screening s films are or have been nominees in the Tampere Film Festival competition. It is therefore evident that Swinging London equals a quality selection of versatile films, all sharing a connection to London.

    If you are interested in the British style of making short films, you might also enjoy our screenings with films from the National Film and Television School in London. Swinging London -kokonaisuus pyrkii kursailematta houkuttelemaan lyhytelokuvan pariin katsojia, joille Lontoo on tutumpi kuin lyhytelokuvat. Humphrey Jennings, Harry Watt Script: Fowle, Jonah Jones Sound: O Film Unit Contact: United Kingdom Fiction 3 min Director: James Griffiths, A man and a woman live on opposite sides of the world, but their lives are inextricably linked.

    Told simultaneously through the eyes of both characters. United Kingdom Fiction 12 min Director: Nick Cooke, Davide Cinzi Sound: Christophe Penchenat, Sam Baker Editing: William Willson, It s the dog days of summer: On the hottest night of the year, two people from very different Londons meet - and go for a midnight swim.

    Jake Watson and Ten Production: Rhodri Williams, A documentary exploring Parkour. It looks at the deeper philosophical meaning behind the activity and its sense of community. United Kingdom Fiction 15 min Director: Giles Andrews, Stephane Tin Sound: Simon Norman, Nathaniel Kastoryano Editing: Tom Payne, Sharon Rapose Music: Konnichiwa Brick Lane is a romantic comedy short film about a Japanese girl losing love and finding a new love in a day, all happening on a multicultural urban London street, Brick Lane.

    It's about counter culture, stepping out from one's own ethnic community in London, heartbreak and being love struck. David Chapman, Victor is an anonymous street-sweeper in London escaping from memories of a bloody, African civil war. Traumatised by his past he seeks to vanish within the metropolis. But violence seeks him out once more and he realises that to regain his humanity he must become visible again.

    David Chapman, Everyone has a story to tell. There s more to a person than their job, than what you see. On a typical day in London, nine street sweepers ruminate on the nature of what they do, where they re from, family, their loves, hopes and dreams. Kaikilla on tarina kerrottavanaan. Bat for Lashes Natasha Khan Production: Joseph Ernst, Londoners is a vintage film about modern day London. Shot entirely on a year old wooden hand-cranked 35mm camera, Londoners documents modern day London as never seen before.

    It shows the city as a community: In an era obsessed with digital technology, by an increasingly camera-sceptic public, Londoners features thousands of people happily interacting directly with the camera, as they did a hundred years ago. Once you watch Londoners, you realize that very little has changed. United Kingdom Fiction 14 min Director: George Graham, A young Romanian couple move to London for a better life, but their relationship is strained by their poor sleeping conditions.

    Canada Documentary 6 min Director: John Hillis, London Calling reawakens the understanding of how vital mythologies are to forming, adjusting, and re-configuring our connections with a still mysterious, busy, and complex world. In an age when communication is instantaneous and new narratives continuously compete for attention, London Calling explores how the birth, experience, and reconfiguration of personal moments are turned into our own intimate mythologies. Using my ever changing connection with the titular metropolis, London Calling follows the evolution of my personal myth of that city begun as a child.

    Byron Blake, Adele Fletcher Editing: Rebecca Johnson, From the schoolyards of South London, fearless fifteen-year-old Donna and her best mate Felicia set off on a mission to become rappers - but plans go awry. In territory explored further in Director Rebecca Johnson s debut feature Honeytrap, Top Girl is a raw but tender tale of sexual misadventure and the power of female friendship. A series of visual impressions of the urban landscape.

    Sarja visuaalisia vaikutelmia urbaanista maisemasta. Hijos Music Design Production: Shelley Jones, Ella Ackroyd Contact: Shelly Jones, The Nest is a story about how quickly social harmony can break down when people are pushed out to the sidelines. Janine is a single mother struggling to raise her children. Her daughter Clemy is an angry teenager asserting her independence. This tense environment is exacerbated by the fact they are living illegally in a house they cannot afford to rent anymore. After being evicted, and replaced with second-generation immigrants, the family is forced to confront their growing sense of resentment at the world around them.


    Samuel is the first fiction film made within the British Hasidic community, with protagonist Shmilu torn between tradition and the chance of another life in east London. Operator casts Kate Dickie Red Road, , Couple in a Hole, as an emergency services operator charged with directing a young mother from a burning building; while Mining Poems or Odes is a beautifully lyrical Scottish BAFTA-winning documentary about a shipyard welder turned poet.

    In Over, a cryptic murder mystery unfolds for the viewer in nine wide shots. Animation Edmond sees a felt figure review his life s defining moments in stunning, handcrafted detail. Manoman finds an impotent figure unable to unleash the beast at a primal scream therapy session, until he finds something within that knows no limits.

    Both animation and live action shine in this programme of including some of the most exciting emerging British talent working today. Not to be missed. Runojen ja oodien kaivos taas on BAFTA-palkittu, kauniin lyyrinen skotlantilainen dokumentti laivahitsaajasta, joka ryhtyy runoilijaksi. As he stands alone by a lake contemplating his options, he goes on a journey backwards through his life, and revisits all his defining moments in search for the origin of his desires.

    The first fictional film made with the UK s Hasidic population, Samuel has unprecedented access including nonprofessional actors and Yiddish dialogue.


    It explores culture clash, identity struggles and their spiritual consequences. Rebecca Morgan, Caroline Bartleet Contact: Flames are creeping down the stairs that Gemma must use in order to reach him. The operator s guidance is all that Gemma can rely on in order to survive. From the animation genius behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Kuka viritti ansan, Roger Rabbit? United Kingdom Experimental, Documentary 11 min Director: Dougie Fairgrieve, Graig Houston Editing: Reflecting on how his life experiences have influenced his new found compulsion to write, his retrospective poetry reveals a man who is trying to achieve a state of contentment through words and philosophy.

    Robert J Rankin Cinematography: Steven Cameron Ferguson Sound: During the course of nine wide shots, told in reverse order, we witness an intriguing story unfold. What has happened in this quiet neighborhood? A murder, a hit-and-run, an accident? The reality is profound, and deeply unexpected. It has been cited by some media as one of the top five film schools globally and by one as the No.

    In , the government recommended the creation of a national film school for the UK and in the National Film School opened its doors for the first time focussing on postgraduate education. In the s, the school officially changed its name to the National Film and Television School to incorporate the demand for courses in television production and has since added games to its remit. NFTS prides itself on producing world-class, award-winning industry leaders. United Kingdom Animation 10 min Director: Adeyinka Edwards, Alvilde Naterstad Sound: Jon Harbottle, Jac Clinch Animation: Meanwhile, Wendy has had enough of being married to "the next step in cognitive evolution.

    The Bigger Picture uses giant animated characters in life-size sets to tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an ageing parent. Axle Kith Cheeng Editing: Fodhla Cronin O Reilly Contact: He lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling, and the marriage hangs in the balance. Aviomies ja vaimo ovat kasvaneet erilleen vuosien mittaan. Mies asuu lattialla, vaimo katossa, ja avioliitto on vaakalaudalla. United Kingdom Animation 13 min Director: Kristina Yee, Frances Poletti Cinematography: Tom Lock Griffiths Editing: Lillian Todd - history s first female aeronautical engineer is making last minute checks before her plane will take to the skies.

    She has fought many battles to make it onto the airfield today. However her biggest challenge is yet to come, as the day s proceedings don t go quite as anyone could have imagined. United Kingdom Documentary 30 min Director: According to the old law of Kanun war widows in Kosovo are forbidden to remarry, work or lead an independent life outside of their homes. Held back by tradition they are now fighting depression and poverty.

    In a small village of widows, counsellors are trying to convince the women that the healing journey can start right in their garden. All they need is a wooden box and a queen bee. United Kingdom Fiction 17 min Director: Gabriel Gauchet, Rungano Nyoni Cinematography: An advisor, stifled by the limits of the system she works in, has no choice but to penalise him for his tardiness. We play only the best dancefloor killers, no fillers. Since and still going strong! Musiikin ilosanomaa katajaiselle kansalle! Evelinan ura sai alkunsa vuoden loppupuolella, jolloin tuottaja MGI: Bar Loosen lauteille nousee kolme kowaa rock'n roll aktia: Stadin omat turboahdetut hard-rockarit Carson Inc.

    Eli raahaudus paikalle, tuo kaveris, tuo vaik mutsis! HKI - high power R'n'R http: Anna Inginmaan aistikas laulu soi raikkaana ja pakottomana. Moonshine julkaisi viime vuonna debyytti-EP: Blue Eyed Sons -yhtyeen musiikissa voi kuulla vaikutteita ja 70 lukujen bluesista, hard rockista ja psykedeliasta.

    Tervetuloa aistimaan jamien taikaa! Nykyisin klubi toimii Bar Loosessa sunnuntaisin. Kokoonpanot vaihtelevat illan aikana, ja spontaanisti syntyy ainutlaatuisia, mieleenpainuvia musiikillisia tuokioita! Israelin Katuvalot soittaa kuolleen miehen lauluja. Kehuvien arvosteluiden mukaan lopputulos on ajatonta musiikkia, jota ei aiemmin ole soitettu Suomessa. Atte ja Emil vastaavat taidokkaasta soittamisesta ja Reeta laulaa niin kovin kauniisti. Youngheartedin biisit ovat kivunneet Spotifyn listoille mm. Younghearted - Hetkeksi https: Amusia - Auttakaa Nyt Saatana https: Every day takes care of itself and has just enough problems and solutions for it.

    Instead, rejoice always and possess peace which transcends all understanding in your everyday life. Llamassence - Not Thick Enough https: Nyt loppuu tipaton, on aika Naulaamon! Hopihopi hophop kohti Naulaamon legendaarisia jameja! Katriinamies on improvisaatio-orkesteri, joka on perustettu anno domini Karavaanin kulku alkaa 4. Brawl Between Enemies Saksa - Heavy hardcore. These days are ours Happy and free.

    Oh Happy Days These days are ours Share them with me. The band reaches out to listeners of all ages with its captivating melodies. This music seems to really enchant its audience and has a strong crossover appeal on it. Massive choruses, killer arrangements and energetic stage appearance are the brand of Free Spirit. Free Spirit soittaa ajatonta rockia stadionsoundilla! Niin on koittanut aika kilpailuista uljaimman, kun Wizard of Loose palaa talvitauoltaan 7.

    Varsinainen visa alkaa kello Naulaamo-illan alkuun klo 20 saamme nauttia puolen tunnin setin perulaisen kitarataituri Rolando Carrasco Segovia musiikista! Yhtye on keikkaillut pitkin Suomea aina Rovaniemelle asti. Tiedossa ruokaa, juomaa ja ennen kaikkea loistavaa live-musaa! Tickets from Tiketti buffet pre-sale ends 3pm at Tiketti! Tickets from the door: Please check the buffet menu in English: Loppujen lopuksihan on kyse hauskan pidosta vailla vertaa.

    Esileikit hoitaa ammattimaisesti DJ P. Jokaisen musiikillinen tausta on jazzissa. Kohotetaan maljat Bowien muistolle: Kulttiklassikko Velvet Goldmine heijastetaan Loosen screenille Tule varaamaan sohvapaikat, pop corn on da house! Black Radiance is an alternative band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, that was formed in december Their music is a powerful combination of nu-metal, hardcore and screamo genres.

    During the first year of activity Black Radiance has played a lot of shows in their hometown and visited Moscow with Emergenza Festival Showcase. Today Black Radiance is working on recording studio and preparing their first EP-album, which will be released in spring-summer The members of the band are from different parts of the world. The drummer Pavel arrived from Kazakhstan, the bassist Nikolay is from Belarus and the others are from the opposite ends of Russia.

    MIRO tries to bring the light and at their concerts to achieve a supernatural atmosphere, from which people would change and get filled with positive emotions and love to others. At the moment the band is working at their next single and first album and is preparing to enter the world stage! The history of Sacrament starts in and since the beginning the band declared itself to be one of the best bands of St. Petersburg in a gothic-metal genre.

    Young, dynamic artists from Saint-Petersburg representing the new wave of Russian rock music. The band performs music, which is written and composed by the group and can be described as atmospheric guitar pop-rock new formation. The Maya Secret is a popular group which is winning hearts of emotional instrumental music lovers in Saint Petersburg. The band performs their compositions in English with elements of trip-hop, indie rock, dream pop and neoclassicism. While creating their compositions, the musicians use the piano, the cello, vigorous rhythm section together with good vocals. The band creates a mysterious and wraparound atmosphere at their concerts.

    Club performances are always accompanied by visual and lighting special effects which greatly complement the impressions of the performance. The Maya Secret won the silver medal at the festival Emergenza Russia. Yleistekstuuri rakennetaan synkkien varjojen ja kylmien laservalojen kajoon.

    Yhtyeen popisti koukuttava darkwave tanssittaa haikeasti. Rain Diary musiikissa soi urbaani talvi: Talvea punkilla turpaan ja joraamaan! Lepakko-luolan homeisissa kellareissa alkunsa saanut The Duplo! Energiatasot korkeuksiin ja nupit kaakkoon! Tapahtumapaikka on kotoisa Bar Loose! Kaikki paikalle juhlistamaan maaliskuun alkua!

    Tukijoitamme ovat Svart, Like, Rumba ja Soliti. Tsekkaa hienon hieno Desperate Days -musavideo! We gonna Jump, Jive and Twist all night! Short fat fannie is on the loose, so come shake a tail feather and don't forget your dancing shoes! Miljoonat katselu- ja kuuntelukerrat puhuvat puolestaan. Illan avaa Monspin tuorein kiinnitys Ode, jolle voi povata kirkasta tulevaisuutta! Tuleppa siis tanhuamaan ja tasaamaan paineita. Kirjailijat Janne Kuusi ja Mika Pekkola keskustelevat kirjoistaan. Toisin sanoen silkkaa rautaa! Sara on uudistanut soundiaan rohkeasti elektronisempaan suuntaan.

    Yhtye on aina karsastanut laatikointia ja rinnastusta aikalaisiinsa. Luvassa on huikea setti, joka tarjoilee tunnetiloja laidasta laitaan. Let me tell you! Nyt korkataan Loosen virallinen sunnariklubi! Tulkaa tanssimaan, tulkaa hengaamaan! Biisit vaihtelevat melankolisista lauluista riehakkaaseen rockiin. Debyyttialbumi ilmestyy saman vuoden elokuussa. DJ Tipsy Mayhem sokeroi ihanuudellaan kaiken, nam! Tule vaikuttumaan ja tunnelmoimaan Ollin kanssa! Tai sitten ei, mutta rock-asenteella tietenkin: Uniikin tyylin kokoonpanolle luovatkin soittajien erilaiset taustat.

    Levyt voi tilata ennakkoon osoitteista: Leket Gui -yhtyeen laulajana. She become Myrma in when she released her first single, I love you. In her childhood she used to sing at home, in the streets and in the school. Myrma was also surrounded by music with her highly musical mother and brothers. We could say that Myrma developed vocal skills without really being conscious about the whole process.

    In , Myrma successful auditioned and joined the colony of "ouzettes" where she assured the chorus in "Baay" album made by father Ouza. This had great significance cause Myrma fine-tuned her talent through real orchestral work. With this improved technical background and real talent she released her first acclaimed single, I love you.

    After the success, she continued to develop by taking courses in music theory and vocalization. Myrmas sincere smile is known and appreciated by all. Myrmas fans know her sensibility through her lyrics and music. When Myrma talks about her creative work, it is clear that her sensibility is at the heart of her art. Myrmas voice is the voice of the Senegal. Mutka-orkesterin esikuvia, tyylisuuntia ja vaikutteita on kuultavissa paljon ja musiikillinen asu on vapaa.

    Mutka-orkesterin debyyttilevy julkaistaan maaliskuussa Rapu Recordsin kautta. Seitsenhenkisen orkesterin soitinvalikoimaan kuuluu mm. Vuonna yhtye julkaisi EP: Hermanni Turkki on valittu City-lehden toimesta yhdeksi Helsingin parhaista asioista vuonna Iiris sai suomalaiselta musiikkimedialta paljon huomiota ja esiintyi mm. Iiris on viimeiset kolme vuotta asunut Englannissa ja opiskellut arvovaltaisessa Goldsmithin- taidelukiossa Lontoossa. Sunday's Best piffaa karkit, ihan oikeesti! Kaiken takana on nainen! Lippuja keikalle saat osoitteesta: Orkesterin musiikki on sekoite hardcoren eri tyylisuuntia: Yhtye kypsytteli ja hioi rauhassa eponyymia esikoisalbumiaan, joka ilmestyy 1.

    He's got the power to decide what is cool! Edward Munch otti siveltimen ja sutaisi kuvan vuonna Allen Ginsberg kirjoitti beatnikkien manifestin Underground ei kuole koskaan. Keittoo, karkki ja skumppaa! Kuplivaa ja tanssijalkaa ihanaa! Downtown, on the stage and until late, we'll be keeping the lights off and giving the spotlight to local electronic artists.

    We are looking for new talent to play at Feedback, so please send us music VIA email - meanseedrecords gmail. Ja loppuun edellisen alpparin hitti - Space Precious Time: Harjoitellaan askelien ottamista tanssilattialla Helatorstain kunniaksi. Surinapopin messiaat - The New Tigers - aktivoituu ja palaa kovempana kuin koskaan!

    Tsekkaa Rumban artikkelista EP: Legendaarinen kombo, joka soitti Fredalla sijainneen "vanhan Loosen" avajaispippaloissa. Tsekkaa alta yhtyeen Blood , Sweat and Beer -musavideo. Anyhow, kunhan ei tanssita! Vuonna syntynyt laulaja-laulunkirjoittaja asuu nykyisin Tampereella.