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Barkdull (The Mourning Dove) offers this gentle coming-of-age story, a novel with the flavor of YA fiction. In Fort Benton, Mont., an old collie's master has.
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I will treasure this book, as a wonderous adventure that I just couldn't stop reading. No matter how you feel about dogs and their masters, this one is just a heart warming story for any season. I love Amazon and rely on their great books that never disappoint me. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Could not put it down once I started reading it. Shows true loyalty and commitment from a dog is never to be questioned.

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One person found this helpful. I enjoyed the book. Was intrigued by the visual descriptions. Would like to visit the statue and place. I recommend this book for reading at any age.

Cold Train Coming

Looked at the cover and thought, one to read in the good old summertime! Does start off slowly, yet something said, give it a chance. Moving and down right funny tale of a destitute family fighting to make ends meet in The war is raging and we have adults and children trying make out what life is all about. And there's a dog at the center of it all whose devotion to his former master is one of heartbreak yet a loving tribute unequaled in short span of almost six years. Yes, there is a boy and girl, but not how you'd think. A younger brother who is downright crazy and funny as someone would be for his age.

Could give more , but that would ruin what is comin at ya. Enjoy this heartwarming fun tale and at the end of the book you will find and interesting story.

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I love this book, it his beautifully written. But then I haven't found a book of Larry Barkdull that I didn't like, he's an awesome author. I loved this book. I especially liked the part about Ben's "mouth-to-beak" resuscitation of a chicken but I'm not going to try it. I still find myself laughing about that scene. Barkdull wrote the story because of an actual sheepdog who waited at a train station in Fort Benton, MT for several years, and the story was known around the world.

Sep 03, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: In the midst of dealing with a World War, this small trainstation of a town has its own little dramas going on. A boy on the verge of growing up, a wife tempted by a handsome would-be rescuer, a loyal dog that has captured the imagination and heart of an entire town. This book managed to delve into issues of war, fidelity, manic depression, loyalty and love without being boring. I think that says a thing or two.

I found the characters believable and endearing enough that I was rooting for them. I In the midst of dealing with a World War, this small trainstation of a town has its own little dramas going on. I found the true story of the dog, Shep, to be moving. Jan 05, Joy rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this book. The author is a cousin of my mom's, and he writes pretty well.

Cold Train Coming is the story of two boys living in a small western railroad town. They end up taking care of a dog who lives at the train station who has been there since his owner's body was taken away to family back east several years before. The dog waits for every train, waiting for the owner. The boy's story becomes entangled with the dog's and it makes for a quick, enjoyable book. Jan 22, Susan rated it liked it. Since I read for stories, and way too fast, it was hard for me to slow down and savor the words.

Loosely based on the well known story of Shep, the sheep dog, who's master died and his body shipped by train to his family. Shep spent the rest of his life waiting at the train station. The main story is also about being faithful and true. Oct 25, Linda rated it liked it. The story itself was rather average; I grew up in Fort Benton in the 50s and 60s and it was interesting to see the cast of characters from the 40s. Very much as it would have been I suspect. The story of Shep was ingrained in all of us, and like the youngsters in the story, hiking up to the little bluff by the train depot to see the statue of Shep was a common occurrence.

Aug 22, WendyR rated it really liked it. This book will be a bit more challenging for my boys than the books they have been reading but I really want them to read it. I really enjoyed this book.

It had sort of a Bridge to Terabithia feel to it. Feb 01, Beth rated it really liked it. I couldn't put it down! They centered the book on a true story of a dog who lost his master and shed some light on what some of the people struggled with during war after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Apr 17, Breanne rated it did not like it. The legend of Shep will warm the heart of most anyone however, this fictional story that intertwines with the Shep legend has an unbelievable plot and fairly corny ending.

It is nonetheless wholesome, with no bad language or themes. Nov 08, Karen rated it really liked it. This story is set during world war II.

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It took me a while to get into the story. I found it to be a good story and very sad at times. Jan 12, Heather rated it really liked it. A very touching book that teaches you alot about the "olden days" and the regular struggles they went through on a daily basis. Ben soon feels the pangs of first love and grapples with issues of trust and understanding in his relationship with his mother and his severely depressed father. In the evenings, Ben marvels over the North Star's constancy from his window and pens letters to God, detailing the hopes of his heart.

Lovely descriptions of Montana as it might have been in war-torn make the story sing, and some light tension keeps the pages turning. Ben sometimes seems older than his years, but scenes such as the one in which he attempts mouth-to-beak resuscitation of a presumed-dead chicken remind us he's an adolescent.