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The Anunnaki Years (Anunnaki Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by J.D. Gallagher. Download it once $ 2. Children Of The Anunnaki (Anunnaki Race for the Flash Stone (The Anlon Cully Chronicles Book 2) Kindle Edition. K Patrick.
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He is blinded and his testicles squashed. The council allows him to live. The Earth commander realizes this was the first time an earthling raised an army. He surveys his position of having space ports in places and on lands he does not control. He summons his three sons and has built a space port unknown to the other Anunnaki. Another love interest has sprung forth. This time it is between descendants of each of the kings sons. All but one looks forward to it bringing peace.

During her dressing the bride tells of her plans for her husband. The plans are so grandiose the female relative dressing her tells the grooms father. The father is alarmed and fears the kings other sons kingship lineage will get the advantage. So his plan is to have his daughter be impregnated by her brother the groom.

The History of the Anunnaki: The 14 Tablets of Enki | Ancient Code

This way the kingship lineage stays in tact on their side of the family. How he would know the offspring would be male I do not know. After he impregnates his sister he falls asleep. He has a dream of death. When he wakes he tells his sister who thinks he will be accused of raping her. He runs from the city and ends up by a waterfall. The rocks are slippery and he falls to his death. This last part is confusing. The would be bride rushes to the place where her grooms body lay.

She is accused by her sister of wanting to be impregnated by her grooms brother. The advisor to the would be brides sister says the sister should curse her with sixty plagues. The kings son that created mankind and is also the groom grandfather fashions two bloodless emissaries that can not be harmed by death rays to go and retrieve the bride. The advisor to the brides sister shoots the two emissaries with a ray but it does not affect them.

The advisor then shows them to the lifeless body of the bride which is hanging from a stake. The two emissaries direct a pulsar and emitter on her, put a plant of life in her mouth and sprinkle her body with the water of life. The bride had gone to the underworld in search of the groom body. The underworld in olden times being the place of death. The two emissaries bring her back to life and proceed to leave the underworld taking along the grooms body. The bride wants revenge and demands the death of the grooms father even though he did not kill his son.

The bride seeks revenge by starting a war. It ends with the father of the groom trapping himself in a chamber of the pyramid. He has entombed himself and will die there if nothing is done. His father makes a deal where he will be exiled and give up kingship lineage. For everything these Anunnaki do and have done, this seems unfair.

But the Earth commander is playing politics and has gotten the upper hand. His brother, by being older should be the next king, but by this event the kingship lineage almost ensures the kingship will never be his brothers lineage. The earth commander also reassigns lands. This brings up another question he has for his father the king. The earthlings are multiplying faster than the Anunnaki. How do the Anunnaki get the earthlings to obey and serve them.

The king decides to come to Earth one more time. The earth commander reassigns lands. The bride still wants what land she would have had if the marriage had been completed. Nothing is given to her. The rebuilding continues even though it has been two shars since the flood 7, years. A very curious thing is mentioned here. It reminds me of the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid.

Like on our dollar bill. The king arrives and a great feast and singing is had by all. The king and his wife then sleep for several days and nights. On the sixth day the king summons the two sons and daughter. They account to him the layout of the new gold find and space pad, etc. Then they talk about the emissary he sent them before the flood. The one that came in a spaceship and talked with them about the flood and their life cycle change on Earth.

About how they would die if they returned to Nibiru. Then the same emissary appearing to one of the sons in a dream. The king states he did not send an emissary. They are all bewildered. Some reorganizing of the lands and a new approach to the earthlings. They were to be intermixed with the Anunnaki in the cities. They also were given a city of their own with their own king appointed by the Earth commander. A point system for kingship and authority was devised and given.

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The bride is still filled with revenge and demands her own land. She makes a scheme and directs it the grandfather kings son of her dead groom. He is in charge of something called MEs. She makes a plan to steal them from him. She arrives at his abode dressed scantily and seduces him with song and wine. So far he is falling for the deception. The Earth commander appears to have stripped his brother of the responsibility. The brothers son, back from exile became very enraged. He demanded a sacred city of his own.

The Earth commander uncle would not give him one. He took it upon himself and gathered some igigi to help him. They proceeded to build the tower of Babel. At night the Earth commanders forces destroyed it and scattered the people. He then gave each region a different language and alphabet to use. City kings came and went. The people sang songs about the bride who was now in charge of the MEs. For Earth years they quarreled.

The younger brother finally left at the insistence of the kings son his father. He left for new land across the ocean. Interestingly the once exiled son of the kings son that created the earthlings in now called Ra Ra was referred to in Egypt as the sun god. Ra now replaces the face of the lion next to the pyramid with his sons face.

References to his younger brother is erased. There seems to be a history in Egypt of this type of destroying the remnants of old kings. The Anunnaki had an accurate system of counting by Ra replaces it with counting by 10s. He gave him all knowledge except how to revive the dead. There is now established a third region and the bride is given lord over it. The kings son she seduced and stole MEs from now holds MEs from her she needs to rule her land with.

Her land is also given a totally new language. The third region was not able to communicate because of the language and almost goes to war over it. Trade does not happen because of language. The third region did not blossom because of this barrier. The bride neglected her region. Other regions were not given to her. It was finally taken away from her. She was haunted by her dead groom. She built a house for night time pleasure. She tempted men to her bed and killed them.

Gilgamesh is a king and desires long life. He tries but does not attain it and dies. He is now preoccupied with attaining immortality. He instructs people to go look for gold.

Children Of The Anunnaki

They invade his brothers land and they become enraged. Ra wants to rule the entire Earth. The bride travels and finds a people in a land she likes. Earthlings are taught the constellations. The bride and Ra. War begins between the two kings sons families. The Earth commander has a dream with the same emissary as his brothers dream. He shouts out to the Earth commander and his followers that he is the sole ruler and they should surrender.

But the Earth commander has an edge. He knows where the weapons of terror are hidden. He sends two to load them and use them, but making sure the people are not harmed. It is 1, years since the flood.

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All is destroyed of Ra forces and followers. Then after, the wind blew an evil dark cloud that killed all in its path. Enki and Enlil flying around surveying the damage from the weapons of terror. The two brother talk and discuss the meaning of it all. The kingdom that RA desired so badly is now a wasteland. The Earth commander tells his brother that what Ra wanted, he can have. What he sowed he can now reap the radioactive land.

As for the Earth commander, he is going westward to where the gold field is to complete the original mission. The Lost Book of Enki: Share with your friends! Thre website is based on the Ancient Astronaut Theory, but it also offers its readers a vast collection of articles about History, Mythology, Lost Civilizations, etc. Facebook Twitter Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The History of the Anunnaki: The 14 Tablets of Enki

Sitchen took a dozen disparate lines from the Sumerian Tablets and made 9 books out of them. The damage he did to the factual study of prehistory has never been equaled by anyone else. You are full of crap. Sitchin certainly used a hell of a lot more than a dozen lines. Perhaps you can buy one at WalMart.

I cannot imagine how great a level of intelligence you possess. It must be off the charts.

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I know nothing of Sumerian tablets but, after reading this I feel I know even less if possible. What a pile of Niburu trash. It was compiled, to deceive and control people, as this is.

The Anunnaki with Legendary Marvel and DC Comic Artist Pat Broderick

This is not from real tablets. He says it right in the forward. So posting this as REAL is misleading to those who are interested in this history. This would make a decent film but i always maintain that Sitchin was a total bullshit artist. Reads like the back story for a stargate sg1 episode. Gallagher January 13, Book 3 of 3. More About the Authors. Biography is a very definite region bounded on the north by history, on the south by fiction, on the east by obituary, and on the west by tedium. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history.

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English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Pleiadeans identify with the same constellation that the Anunnaki do: Pleiadians, it is believed, are direct descendants of the Anunnaki. They are both groups of beings who are described as tall, fair looking, blonde, and blue-eyed.

The thing that separate the two is thst the Anunnaki identify with Aldebaran and the Pleiadeans with Pleiades , a star cluster in the Taurus constellation. The Pleiadeans were either: They both share similar characteristics and both identify with Taurus. The Tiamatians originated from the fragment green planet "Tiamat", which had similar characteristics to earth: It was the fifth planet in the solar system. Tiamat had a huge moon called "Kingo", similar to Neptune in size, and also similar to the size of Tiamat. The first pass of Nibiru meant that the Earth, Kingo and Tiamat collided - creating a large asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

One of those fragments fell to earth killing the dinossurs. The Anunnaki unified DNA of dinosaurs to the rock microorganism; which originated from a fragment of Tiamat. This was their first genetic work in creating a humanoid in the form of the Igigi the first demigods or pre adamites.

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Evidence of reptilians with elongated skulls, are found in Egypt within abandoned caves. The Reptilians are another alien species which are rumored to be real. The Reptilians are two separate species to the Anunnaki this has most likely been asserted as they are allies of the Anunnaki , as is evident from the statues of the ancient Sumerians.

Many of the cave cities, found throughout the world, originated from Igigi architecture in the era of their segregation from the Anunnaki. Reptilians have also been noted to shape shift, and have knowledge of genetic engineering. Furthermore, the difference is that the Reptilians are humanoid reptiles in their original form, with scales and sometimes described to be reptiles without scales while Sumerian tablets represent the Anunnaki gods as giant, muscular humanoids.

Additionally, if humans were made in the image and likeness of a reptilian Anunnaki, then humans too would be reptilian in appearance. The Reptilians have been known to have a malevolent nature, separating them from humans and Anunnaki: The Igigi later joined their Anunnaki masters to control the human race - in the rank of astronaut soldiers; whereas the Eloheem gradually returned to regain the land, after the destruction caused by the great flood. Wars of the Gods led to nuclear catastrophe.

This only left the possibility of migrating to the Agharta underworld, and isolating themselves from humanity to be observers. Are two characteristics the result of the Anunnaki's genetic experience of other beings, that is, of adding a new species on earth before and after the birth of Adam and Eve.

Many beings such as faun, centaur, dragons, unicorns, satyr, sphinx, mermaid, minotaur, cyclope, medusa, Pre Adamite Igigi and others are part of the genetic creation of the Anunnaki. Other characteristics of the demigods were the abduction among human women by Anunnaki to inseminate the children of the gods in their womb as heroes of fame later They are almost similar the Nephilim giants, but in size small to 3 and 2 meters, but are different of sons rebels Anunnaki Grigori , but this demigods are similar to humans being with the ability of a almost God, as an example: In the history of Mesopotamia among the Hebrew records, the Nephilim bear a incredible similarity to the Anunnaki, just as told about the other they were children of those who came from heaven known as the Eloheem and also people of Earth usually Human women.

Other scripture besides the old testament of the Bible is a missing book of the Bible known as the book of Enoch.