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But his loudmouth protests embarrass Bess and silence their voluble tour-guide. Already there's a pressure to pretend not to see what's going on. Further frictions arise when, under the auspices of a scheme called "Just Folks", Sandy disappears for the summer for an "apprenticeship" with a Kentucky tobacco farmer. A talented young artist, he returns with a portfolio of animal sketches - and a sudden enthusiasm for Waspish, heartland values. Worse, he's co-opted by the OAA the Office of American Absorption to encourage other Jewish city boys to follow his example - and does it so well that through his aunt, Bess's sister Evelyn whose boyfriend, Rabbi Bengelsdorf, is a passionate supporter of Lindbergh , he's invited to a reception at the White House.

A fierce row ensues, with Herman refusing Sandy permission to attend and Evelyn and the rabbi defending Lindbergh as a freely elected democrat "who has exhibited not a single inclination towards authoritarian rule". In noisily denouncing Lindbergh, Herman is made to feel like a "frightened, paranoid ghetto Jew". Paranoia is a common issue with Roth's narrators, who're frequently told they're imagining or exaggerating things - there's a memorable scene in The Counterlife, when a woman in a London restaurant complains to the waiter of the terrible smell in the place and the hero, Nathan Zuckerman, tells his disbelieving gentile wife "I am that stink".

The thesis of The Plot Against America is paranoid, too - a fascistic US government suspending civil liberties and persecuting minorities deemed a threat to security.

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To make alternative history credible, you have to register the incredulity of those it's happening to. You had to be there to see what it looked like.

See a Problem?

My friends, it is happening here. What unfolds requires some tweaking of the historical record - the postponement of Pearl Harbor by a year, for instance. But so inevitable is the march of events that this is all it seems, a tweak. It helps that we see things through the eyes of a child.

The 92Y Announces Reading of THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA with Jon Hamm and Others

The man the child became can look back at what was lost "that huge endowment of personal security I had taken for granted as an American child of American parents in an American school in an American city in an America at peace with the world" , but the child, in medias res, is preoccupied by matters other than politics: But even those postage stamps lose their innocence.

Philip dreams of their national park icons being covered by swastikas, and when the collection is eventually lost, anti-semitism is directly to blame: As it turns out, the Roths avoid the ultimate catastrophe. But Philip's worst-best friend Seldon is less fortunate.

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  6. There's a hauntingly familiar moment when Seldon, at home alone in Kentucky when his mother Selma fails to return from work, is given painstaking instructions by Philip's mother over the phone from Newark on how to make himself toast for supper. Seldon fears the worst "Now both my parents are dead" and he's right to.

    By this point, two years into Lindy's presidency, killings and riots have begun and many Jews are fleeing over the border into Canada. He loses his leg in combat, and comes home with his ideals destroyed. He leaves the family and becomes a racketeer. A new government program begins to take Jewish boys to spend a period of time living with exchange families in the South and Midwest in order to "Americanize" them. Philip's brother Sandy is one of the boys selected, and after spending time on a farm in Kentucky he comes home showing contempt for his family, calling them "ghetto Jews".

    This causes further strain in the family. A new government act is instituted relocating whole Jewish families to the western United States.

    The 92Y Announces Reading of THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA with Jon Hamm and Others

    Many of Philip's neighbors move to Canada. Philip's shy and innocent school friend Seldon Wishnow, an only child, is moved to Kentucky with his mother. In protest against the new act, radio broadcaster Walter Winchell openly criticizes the Lindbergh administration and is fired from his station. He then decides to run for President and begins a speaking tour. His candidacy causes anger and antisemitic rioting in southern and Midwestern states, and mobs begin targeting him.

    German American Bund

    Making a speech in Louisville, Kentucky he is shot to death. Winchell's funeral in New York City is presided over by Mayor Fiorello La Guardia , who praises Winchell for his opposition to fascism , and openly criticizes President Lindbergh for his silence over the riots and Winchell's death. After making a short speech, Lindbergh's personal plane goes missing. Body hunts turn up no results and Vice President Wheeler assumes command. The German State Radio discloses "evidence" that Lindbergh's disappearance, as well as the kidnapping of his son , were part of a major Jewish conspiracy to take control of the U.

    This announcement causes further antisemitic rioting. Wheeler and Ford, acting on this evidence, begin arresting prominent Jewish citizens, including Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Seldon calls the Roths when his mother doesn't come home. They later discover that Seldon's mother was killed by Ku Klux Klan members who beat and robbed her before setting fire to her car with her in it. The Roths eventually call Sandy's exchange family in Kentucky and have them keep Seldon safe until Philip's father and brother drive there and bring him back to Newark. Months later, he is taken in by his mother's sister.

    David Simon adapting Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America for TV

    The rioting stops when first lady Anne Morrow Lindbergh makes a statement asking for the country to stop the violence and move forward. With the body searches called off, former president Franklin D. Roosevelt runs as an emergency presidential candidate, and is reelected. Months later, the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor , and the U. As an epilogue, Philip's aunt Evelyn confides a theory of Lindbergh's disappearance. According to her, after Lindbergh's son Charles was kidnapped, his murder was faked, and he was then raised in Germany by the Nazis as a Hitler Youth member. The Nazis' price for the boy's life was Charles Lindbergh's full cooperation with a Nazi-organized Presidential campaign, by which they hoped to bring the Final Solution to the U.

    When Lindbergh informed them that the United States would never permit such a thing, he was kidnapped, and the Jewish conspiracy theory was put forward hoping to turn the U.

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    Roth admits that this theory is the most far-fetched, but "not necessarily the least convincing" explanation for Lindbergh's disappearance. Roth has stated that the idea for the novel came to him while reading the unpublished galleys for Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. The title appears to be taken from that of a communist pamphlet published in support of the campaign against Burton K. Wheeler 's re-election to the U.

    The novel depicts an antisemitic United States in the s. Roth had written in his autobiography, The Facts , of the racial and antisemitic tensions that were a part of his childhood in Newark. Several times in that book he describes children in his neighborhood being set upon simply because they were Jewish. Roth's novel was generally well received. Jonathan Yardley of The Washington Post , exploring the book's treatment of Lindbergh in some depth, calls the book "painfully moving" and a "genuinely American story.

    The New York Times review described the book as "a terrific political novel " as well as "sinister, vivid, dreamlike, preposterous and, at the same time, creepily plausible. Blake Morrison in The Guardian offered high praise: Writer Bill Kauffman in The American Conservative wrote a scathing review of the book, objecting to its criticism of the movement of which Lindbergh was a chief spokesperson, a movement sometimes referred to as isolationist but which Kauffman sees as anti-war, in contrast to Roosevelt's pro-war stance.

    He also criticizes its portrayal of increasing American antisemitism, in particular among Catholics , and for the nature of its fictional portrayals of real-life characters like Lindbergh, claiming it was "bigoted and libelous of the dead", as well as for its ending, featuring a resolution to the political situation that Kauffman considered a deus ex machina.