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23 ideas on how to use the pocket notebook on the Milligram Journal.
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With Word, the written world is your oyster. The same size as their normal pocket notebooks 3. That means that each of the 48 pages inside these notebooks has printed on it a handy chart system with spaces on which to write your location, date of visit, weather conditions, companions, and any pertinent details concerning the trip. It will also help you better remember your experiences, as physically writing stuff down has been determined to better tie things to your memory.

After all, they did set the standard in all sorts of writing pads for years. And their quality has not waned in the least. This terrific option is much smaller than their full-sized offerings, measuring up at a pocket-friendly 3. If minimalist style is at the top of your desires in a pocket notebook, this one will probably top your must-have list.

Take, for instance, their Expedition notebooks. In fact, its pages are waterproof, tear-resistant, extreme temperature-resistant, and have even been proven to survive a trek down to the South Pole in Antarctica. Try to find a more comprehensively tough notebook, we dare you. Seeking something clean and well organized? Well, you might be interested in this hard-covered option.

The Leuchtturm Small Pocket Journal might have more organizational options than anything else out there — including eight perforated and detachable sheets for on-the-fly note-taking, an accordion-style internal pocket for loose notes or receipts, and stickers for labeling and archiving.

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Leuchtturm has alternative offerings that can meet all your everyday carry notebook needs. This should never happen. In the end, after trying a lot of pens, my preferred pen is the Uniball Signo Ultra Micro. These pens are a home run for each of the above criteria and can be bought in bulk for a reasonable price per pen.

In that book, Allen describes a very robust strategy for keeping track of tasks and pieces of information that one might accumulate. Everything I might possibly want to think about later is written down in my pocket notebook. I have no qualms about taking it out almost anywhere; if anyone asks, I tell them that they just told me something important that I want to remember or think about later.

People are subtly flattered if you tell them that they just said something important enough to you that you want to write it down to think about it later.

Thanks for telling me! Most things are stored as simple notes, prefaced by a dash. I use a small dash or a dot at the start of each separate note. Most of my collection is just a long series of these notes. Most of the material in that book is just a sequence of unrelated notes.

Pocket Notebooks:

I usually have two paper clips attached to the back cover of the notebook. If I have any stray thoughts during this, I skip a page or two and jot it down, then go back to the notes. I find that I have a lot of stray ideas while I am working, so having that notebook in the most convenient place possible makes it easy to jot down notes as they come to mind. I start at the previous double line. I use a double line as a separator to indicate where I stopped processing my notebook last time.

I move names and addresses to my address book and social media contacts to appropriate social media accounts. I find that the best absorption — meaning that I integrate the ideas into my thinking and interpretation of the world — happens when I recopy those notes.

So, what I usually do is copy them into Evernote. I make a new note in Evernote with the name of the talk and then transfer my notes from my pocket notebook onto the computer within that Evernote note.

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This process is incredibly helpful for actually learning material. I had no idea how useful this really was, and I truly wish I had known about it when I was in college. It has helped me to really understand lots of different subjects. I add to-dos to my to-do program. If an item constitutes a task I need to take care of, I either do it immediately or I add it to my to-do program of choice, Todoist. Doane lets you print out a sheet of their ruling on regular printer paper to get a feel for it.

If you don't need fancy rulings, built-in lists, or even text on the cover, the Moleskine is for you. These classic pocket notebooks have a black textured cover and off-white paper inside. Each book is bound with stitching for extra durability, and features 16 removable pages in the back for tear-and-share notes.

Pocket Notebooks

Rite in the Rain notebooks allow you to do exactly that… write in the rain. These waterproof notebooks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, many of which are pocket-friendly. They play best with their own pens, but a standard ballpoint or pencil will write on these just fine. We already mentioned the Field Notes Expedition, but for all of you who don't need to write in crazy conditions there's the Field Notes Pitch Black Edition. Each pack of books includes three 3. This blacked out edition has black on black covers, black staples, and stealthy grey dot-grid ruling.

Wire binding can be especially useful in a small notebooks. Since the pages fold over themselves, you can easily write on the front and back of each page.

Rhodia Staplebound Notebook

It also allows the book to lay nice and flat, making it that much easier to write no matter where you are. Maruman's off-white paper is smooth, and plays nice with everything from ballpoint to fountain pens.

The lined ruling is pretty straightforward, except every seventh line is bold. This adds some visual separation to the page so it's easy to organize your notes. The Leuchtturm pocket notebook is more like a traditional premium notebook, only shrunk down. Inside you'll find pages of premium paper.