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Modern and Normal [Karen Solie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Evade your eye. Try to see as others do what is desired or refused.
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Try to see as others do what is desired or refused. Or right, then wrong. Years are neither kind nor cruel. The girl is gone. Consider that it might be time to call in a professional. An error occurred, Please let us know.

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Blood is fearless, runs to meet a touch, indiscriminate, remembering the first time it fell in love with the world, unaware that now you are alone. In Modern and Normal, Karen Solie takes her on-the-road fascination with being between places to a new level, exploring conceptual and perceptual states of in-betweenness - for example, between what is perceived and what is actually there, or between and among the patterns the world repeats from the cell to the structure of the universe -- to find points of intersection.

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Solie finds a middle ground between the discourses of the hard sciences and the intuitive, a realm of weird overlap wherein lie questions of probability, fate, determinism, chance, luck, and faith. She writes about fractals and physics, but also about bar bands, broken hearts, and the trappings of desire. Some splendid landscape poems celebrate nature while mourning the way in which it's often exploited and used.

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Once again Karen Solie offers readers her lovely dexterity and skill in poems which entertain as they move. Karen Solie was born in Moose Jaw and grew up on the family farm in southwest Saskatchewan.

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One of her short stories is featured in The Journey Prize Anthology She currently lives in Victoria, BC. A work simultaneously wide-ranging in scope and unified in depth Try to see as others do what is desired or refused.

Or right, then wrong. Years are neither kind nor cruel. Through these tripwire lines are islands of clarity, rung holds, or the still sight on the peak of an inhale. At the end we are given a roundabout conclusion to the condition of being Modern and Normal: You believe one idea, and then another. That is, in the instant, at the time.