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Dorothy Day: A Radical Devotion

Please try again later. Her words are reflective of her ministry. If I could only have 10 books to read for the rest of my life, this would be one of them. Dorothy Day's writing is poetic, theologically disciplined, and philosophically profound. But the genius of her pen is that she writes for the common man, and her truth is easily understood.

Her words are reflective of her ministry: Her consistent emphasis on doing the little things, focusing on the person in need who is with us at the moment, and doing simple acts of service with great love - this gives us all hope that we too can be used of God to heal the evils that plague our world.

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Dorothy Day does not float above us as someone too pious and holy for us to hope to emulate. Instead, Dorothy Day writes as a fellow human sojourner who wrestles with passions, anger, temptations, failures, and the audacity to believe she could make a difference.

Who is Dorothy Day?

As I read her prayerful meditations and prophetic exhortations, I feel that it is also possible for me to be used by God in some real way. She never deviates from her commitment to the "Consistent Life Ethic. That's why she could oppose war, capitalistic exploitation, atheistic communism, the death penalty, and abortion with equal clarity. Her words present equal challenge for those on the political left and the political right. At the heart of it all, Dorothy Day asks us to see Christ in our fellow man - whether they be ally or enemy, rich or poor, Black or White, born or unborn.

Anything that Dorothy Day said or wrote is worth reading because it finds its basis in her lived experience.

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She is an outstanding example of a Christian who practised what the Spirit of the Lord invites us to live on hearing the Good News. Her entire life, in which her writing - whether for the Catholic Worker magazine or in her autobiographical recollections - forms an integral part, can be thus regarded as the Gospel thrown wide open.

As in his presentation of Dorothy's diaries, "The Duty of Delight", in this book also Robert Ellsberg's superb selection of her words from various sources enables people today to get know this woman of faith and indomitable courage, to be deeply struck by her love and service shown towards God's "little ones" - the destitute, marginalised, suffering, poor in various situations. Her vibrant words thus electrify all who read them with hope for a better world - a hope that is realistic because she lived it undauntedly through trying and seemingly impossibly concrete circumstances, trusting always in God's transforming grace, without which mere human projects and plans are short-lived and collapse.

This book offers not merely an account of facts or events in Dorothy Day's committed work for social welfare or peace through bringing about a non-violent revolution of love. Rather, it puts one in touch with the mind and heart of a great lover of humankind because in prayer above all she discovered how to encounter and listen to the God of hope. I had heard positive comments about Dorothy Day, and I wanted to learn about her life. I have not finished the book yet, but it is a well written and compelling book.

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It has significance for those interested in today's inequality of wealth distribution. I am humbled by Dorothy's selflessness. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Eye opening and inspiring! I had heard of Dorothy Day but had never been exposed to her writing. This book gives a selection of her writings from across the broad span of her career.

It shows a sensitive Catholic who tried with all her being to live out Jesus' commandment to love the Lord with all her being and to love her neighbors. She lived her life in poverty, foresaking fame and wealth to suffer with the poor. She lived in tenement slums, spent time in prison, walked picket lines, and wrote in support of the forgotten in society because she saw this as the road to serving Jesus and making God's realm manifest on earth. Her life is a challenge to those of us who try to live our lives according to Jesus' teaching.

She sets the bar high and challenges us to do what we can. This is a great and challenging book. Perhaps it is though I cannot say This is my "one book" on Dorothy Day. I have not read her exhaustively but this book is a nice overview.

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Perhaps it is though I cannot say this having not read about her broadly the one book that will give you the widest possible view of Day's life and work. She has forever impacted by view of dealing with the poor, with dealing with people who are not easy and of course she challenges our thinking for seeking justice in America. They met through a mutual contact who believed their ideas were very similar. They completed each other, Day putting into practical action the ideals that had been circulating in Maurin's mind as he traveled from France through Canada and finally to the US.


Maurin was a powerful thinker who spoke and taught very simply. His life was prophetic - he not only ministered to the widow, orphan, and stranger, but also lived as one and not simply "like" one! The force of his writing comes from the holiness of his life. Day herself says it: You can find a copy through Franciscan Herald Press, which republishes them occasionally. The best kind of apologetics is the kind of apologetics people do not have to apologize for. This love was expressed through the daily practice of the Works of Mercy.

To feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to shelter the homeless, to instruct the ignorant at a personal sacrifice was considered by the first Christians as the right thing to do.

Dorothy Day: Some "Easy Essays"

Surplus goods were considered to be superfluous, and therefore to be used to help the needy members of the Mystical Body. The book stands out because it is not just another biography for student book reports; it is the earnest story of a woman who refused to conform to the mores of her generation.

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