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Conditionals are sentences with two clauses – an 'if clause and a main clause – that are closely related. Conditional sentences are often divided into different.
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Read the conditional forms you want to learn.

If you use the older expressions conditional 0, 1, 2, and 3, click here. Do the conditional exercises below. Each exercise has links to the conditional forms covered.

Also look at our Conditional Chart for an overview of real and unreal conditional forms. Some teachers and text books continue to use the older expressions conditional 0, 1, 2, and 3 to refer to four of the six conditional forms described in this tutorial. For English learners using these terms, here are links to the corresponding sections.

First, Second, and Third Conditional

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If he is late, we will have to go without him. If my mother knows about this, we are in serious trouble. If I knew her name, I would tell you. If I were you, I would tell my father.

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  5. Heartbroken Love.
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If I become president, I will change the social security system. Said by a presidential candidate If I became president, I would change the social security system. Said by a schoolboy: If I won a million pounds, I would stop teaching.

Conditional sentence

Past so we are talking about a situation that was not so in the past. If you had warned me, I would not have told your father about that party. But you didn't, and I have. The conditional construction does not normally use will or would in if-clauses. If will or would express willingness, as in requests, they can be used in if-clauses.

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If you will come this way, the manager will see you now. I would be grateful if you would give me a little help.

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  • For the second conditional, were replaces was: If I were a rich man