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Report Forum Post Report Account: Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Last edited by Buggz on Dec 8, , 9: Edmundsbury might be an imaginary setting within a speculative future, but you would be hard pressed to realise it. While united in the narrative, the characters are drawn from the breadth of the socio-political spectrum. Blogger Robert finds himself making the all-too-easy slide from left-wing concern to right-wing bombast, all the while becoming increasingly removed from his partner Jess, a researcher who develops alternative personas in cyberspace.

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Nigel Farage analogue Hugo Bennington plumps up his constituency in preparation for the inevitable by-election, writing incendiary stories for a major newspaper, stories read by the likes of Darkin, an elderly resident of a housing estate trying to withstand pressure to vacate his home in the face of planned redevelopment. Wood would likely find this hysterical enough, though things are made infinitely more complicated by the internet. What really links these characters, aside from living in Edmundsbury, is the possession of digital personas and secrets.

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Robert, who starts out with the intentions to report critically and fairly on the plight of the soon-to-be gentrified Larchwood housing estate, finds himself drawn to increasingly bigoted and unethical positions in the name of sensation and career progression. Jess and her digital personas may or may not be linked to several mysteriously reclusive thinkers and commentators, including one who Robert idolises and another who represents his nemesis figure.

At home, Jess and Robert act as though nothing is wrong, as if they are merely two normal people in a normal moment, the growing chasm between them remaining invisible if only they can forget their outside, their online , lives. People in the crowd recognise themselves or relatives among the footage, and soon the group have a website that indicates cyber-blackmail, promising to release the entire digital history of an Edmundsbury resident unless someone volunteers for the same fate.

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  7. The threat adds a tension to the relationship of Robert and Jess, a ticking clock they must race to get ahead of their worst secrets, though the situation is merely a concentrated version of that faced by every resident of the town. There are no fraudulent scams or voyeuristic cameras, only the seizing of data already available online. A person is who they are online, no matter how far removed that persona might seem from their corporeal selves. Consequences can and will follow just as they would in the physical world. Which works both ways.

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    Bennington, for example, gets to shed the anxiety-laden wreck of his physical body and become the energetic, effervescent straight talker of his manicured image. Aware that the article is not right, but struggling to locate the correct angle to fix it, Robert sends a draft to his boss, only for him to love the work and publish it with no further editing. If Robert wants to be read, to be someone , then he must be a sensation.

    No one wants to read another tired virtue signal from the many-headed Saint Beta Male, and while to remain silent might allow non-male, non-white voices a chance to speak on what is surely their issue, remaining silent in this culture is akin to a kind of death.

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