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Sometimes, we need to get shaken out of our routines.
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Additionally, you should put yourself into goods way as well.

Step 1. Set Goals

Rather than reading your book at the coffee shop, read it at the park where you are surrounded by active people. I am also a huge believer in writing your goals down, but not every little goal, but rather the biggest baddest most important things in your life. Review them regularly and let them shape your life.

We are what we eat, and we are what we think. Day planning and steps outlined above are essential for good health as well as productivity: I stay focused and motivated by setting up effective goals. I read a great article about effective goal setting here: I absolutely love this post! I actually read a really good article how you can Take Control of your Life Now in 5 simple steps. Once I started implementing these things I really started to take control.

2. Practice Prevention

Work out you dumb fucker. That bullshit you heard about big muscles is hippy nonsense. Drink water not beer. Get high on doing the better job. Get a big brain by using it all the time. Ignoring "shallow work" makes one appear lazy or distanced, but its the trait that enables great creatives to do work that matters. By Elizabeth Grace Saunders. Nearly everything that generates enduring value requires effort, focus, and even some discomfort along the way.

However, there are things you can do to better manage the fact that there is so much over which you have little or no control. Think of it this way: This includes your assets and resources, such as your time, money, attention, and so on. Setting goals is a mechanism that will allow you to manage those things that are within your control in a way that will allow you to create the kind of life you want, even in an uncertain world. You can reduce some of the uncertainty in your life—and put more of what happens to you within your control—by practicing prevention.

Take control of your life by taking steps that will lessen the probablity that bad things will happen to you. Here are some examples:. However, all is not lost. You can take steps ahead of time to be prepared in case something unwanted takes place. That is, you can take control of your life by preparing for the unexpected. As an illustration, a few months ago my laptop died, out of the blue.

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I make a living online, so not having a computer is a really bad thing for me. Nonetheless, because I know that computers tend to malfunction, and simply stop working at the most inconvenient moments, I was prepared. I had an envelope stashed away with money inside for this exact eventuality. Therefore—after being told by the computer repair guy that there was no way to salvage my laptop—, instead of panicking, I simply did the following:.

The crisis was averted, and I was able to quickly restore order to my world, because I was prepared. These aren't easy questions to give honest answers to. Reflect honestly about how you're living your life and stepping toward what you really want.

Don’t Let Your Life Take Control Over You. Choose.

When I first had the opportunity to speak in front of a crowd, I loved it. I talked about how much I enjoyed speaking. When people were looking for someone to speak at their next event, they asked me. When you know what you want and focus on it, talk about it, and put your energy toward it, you're more likely to achieve it. When you have clarity about your wants and goals, you don't get caught up in things that don't matter.

You know your goals and you work towards them.

Clarity and focus sculpt everything in your life. By taking a larger initiative and breaking it down into manageable steps, it's easier to work toward your goals.

How To Actively Take Control of Your Time and Your Life

For example, I had friends that graduated college and bought brand new cars, even though their old cars still ran perfectly well. That's not the best way to hit financial goals. Clarity helps you avoid common pitfalls that distract from long-term goals. You don't have time for them. They aren't helping you in any way. So, identify the top three to four things that matter most in your life and work towards them. This is Personal Agility. Every week, reflect back on what you did each day that led you closer to your goals.