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A trail-tested list of the very best lightweight sleeping bags and quilts for 3-season wilderness backpacking adventures.
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Look inside our Backpacking Tents category, for feather light options like the ALPS mountaineering 1-person tent or the sundome tents by Coleman. And check out our Camping Shelters section for more simple shelter options, covering everything from Sport-brella outdoors umbrellas to pop-up shower and privacy tents. While browsing each of our Outdoors categories, find your preferred items with our handy shopping filters.


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    10 Best Sleeping Bags 2017

    Show only Wenzel items. Additionally, some campers, especially ultralight backpackers or hammock campers, have started to use a top quilt, essentially a sleeping bag without a back. Some top quilts include a foot box, while others are just simple blankets. Many insulating materials are available for sleeping bags. Inexpensive sleeping bags for warm weather use or use by children indoors typically have a layer of synthetic quilt insulation.

    Outdoor professionals and serious amateur adventurers usually prefer either synthetic fill e. PrimaLoft , or natural fill e.

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    Synthetic fill does not readily absorb water , dries easily, and provides some warmth even when thoroughly soaked. These properties may save the owner's life if, for example, the sleeping bag is accidentally dropped into water on a cold day.

    Synthetic material is also firm and resilient, so it insulates well even underneath a person's weight. On the flipside, synthetic fill cannot be compressed as much as down and it weighs more, causing such bags to take up more space and weight when not in use. Furthermore, synthetic insulation tends to break down faster than its natural counterpart.

    Down fill weighs less than synthetic and retains heat better, but usually costs more. Down must be kept dry; a soaked, down sleeping bag may provide even less insulation than no sleeping bag at all, leading to hypothermia. Newer, more technically advanced sleeping bags often have water-resistant shells and can be used in damper conditions.

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    It is also recommended to keep a sleeping bag in a larger sack storage sack as opposed to the small traveling sack compression bag during long periods of storage. However, many regular backpackers and hikers agree that hanging a sleeping bag, taking care to move the position of the bag on the hanger at intervals so as to not create a "dead spot" a spot where the fill has been crushed so that it is no longer useful , is the best method of storing a bag for long durations.

    Other materials, notably cotton and wool , have also been used for sleeping bags. Wool repels water nicely and also resists compression, but it weighs much more than any alternative. Cotton suffers from high water retention and significant weight, but its low cost makes it an attractive option for uses like stationary camping or car camping where these drawbacks are of little consequence.

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    Cotton insulation does not provide warmth if it becomes wet due to the sleeping bag falling into water , so cotton-insulated sleeping bags are not used by professionals or serious hikers. In Europe , the EN standard normalizes the temperatures at which a sleeping bag can be used. A test, relying on a heated mannequin , provides four temperatures:. The transition zone , in between the comfort and lower temperature, is usually considered as the best purchase guideline. A sleeping bag's rating typically indicates the lowest temperature at which it will keep the average sleeper warm.

    There is no standard measurement rating in the U. Other important variables include what the user plans to wear while sleeping, what type of sleeping pad is used, and how well the user holds heat in the bag. It has been shown that moisture either externally, or from sweating severely decreases the insulating effect of sleeping bags. Indoor sleeping bags, sometimes called slumber bags , are widely available, often for use particularly by children. Take camping stoves and travel mugs with you for that essential morning brew when you're venturing into the wilderness.

    For more of a 'glamping' experience, make your stay comfortable with folding tables and camping chairs. Argos logo — link to home page. Same Day Delivery Order by 6pm. Home Sports and leisure Camping and caravanning Sleeping bags. Filter by close filter. Type Envelope 23 Airbeds 14 Mummy 11 Cowl 4. Weather suitability Cool weather 23 Cold weather 5 Mild weather 5 Warm weather 4. Customer Rating Show All 59 5 only 3 4 or more 56 3 or more 57 2 or more 57 1 or more