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Master of Mirrors has 17 ratings and 3 reviews. Rebecca said: Maggie is magic, and her work for the magic repair shop keeps her very busy--and in danger.
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We only sell acrylic in rectangles and squares, but is easy to cut or drill using standard tools.

Please email us a drawing and we will quote it for you. Glass is easy to clean, scratch resistant, and a flatter mirror. The acrylic, while susceptible to scratching, provides better picture clarity, and is lighter and safer. Usually, the mirror is the same size as the exterior measurements of the television or monitor excluding stand. For example, the Samsung mu series is very popular and here is a list of overall sizes:. A TV typically has a flat backside and you can turn it on and off with a remote straight through the mirror.

Simply back paint the backside with black paint everywhere except the TV and IR sensor. We recommend masking off the area with blue painters tape, and using a paint that works well on glass such as Black Rust-Oleum UltraCover 2x, which is available from your local Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards.


The Master of Mirrors

Tempered glass is heat-treated to increase the strength 10x. In addition, if tempered glass should break, it breaks into small shards which are less sharp than regular glass. The main disadvantage of tempered glass is that it causes distortion, similar to a fun-house mirror effect. Smart Mirror development for the Pi has enjoyed the most attention in the media, so most people are using it. MangOS is a new Smart Mirror operating system with a lot of features.

It all comes down to the OS you want to use, Linux vs Windows Add a touch capacitive film to the face of the glass for touch control. You can use LED tape around the back edges, and have it radiate around the edges. Alternatively, light fixtures can be installed behind the mirror to shine straight through it. You can add a frosted effect with patterned window film, acid etching, or sandblasting. IR passes through the mirror so you can still operate a remote. If you are back painting the backside, be sure to leave an unpainted area to keep line-of-sight available to the sensor.

Gesture control works great, provided you have put a tablet PC behind the mirror. Alternatively, you could add a webcam to your setup to allow gesture control. Alternatively, you can use a phone or tablet with Google Assistant built in. How to install RetroPie on your Raspberry Pi. How we combined RetroPie with a smart mirror to make a travel gaming system.

Another advantage to running Windows is the vast array of keyboards, gamepads, and mice that provide additional control over your smart mirror. Alternatively, use a streaming device such as ChromeCast to broadcast the stream through the mirror. You can position cameras around the mirror from multiple angles. Two small displays should be located behind the mirror, one on each side of the webcam.

Combine the displays into one using the display settings in Windows. In Android, simply long tap on your desktop and add the widget. In Windows, install Rainmeter and follow their instructions to create widgets using a text editor. If you are running the widgets in your Chrome browser, you can install the Simple Black theme to make it look better. You can turn the backround of websites to black by default using Dark Reader. If you need to refresh content on the page, such as weather, sports scores, or stock reports, you can use the Chrome extension Super Auto Refresh.

One of the best features of our glass mirrors is that the mirror coating is extremely durable. You can clean it with standard glass cleaner and paper towels without worrying about scratches. The acrylic is a lot more prone to scratches, but no more so than regular acrylic. Novus 1 cleaner and Polish Mates are recommended to minimize abrasion and repair small scratches.

If the power plug goes straight out the back, you may have a challenging installation which may require cutting into your wall and hiring an electrician. Be sure to mask off the viewable area using a high quality blue painters tape such as Scotch Delicate Surface Masking Tape. Alternatively, you can use Gila Black Privacy Window Film, and be sure to also buy their application kit. Alternatively, using an ultra thin tilting mount 0. Evan Cohen — Github Projects. Hannah Mitt — HomeMirror. Sometime late last year I realized that I wanted my ordinary bathroom mirror to be more like the future we were promised in the movies.

The individual parts, however, were fairly easy to get. A number of people have done similar custom builds recently, but I had something different in mind. A magic smart mirror! Programmed to display and keep you updated with any information you need while adding a modern futuristic look to any room.

All the instructions are easily accessible. Whether you use an old monitor, tablet, or TV you can make any flat technology into a useful piece of art. Check out the latest smart mirror software developments on his popular forum: A living room mirror for movies, yoga and games, one in the kitchen for cooking and entertaining, and others in the bathroom for personal maintenance could one day give us the futuristic home we were promised decades ago. Please contact me at or krista twowaymirrors.

Feel free to contact me at james twowaymirrors. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Youtube. Choose the perfect mirror for your DIY smart mirror project. Purchasing the mirror by itself makes your smart mirror project affordable. I know, it is super daunting when you first think about doing a Magic Mirror project. To pull it off you need wood working skills, programming, glass cutting and assembly.

Witcher 3: HEARTS OF STONE ► Master Mirror Kills with a Spoon! (And Stops Time) #26

We take all the hard work out of by setting up the Raspberry Pi for your magic mirror. It is very easy to update! Check out the 3rd party modules on magicmirror. In stock, ships immediately. Beveled Edge Side View. Beveled Edge Top View. Waterproof Glass Works with touch overlay Cuts like regular glass Edges sanded for safety Easy to clean.

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Configuring MirrorMagic2 on a Raspberry Pi. Now make sure the shell script is executable bij performing the following command: If you make any changes, you can reload MagicMirror with the following command: At the exhibition I wanted to give people the opportunity to see both sides of the mirror. How would you identify or define yourself and your work? When Buddhism came from the Asian continent, it was incorporated into Japanese culture alongside Shinto.

Mirrors were already customary in Shinto shrines, and the application was later extended to Buddhist temples. While Shinto is the native religion of Japan, we Japanese have been receptive to other religions, particularly Buddhism. The underlying belief of Shinto is that there are like eight million gods. In other words, religion in Japan is polytheistic, rather than monotheistic. Yes, but actually makkyo are rarely sent to Shinto shrines, they are usually sent to private homes.

Makkyo project images, of a saint for example. In Shinto belief, the gods dwell in our natural surroundings, like in trees or stones, which means that there is little imagery of the gods themselves in shrines. For Buddhism, there are many different types of temples. Some temples are a mix of Shinto and Buddhism and have a yashiro [a small shrine in their precincts].

These temples place a mirror inside the honde [the main hall of the temple] or in front of the Buddhist statue. Why do they have this long tradition and so many uses? At the HUB Kyoto exhibition, you could actually see your face on the back of the mirror. The traditional style for a mirror does not have a clear reflection on the back. People from Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples prefer this style because they want to preserve and continue the traditional craft.

Is there something you do differently in the case of a sacred object — washing hands or wakanai [praying] — compared to a mirror that might go into a house? When you make a mirror for commission, do your clients specify what they want or do they ask for your ideas? When the client wants a special image I ask a painter to make a design and then show it to the client. Generally, I show my clients many different samples and designs from what I already have and then make a suggestion.

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A new design costs about ten times more, and takes about two to three months to finish because everything has to be made from scratch. In order to continue and develop my craft, I want to have the opportunity and time to devote to [the whole process of making] one piece. Ideally I would like to devote all my time to making mirrors so that I could constantly develop my craft.

In that sense I want to be a craftsman. I want to show people mirror-making because it is a fading traditional craft and people are not aware of it. I want to pass on this craft to the next generation of craftsmen.

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I want to find a way and build a place that expresses the importance of mirror- and makkyo-making to the next generation. If the craft of mirror-making is not continued, not only will mirrors cease to be made, but the history of mirror-making and the many generations of people who have supported and developed this craft to where it is today might be forgotten as well.

Do you want to pass this on within your family or to another student? The people in your family who were skilled mirror-makers were all men. Could a woman be a mirror maker? I am not against the idea of women inheriting this craft, but I believe it would be difficult for women to take on the profession and work closely with Shinto shrines. However, if I had a daughter, I would gladly pass on the craft to her. People prefer a lower price so a lot of commissions would tend to go towards the student.

But if the competition becomes about raising the technology or enhancing the craft then that creates good competition. It sounds like there is a different sense or feeling about the craft in your family. Why is it important to you to continue this craft? I believe it is a really important craft and I want to pass my knowledge about the craft on to other people.

And that concept of encompassing and accepting all religions is a story I want to tell through this craft. One time, I repaired an old mirror for a client and he really understood and appreciated all the dedication and time that I put into it. The client actually offered me more money than I had quoted and even though I resisted, he insisted because he really appreciated the work that I had done for him. A piece that I did for a family that had just lost their dog. When they asked me to make a design of their dog I immediately said yes.

It was challenging because I had never done a design for a dog and the family wanted the dog to face forward, which is technically very challenging usually they face sideways. There were also the emotions of the family that I wanted to be sensitive to and respond to. The Magic Mirror Maker. Did you always know that you would make mirrors?

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What is your average working day like? Your grandfather rediscovered the technique… could you expand on that? They are all religious in nature? You said earlier that you think of yourself as a craftsman… Ideally I would like to devote all my time to making mirrors so that I could constantly develop my craft. What is your goal as mirror maker in this fading tradition?