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Luck definition is - a force that brings good fortune or adversity. How to use luck in a sentence.
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It happened that a Man had often prayed to a wooden idol he had received from his father, but his luck never seemed to change. He chinked it once, and he blew upon it once, and he spat upon it once,--'for luck ,' he hoarsely said --before he put it in his pocket. I could ha' wished Nancy had had the luck to find a child like that and bring her up," said Priscilla to her father, as they sat in the gig; "I should ha' had something young to think of then, besides the lambs and the calves. I can say, as any strong, chesty drinker can say, that all that leaves me alive to- day on the planet is my unmerited luck --the luck of chest, and shoulders, and constitution.

Desire for mastery was strong in him, and it was all one whether wrestling with the elements themselves, with men, or with luck in a gambling game. Good luck to every sergeant, then, that lets us pick our road; Bad luck to all the driver-men that cannot pack a load: For we can wriggle and climb, my lads, and turn up everywhere, Oh, it's our delight on a mountain height, with a leg or two to spare!

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Hans soon came to himself, and got upon his legs again, sadly vexed, and said to the shepherd, 'This riding is no joke, when a man has the luck to get upon a beast like this that stumbles and flings him off as if it would break his neck. None but fools trust to luck in play," Dolokhov had then said.

If I was you, when I come to Gloucester I would give two, three big candles for my good luck.


Ace takes a meeting with Claire LeChea, an activist who hopes to Missed a moment from the Emmys red carpet? We've got it covered. Relive the red carpet now! A television series centered around characters who are tied to the same horse racing track. This was cancelled early, it's unfinished work, so that even after 9 hours of narrative time it feels like only the first few pages have been turned; but were we any better for having seen six seasons of The Sopranos rather than two, did it enrich that much more?

I came to it for Mann, one of the preeminent makers of the alert eye in our time, the finished thing turned out to be in the template of The Sopranos and Deadwood where the actors and word are the vessels for drama. It is complex plotwise and immersive enough because colorful characters articulately snarl at each other; but complex expression is not deep intuition, immersion is not concentration.

So it might seem like complex work if you get caught up in the schemes for money and ownership and here is where the lack of resolution will disappoint, it ends just as the stage has been set for conflict. But if you don't get tangled up in them, you can discern all that matters. The racetrack as the stage of drama with desperate souls caught viewing by the sidelines at what they have chosen to have a stake in.

The Jewish mobster who wants to buy off the racetrack will win against his rival but at what cost to his soul? Loved ones will perish, it could be a grandson or a horse, so that we finally awaken at what had been valuable all this time. It's all in the horses and what they exemplify, magnificent creatures that everyone should spend some time with.

Characters of course ignore the horses as anything more than ticket slips that buy them a seat in that arena of spectacle where their presence can be rewarded with the anxiety of winning or losing.

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So they can carry the drama with them in unfulfilled lives until another scheme the next day. So this is the insight to leave this with, it's in Mann's pilot and the last episode. The horses race marvelously simply for having the exhilarating capacity to do it, there is no "horse race" for them and only running, doing without ego. The viewers watch from the sides transfixed. Would any of this have meaning for them had they not hedged a bet that imbues the beauty with the anxiety and drama of winning or losing? Would they be at all there?

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So if you're disappointed that we don't get to find out how any of the schemes pans out Turo's race fixing, the old man's legal trouble , you become like they are, bogged down in meaningless schemes. Meanwhile what has the capacity to enrich had been right under your nose all this time, simply being there to take care of something for its capacity to be what it is; the woman who arranges the horse caring program for inmates inserts this notion in the small portion we have.

But with the caveat that it will not always be there for you to postpone it. A horse might have to be put down.

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Noun mischance , misfortune , unluckiness Visit the Thesaurus for More. Examples of luck in a Sentence Noun We had good luck fishing.

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He's been having nothing but bad luck. He succeeded through hard work and a little luck. We need a bit of luck. By a stroke of luck , there were still a few tickets left when we arrived. He had no better luck than I did. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun There is undeniable luck and privilege in being able to shape one's own story as a single woman, as MacNicol is careful to acknowledge. Why is it a problem? Photographing a rocket launch is a fun challenge with a surprising amount of luck involved. This infertility expert wants to find out," 3 July There was self-inflicted trouble with a sprinkling of bad luck.

From draw to dangerous dive bar to SF classic," 27 June Even when English-speaking advocates are enlisted to help families find their children, their success or failure can seem more a matter of luck than anything else. First Known Use of luck Noun 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a Verb , in the meaning defined at sense 1.

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