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If you are serious about soulmelds these are terrific dudes to use. The final race and easily the most controversial in some aspects to themselves. In general they are pretty well off but they really take off when the controversial Dragonwrought feat is applied. In summary on a basic level Desert Kobolds are a nice race but if one is looking to really go high-end than they also offer up a nice level of cheese for a struggling community.

Feats Here we truly delve into the building blocks of any commoner, the greatest resource with the greatest potential to transform any farmer into something extraordinary. Only useful if you are going to be trying to utilize the Joint Bullrush teamwork benefit. If so you only need one commoner to have this and this act as the team leader. Usually you would want to stay away from a feat like this but in a commoner community this offers some nice versatility.

The first advantage is that you are always armed and the second that you can switch from lethal to nonlethal damage when wanted. But the real sweet part is that those without this feat who engage you in an unarmed fight provoke attacks of opportunity. So whenever you walk into a bar you will typically, unless someone has hidden a blade on them, be the best fighter. For a more discreet combatant this is a nice feat to invest towards. This is probably the best feat in Core for a commoner preparing for war, it is just that incredibly good.

This feat and Mounted Combat as the prerequisite can transform your commoner into a Mongol warrior, it is a very good choice. This is a safe and standard feat for any ranged-based commoner. Needed for a Missile Volley teamwork benefit this offers a very simple bonus to combat within 30ft. If your commoner uses a crossbow on a traditional basis that is if they are a designated militia member this is required. This will allow them to reload, move and fire which ends up meaning they are going to be significantly more mobile and more tactically present on any battlefield.

For specialized commoners this is a very solid choice and a lot of great commoner builds end up using this because of how important skills can become when hitting DC checks above For a dedicated crafter in a community this an easy choice as it offers everything geared towards making you better at your job. An excellent feat for a more social commoner, this feat is important in pulling off the Fell Conspiracy combo as mentioned later within a really poor community. More flavor based than the others it still offers Diplomacy as a skill which is nice to have for obvious reasons.

This jumps out as a great feat for a pre-designated militia member and honestly it sort of is. This is only useful for someone utilizing Magical Training and even then it is kind of ehw. This is an amazing feat. Magic of Incarnum Here we go, the major toys for any commoner. This is why so much emphasis in placed on races and constitution score. Some of these are powerful for skills while some others bring increased mobility, defense and offensive that borders on adventure-level stuff. Increased mobility means greater defense and thus safety.

Need to break into a store? Teleporting is a really sweet ability and opens up a lot of tactical options. If you build your community in a style reminiscent to the Ewok village you can have ranged-support teleporting from tree to tree, which is just awesome. Probably the best ranged-offensive feat you can pick up for a commoner. Climb a tree and start unloading on a foe from above. Beyond simple combat means being able to spew acid every round at will means tunneling and getting rid of waste become easier options. This is okay soulmeld if only for the deception that can be utilized through it.

Create an aligned weapon. This feat is traditionally going to be more useful than Martial Weapon Proficiency in any scenario. If you are outfitting some commoners to be melee-based militia Maybe some Orcs who will form a Joint Bullrush teamwork benefit this can be a nice feat. Solid bonuses to nice skills makes this an okay feat if you are building a commoner towards those skills.

This is where soulmelds really shine as something like this is effectively more powerful than two Skill Focus feats. If you are building a commoner ninja, this can be useful. Just like the Krenshar Mask soulmeld this is nice and its skills are more thematically connected.


A race like Forest Gnomes can really pump their hiding through a soulmeld like this. Another solid soulmeld like the others above. Heal another by taking damage. This soulmeld is only real powerful when augmented with the Troll-Blooded regional feat. But when done you can make a creepy commoner who can effectively heal every member of the community although it will take a full day for him to spread it out without losing steam.

This soulmeld is incredibly versatile if a bit small in its bonus though. The ability to throw on a small bonus to offensive, saves or skills every round is pretty nice though and really is a great cost for a feat. Protection from mental control. Traditional more powerful for an adventure this still grants a huge amount of defense to any commoner.

Continue to fight when in negatives. This is mentioned as for nearly every reason it is better than toughness. You effectively gain ten more hit points and can continue to battle even when at -9 hit points. This can be a nice feat for melee-based militia members. As mentioned above with Animal Affinity, these two skills are important and thus should be increased. This feat doubles the bonus from Animal Affinity and is really much better because of it. Only mentioned should you be building a commoner who is utilizing these skills as mentioned in the skill section Use Rope does have its uses.

Creates soulspark creature [plus the Alertness feat]. The best offensive feat in the game for a commoner. There is said it, this author has thrown out the absolute definition. Because it grants you a monster who has equivalent stats to a first level fighter who you can continuously summon every time it is destroyed.

All your commoner has to do is hide within 30ft. Outside of combat these guys grant the Alertness feat for free woo! For the cost of a feat this brings with it so much power it would be insane not to utilize it. If you are planning on putting your community in the woods this is an amazing feat. If effectively acts as four skill focuses and for a race like Jungle Halflings or Forest Gnomes this can really contribute to guerilla warfare.

They are all divination-based but all serve a purpose and are practical in any community. Cast three 0-level spells per day. This grants you access to Craft Alchemy as a skill and thus the amazing potential that comes from it. In addition to that reason which is the main reason for it you gain access to three 0-level spells.

This feat just like Apprentice: Criminal can contribute to the Fell Conspiracy combo as mentioned later but is also nice for getting things at a lower price. If you have a crafter in your community this can give the feel of an auto mechanic, which can be nice. As mentioned throughout the guide Handle Animal and Ride are solid skills and this is just one more instance in which, while it is fairly niche, aids the process. Member of a powerful mercantile house, call in favors.

A thematic-based feat but one that comes with some nice features. Calling in favors is actually a fairly solid ability to invest in after all you are a commoner and more powerful reinforcements are always welcomed. That in addition to the noble standing can elevate a farmer to simply a looked-down upon third cousin to royalty. Use Search skill to analyze scene of a crime. While Search will always be a cross-class skill for any commoner this skill can add some nice flavor to any town member who hopes to solve a crime here or there.

Choose a least dragonmark spell-like ability associated with your dragonmark house. These can be really awesome in giving a commoner a useful spell-like ability as well as a small bonus and a sense of nobility within Eberron. This one is rather nice and goes well with the Investigate feat mentioned above. While not as impressive as the Mark of Healing the Mark of Hospitality does bring with it nice spell-like abilities that serve a more practical purpose.

This is a terrific feat for a human crafter as the spell-like ability is going to be useful and even beyond that the bonus applies to every craft skill, it is rather nice. All of the spell-like abilities are rather lame to a degree and can be better obtained through other means. A lot of utility and potential deception in this feat but only really useful for more subtle Elves, so it ends up not being terrible or terrific.

Endure Elements is a very nice spell-like ability to obtain because of its duration which makes this an okay choice if your community is in a harsh environment. All of the spell-like abilities here are amazing and practical. The bonus is well served and in general this can add a lot of flavor to any Dwarven commoner. You suddenly make any Dwarven farmer able to booby trap their home given enough days.

Use Knowledge to get information from books and scrolls. For a sage or librarian-based character this can be nice to serve in their niche of possessing knowledge. Call on an undying ancestor for advice. Now this is probably one of the best reasons to be an Elven Commoner. Drive pitons into Large foe and climb him. Designed pretty much for Orcish commoners this is a pretty awesome, at least in style, combat technique which can help you attempt to handle large foes.

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While you should almost always stay out of melee sometimes it is inevitable, so this can be a nice surprise for a foe. Apply poison as a swift action and with no chance. Another tactical feat which has some nice tools but not necessarily strong so this, like Gnome Tunnel Acrobatics, ends up requiring you to specifically design commoners to utilize the feats.

This is a subtle way to poison enemies in a more cordial manner. Becoming immune to drugs and poisons grants you an honesty when tricking someone to consume them as well. This is also a very flavorful feat as it can transform a commoner into a really vile member of a community. Burn and dazzle foes with lit torch. For melee-based commoners this is probably the best melee feat available.

It costs nearly nothing and grants a free secondary fire-based attack as well as a chance to possible daze them. This is a really, really good feat for any commoner prepared for close-combat. Grants bonuses on skills. These can offer nice bonuses but the real point of this feat is to open up access to the other Aberration-based feats. Hide from creatures with extraordinary senses. Spells become evil, deal Con or Wis damage. One to three points of damage may not put down a monster but ability damage can and with enough commoners spamming it. Forge a link that enables easy communication.

This is perhaps the best utility feat competing against Practice Binder: Malphus for a commoner. Danger at the old mill? This provides quick, free communication in addition to turning a commoner into a local priest. Call upon elder evil for random results. Offers a solid gamble for results and through worship of an elder evil can be picked up in two feats as opposed to all three a typical commoner may have access to. Any time you save against a poison, you heal damage equal to your Con bonus.

This is a common combo utilized for cheap healing and beyond the practical applications of abusing alcohol for healing it is pretty darn flavorful. You can use this in conjunction with Shape Soulmeld Lifebond Vestment to create a drunken healer for any small-scale community. An extremely flavorful feat and probably the best one to pick up as to allow access for the two other Aberattion-based feats. This feat is just awesome and can really push an ordinary commoner into cult member status.

See and speak with the recently dead. A nice, flavorful ability to give to a commoner in a community maybe the grave digger or sheriff , it allows for a brief sense of divination as you may have the chance to ask for last wishes or who a killer was before the spirit is lost forever. Taint-based feats are dangerous but offer a lot of reward for proper application. Like the above this feat does cost two others but it provides cold resistance, a swim speed and the ability to breath underwater. You gain 2 psionic power points, can now learn any psionic feat for which you meet the prerequisites, can expend your psionic focus, and can gain a single 1st-level power from any list.

Now this feat is fairly amazing as it adds some versatility to any commoner in the form of a 1st-level power and the ability to manifest it twice a day which effectively makes them a manifester. Now some of the nicer 1st-level powers to pick from are as follows: Subjects incorrectly believe they are disabled; this is a quick way for one commoner to take another out of a fight or other hostile situation. It has a nice duration and is suitable for a small community. Oh yes, this is a tremendous ability for any militia-based commoner.

It overrides not possessing armor proficiency and can be instantly summoned when a conflict happens. You heat a creature or object; slow to build up but can provide a lot of utility and damage when utilized correctly. This is honestly a very nice power for a commoner to pick up. Makes one person your friend; solid duration and benefit make this a keen choice for any commoner in a social position. Superior to Attraction this power offers an immediate ally, if only for an hour, to your cause. Creates one cloth or wood object; the best, without competition, 1st-level power for a commoner.

The versatility that springs forth from this is simply amazing and can really add an element of power to any commoner. Beyond the typical choices of summoning poison this power can summon rare ingrediants or foods. This is never a bad choice for a commoner to pick up. You can create power stones to store psionic powers.

Farmville 2 Level Up Faster Tip

This demands a bit more complex work but if pulled off correctly you can be that commoner who makes magic rocks in the town. You know when others lie. It requires Hidden Talent or another way to obtain the psionic subtype but for an investigator this can be a crucial choice. You immediately gain an extra 5 skill points. You have created a psicrystal. This is a tremendous feat which offers a pseudo-familiar for a commoner in addition to a nice bonus and the Alertness feat. An amazing feat and one that is nearly never a bad choice to pick up.

You can charge your ranged attacks with additional damage potential. You have taken a sacred vow to avoid violence against humanoids. Offers a lot of role-playing potential and bonus to armor class but comes with a serious dedication. Because most commoners will want to avoid combat this can act as a pseudo-defense and also allows your commoner to put themselves to better activities crafting or healing.

You have taken a sacred vow to abstain from harming any living creature. Bigger bonuses, bigger commitment; this is the feat for low level defense not only because of the increases armor class boost but because mundane weaponry have a chance to shatter upon striking you. Your touch is poisonous to evil creatures. This is the quickest identification of an evil person within any community. Distant traveler stopping in?

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One handshake will reveal if they are a vile soul. Beyond that practical purpose this can add a significant element to any commoner who has taken Improved Unarmed Strike. Increase your maximum number of contacts by four. Contacts are always nice and some of them like recruiting an actual adventurer for a mission can easily pay for themselves when dealing with scarier situations.

You gain benefits to organization-related skills, as well as organization-specific organizations. This is vital to building a dedicated healer or sage, but it is also a rather nice skill for gaining small bonuses or a wild boost to your income if you are a performer. You can carry and wear items banned by the local authorities.

A nice, flavorful feat for a sheriff or militia-based member of a community. Adding class skills is never a bad idea and this allows one to operate at a higher efficiency in an urban community. Communities are considered larger for you when buying equipment. This feat is pretty much for Silent Image because of how widely powerful it is as a 1st-level illusion spell.

Gain one power from a chosen 1st-level vestige. A solid feat but really comes online when coupled with the other two binding feats. Bind one vestige up to 5th level. Gain a second power from a bound vestige. You invested three feats but it was so worth it. A nice bonus to lying and a pseudo-investment in fake skills means he should be able to pass himself off as whatever he claims to be.

If you have a Halfling with an extra feat slot this is never a bad choice. For those abusing the Poison Healer feat this is your go to potion. Super cheap, super effective for setting up a healing combo via Dr. Jack Daniels in any community. The DC for common ale, wine and spirits is a fixed 11 which means you merely have to be able to reliably pass that to heal an individual.

When desired it can be used as a pseudo-improvised armor that even Commoners are still proficient in. Free to make and when thrown on an opponent it deals 1d6 points of scalding damage. Often overlooked this can be a very nice weapon for even the most common-place commoner to prepare in advance of battle. Cheap and effective for their job which is slowing down any medium or small foe that may come into your community.

Used very effectively in laying a trap or even covering a hasty retreat these can be a handy resource. Useful for locking certain doors, two of these hammered into a door effectively lock it which can give you more time to prepare for whatever may be on the other side. Applying this to a ten-foot section of the floor replicates the effects of a grease spell for an hour. That is amazing and offers a lot of battlefield opportunities. If you know some creatures are coming to your community you can make good work of them by leading them to a severely greasy area and begin a ranged besiege.

Out of the ordinary budget of a small community possessing one of these and everyone should means having a dedicated crafter you specifically crafts masterwork tools. This is expensive but sometimes you need to do some heavy lifting. When thrown these Halfling-designed rocks emit a sound equivalent to a human screaming.

This can be used to great effect in guiding enemies towards ambushes or traps. An effective mundane, and very mild, trap for a small community. Simply throw the small ball and you have a pseudo-Web effect. This has a lot of practical applications in addition to being a potent splash weapon. Primarily used to offset excruciating pain this drug with a high addiction rate so be wary of it can be used by a healer in a small town to help any severely wounded commoner. In exchange for 1d4 wisdom damage the dugged character becomes at completely peace for eight hours, not even physical injury can disturb them.

For a low-scale anesthetic this will do the job well. These two items are insanely powerful and as such one should make heavy use of them whenever possible in a small community. When thrown directly at their foe the victim, for dust, is immediately blinded for 1d4 rounds no save.

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Everyone within five feet splash of the dust eggshell grenade must make a Fort DC of 10 or be blinded for a round. As for pepper a direct hit immediately incapacities your foe for one round Fort DC 10 as if they were stunned. Both of these open themselves up, more-so pepper as incredibly useful when thrown in mass.

Beyond that forcing an opponent to be blinded is a rather nice battlefield advantage. Either way these are a solid investment. This thin piece of rice paper, when rubbed together quickly, replicates the effect of a flare spell. While there is a possible combat possibility to using this to daze someone the real purpose should be to act as signal flares or an alarm for a sentry. Not as practical as some other splash-based weapons but if your community is going to be under massive attack pumping out a couple of these can be useful.

Upon exploding in a 20 ft. Given enough time to hit an enemy before they can hit you these can be put to good use. These are your cure potion substitutes. Each salve, when applied, heals for 1d8 points of damage. Having a couple of these on hand for severe accidents or wounds can really elevate a town. This can act as a very nice mundane trap and with it needed a survival DC of 20 to notice it should be easy to catch foes in it.

Ink that can only be seen depending on a specific light source brings a lot to the table for customizing a community. This author is a fan of moonlight phantom ink which effectively means towns can have pseudo-neon lighting for bars and other night-time establishments. A small torch-like object with a strong seal on top of it.

When removed it lets lose a ft. Whenever this purple paste is exposed to torch-light or brighter it immediately lets off a huge scream. A very cheap trap, this item is amazing. This is insidious if a community knows a foe is coming. Simply placing this on door-knobs, treasure and anything else can really scare an opponent from doing anything. Once an opponent is stuck in place their mobility is shut-down and you can begin to pepper them with crossbow bolts, acid and other ranged weapons.

The first practical use of this is for any militia-members during a battle. The second use of this is to use it as a poison. Poison A point should be noted that poison can be made at one-sixth the base cost of it which once again lets us expand our base community allowance of 40 gp to gp for the purposes of seeing which poison we can craft. If you can find the brain juice you can get a contact poison Fort DC 13 which causes paralysis for 2d6. A very nice stun-poison that will allow you militia to do their work. A classic knock-out tool this injury poison Fort DC 13 causes an initial unconsciousness for one minute and than unconsciousness for 1d3 hours as its secondary effect.

For capturing an opponent or frenzied commoner in a non-lethal capacity this stuff is pretty good. An ingested poison Fort DC 14 that offers some significant damage to intelligence. Initially 1d4 intelligence damage with a secondary 2d6 intelligence damage which is nothing to look down upon. This is a really nice poison to use against any animals, magical beasts or monsters with low intelligence scores that will eat any tainted food left out for them.

An inhaled poison Fort DC 12 that initially stuns for one round and secondarily stuns for 1d4 rounds. These can be nice to provide towards melee-militia members for some pseudo-SWAT like action as they lob a canister of this stuff towards an opponent. Sometimes you need a monster to scary away an impending force or sometimes you just need some big hands. Noble, good warriors who may not have great strength but make up for it in their loyalty. They are both wise and charismatic, two superb traits for a military leader. In addition they have the right attitude to inspire a militia to greater lengths.

FarmVille Fairy Garden Trees: Bell Flower and Big Bell Flower Trees

An expensive price but if you need to intimidate an opposing force this is an excellent way to go about it. Have this guy go ahead of your troops and watch out for his bloodlust. These huge creatures serve very well as siege weaponry and as improvised constructors for a community. Need to build a quick structure, dig out a cave-in at the mines, or shape a battlefield fast, these are the guys to call.

The Commoner Handbook

The Commoner Handbook Sample Commoner Packages For the purposes of these builds I will show a classic, 1st-level commoner as to not only act as our control but to demonstrate how much optimization can truly be achieved when applied to commoners. Farmer and Skill Focus Handle Animal.

Equipment 15 gp on average: This is your rather classic commoner, who was built with the least amount of optimization I could without actually going against myself. He pulls in an average of eight gold pieces a week which is more than needed to sustain his way of life. Your classic commoner should be able to using Cityscape as a loose model within a month rent out a something akin to a poor apartment, afford a hearty meal with a tankard of ale for every meal and set aside 19 gold pieces to cover any other expenses or for savings.

Comparing between the classic commoner and the optimized version we see some notable differences. So our commoner is now a learned individual with considerable advantages over the classic commoner. He earns more money 2 gp more per week , his crafting is a little bit better and he has gained access to handling horses, bears and lions should the situation arise. He lives with fairly the same standard as the classic commoner expect for being able to set aside 27 gold pieces each month instead of With that demonstrated though let us explore some of the different options one can take with commoners.

Beyond the soldiers, the militia and anything else this guy makes defending a town possible. The ability to create and stock your commoners with tools, weapons, healing and more is invaluable. Not only is his role practical but absolutely necessary. Equipment gp [56 gp if crafted]; 7 lb. A Dagger 2 gp; 1 lb.

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The Doctor serves a main purpose and a back-up one as provided for no other reason than I could within a small community. But beyond preventative services the Doctor is also a sound judge of character assisting in investigations he ends up looking a bit more like Dr. Watson and also provides constructive assistant to the Artisan in alchemy production. Jack Daniels seen below but is fairly vital to the longevity of a community. Animal Training Outfit 10 gp; 20 lb. Against a larger threat like actual adventurers or monsters they should retire to assist their ranged brothers-in-arms but for dealing with smaller scale conflicts they can be nice.

Dust Eggshell Grenade 10 gp, 0 lb. Much more in demand for the conflicts of a small town the highlight of these ranged-militia members is that they can join in unity with the Phoenix Guard for a missle-volley teamwork benefit. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. FarmVille Fairy Garden Trees: Continuing in FarmVille's Fairy Garden theme are two new trees that have been released this evening. Unfortunately, these two trees come with the higher price tags that we've seen a lot of lately: Now, I've said it once, but I'll say it again - please farmers, don't feel the need to purchase this Big Bell Flower Tree, even if you want one in your collection.

Remember, they'll be available through Mystery Seedlings, absolutely free, so there's really no reason to buy them outright unless you simply don't want to wait to earn the Mastery Sign that goes with it. Speaking of Mastery, both of these trees earn their first star at 75 harvests each, but if you want a chance at the regular Bell Flower Tree's Mastery Sign, you'll need to make sure to splurge on one within the next two weeks.

Miss that chance, and they'll expire from the store, perhaps never to be seen from again. Granted, we have seen plenty of items re-released in FarmVille's store over the years, but we'll just go with this assumption for now.