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Results 17 - 23 of 23 Kindle Edition · · See Details. Pay with BHIM UPI, Essay Uber Die Grundung Und Geschichte Von Wilhelmsdorf Bei Ravensburg. 23 November by Roland Engelhart Waldgeschichte Und Forstgeographie Des Schonbuch. 23 November by Roland Foreign Languages. German.
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In his Discourse of the Government of Churches Thorndike upheld the apostolic origin of episcopacy against the Presbyterians. Ejected from his fellowship at Trinity in , he was reinstated at the Restoration in Between and , Thorndike assisted B. Walton with the Syriac sections of the polyglot Bibles. He is best known for his Epilogue to the Tragedy of the Church of England , which shows the extent of his Catholic sympath…. He was also active in the German Werkbund. He developed an arabesque style with flow…. Younger son of the wealthy evangelical merchant John Thornton, he worked in banking before being elected member of parliament in His writings on economic affairs were much admired.

In Parliament he was active in humanitarian affairs and, as a member of the celebrated Clapham Sect, joined with W. Wilberforce in advancing the abolitionist cause…. Whitehead and others, and an evolutionary understanding of science, with a thoroughly orthodox understanding of the Incarnation. Thornwell graduated from South Carolina College in and studied privately for the Presbyterian ministry. He served three brief pastorates in South Carolina, and taught at South Carolina College from to and from to , becoming president from to , before accepting the chair of theology at Columbia Theological Seminary — A staunch Old School Presbyterian, Thornwell champion….

Flynn, Jane [German Version] An independent bass line that continues throughout a piece of music, over which a keyboard player or player of other chord-playing instruments, such as the lute improvises or realizes an accompaniment.

The earliest music, both sacred and secular, that included a thorough-bass, was written around , and the practice continued until around Frequently, figures such as Arabic numerals and accidentals written above or below the bass line indicate the harmonies to be real…. As a student of Nicolai Anraham Abildgaarad, Thorvaldsen received the gold medal of the Academy, which carried with it a stipend for study in Rome. His extensive oeuvre includes subjects from classical mythology as well as several monuments and religious works.

Their formal design and subject matter exh…. Oppermann, Manfred [German Version] The primary settlement area of the Thracians was the eastern Balkan Peninsula, with some presence in northwest Asia Minor and to some extent in the region northwest of the Black Sea. According to Herodotus, the Thracians worshiped only Ares, Dionysus, and Artemis; unlike the rest of the people, their kings primarily worshiped Hermes Hdt. The goddess hiding behind Artemis was a complex figure, corresponding…. Honecker, Martin [German Version] The three estates doctrine is a schema used by Luther in several important passages to describe the status of Christians living in the world e.


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God ordained three estates, the status oeconomicus, politicus , and ecclesiasticus , to preserve and maintain the world. Initially missions aimed to develop indigenous churches, independent of foreign leadership and financial support. After a generation of missionary work, however, it became clear that the churches founded by the missions often remained dependent on them.

Missionary leaders like the German K. Graul, the American R. Anderson, and the Eng…. Ancient Near East and Old Testament A symbol of lordship of humans or gods [Insignia] found in pictorial art and literary sources of the Ancient Near East and Egypt less often as an archeological discovery.

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Portable thrones enable mobility. Egyptian throne-forms from the Old Kingdom to the New include the cube-shaped block with a short back from the 1st dynasty and the lion thron…. He devoted himself to controversial theology, with polemics against Jesuits, Calvinists, and followers of V. The same purpose was served by his dogmatic compendium Synopsis praecipuorum articulorum fidei, nostro seculo maxime controversorum , , repr.

At the daughter institute in Wilhemsdorf that he founded in , most students were daughters of prosperous Swiss families. He studied organ until with Otto Malling and the organist L. He began as deputy organist at the Frederikskirken Marmokirken in Copenhagen, then was appointed organist and music director at the Kristkirken there. He was a member of the Dansk Organist- og Kantorforening from to He was a renowned scholar and author of the comprehensive hymnological reference work Dansk Salme-Leksikon , suppl.

In the several small Thuringian states joined to form the Land of Thuringia with Weimar as its capital. The duchy of Coburg joined Bavaria. In the Prussian territories administrative districts of Erfurt and Schmalkalden became part of the Reich District of Thuringia, the territory that became the Land Thuringia in ; in Erfurt became its capital.

In Thuringia was replaced with the administrative districts of Erfurt, Gera, and Suhl.

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The Altenburg territory was annexed to the Leipzig district and returne…. In the 5th century, it was in the sphere of influence of the Huns. Thurman, influenced by mysticism with Quaker Rufus Jones, was professor and dean of chapel at Howard University — and Boston Universtiy — Gandhi in and founded the Fellowship Church in San Francisco in , where he lived from Important themes for Thurman were mysticism, love, and community between races and ….

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Gall — Aug 21, , Basel , Protestant theologian. Barth, with whom he and G. Merz founded the periodical Zwischen den Zeiten. From to he served as a pastor in Basel, where he also lectured on practical theology. His significance for practical theology includes his participation in the opposition of the theologians associated with dialectical theology to a culturally adaptive Protestant theology in th….

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Vita 85; Hammat Tiberias , already settled in the 2nd century bce, and south of the modern city of Tiberias, founded in by the Crusaders. The first city in the region to be both Hellenistic and Jewish, it had a pa…. Initially the son-in-law of Augustus, then his adopted son, after a constant series of military and political victories he finally succeeded Augustus as emperor and reigned from 14 to 37 ce. The Tibetans are a Mongolian people whose language is related to Burmese and who number about six million — a figure that refers to historical and geographical Tibet c.

The historical precondition of Tibetan Buddh…. Laube, Martin [German Version] , Stove, near Rostock — Oct 7, , Halle an der Saale studied Protestant theology and philology at Halle an der Saale; in he was appointed professor of philosophy at Halle; in his license to teach was revoked. As a student of I. Kant, Tieftrunk was one of the most important advocates of a pure religion of reason based on morality. His interpretation of the forgiveness of sins as th…. Hans-Werner von Feb 28, , Miechowitz, Upper Silesia [Miechowice, Poland] — Oct 20, , Berlin , aristocratic landowner, who used his estate as a center for social reform.