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Bankruptcy of Our Nation (Revised and Expanded) [Jerry Robinson] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The U.S. national debt has.
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He also shows us what the economy may look like in the future based on our current economy. His research is well-documented within each chapter, and the information he shares is easy to understand.

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Jerry Robinson ends the book Perfect for: Jerry Robinson ends the book by sharing with us twelve strategies for ensuring that your finances are protected in the uncertain future. These are very helpful strategies, and my only wish is that more of the book was spent discussing them. Overall, the book is very informative, insightful, and thought-provoking. The Demise of the Dollar What is Money. A Nation of Debt America: The Energy Crisis Hubbert's Peak: The subjects within the book progress nicely, and are supported by documented research endnotes of each chapter.

The book is written in a manner that is understandable for everyday people. The book provides a lot of insight into how we arrived where we are, and what may happen if we keep doing what we've done. There are some very good actions to take in the last chapter to safe-guard your finances - I just wish this was a bigger focus of the book overall. Oct 23, Tom prigg rated it did not like it.

There are far better books out there on economics. I couldn't finish reading this thing, I kept trying in the hope I can understand where people come from with these points. This guy has too much of an agenda and is a bit wacky.

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Early on in the book, he says to not worry, Jesus will save us. Could you just tell me how economic policy can save us and save the bible stuff? Another time he's talking about some conversation with someone from his church who believes money is evil. Not sure if it There are far better books out there on economics. Not sure if it was made up or not, it was a very clunky story with unbelievable dialog.

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  3. Bankruptcy of Our Nation by Jerry Robinson.

My guess is he made it up. Either way, it came off as incredibly arrogant and patronizing. If it really happened, he talked down to this woman as though she were an imbecile. Although, she thinks currency is actually possessed, so Then the author assures me that he won't bother me with pesky economic terms It's a book on economics that I bought, I meant to be bothered by those pesky big words My guess is the guy doesn't actually know economic theory and if he tried using those pesky big words, he'd have exposed how little he actually knows.

Bankruptcy of Our Nation

I don't know what was more of a waste, my time or money. Plenty of good, mostly common sense, financial information and ideas here. Author tends to repeat many of his points throughout the book but that helps reinforce some of the ideas he is presenting. Fairly balanced except one chapter that seemed out of place as it read as a biased attack on one administration when it is well known that problems we are facing did not originate that one-sided.

It really made me question what else in the book is spin. Some facts are backed up by other books I have r Plenty of good, mostly common sense, financial information and ideas here. Some facts are backed up by other books I have read but anything I was unfamiliar with I have to wonder if it was fairly presented. Very easy to read, simplified primer on the subject.

It covers what money is, what fiat money is, why fiat money doesn't last more than 40 years.

Also covers how Nixon took us off the gold standard and replaced it with the petro dollar. Covers why we're heading for an economic collapse and some strategies you can take to survive it. While supporting a large family, it was always difficult to develop enough discretionary income to invest or build a business, even though I attempted to do so a few times, with little success and a loss of needed retirement savings. I am now newly retired with enough income to make ends meet, but not by much. This book has given me new hope and a much more in-depth understanding of financial concepts that I've never fully understood until this reading.

I intend to begin implementing the principles taught by Mr. Robinson, that will allow me to improve my retirement and financial future. This book has been a wealth of great information and above all was easy to read and understand. I just finished reading Bankruptcy of Our Nation, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I luckily discovered Mr. Robinson does a great job reaching out to the "average Joe" here in the United States, and letting us know what is truly going on with our financial situation here in America.

He covers a lot of topics that none of us would have been taught in school, learned from the "state-run media," etc. This book is not all doom and gloom. Robinson's main goal, I believe, is to bring attention to the current financial situation, and let us know what we can do to position ourselves to make it through the inevitable tough times ahead.

Do not read if you are subject to fits of depression. It is highly recommended for the pragmatist if you are a depressed pragmatist do not even attempt to suffer through this review. In a nutshell, the party's over, now what am I to do to prepare myself and loved ones? At the time he was amazed that the American economy and people's faith in the dollar read: His warning was that the longer it took for economic factors to correct themselves and they would, the more severe the "correction" and the longer it would take to recover.

Now, two decades later, Robinson picks it up and explains all of the factors in the house of cards that today is teetering on the brink of collapse, both nationally and globally He provides enough history, facts and very little opinion, to substantiate his premise, that as a country, financially, we're going 90 miles an hour down a dead-end street, heading for a wall of stone Thanks, Hank.

He is also good enough to suggest some steps that those who are conscious of the facts might begin to take to lessen the inevitable shock.

I don't agree with everything in the work, but those points are moot and have no bearing on the core of the facts. What was questionable 20 years ago, has now become a looming pound gorilla sitting in America's living room and it isn't going to be ushered to the door by warm-fuzzy rhetoric and good intentions. Read the book, wake-up and smell the coffee, and prepare for a real ride. Whether one looks at the world through a lens of spirituallity, or "reality", or both, the events of our time are heading toward a common point This book is great!

It gave me a lot of education on the US dollar, the gold standard, the Federal Reserve, and fiat currencies.

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  • It makes it clear that the dollar is in grave danger of collapse in the near future. I am now preparing our family for the collapse. Good summary the US's economic problems. He includes ways to do this in chapter One person found this helpful. Great and very informative a must read for anyone who is concerned about the future and where this country is heading, and anyone who is opened minded enough not to accept what the govt and the media glosses over on a daily basis.

    The time is NOW to prepare for our spiritual and economic well being we can't depend on the government to do that for us, truth be told their doing the exact opposite!!!

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    As a retired political science professor, I knew much of what the author discusses. Therefore, he was able to establish a level of credibility for me. He took that relationship to a new level by providing well-referenced new information, connecting the dots for me in several areas. I had already become a recovering conservative Republican; finding as much fault in Republican leadership as I had previously reserved for liberal Democrats. And as an evangelical Christian, I appreciated his connection to end times. His greatest weakness is editing.

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    Numerous spelling and grammar errors would deter some from taking him seriously. Having graded many major papers and theses, I have learned to look past that. Simply living today is not a guarantee of a better tomorrow. This book hits the nail on the head.

    If you want a good basis for understanding money, the economy, and how to become financially independent, start with this book. See all 87 reviews. Don't rely on the government to secure your future - empower yourself with sound economic strategies, solutions, and godly principles today! Bankruptcy of Our Nation by Jerry Robinson has been a really good, albeit depressing, read. And it has taken me quite awhile to get Augusta Stevenson was a writer of children's books and a teacher.

    Many worry if the United States can even recover from this crisis. Bankruptcy of Our Nation: