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The Hymns of a Fallen Poet [Sheldon Hollis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Hymns Of A Fallen Poet is my third poetry book.
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The debut full-length from Kenoma is full of spacious, haunting songs that steadily build to great rushes of sound.

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The Massachusetts band carry out sludge-metal's nefarious will by way of retching vocals, gnarled riffs, and uncompromising breakdowns. As The Kingdom Drowns by Psycroptic.

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The Australian tech-death mainstays stay the gore-ridden course with a reliable set of seething, riff-laden ragers. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Rhinoceroses in ancient China were relatively common at the time of the composition of "Hymn to the Fallen", and Chu is noted for historical use of rhino skin armor for war.

Hymn of Kassiani

The horse and chariot were key components of the type of warfare described in this verse, and had been for a long time. Typically, on the left side of the chariot rode the charioteer who controlled the horses, generally armed only with a short sword. Beside him would be one or more archers armed with bows and a short sword. The short swords were in case an enemy jumped on the chariot or the personnel were forced into melee combat; however, yet of such construction as they be not so bulky that they might interfere with main duties onboard.

Typically, protecting the right side was a soldier armed with the ge , a lengthy and lethal hand weapon.

11 Battle Hymn of the Fallen Warrior

If the chariots got stuck in mud, hemmed in, or the wheels damaged or otherwise disabled they were likely to be quite at a disadvantage if attacked by foot soldiers armed with ge , swords, axes, or other melee weapons, especially if the foot soldiers maintained disciplined formations. Military discipline was key component in the warfare depicted in "Hymn to the Fallen"; that is, the ordering of the army so as to be most effective in tactics and responsive to command.

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Coordination of chariot forces and infantry was generally critical to success. The chariots were vulnerable to infantry attack at close quarters and so generally would be provided with infantry support.

selected poems and writings

Infantry was also vulnerable to chariots if they were able to maintain a distance allowing ranged attacks but avoiding melee, so generally chariot accompaniment was required. Also mentioned is the use of musical instruments to lead on the troops and to coordinate their actions.

The use of musical instruments to control movements of the army was an old practice. Attack charge , regroup, retreat, and similar maneuvers could all be sounded.

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Various spiritual and religious cultural phenomena are encountered in the "Hymn to the Fallen" poem. This includes belief in an after life, with survival of soul or spirit beyond the death of the body and the presence of various supernal or earthly powers, particularly a Heavenly Lord Tian and a Martial Deity Wu. In ancient China, there was a belief that some part of a person would survive the death of the body, a belief continued and developed over time.

In ancient China, there was a belief in supernal and earthly powers of deities and spirits.

Hymn to Time by Ursula K. Le Guin - Poems | Academy of American Poets

This includes a belief in Tian , a celestial deity with great influence on Earth and a belief in a spiritual being named Wu as a personified spirit of warfare, comparable to Ares or Mars. Standard Chinese version Traditional characters but written in the modern way, left-to-right and horizontally:. The axles of our chariots touch: Standards obscure the sun: They menace our ranks: The left-hand trace-horse is dead: The fallen horses block our wheels: See also Kassiani the Hymnographer.

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