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The Freelancer's Survival Guide [Kristine Kathryn Rusch] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most people become freelancers without any.
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By their very nature, freelance auction sites are a race to the bottom. The vast majority of users are looking to hire workers as cheap as possible and there will always, always, be someone who is willing to work for less. An employer knows they have to offer a competitive salary to attract the best talent. But on a freelance auction site, the employers are swamped with freelancers from all over the world, all falling over themselves to offer the most hours for the cheapest price.

Because the best projects — the ones offered by employers with deep pockets and an eye for quality — rarely end up on auction sites. So, as an employer, what do you do? You contact a few people in your network and ask for a recommendation. Someone comes back to you and tells you about a freelancer they worked with six months ago who did a really good job. You reach out to them and arrange a Skype call to discuss their availability.

In the second article in this series, I encouraged you to proactively contact people in your industry and offer your services. This is just one of the many scenarios in which this strategy can yield results. Networking, asking for referrals and asking for work is how I landed every long-term, profitable project.

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Think outside the box when asking for work. On another occasion, I offered my freelance services to a local firm who was advertising for an employee and ended up on a retainer for about five years. Smart business owners will, to a point, put up with a lack of professionalism if the end result is good. But if you can pull it off, you should be shooting for that ultra-rare third group.

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Those who are talented AND professional. Freelancers who are both skilled and professional are astonishingly rare. What I always find interesting is how many of the comments are unrelated to my skills as a writer. It amazes me how few freelancers act professionally, given how easy it is to accomplish. Talent at your chosen profession, naturally, is also important, but much of that will come with time, practice and persistence. Professionalism, on the other hand, is something that you can accomplish right away.

Use gaps in work to ramp up your networking efforts and produce sample work for your blog or portfolio. But once you reach that stage, how do you increase your income and maintain a steady stream of job offers? Do you have questions about working as a freelancer? David Congreave is a freelance writer and has written countless articles, email campaigns, and ebooks.

She covers pretty much every aspect of the life cycle of being a freelancer from how to start your business to how to deal with success and failure. She talks about how to know when to shutter your business and how to expand and when that is the right thing to do. She talks about how to deal with employees.

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She covers the nitty gritty issues like insurance and estate planning. One of the most valuable parts of the book in reality it is woven through the book is how to think of yourself as a freelancer. My father owned his own business as an accountant dedicated to small businesses and many of the lessons he told me, Rusch reiterates here. Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an amazing science fiction writer as well as a writer of other genres so for fellow writers there is additional value in this book and I highly recommend it. Great resource I've been working for myself for 17 years, and I still learned a ton of info from this.

While some of the information is a little dated, most of it is not. I probably found extra value in it because Ms. Rusch and I share the profession of writing, which is a somewhat recent career change for me. Dec 07, Stephanie Bibb rated it it was amazing. This book is excellent. I picked it up from a NaNoWriMo story bundle about a year ago. It has all sorts of helpful information and advice. While not everything mentioned will work for everyone, The Freelancer's Survival Guide is well worth the read if you plan on starting your own business.

There's decent practical advice in here, not just for writers. One of the tips the author gives is getting health insurance I had been This book is excellent. I had been debating whether or not to pick up dental insurance for myself when my husband got dental insurance, and I finally chose to go for a plan in the middle ground based on the advice in this book.

Good thing I did, because a month later, a filling chipped off on one of my teeth that apparently needed a root canal. The cost of that root canal was much, much more managable than if I hadn't gone for the insurance that was still affordable With experience in her field, she offers really valuable insights.

If you aren't sure yet about picking up the book, she has a lot of the chapters available for free on her blog a few of which I had read before reading the book. But the ebook edition brings everything together in an easy to browse format. I really enjoyed this book and read it quite fast. I stumbled upon it on some blog.

This book is the setting the base for all freelancers. It gives you an quite accurate picture of what it is.

The writer is American so some of the details, e. If I never had freelanced in my life, I would definitely read this. It describes what is required of you, and what you gain by freelancing. Based on the blog, there are at times references to other peoples blogs, it's OK by me. One learns or gets reminded of things as handling the finances, the taxes, the marketing, the insurances, all the stuff other than your 'job'. The insurance part was overwhelming for me. Firstly I was shocked by the amount it costs in USA!

Then all the rest of it- I started to feel a bit, well, she writes 'prepare for the worst', but who can afford that? Also, I think at times however one prepares in life, life gets to you. It's supposed to, and we just have to improvise and grow.

Deadly mistake ALL beginners make

A part from that the next big subject of course is self-publishing, about which the author has already commented several times in her blog. The publishing industry is in a change - not only the change from paperbacks to e-books, but the tablets, programs etc. There is indeed a lot to learn and do research about for all. I found it great she underlined her love of writing. You work for yourself, because you love what you do. It's the essence of it all.

The author covers a wide range of subjects one will have to deal with, from negotiating to success to professional jealousy. There are good anecdotes, and the book is very pleasantly written. A collection of chapters first published and still available on the author's website, and about as comprehensive as you could want. Although the book talks generally and is intended for any and all prospective freelancers, the author draws continually from her own experience as a freelance writer of many years standing, and so this book is of even more value to writers.

The first half of the book is invaluable, and should be mandatory reading for anybody looking to step out on their own. It's s A collection of chapters first published and still available on the author's website, and about as comprehensive as you could want. It's sensible, thorough, blunt, and inspiring. It won't guarantee you success, but it lays out the things that you should be thinking about even before you start. There are a few bits specific to self-employment in the USA, around tax and health insurance particularly, but the principles and ideas Rusch spends most of her time on are universal.

The second half of the book is difficult to assess from where I am now, as it deals a lot with how to handle things you can't experience until you've reached a certain point. It's hard to think about the negative aspects of success before you've really got started at what you hope to be successful at, for example, but the book is in hand for when those questions arise. Dec 06, Chrissy Wissler rated it it was amazing. This book is a treasure. If you're in business for yourself, have ever dreamed of freelancing or working for yourself, this should be on your bookself.

Kris Rusch, who's been a freelancer and writer for over twenty years, tells it like it is. Everyone makes mistakes in life, especially when it comes to business, and Rusch doesn't beat around the bushes. She gives advice on what she's learned, through success and many failures, how to avoid those mistakes and perhaps more importantly, This book is a treasure. She gives advice on what she's learned, through success and many failures, how to avoid those mistakes and perhaps more importantly, how to survive them.

Rusch covers all the important topics from knowing how and when to quit your day job, money management, negotiations, and emotional setbacks. What's just as valuable is this book isn't geared one type of freelancer. Rusch covers a wide-range of freelancing careers, keeping the chapters broad and basic enough that they can be applied to anybody. She keeps all those careers in mind, especially with her different examples. I will recommend this one to anyone who ever says to me, "I'd like to start my own I'm sure it'll be there as a guide to get me through both the rough and easy times.

This is an excellent book for anyone who works for themself, or is thinking of working for themself. Rusch is a writer, which is definitely a freelance position, but she brings experience from other jobs as well as the experiences of friends, co-workers, employees and employers, peers in her field and commenters on her blog.

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And at the heart of it all are the basics of business, which are largely the same no matter how you're earning your freelance living. From managing your money and your ti This is an excellent book for anyone who works for themself, or is thinking of working for themself. From managing your money and your time, your employees and your family, when to quit your day job and when to go back to your day job, how to recognize both failure and success, and now not to let either destroy your business or your life, the author goes over everything I'd ever wanted to know about managing my own business and plenty of things I'd never have thought to ask.

If you're feeling the pinch, you can read the whole book, a chapter at a time, on Ms. I did that as she wrote it and still bought the paperback. Jan 31, Adam R. This is an excellent overview of what you'll need to know when becoming a freelancer. If you read this book before getting starting a full freelancing career, you'll avoid unpleasant surprises.

In addition to being a great guide, it will give you a sense of which topics you can research further based on your individual needs. That being said, I wish she spoke a bit more about LLCs, Intellectual Property, and how to properly appraise your work i.

E This is an excellent overview of what you'll need to know when becoming a freelancer. Even short of these topics, I highly recommend reading this book to anyone considering freelancing or those in the first couple of years doing it so. Jan 07, Mercedes Yardley rated it it was amazing. This was exactly the book I was looking for. Rusch's Freelancer's Survival Guide is dense with information pertaining to all areas of freelancing.

She discusses taking your job seriously, how to figure out your hourly rate, protecting your freelancing time, and basically everything else you really need to know. This book is also quite general and doesn't target writing specifically. I found it quite slow to get through, but that was only because it was packed with information. There were several This was exactly the book I was looking for.

There were several useful ideas here that I'm going to integrate into my own business. Jan 24, Victoria Goddard rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this in blog form when I first discovered Kristine Kathryn Rusch last year, and learned a fair amount from it then. Reading it in book form, with revised order and some revisions to the sections , was far better--though that's also because I'm further along with my career shift to freelancing, so I can make more use of it.

Lots of food for thought, and I'll be coming back to this one many times to come. Jul 15, NormaCenva rated it it was amazing. This is a book I will be revisiting. It touches on the subjects not really discussed anywhere else, And it is great to hear different things discussed both business related and not. If you are considering it, give it a try, you might end up pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed!

Feb 24, DeAnna Knippling rated it it was amazing. I'm a freelancer; this is my second pass through the book once before I left my day job, once after. Ah, seeing the mistakes and the warnings I had received before or as I made them was bittersweet, but I feel like rereading it is helping me get back on track again. Jun 04, Michael rated it really liked it.

A great book for anyone interested in working for themselves If you're even contemplating "making the leap" to freelance, be sure to read this beforehand so you can make your decision with eyes wide open. Very informative I enjoyed this.