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Shooting Kabul (The Kabul Chronicles) [N. H. Senzai] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the summer of , twelve year old Fadi's.
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He wanted to know more about how they were going to leave. Fadi rolled his eyes. Mariam somehow managed to get away with everything. She had seen the thin, ragged drug addicts huddled on street corners, begging for scraps. His father had always been optimistic, even during the most difficult times. He turned to Mariam, his expression solemn. Whenever someone is handed lots of power, they have a tendency to abuse it. The Taliban was a group of young religious students. When they first came to power, they brought peace and order to the country.

It must come from their heart.

Shooting Kabul

Music, movies, books, photography, and kite flying. Although many women in Afghanistan traditionally chose to wear the burka, a head-to-toe covering—including his grandmother and his aunts—the Taliban now made it mandatory. Women were compelled to cover up when they ventured outside. He forbade it not only for himself but also for us.

She tapped her foot and pulled back her burka, revealing flashing brown eyes under arched eyebrows. Fadi pulled Mariam under the tattered awning as she tried to inch toward a skinny dog nosing through a pile of garbage. Now she clutched Gulmina at her side and looked up at Fadi, a frown marring her usually cheerful round face. She nodded, fingering the bright pink burka that enveloped Gulmina. Noor had sewn it for her just the week before, during a fit of boredom.

The Taliban had banned all toys that depicted human figures, since they were considered sacrilegious, so Gulmina was hidden away in the folds of the bright cloth. He sensed that Mariam knew they were never going back to their sprawling villa on Shogund Street, with its airy rooms and plum trees in the backyard. Well, only one plum tree. Since the war, the trees had been cut down for firewood.

And after years of neglect and lack of money for repairs, the house was falling apart. If anyone asks, tell them we are farmers escaping the fighting in our village. Habib glanced down at his wrist, but it was bare. A braying donkey rounded the corner, its owner in tow, causing the family to shrink against the building, trying to disappear into the shadows.

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Fadi peeked around the cement wall to watch the one-legged man pet the long-eared animal. There was something sad yet endearing about the image. Many men, women, and children had lost limbs to land mines across the country. Fadi blinked, his eyes watery. For all the problems in Afghanistan, this was still home. Dread crept into his heart. Would this be the last time he ever saw it? Fadi smiled and shrugged off his morose thoughts. His mind wandered back to Claudia and her great escape. We need to be successful in ours.

Buy from another retailer: When their underground transport arrives at the rendezvous point, chaos ensues, and Fadi is left dragging his younger sister Mariam through the crush of people. But Mariam accidentally lets go of his hand and becomes lost in the crowd, just as Fadi is snatched up into the truck. With Taliban soldiers closing in, the truck speeds away, leaving Mariam behind.

When a photography competition with a grand prize trip to India is announced, Fadi sees his chance to return to Afghanistan and find his sister. But can one photo really bring Mariam home? Based in part on the Ms. Your Cart items Cart total. Hardcover Trade Paperback Hardcover eBook. Buy from another retailer. Senzai's debut novel, worlds collide and a little sister is lost. Can her big brother find her from half a world away?

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At the same time, how can he find himself and restore his honor in a land that is both foreign and home? It is a world they won't soon forget. For all of Fadi's differences from his Fremont, California classmates, he will still seem very familiar to many middle schoolers. The novel allows readers a view of a different culture and provides background for events that still plague us today. Senzai, who based her first novel in part on her husband's family's escape from Soviet-controlled Afghanistan in , has a warm, engaging style that belies the subject matter. She keeps the story firmly through Fade's eyes.

He is a middle-schooler, plucky but not precocious, struggling to adjust to his new life in America, stricken by guilt about his sister, worried about his ailing mother, but still a boy. Free eBook available to NEW subscribers only. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Please feel free to adapt these materials to suit the needs of your classroom or community group.

Describe the main character, Fadi. What are his interests and dreams? What roles does he play within both his immediate family and his larger Afghan community in California? What does this choice tell you about Habib? How are feelings of guilt and responsibility about this incident expressed differently by various members of the family? What type of doll is Gul see more.

More Books from this Author. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a few hours. Mar 15, Ms. Rose rated it it was amazing. As a middle school English teacher, I found this book so impressive, especially for the audience for which it is written. The book covers issues of racism, classism, bullying, guilt, and loss to name a few. The story was incredible and while this is a short read for an adult I loved every moment of it and can't wait to share it with my high-readers! Nov 10, Miu Miu rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is about a family fleeing from a chaotic situation, but lost their beloved sister Mariam along the way.

Fadi is heartbroken and is trying to find every way possible to get his sister back, and along the way there were huge accidents that affected both him and his family. Will he find his sister, or live his entire life without her? Loving, amazing, well-written true immigrant experience.

Sep 26, Maggie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Senzai is an enthralling story -- based off a true one -- about the strength of bonds between siblings and a family, hope, and perseverance against all odds. It is a truly inspiring, amazing book, and I would recommend it to almost anyone. The story begins in Kabul, Afghanistan, home of the main character, Fadi, and his family -- younger sister Mariam, older sister Noor, and his mother and father. His family had left Afghanistan for America so his father could get a PhD, but they came back to Afghanistan afterwards, at first to help the Taliban.

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However, the Taliban quickly became over-controlling and overly zealous, and when they asked Fadi's father -- more like demanded -- to become a part of them, he knew he couldn't turn down their offer without forsaking his family's safety. So instead, they used up their entire savings paying for professionals to take them out of the country.

In the confusion, though, Mariam's hand slips from Fadi's and their vehicle drives away at full speed from the approaching Taliban. Fadi's family's attempts to stop it are in vain, and Mariam is left behind in war-torn Afghanistan while the family reaches America. But even once they've finally escaped Afghanistan, things are only getting more difficult. Penniless, Fadi's family has to live with their relatives, and they are embarrassed to be taking such advantage of their courtesy, though they insist they don't mind. Fadi is bullied at school and has to deal with the terrible guilt that Mariam's loss is his fault.

It isn't, of course -- and the whole family is dealing with the same feelings, each shouldering the guilt for themselves and obstinately refusing to believe it isn't their fault. Now the bullies at Fadi's school have a new thing to fight him over, and he's surrounded by prejudice and accusation because of where he came from. But then, at school, he finds a photo contest. A trip to India, from which he could reach Afghanistan and find his missing sister.

Grades K-12

Photography is Fadi's special talent, his true love in life, and he's confident and certain he just has to win. Obviously, he was going to win first place, win the trip to India, and save Mariam. And they all lived happily ever after. I was extremely shocked when he didn't place at all, and yet Ms.

Senzai still ended the story ingeniously and happily. The book flowed easily and was excellently written, and the ending was sweet and very clever. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, suspenseful, and often surprising read. Feb 21, Shazzer rated it really liked it Shelves: As posted on Outside of a Dog: It can be story weight or character weight, or outside weight from press or advertising. Mockingbird was a very weighty book. Shoo As posted on Outside of a Dog: Shooting Kabul, by N. Senzai is another heavy book, but what a difference the right touch can make.

But before they can make it out of the city, Fadi is separated from his little sister Mariam, and she is left behind. The family finally lands in Fremont, California, and they try to make themselves a new home while back in Afganistan, the seach is on for the missing Mariam. This book is a small miracle. Senzai is cooking with every burner, and the heat is on high. Considering the unfamiliar to me Arabic vocabulary and the extremely heavy subject matter, this book reads like a dream.

I felt thoroughly rewarded by the book, and that is a rare experience. The moment when the truck rolls away, leaving Mariam behind is truly heartbreaking. It made me gasp. Everything that followed was graceful and believable, and handled with a deft touch. Jan 28, Brooke H rated it it was amazing. What was the biggest decision in your life? How difficult was it? Was it as difficult as leaving everything behind and not knowing if you'll be alive the next day? In the book, Shooting Kabul by N.

Senzai, Fadi's parents made a very difficult decision to leave their past life behind in Afghanistan and start a new chapter in their life in America. Fadi's mother is sick and needs better health care, and the Taliban wants Fadi's father to join their group. On the day of their escape, they go throu What was the biggest decision in your life? On the day of their escape, they go through some big bumps in the road. I could not stop reading this book. Each chapter had a new surprise or shock to the story line.

This is one of my new favorite books. The way the author described how the characters felt in different situations almost made me go back to situations where I felt like that, and I could really connect to the characters like to connect the plot and to the setting. I recommend this book to people that are going through rough times and adapting to different locations.

Saving Kabul Corner

For example being a new kid at a new school This book also has some history in it. For example it takes place in , when the US was under attack by Al Qaeda. I would pick this book up any day and reread it. It taught me to not judge a person by their appearance or their nationality, because they can be a great person inside.

Aug 30, Angela rated it liked it Shelves: I really loved this book. Everything is going well, until his little sister gets lost in the scramble to get on a bus out. Once they get to America, the boy tries to figure out a way to get his sister back, while suffering teasing at school. I highly recommend it to anyone older than ten. Jul 22, Alison Strandell rated it really liked it. This story opened my eyes to some of the culture and people of Afghanistan, including in this case a family who came to America for a safer life. The theme that all members of our diverse human race deserve a fair chance at happiness and success is so important.

Also, the novel kept me guessing and had a clever ending. Oct 13, Joeben rated it really liked it. Fadi was just a normal kid with a normal life in afganistan, when the Taliban arrives they flee to america. It's a great book for starting a conversation with children, about the complexities of Afghanistan people and the surrounding issues. It covers topics at an age appropriate level for racism, 'immigration experience,' Islam, war, Pashtun Code of Ethics, culture shock, family tensions and even teen dating.

The oldest daughter takes on an after school job to help out financially, so you could also branch out into socio-economic issues. My spoiler free review: Dec 18, Tiffani Shannon rated it it was amazing. I read this book aloud to my 5th graders and it was wonderful. While they were skeptical at the beginning on whether they were going to enjoy it, by the end they couldn't get enough of it!

The book evoked a strong range of emotions from my students and provided us with rich and powerful discussions about prejudice, racism, fear, anger, bullying, and love. H Senzai is its own uniquely captivating story of a family's struggle, hope, diversity, and cultural prejudice. The story begins in Kabul, Afghanistan where the protagonist Fadi lives with his father Habib, mother Zafoona, and siblings Noor and Mariam.

Slowly, the Taliban had evolved from heroes that had defeated the Soviets, to a controlling and dangerous group. Realising that his family's safety would be at risk if he declined the offer, Habib and his family are forced to flee Afghanistan. Using their savings, they are able to pay for smugglers to bring them out of Afghanistan into neighbouring Pakistan.

The plan was to wait for the truck at a designated spot. During their escape, Fadi is stopped by Mariam to place Mariam's doll into his backpack. All was going to plan until the Taliban unexpectedly appeared. During the ensuing commotion, Fadi lost grip of Mariam's hand, leaving Mariam behind in Kabul. Despite multiple attempts to find Mariam, Fadi and his family were forced to take asylum in the United States without Mariam before the window closed. Life isn't easy in Fremont.

Habib is forced to take a job as a cab driver, and Noor works at McDonald's to help with the bills. Guilt about leaving Mariam behind follows the family like a shadow but hits Fadi especially hard. Fadi and his family plan a way to find Mariam, going as far as hiring private investigators. Fadi starts middle school and is encouraged to join the photography club. Unexpectedly, Fadi discovers an opportunity to redeem his honor in the form of a photography contest.

A contest with the grand prize of a new digital camera and a plane ticket for two to either India, China, or Kenya. Realizing how close India was to Afghanistan, Fadi commits his efforts to win the contest in hopes of gaining an opportunity to find Mariam and regain his honour. Shooting Kabul was an interesting novel that carried with it a heavy subject and important lesson. The lesson of the novel is to never lose hope. What I enjoyed about this book is its ability to turn a complicated history lesson into understandable story. Many things are to be learned through this book such as the history of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

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In addition, the utilisation of Arabic language with a glossary created an intriguing and realistic cultural element to the novel. Moreover, as a reader, I had felt that the characters in the novel are easily relatable. The character I related to the most was Fadi, who felt overwhelming guilt and had blamed himself for what happened. It would be a lie to say that guilt has never caused me to blame myself. H Senzai is a novel I would suggest to readers who enjoy historical fiction, or readers who seek a captiavting story.

Oct 27, Cesar Cruz is currently reading it. The story, " Shooting Kabul" is a about a boy and his family. THis book goes through the sad adventure and the struggels they went through. THey did this to begin their escape from Afghanistan. When they were geting onto the tall truck, His six-year-old sister, Mariam lets go of her brother's hand and is tragically left behind. This part in the story made me have empthay for the poor girl.

How frightend she would be. How she would The story, " Shooting Kabul" is a about a boy and his family. How she wouldnt know what to do. Their plan was to leave Afghanistan and get to America. But their plan went horrible. Their arrival in San Francisco is very bad. They are all too concerned about Mariam to appreciate their hard work , and that there no war here.

That it is all nice and peacefull at times. All the boy is worried about getting his sister back. He begins middle school with the memeroy and the guilt that leaving Mariam behind was his fault, and he will do anything to get her back. But one tragic thing that they had to see , was the tragic nine-eleven. Since this was done by talliban, the kids from his school made his life more misarable. They made fun of him and they called him names.

See a Problem?

They had no respect for him. They didnt know how hard his life been already. One of the things he does remeber about her is pictures. He looks at pictures remebr how she looks. One of the things he try to do is join the photography club at his school. Realizing how close India is to Afghanistan, Fadi tells himself he must win in order to return and find Mariam. The author of this book sets a new type of theme. She puts a theme that is sad, happy, and guilty.

This is a book that is easy to remeber because of how she put her own mind into. This book makes me think that the author has had this pain before because she make it feel so real. I sooo loved this book! Fadi and his family have tried to stay in their beloved country but the war has driven them from their home. Fadi's father, Habib, has paid the last of their money to flee their homeland. Fadi's family is close-knit, loving, and care deeply for each other.

Fadi's mother, Zafoona, is ill and his sister, Noor, is helping her escape and F I sooo loved this book! Fadi's mother, Zafoona, is ill and his sister, Noor, is helping her escape and Fadi is responsible for Mariam, his little sister. It is when they are leaping from one truck to another, that the Taliban attacks, and Mariam breaks away to pick up her doll, that Fadi loses his grip on his little sister.

Once the family reaches safety in the United States, they try to locate their precious family member, in whatever way they can. Fadi begins school in a country very foreign to him, but he makes friends and also experiences bullying because he is Muslim. Frankweiler, and how he relates to Claudia and her escapades in the museum. Fadi loves photography and uses his father's camera which took many a picture in Kabul.

It is this love of photography that inspires Fadi to join a school contest in which the winner will win a tripand Fadi is determined to win that trip and return his lost little sister to their heartbroken family. Fadi has so many things against him but he also has determination and with his new found friend, Anh, they both hope to bring Mariam homebut, will they succeed? This such a great book, great characters, believable plot, and the themes of belonging resonate in each chapter of this wonderful book. View all 6 comments. Dec 13, Meaghan rated it really liked it Shelves: I think 9-tos would really like this story, although it wasn't the best young adult novel I'd ever read.

I think the ending would have been much more effective without the epilogue, which just seemed anticlimatic to me. Fadi should have been showing a lot more culture shock -- for a kid raised in Afghanistan moving to San Francisco, he acts with remarkable aplomb. Even making allowances for his Western-influenced family, I found it unbelievable. The same applies to the I think 9-tos would really like this story, although it wasn't the best young adult novel I'd ever read.

The same applies to the rest of his family as well. The photograph contest was done very well. The author was able to slip in quite a lot about photography without sounding overly didactic. Fadi's relationships with his family members, especially his father, were portrayed very realistically. I ached for him as he blamed himself over and over for his sister's disappearance. The suspense, are they going to find Mariam or not, was handled well, with false leads and red herrings and so on.

Sep 20, Zayn Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shooting Kabul is probably one of the most loving and compassionate novels I have ever read. A family living in Afghanistan during the time when the Afghans and the Soviet Union were at war. With the Taliban threatening everyone, Fadi's family decides to leave Afghanistan illegally.

They travel to Jalalabad to catch a ride to Peshawar, Pakistan. When the truck arrives to take them to Peshawar, Maraim, Fadi's little sister, is left behind, due to Fadi's mistake of letting go of her hand. The rest Shooting Kabul is probably one of the most loving and compassionate novels I have ever read. The rest of the family makes it safely but they are worried about Mariam. After a couple of weeks later Fadi joins a photo club where a competition takes place.

It includes a photo shoot in India or Africa. Fadi uses this as his chance to get Mariam back and reclaim his honor. Will he succeed, or will his honor be lost forever? Oct 18, Per-Nik rated it really liked it. Fadi is a boy stuck in Afghanistan and all he wants to do is get out, but when his family tries to escape the Taliban attack the meeting point for the traffickers and his little sister is left behind.

So when he gets to the US, Fadi tries multiple times to try and find solutions to finding his sister. One day he discovers a photography competition and enters hoping to get the grand prize which is a trip to India. A chance to find his sister.