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Have you ever wanted to see more clearly with your spiritual eyes? (Luke 31),; Seeing opportunities for evangelism (John ), and.
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He had it by faith! The eyes of faith revealed that there was more to reality than physical eyes could see. The wicked looked like they were secure, but in reality, they were the most insecure. They had the worship of the masses, but they did not have the approval of the One who really matters.

All of these facts were not less real than the dust under his feet, but he needed to use his spiritual eyes to comprehend them. But his spiritual eyes had been blinded. A trip to the temple reminded him to look again, and this time with the eyes of faith. Did you even realize that you had a set of spiritual organs with which you could apprehend God?

The Bible assumes that you have spiritual sensory organs. Let me just give you some verses from the Psalms:.

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Think about that for a minute. The Bible assumes that you will be able to know God with the same intensity of experience as you know your friends, your children, your wife. It assumes that you can experience God with the same satisfaction as you do a meal, a flower, a sunset. The Bible says that it is apprehended by faith with spiritual senses Hebrew These all died in faith without receiving the things promised, but they saw them in the distance and welcomed them and acknowledged that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth Hebrews What can all this mean except that we have in our hearts organs by means of which we can know God as certainly as we know material things through our familiar five senses.

Do you hear that? We have them but we must use them! No, he was using his physical eyes, and what they saw provoked jealousy. The power of the physical overpowered his spiritual senses and blinded them. Many of us are in the same boat. We look out at the world, and we only see with our physical eyes. Our spiritual eyes are blindfolded, as it were. From lack of use, they have become insensitive to spiritual realities. Our spiritual taste buds have been fed a fast-food spiritual diet for so long that we are incapable of filling our hearts with nourishment.

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Friends, we are suffering from sensory overload. And the senses being overloaded are not the physical ones, but the spiritual ones. Like delicate instruments, fine tuned to hear the voice of God, they are easily damaged by the blasting waves of the world, and unless we keep them tuned regularly, they will quickly be unable to detect anything at all.

If you have placed your hope in this world for satisfaction, you are blind. They can only see the physical side of life. If that view is not clarified, the result can be raging ENVY, like the psalmist.

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But it will lead to many other sins: You need the light of the Holy Spirit to restore your sight. If you sit here and claim the name of Christ, but realize that your spiritual eyes have cataracts, you need eye surgery. So, how do we, like the psalmist, keep our spiritual senses in good working order? How do we go into the sanctuary and, by faith, catch a glimpse of the One who puts all things into perspective? I would like to dwell on a few suggestions. I want to understand Him to the extent that He reveals himself so that I can be truly satisfied. Think about the psalmist envying the wicked.

He walked into the temple and understood that their lifestyle would never satisfy! I was like a dumb animal! In that vein, the Apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesians that,.

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Christ prayed for His disciples and those who would believe through their testimony John Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, so that they can see my glory … John We know that whenever it is revealed we will be like him, because we will see him just as he is. And everyone who has this hope focused on him purifies himself, just as Jesus is pure 1 John 3: It is by beholding the glory of Christ by faith that we are spiritually edified and built up in this world, for as we behold his glory, the life and power of faith grow stronger and stronger.

It is by faith that we grow to love Christ.

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So if we desire strong faith and powerful love, which give us rest, peace and satisfaction, we must seek them by diligently beholding the glory of Christ by faith. In this duty I desire to live and to die. It will become to me like something dead and putrid, impossible for me to enjoy. Oh, my friends, strengthen your spiritual eyes so that Christ and the sight of Him becomes your only hope.

Think about Him, dwell on what you know about Him, read books about Him. He is the only hope any of us has. And if we do not love the sight of Him, how can we love Him? Second, the fight to see is a fight to believe. Seeing with new eyes is not just a part of your salvation experience, but part of the daily battle that is the Christian life. He was fighting to believe what God had promised! We desperately need that faith if we are going to know God and see things from His perspective.

Listen to Tozer again:. But why do the very ransomed children of God themselves know so little of that habitual, conscious communion with God which Scripture offers? The answer is because of our chronic unbelief. Faith enables our spiritual sense to function. Where faith is defective the result will be inward insensibility and numbness toward spiritual things …. A spiritual kingdom lies all about us, enclosing us, embracing us, altogether within reach of our inner selves, waiting for us to recognize it.

God Himself is here waiting our response to His presence. As we begin to focus upon God, the things of the spirit will take shape before our inner eyes. Obedience to the word of Christ will bring an inward revelation of the Godhead John It will give acute perception enabling us to see God even as is promised to the pure in heart. A new God-consciousness will seize upon us and we shall begin to taste and hear and inwardly feel God, who is our life and our all.

More and more, as our faculties grow sharper and more sure, God will become to us the great All, and His presence the glory and wonder of our lives. As you go through your day, ask Jesus to help you see things from His perspective. You need His help; you will remain blind without it. Cry out to Christ like Bartimaeus in Mark Third and finally, we need to help each other see. That I may tell of Your works! That I may tell the congregation what You have done.

That I may tell others what I see! So that I can help them see. Today is our last Sunday at Community Bible Chapel. Have you ever taken an Art Appreciation class, or a Music Appreciation class? Appreciation classes can help them learn how to savor good art. God can be the same way. Spiritual eyes are eyes that hope in Christ.

The fight to see is a fight to believe. We need to help each other see. Can you see Him? Can you see Him?! Please open our eyes that we might see Your glory. May Your beauty outshine every other thing that promises satisfaction. May we, like the psalmist, see You by faith and thus gain an eternal perspective on reality. Then out of the abundance of that vision may we be unable to stop pointing those around us to You so that they too might see and believe.

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It was completed by more than twenty biblical scholars who worked directly from the best currently available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. The translation project originally started as an attempt to provide an electronic version of a modern translation for electronic distribution over the Internet and on CD compact disk. Anyone anywhere in the world with an Internet connection will be able to use and print out the NET Bible without cost for personal study. In addition, anyone who wants to share the Bible with others can print unlimited copies and give them away free to others.

It is available on the Internet at: Main Street, Richardson, TX This is the edited manuscript prepared by Steven Sanchez on May 22, Anyone is at liberty to use this lesson for educational purposes only, with or without credit. The publication of this material is a grace ministry of Community Bible Chapel. When translated one of these texts told the story of the Ugaritic god Mot, or Death and described him as having: The psalmist is more than likely using an ancient to describe the appetites of these wicked rich.

He compares them to the voracious false god death! See Dahood in the AB. For translation see Cyrus H. Gordon, Ugaritic Literature Rome: Pontificium Institutum Bibicum, p. Banner of Truth Trust, , p.

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Handing Off the Baton 2 Timothy 4: Walking the Romans Road. Facing Winter Seasons 2 Timothy 4: You are here Home. Meditations on Psalm 73 Related Media. Psalm 73 1 May 22, Introduction 2 A few months ago I was walking across campus at Dallas Theological Seminary, and I saw a blind man making his way across a court yard. A Serious Limitation But as powerful as your eyeballs are, they have one significant limitation. Purpose of This Sermon I want to try to persuade you that as valuable as your physical eyesight is, you have a set of spiritual eyes that are even more valuable.

Exegesis Psalm 73 is what students of the Bible call an individual song of thanksgiving or a wisdom Psalm. Psalm 73 begins with a summary of his theology. Certainly God is good to Israel, and to those whose motives are pure Psalm He says, But as for me, my feet almost slipped; my feet almost slid out from under me For I envied those who are proud, as I observed the prosperity of the wicked Psalm The Wicked in All Their Glory He took those two little eyeballs of his, and he focused them on the proud and wicked around him and what he saw made him envious.

For they suffer no pain; their bodies are strong and well-fed. They are immune to the trouble common to men; they do not suffer as other men do Psalm Arrogance is their necklace, and violence their clothing. Their prosperity causes them to do wrong; their thoughts are sinful. They mock and say evil things; they proudly threaten violence. They speak as if they rule in heaven, and lay claim to the earth Psalm A Striking Caricature Talk about confident. Take a good look! This is what the wicked are like, those who always have it so easy and get richer and richer Psalm A Disturbing Conclusion I say this is a cry of protest, and not a shrug of resignation because the psalmist knows in his heart that something is not right.

What holds him back may surprise you. If I had publicized these thoughts, I would have betrayed your loyal followers. When I tried to make sense of this, it was troubling to me Psalm The criminal goes free on a technicality. The deceitful man at work gets to keep his job. The gossiping woman has a better figure. The disrespectful teenager has all the latest gadgets.

The politician loots the public coffers and then gets immunity. The general supervises the massacre of thousands and continues to live like a king. This man is being torn up inside by what he sees with this eyes. A Bright Shining Truth Then, as if he can find no other relief, he runs to the temple and the rest of reality explodes into view. Surely you put them in slippery places; you bring them down to ruin. How desolate they become in a mere moment! Harper, , p. Christians through the years have learned that certain practices help them keep the spiritual channels open and help keep the heart turned toward God.

They don't save you or turn you into a holy person, or even into a good one. But they can inspire your desire , and grow your love of God by pulling down the walls you yourself put up as well as those which others put up for you. You can learn to find God where God is least expected. The practices, and the disciplines they grew from, take a specific part of your way of life and turn it toward God. A spiritual discipline is, when given exercise faithfully and regularly, a habit or regular pattern in your life which repeatedly brings you back to God and opens you up to what the Spirit is showing you.

Spiritual disciplines help to keep our relationship with God in good working order, and will even help us develop intimacy. The disciplines help us keep our spiritual vision from being clouded over. But no discipline can create or begin one's relationship with God.

The New You's Spiritual Vision

Nothing we do can do that, because Christ already did it. No discipline can earn us heavenly brownie points, because there are no such brownie points to earn. No discipline gives us even the briefest moment of escape from our broken nature. No discipline can rescue us, make us more valuable as persons, or make us inherently more of a leader.

Your life may go easier or smoother because of it, but it may get much harder, and that whole question is not really the point of it. Disciplines, practices, and even theologies are tools used for working with the Spirit on the task of remaking us into the you God made you to be. Tools, not magic, not willpower.

Tools of surrender and remanufacture. Tools used with Scripture , not in its stead. Powerful tools, but only because of the powerful One you're working with. And you are not the foreman. The Spirit uses Scripture, fellowship and devotional practices to develop in us the spiritual eyes to see what God is doing. This is what Ephesians means by the ' eyes of understanding '. You become freer to break out of the neat boxes in which your behavior is packaged. You become less afraid to ask questions, for those can act as spiritual icebreakers in a oft-icy world.

You don't have to act super-pious, or stay stolid and formal, or strictly orderly and in place, or do all the right things. Or perhaps you'll stop boxing God in with limits to divine authority as if we have any power to do so. Without the insight that the Spirit supplies, such freedom leads to anarchy and self-obsession. Without ' spiritual eyes ', you force God to confront you and your way of life rather than let God share the pleasures of divine company.

With spiritual vision, you can see some part of where God is headed and where you belong in it. You can then act accordingly, and not think about the boxes. One way to envision this is to look at Jesus as the Light from different angles. The first vision is that you see the Light: The second vision is that you see by way of the Light: You see the poverty and the delusions of grandeur, the cowardice and the courage, the insight and the stupidity. You can see it for what it is when the Light shines on it.

You even see yourself, out from the shadows, your body, your tastes, your visual effects. The third kind of vision is to see along the Light, past the peepholes and the crevices the Light sneaks through, out past the boughs and birds and nevels and the blue sky, to the blazing Source whose vision is branded upon you. Within a devotional outlook on life, spiritual growth never ends. No matter how well you may think you have done, there's always a whole lot more around the corner. This is a challenge, not a problem, but it doesn't always feel that way.

For any practices and disciplines you use, progress will often be like trying to run through a quagmire; the feet are weighed down by the thick mud, the legs pull, and you go very slowly. But you go nonetheless, because you have the vision to see the goal. It is not to be done in a day. We have not only a new house to build up, but an old one to pull down. A devotional outlook brings many blessings and gifts. One of the surest signs of shallow belief is if you're constantly seeking gifts and of course blessings for yourself and those closest to you.

The truly devoted understand why the gifts are given , namely, to further God's Kingdom, and to build up others in Christ's fellowship and beyond.