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And it's very different to the Verne books which are commonly known like Around the World in Eighty Days all of which I think are very inferior to his more mature work. The title of the book means "The million of the Begum". The Begum was an Indian princess and the novel begins with two people simultaneously inheriting half of the million as her descendants a huge sum in the late 19th century! Sarrasin, in contrast, is a rather passive figure — a kind of non-hereditary constitutional monarch who, after founding Ville-France, does not take any significant decision in the rest of the book.

The book's real protagonist, who actively resists Schultze, is an Alsatian , Marcel Bruckmann, native of the part of France forcibly annexed by Germany in the recent war. As an Alsatian, he is a fluent speaker of German, a requirement for entering Stahlstadt, and is able to pass himself off as being Swiss. He quickly rises high in its hierarchy, gains Schultze's personal confidence, spies out some well-kept secrets, and sends a warning to his French friends. It turns out that Schultze is not content to produce arms, but fully intends to use them first against Ville-France, then establish Germany's worldwide rule.

He casually mentions a plan to seize "some islands off Japan". Two weapons are being produced — a super-cannon capable of firing massive incendiary charges to Ville-France, and shells filled with gas.

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  4. Schultze's gas is designed not only to suffocate its victims but at the same time also freeze them. A special projectile is filled with compressed liquid carbon dioxide that, when released, instantly lowers the surrounding temperature to a hundred degrees Celsius below zero, quick-freezing every living thing in the vicinity. Schultze, however, meets with poetic justice. Firstly, the incendiary charge fired by the super-cannon at Ville-France not only renders the cannon unusable, but also misses its mark. The charge flies over the city and into space.

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    Secondly, as Schultze prepares orders for the final assault, a gas projectile in the office accidentally explodes and kills him. Stahlstadt collapses, since Schultze had kept everything in his own hands and never appointed any deputy. It goes bankrupt and becomes a ghost town. Bruckmann and his friend, Dr. Sarrasin's son, take it over.

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    Schultze would remain forevermore in his self-made tomb, on display as he had planned to do to his foes, while the good Frenchmen take over direction of Stahlstadt in order to let it "serve a good cause from now on. The mention of the gas shells seems to give Verne credit for the very first prediction of chemical warfare , nearly twenty years before H. Wells 's " black smoke " in The War of the Worlds.

    The book was seen as an early premonition of the rise of Nazi Germany , with its main villain being described by critics as "a proto- Hitler " see [1]. It reflects the mindset prevailing in France following its defeat in the Franco-German War of , displaying a bitter anti-German bias completely absent from pre Verne works such as Journey to the Center of the Earth where all protagonists save one Icelander are Germans, and quite sympathetic ones. In his extensive review of Verne's works, Walter A.

    McDougall commented with the regard to The Begum's Millions: Throughout the book, Verne repeatedly ridicules Schultze's racist ideas and their author the word "Vaterland" in German continually occurs within the French rendering of Schultze's diatribes.

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    As reviewer Paul Kincaid points out see [3] , Verne's ridiculing of the German's ethnic stereotyping can be regarded as itself part of an ethnic stereotyping in the opposite direction. A more obvious ethnic stereotyping is the repeated references to Schultze eating nothing but sausages and sauerkraut in enormous quantities, washed down by huge mugs of beer — even after becoming one the richest people in the world, who could afford any kind of delicacies.

    One scene has him commiserating with the benighted nations that are denied the benefits of the above-mentioned foods. For his part, the disguised French spy Bruckmann heartily loathes the same kind of food, but dutifully ingests it day after day in the patriotic interest of gaining Schulze's confidence — somewhat ironic, as both ingredients are quite common in Alsatian cuisine , and in combination as choucroute garnie now a common dish across France.

    The book, in Hebrew translation, enjoyed some popularity in 's Israel. The depiction of Schultze and the divine retribution that eventually overtake him were very much in tune with prevailing Israeli attitudes at the time. Following the Holocaust , Israeli Jews had an even stronger reason to be bitter at Germans than French people of the s. However, the Hebrew version omitted a passage in the original Chapter 11 where Octave Sarrasin, the doctor's dissolute son, is being cheated by "foreigners with long noses" as well as ones belonging to "the black and yellow races.

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    Face au drapeau , published in French patriotism faced with the threat of futuristic super-weapons what would now be called weapons of mass destruction and emerging victorious". In the one book the weapon is created by a sworn and fanatic enemy of France, who is destroyed by his own weapon; in the other, it is the creation of a renegade Frenchman, who at the moment of truth returns to his allegiance and destroys his weapon and himself rather than shoot on the Tricolour. Either way, both books end — and are clearly designed to end — with the material and moral victory of France. Verne's depiction of Dr.

    Sarrasin's "prodigal son," Octave Sarrasin initially a weak character who is kept from moral degradation only by the leadership of his friend Marcel is reminiscent of the writer's own strained relationship with his son Michel.

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    As Marcel departs into United States and ultimately into Steel City, Octave, deprived of Marcel's guidance, with the newly inherited riches at hand, is allowed to follow his own frivolous ways. However, having wasted much of his father's fortune and finally realizing the absurdity of his existence, Octave arrives at Ville-France much to the joy of his parents , reunites with Marcel and becomes his courageous and trusted companion.

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