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~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews said: Sizzling Pages Romance Escape into Annabel Fanning's feel-good bestselling erotic debut. She Part 1 is a contemporary and humorous look into the lives of two people who are on .. If you're looking for a story that will make you smile and not throw your kindle in the .
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Sex Outdoors 4 by Darren G. Sex Outdoors , Book 4. This is volume four in a brand new series of erotic short story anthologies. Sex Outdoors 3 by Darren G. Sex Outdoors , Book 3. This is volume three in a brand new series of erotic short story anthologies. Sex Outdoors 2 by Darren G. Sex Outdoors , Book 2. This is volume two in a brand new series of erotic short story anthologies.

Titillate your senses with these saucy tales of couples, threesomes and groups as they indulge their wildest sexual fantasies out in the open. Sex Outdoors by Darren G. Sex Outdoors , Book 1. Sex Outdoors in part one in a brand new series of erotic short story anthologies. Horny Couples 2 by Darren G. Horny Couples , Book 2. Stimulate your senses with this steamy book of erotic adult stories.

Discover how these singles and couples satisfy some of their wildest sexual desires in these sizzling sex stories. Horny Couples by Darren G. Horny Couples , Book 1. Voyeurism by Darren G. Voyeurism is a collection of hot and sexy stories where one or more people are watching others engaged in sexual acts.

In some stories the couple are unaware they are being watched, while in others the participants are only too happy to have an enthusiastic audience.

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Wicked Pleasures by Darren G. Adults Only , Book 1. Wicked Pleasures is a collection of erotic stories that will stimulate your senses and steam up the bedroom. From couples to threesomes, gigolos, internet dating hookups and bondage, this compilation has a taste of everything sexual. Slave to Love by Darren G. Cleo loves variety in her sex life and her sex partners. She also has a penchant for being either the dominant or submissive partner. When Max, one of her regular well-hung lovers comes round to visit, Cleo is only more than happy to take on both roles.

She finds nothing more stimulating than being chained to the bed while Max has his way with her.

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In the Flesh by Darren G. Will and Carla have been having a long distance relationship for several months via the internet and phone conversations. However, until now they have never actually met in the flesh.

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When they finally do, all the pent up passion and desires is let loose in a hot night of unbridled sex. Rough Rider by Darren G. Jake is a male escort servicing wealthy business women. He's well hung and very good at his job. Follow Jake through three hot sexual encounters with his gorgeous clients, including a threesome with two lesbians. When Rick meets Scarlett at a friend's birthday party it's lust at first sight. Alone they venture down into the rainforest in the back garden where they make passionate love on the grassy bank beside a small stream. When lust is aroused then is only one way to get satisfaction.

Magic Wand by Darren G. Randy is well hung and, because of the effect it has on women, has always referred to his manhood as his magic wand. This inspires Randy and friend Tim to start up Magic Wand Productions, where the pair entice amateur women into having sex on camera for money. Follow Randy through several steamy sexual encounters, including a hot threesome on the beach.

One Night Stand by Darren G. On the hunt in a night club, Brad searches for a sexy woman who is willing to go home with him for some no strings fun. He meets like-minded Stacey and they hit it off immediately. The lust and passion is out of control even before he gets her back to his place. Once home there is no holding back. Skinny Dipping by Darren G. Matt and Ruby have been dating a while, but are yet to consummate their relationship sexually.

A drive to a secluded beach one night changes all that. Following an exhilarating skinny dip in the ocean, the physical action really hots up on the beach! Tales of the Paranormal by Darren G. Tales of the Paranormal is a collection of novelettes and short stories. The stories involves tales of extrasensory perception and superhuman gifts, sadistic vampires, mysterious ghosts from the past and bloodthirsty werewolves. If you enjoy a good scare and edge-of-your-seat action, then this is the book for you! Bloodlust by Darren G. Six hikers are trekking through the wilderness and make camp.

Mark is awoken in the middle of the night and sees a wolf stalking them. When it attacks and kills one of the campers, Mark shoots the beast six times with his gun, but fails to kill it. The campers then realize that they're not dealing with any ordinary wolf. This is a short story of approximately words. Tales of Erotic Love is a collection of sexy stories designed to titillate and arouse the reader's desires, while at the same time maintaining a strong romantic flavor. Indulge yourself, stimulate your senses and awaken your deepest desires by reading these erotic tales.

Rekindled Desires by Darren G. By chance one night Scott bumps into his ex flame. When Andrea makes advances on him again after three years apart, Scott finds he can't resist her charms and is soon engulfed in the passion and lust that he only feels for her. Hot Love by Darren G. Engaged couple Ridge and Zoe travel to the snow and spend the night in a log cabin around an open fire.

While a freezing blizzard rages outside, the temperature inside the cabin is on the rise as the sexual action hots up. The Tenth Date by Darren G. Owen and Tori have been courting for nine dates now and Owen is growing frustrated. So far their relationship hasn't progressed sexually and he's left wondering if there's something wrong, or if she's not that into him.

On their tenth date everything comes together and the passion flows as freely as the wine. Their relationship is consummated and their sexual tensions released. Sex in Paradise by Darren G. Sex in Paradise , Book 1. Set in exotic tropical locations, the short erotic stories of Sex in Paradise are sure to titillate the reader and arouse your desire. Second Honeymoon by Darren G. David and Sara's marriage has grown stale. The lust and passion are gone and they are desperate to get it back. Determined to rekindle the fire that once burned between them, they take a second honeymoon to a tropical paradise.

Soon the stresses of life are left far behind and they rediscover what unbridled sexual fulfillment is all about. Sex That's Out of This World is an collection of erotic science fiction short stories. The characters are not all human and the scenarios all take place either in outer space, or on other planets. The book puts a different spin on sex and all things erotic. Planet of Sex by Darren G. Plexus is known all across the universe as the Planet of Sex. Travellers come from far and wide to indulge in the free and easy lifestyle on Plexus. Follow the sordid sex tales of these horny interplanetary travellers.

Cyber Babe by Darren G. When Tim wins a free coupon to a mysterious place called Cyberland, he doesn't really know what it is or what to expect. When he gets there to collect his prize he discovers that it's a world of virtual reality; one where he can make all his sexual fantasies come true, and he has the power to create the hottest babe he's ever seen! Horny Hannah travels to the very liberal planet of Vetorio, where the sex is free and easy and the offerings out of this world.

Zoltan has some very unique attributes that promise double the fun and stimulation, and Hannah can't wait to sample his rare and special talents. Alien Voyeurs by Darren G. Alien Voyeurs is a science fiction erotic story. Loving couple, Todd and Cleo, are camping on the top of a hill in the wilderness. No sooner have they fulfilled their sexual desires when a blinding light sucks them up into a spaceship. Three aliens watch from behind windows in the room, drugging Todd and Cleo with a love serum that renders them devoid of all sexual inhibitions.

Night Realm by Darren G. Night Realm , 1. It is the story of private detective, Ryan Fox. It's Just Sex by Darren G.

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It's Just Sex is a collection of erotic short stories where men and women indulge in casual, no strings fun. Prepare to be titillated and aroused as each story unfolds into hardcore action. Short Erotic Tales by Darren G. Short Erotic Tales is a collection of sexy shorts that immediately get into the action to titillate and arouse the reader's desires. Black Night by Darren G. There are no sensitive new age vampires in this story, only evil ones.

When five friends venture into the wilderness to spend the weekend in a log cabin in the snow, they have nothing but partying and fun on their minds. However, the fun soon turns into complete horror after night falls. Something is lurking out there in the woods; stalking them, terrorizing them and picking them off. Whispers from the Grave by Darren G. When seventeen year old April suffers some personal problems, her parents send her to the country to stay with her aunt and uncle in their very old house. No sooner does April arrive when a young man from the afterlife makes contact with her.

Step by step he guides April in solving a year old mystery, giving redemption to his spirit, and in the process, helping April to restore her own sanity. Extrasensory by Darren G. Chris is out in the hills taking photos of the cityscape when he spies a strange green light in the night sky. He manages to snap off some hurried photos as the light moves erratically towards him. Something very bizarre happens to him as the object moves overhead. A pinprick of light enters his right eye and does something to his brain.

This is a novelette of approximately 16, words. X-Rated Hardcore Erotica , Book 1. X-Rated Hardcore Erotica is a collection of erotic short stories involving a spicy array of sexual encounters. Sex between couples, group sex, swinging, threesomes and partner swapping all take place in this exquisite selection of erotica. X-Rated by Darren G.

X-Rated is a selection of erotic short stories involving three sexual partners; either two men and one woman, two women and one man or three women. Many people fantasize about a sexual menage. These stories vividly bring those fantasies to life. Vivid Sex Stories by Darren G. Sextasy , Book 2. Vivid Sex Stories is part two in a hot new erotica series. Stimulate your sexual senses with this compilation of ultra erotic adult stories.

Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual fantasies in these vivid sex stories. Orgasmic by Darren G. When Steve and Dean go to a local strip club, the most they are expecting from the evening is to see some naked female flesh. They never dreamed that they would be joined at their table by two sexy and very horny brunettes, who are on the hunt for nothing more than a great time with some willing partners. Steve and Dean are only too happy to pleasure them and satisfy their desires. Pleasure Island by Darren G. Friends Carl and Mark are out spearfishing in a tropical island paradise.

Needing a break they beach their small boat on a tiny deserted island to take a rest. On the island they encounter three naked and very horny young women. From then on it's a sex fest, with all five indulging in an afternoon of non-stop sexual fun.

Ebony Desires (Interracial Romance Erotica) (Deon Macqueen Esquire Book 1)

Casual Sex by Darren G. Greg is only after casual sex so he joins an internet dating site called The casual Sex Club. It differs itself from other adult sites by promising to match him with genuine candidates. Greg gets lucky with the third profile and by the following afternoon is indulging in the raunchiest sex of his life with a hot young brunette woman named Cynthia. Light My Fire by Darren G. Dale and Donna have recently started seriously dating but have yet to sexually consumate their relationship.

Taking her to a secluded and romantic location in the wilderness, Dale plans to make his move by the ambient light of the campfire. His ploy works and Donna is only too willing to abandon her inhibitions and give into his desires. Sex Party by Darren G. Intrigued, they buy tickets to the event. The party lives up to its name and is a free-for-all romp of sexual fun for everyone involved.

Dex and Rico can't stop getting laid! Taylor is a blonde and very sexy door to door salesperson. When she can't convince Rob, a potential client, to sign a contract with her firm, she uses her feminine sex appeal to its best advantage, arousing Rob's interest and ultimately achieving the desired results. Dale's First Client by Darren G. Well hung Dale still maintains a sexual relationship with his ex wife, Lillian.

Lillian suggests that Dale could make good money from his assets and she wants to start pimping out his services to attractive and wealthy women she knows. Dale warms to the idea and ends up having an hour of sordid sex with his first eager client, Lucinda. No Strings Attached by Darren G.

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When Danny breaks up with his long-term girlfriend, he decides he's over romance and serious relationships and goes in search of some no strings fun. His work colleague, Telitha, sets him up with her girlfriend and the two immediately hit it off. Mutual attraction quickly turns into mutual sexual satisfaction. Love Poems and Sentiments from the Heart is a collection of poetry and affirmations about love; whether it be new love, lost love, being in love or the hope of love.

If you are thinking of ways to convey your love to another, you may very well find inspiration in this heart-felt collection. May your heart be filled with warmth and your spirit uplifted as you read through this book of sentiments. Thirst by Darren G. Roman is three hundred years old and he is a vampire. When London becomes overrun with vampires, he travels to Australia in search of new blood. He plans to start a fresh coven and have sex with as many beautiful women as possible, turning them one by one.

Only a resolute detective investigating the series of strange murders stands in his way. Super Sexy Stories by Darren G. Sextasy , Book 1. Super Sexy Stories is part one in a hot new erotica series. Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual fantasies in these super sizzling sex stories.

Sex Games by Darren G. In Sex Games three swinging couples come together for a night of naughty games that invariably leads to fun, sex and, of course, partner swapping. Join in the excitement of this sexy romp. Mistress by Darren G. Carl and Anna are in a marriage that has grown stale. Each of them has a lover on the side that the other doesn't know about. Feeling guilty, Carl confesses to his wife, only to find out she's been having an affair as well. Their solution to their marriage problems is not one anybody would ever expect.

The action really heats up in this ultra sexy story. Fuck Buddies by Darren G. David and Elise have an understanding: When they want sex, they get together casually to satisfy each other's needs and desires. It's the perfect physical setup for two consenting adults who don't want a full-on relationship. Share the experience with them as the pair engage in two steamy sexual encounters.

Nymphomaniac by Darren G. Drew has nothing to do for the weekend. That is, until he stops at a bikini car wash and meets the super hot and highly-sexed Stacey. Once she has him back at her place she won't let him go, and no matter how many times they have sex, her appetite is never satisfied. Hot Blonde by Darren G. Mark is bored with his job and on the verge of quitting when the very hot and sexy Sierra is appointed as his new manager. The attraction between them is obvious from the start. Suddenly Mark doesn't mind his job, and likes it even more when she seduces him, culminating in a night of passionate sex.

New Romance by Darren G. Vince and Tiffany have been dating for several weeks and all is going well, but the couple are yet to experience their first sexual encounter together. That's all about to change when Tiffany invites Vince over to her place for dinner, where the saucy dessert action really heats up. Raunchy Couples by Darren G. Raunchy Couples is a collection of adult short stories. These titillating sex tales involve saucy sexual seduction between heterosexual couples. I Want To Have Sex With You is a light-hearted and humorous look into some of the words and actions men portray in order to simply get laid.

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It's a well-known fact that men constantly have sex on the brain and everything in life seems to lead to wanting sex. This novelty book takes a look at some typical scenarios where males are hoping to get sex and get it now. Two Men, One Woman is a selection of short stories involving three sexual partners; two males and one female. Many people fantasize about having a threesome. These stories bring those fantasies to life. Sensual Pleasures by Darren G. Wicked Desires , Book 5. Sensual Pleasures is part 5 in the hot new erotica series: Stimulate your senses with this book of adult stories.

Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy their wildest sexual desires and fulfill their fantasies. Double Date by Darren G. In order to get onto sexy Lara, Ian talks Pete into double dating with himself, Lara and her hot cousin, Holly. Following dinner they have drinks on the beach at night by an open fire. Pretty soon, however, the fire isn't the only thing heating up on the sand as clothing is shed and passions indulged.

Sexalot by Darren G. Married couple, Jack and Bree, decide to devote their entire weekend to having sex. Only thing is, all of the sexcapades have to take place somewhere outdoors. They spend two days driving around, searching for various locations where they can indulge their ravenous sexual appetites. Friends With Benefits by Darren G. Roger and Elly connect via an internet dating site. Both are only looking for something casual: They meet for the first time in the local park and, once they've walked to a more secluded area of the park, the action suddenly heats up as their sexual chemistry ignites.

Living The Fantasy by Darren G. Todd and Stacey are watching a threesome unfold on an adult movie. Stacey makes the suggestion that they should find a sexy girl and live out their ultimate fantasy. After picking up a gorgeous brunette at a night club, they take her home and seduce her, bringing their sexual fantasy to vivid life. Two Women, One Man is a selection of short stories involving three sexual partners; two females and one male. Volume Two by Darren G. Real Life Dramas , 2. There are no more spellbinding and engaging stories than those that are true….

Real life scenarios, encounters and dramas that involve real people. Volume Two is a collection of seven factual accounts experienced by real people in real life situations. These accounts have been related to the author in detail, who has then dramatized these actual events in story form. When Kate's crazed and jilted ex boyfriend tracks her down after months apart, he starts stalking her. Fearing for her safety and not receiving adequate help from the police, Kate hires the services of private detective David Slade to protect her.

Together they formulate a plan to solve her problem once and for all. Crash by Darren G. Jason is returning home to London from a business trip in Crete. An hour and a half into the flight and both jet engines flame out for no apparent reason. The captain diverts the aircraft to the nearest airport for an emergency landing. However, the flight doesn't make it and crashes in a remote mountain wilderness somewhere near Slovenia. Treasure Trove by Darren G. Ever since he was a boy Richie has dreamed of finding sunken Spanish treasure. While on a scuba diving holiday in the Florida Keys with his long-term girlfriend Natasha, his dream becomes a reality when the pair unearth a gold doubloon at the bottom of a reef.

What they find on the sea floor goes far beyond their wildest fantasies. But will the treasure be theirs to keep? Michael and Wade are amateur storm chasers. When Hurricane Roman, a Category 5 storm, bears down on a city on the east coast, they find a great vantage point from which to film the severe tropical storm in an abandoned apartment building right on the beach. As the storm escalates and batters the city, their fear is matched only by their growing excitement.

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Blizzard by Darren G. When Kane gets lost on a trek in the wilderness, he seeks shelter in a small cave when a blizzard blankets the area. The snow storm keeps him trapped for days, with nothing to eat but pine nuts, and a fire to keep him warm. When the storm releases its grip, he embarks on the long journey back, surviving a wolf attack, fighting constant hunger and the freezing cold. The Mysterious Cave by Darren G. Two young couples camp out near a cave that is supposedly haunted, or so the rumors and urban legends go.

When midnight arrives the four venture into the cave to explore its beautiful and enigmatic underground world, hoping to see or hear some sign that it truly is occupied by ghosts and ghouls from tortured lives past. No one ever expected their adventure to end so mysteriously and tragically. Hunted by Darren G. When Ryan's car breaks down late at night in the middle of nowhere, he is picked up by a tow truck driver.

Instead of taking him to the nearest town at the late hour, Ted drives Ryan back to his isolated property to spend the night. When morning dawns the plans for Ryan change. They drive him deeper into the forest, setting him loose and announcing they are going to hunt him down like an animal. Swingers by Darren G.

Swingers , Book 1. Swingers is a selection of short stories involving three or more sexual partners who have a fetish for the swingers' lifestyle. Sexy Couples Erotica by Darren G. Sexy Couples Erotica is a collection of adult short stories. These titillating erotic tales involve saucy sexual action between heterosexual couples. Hot and Sexy Threesomes by Darren G. Hot and Sexy Threesomes is a selection of short stories involving three sexual partners; either two men and one woman or two women and one man. These stories bring that fantasy to life. Wicked Desires , Book 4.

Lust is volume four in the hot new adult series: Stimulate your arousal with this book of erotic stories. Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual desires in these adult tales of lust. Erotic Shorts 3 by Darren G. Erotic Shorts , Book 3. If you are after instant titillation with stories that get straight into the action, then Erotic Shorts 3 is for you. No delayed gratification, just instant stimulation for your senses. Shy Guy by Darren G. Kerri's brother is having his twenty-first birthday in a few days and he's still a virgin.

Te help him gain some confidence and overcome his shyness, she talks her hot girlfriend, Gemma, into sleeping with Myron to show him what loving a woman is all about. Sex Symbol by Darren G. Carl is a personal trainer. With great looks and a fantastic physique, he has no problem attracting the ladies. While there is no shortage of offers for sex, what Carl really desires is a steady girlfriend.

If only it were that easy? Fantasy Island by Darren G. Jeff is only twenty-two and already he's been married and divorced. He decides he needs a vacation so he holidays on a tropical island resort in the Pacific. There he meets up with two beautiful young women, Opal and Fern. The girls help him forget his troubles when they seduce him for a threesome. Sex On Camera by Darren G. Sex on Camera , Book 1. Sex On Camera is a book of erotic short stories where the characters are captured on film for adult videos, or camera for the purpose of erotic photography.

Arouse your desires and live out your fantasies as you follow the characters through the hot and sexy action! Married couple, Veronica and Jason, have a great sex life. To make sure it never goes stale, they decide to experience some outdoor fun and keep the sizzle in their sex. Erotic Fantasies by Darren G. Wicked Desires , Book 3. Erotic Fantasies is part three in the hot new adult series called Wicked Desires. Discover how these singles, couples and groups satisfy some of their wildest sexual fantasies in these sexy adult tales. Seduced by Darren G. Fashion photographer, Andy, does a portfolio shoot for a gorgeous up and coming model.

However, Belinda's plans go way beyond simply having her photograph taken. She seduces Andy, hoping to convince him to use his many contacts in the industry, giving her a leg up in the highly competitve world of fashion modeling. Satisfying Suzie by Darren G. Highly-sexed Suzie needs more than her boyfriend, Cameron, can offer on his own, so the pair go on the hunt to find another male partner to join them in some threesome fun. Craig's life is going nowhere. But that's all about to change when friend Roger gives him a gift voucher for a place called Erotica.

Not knowing what to expect, Craig cashes in that voucher and ends up having the time of his life as he lives out his hottest sexual fantasy. Sexy Beach Erotica 2 by Darren G. Sexy Beach Erotica , Book 2. Sexy Beach Erotica 2 is a selection of short stories involving sexual encounters on the beach and in tropical locations. These vivid stories bring those outdoor fantasies to life. Danny and Rose are enjoying their honeymoon on a tropical island in the South Pacific. After dinner one night they decide to go to a secluded beach where they can be assured of privacy.

Once they strip naked and enter the water, the exotic erotic action really starts to heat up! Snapshot by Darren G. Nathan is an up and coming adult actor, specializing in still photo shoots and erotic photography. He has an unofficial relationship with his female photographer, April, but there are no feelings on jealousy when there is a job to do. Follow the sexy adult action when Nathan experiences his first male-female-female threesome on camera. Wicked Desires , Book 2. On the car ride home from her family, Carter stops at a gas station, leaving Leah alone in the car.

When a man approaches the vehicle to strike up a conversation with Leah, Carter goes ballistic and beats him to a pulp. In no time, the man she once trusted exposes himself to be full-blown homicidal maniac. At times, The Perfect Guy resembles a Lifetime movie with its good-looking stars and hokey dialogue. The Perfect Guy plays it straight, when it needs to cut loose. Don't be fooled by the blurb for this one. After everything is out in the open, the story continues aimlessly and tediously describing Logan and Gemima's abundant sex life.

I love a good sex scene as much as the next girl, but the story is more important. Otherwise, the sex is just empty and gratuitous, which is exactly what happened with this story. Between the sex scenes, the pages were filled with inconsequential descriptions of mundane daily tasks. Then, it was back to whispering sweet nothings and more sex.

While the sex scenes were "okay", they weren't anything spectacular either. Perhaps they would have been better if I felt even the slightest connection to the characters or story, but sadly, I didn't. Nothing about this story stood out in a good way for me. Additionally, I had a hard time believing that the main characters were Americans in Paris. Their dialogue seemed to have strong British influences, not American. It just didn't ring true. Overall, I give it 2 stars. The writing was decent, with only a few grammatical errors noted.

The story itself was lacking. Lacking nearly everything but sex. If I had to read any more sugary sweet pillow talk, I might have barfed. It was just too much to handle. View all 12 comments. Logan, who fell in love with Gemima the first time he saw her two years ago, hears the news and invites her to lunch. During this lunch, Gemima also falls in love with Logan. Thus their story begins. The story is set in Paris I really felt like being in Paris , which is ideal with a hero so romantic, charming and HOT, really hot! Gemima, is spontaneous, has a straight-talking which can be very funny.

They are emotionally and physically that is an erotic romance, so yes there are lots of sex where we would like take the place of Gemima — hum- whistling connected. Oh yes, I put only 4. There were a few small mistakes. I offered my corrections to Annabel who will make the changes. So if there are errors, it will be my fault: Ainsi commence leur histoire. Il y avait quelques petites erreurs. This is a sweet romance of two people finding true love in the city of love Paris. The hero is awesome if a little boring and the heroine is freaking hilarious.

Instead, he waited years for them to break up on their own ex-boyfriend cheats on her. It promises to be a romantic getaway. However, there is one small conflict that promises to play out in Part Two of She. Hopefully, the second book will have more conflict than just that. On one last note: I love the cover of this book the pink one, not the original.

She is about Gemima who is an American living in Paris. She finds out that her boyfriend Jerry of 8 years cheated on her so she leaves him, their apartment and quits her job. She finds a new job at a prestigious design company and things start really turning around for her. Logan has been swooning over Gemima since they had first meet a few years back at a work function.

He has built his company from the ground up and is very passionate and a hard working man. The minute he finds out that Gemima broke up with Jerry, he calls her and asks her on a lunch date. The chemistry is instant and Gemima feels something the second she lays eyes on Logan that she never felt in all that time with her ex. Logan has his own problems but is not willing to let Gemima slip away from him. Can these two find the love they so deserve in the City of Love?

Will Gemima let her guard down and trust Logan? She is filled with hot steamy sex! They are tastefully written and will make you melt! I loved Gemima not only for her smart mouth but she was also very relatable. Logan will make you swoon. He hooks you from the beginning and you really root that the two of them will make it work. I've said it once and I'll say it again! I love discovering new authors! Annabel Fanning is my latest find. Ok, she actually found me.

Logan has most definitely made it onto my BBF list. I love Gemima and her "smart mouth". Her and Logan's characters are so easy to connect with and their chemistry is sizzling! The sexy scenes were tastefully written but still have that extra little sexiness that's sure to 5 Crazy Ass Stars!!!!! The sexy scenes were tastefully written but still have that extra little sexiness that's sure to leave you fanning yourself. I can't wait to read Part Two! View all 4 comments. SHE was such a sweet story. If you're looking for a story that will make you smile and not throw your kindle in the wall because the characters are too complicated, this one s for you!

Logan and Gemima met at a work event two years ago. But Gemima doesn't even notice Logan, while he is completely captivated by her. Unfortunately she is already in a relationship. Two years later Gemima's single, Logan doesnt waste a minute and contact her. What will follow is the sweetest love story. They're in the SHE was such a sweet story. They're in their own little bubble, enjoying how the other makes them feel.

They have sex, plenty of sex. They are happy, really happy. I liked this book, but it was SLOW. I was waiting for something to happen. An event that would shake them a little but nada. I guess it will happen in She Part 2. A beautifully written love story. No angst, no heartache, just a wonderful story. Love all the characters, especially the two lead characters, Logan and Gemima. Loved Logan's honesty and his pure love for Gemima, love their chemistry, hot, hot, hot. Straight in to book 2.

SHE is without a doubt the most magnificently touching and extraordinarily inspiring story that I have been privileged to read. Its emphasis on the old adage — the best things come to those who wait — just sealed the deal for me. You do not often find a story whose heart aligns with your own secret hopes and dreams. Gemima is emerging from a long and unfulfilled relationship that ended in ruin and pain. She is determined to not lose herself ever again and strives to find out who she is and what she wants.

Fate had taken pity on her and showers her not only with the job of her dreams but offers her a man that exceeds all of the desires of her heart. In her own words, she tells us that it was like everything before meeting him was dull and dreary and now all she sees around her are vibrant colors and life abounding like never before. Life is better, work is better, her heart is finding out what it really means to love and be loved. He has loved her fiercely from afar and now he is finally able to lavish that unending love up on her. Will she accept his love for the pure and precious gift that it is, or will she allow the pain from her past to control her future?

It never fails to melt my heart to see just how much Logan opens himself up to Gemima with his genuine honesty. That alone was enough to make me love him. In most love stories, secrets and lies abound, and they make it almost impossible for love to truly flourish and grow.

I never failed to melt at every show of pure affection and true love that he showered upon her. She was most certainly worthy of his love, and he was determined to show her the boundless depths of his love for her. Those two years he prepared for her stripped away any desire he might have had to hide any part of himself from her.

He knew that if he had any chance to win and keep her, he had to lay all of cards out on the table and hold nothing back. She needed to see him for who he was and through that he could show her just how much he was willing to make a relationship between them work. Because he had nothing to hide from her, he was then free to concentrate on showing her in every way possible just how precious, beautiful, and worthy of love she was. Annabel Flanning is a spectacular author who pulled at all of my heartstrings with this incredibly breathtaking story! This story portrays the deeply ingrained desire in all of us to truly love and be unconditionally loved in return.

We are all worthy of being loved. Every last one of us longs for it with every part of our being, and to deny anyone that chance is tantamount to treason against all that is good and pure. This captivating story has stolen my heart and secured a place on my bookshelf of all-time favorite stories. She leaves him, their apartment, and quits her job, taking a job with a prestigious design company.

Logan has been interested in Gemima since they met some time ago. With Jerry out of the picture, he makes his move. Their chemistry is instant. She is hot and steamy, but tastefully written. It's make you melt and swoon worthy, especially backlit by the City of Love. Gemima is a great character. Smart mouthed, relatable, and likable. Logan will also make you sigh. She hooks you from the beginning and doesn't let go.

You will be willing these two to get their happy ever after.