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English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. From wealth + -less. Adjective[edit]. wealthless ( comparative more wealthless, superlative most wealthless). Having little or no.
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French director Luc Besson accused of rape, denies 'fantasist' accusations. Japan wins Cannes top prize after Weinstein accuser takes stage. French court authorises release of 'cursed' Gilliam film. Race for gold reaches climax at politically charged Cannes. Female stars call for equal pay in Cannes protest. Progress of gay cinema evident at French film festival. Moreover, after almost two decades of little movement, wealth inequality was up sharply from to , explained mainly by the large spread of over four percentage points in rates of return on net worth between the middle and the top.

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It was thus the case that the middle class took a bigger relative hit on their net worth from the decline in home prices than the rich did from the equally severe stock market plunge. This is also reflected in the fact that median wealth dropped much more in percentage terms than mean wealth over the Great Recession.

In contrast, there was relatively little change in wealth inequality from to , despite a large increase in income inequality over these years.

The offsetting factor in this case was the higher return on middle class wealth than that of the rich a 0. There were three other notable developments over the Great Recession.

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First, the racial disparity in wealth holdings, which was about the same in as in , widened considerably in the years between and Second, while Hispanic households made sizeable gains on non-Hispanic white households from to , they got hammered by the Great Recession in terms of net worth and net equity in their homes. Third, young households under age 45 also got pummeled by the Great Recession, as their relative and absolute wealth declined sharply from over these years.

The adverse fortunes of minority and young households over the Great Recession are traceable to the very high share of homes in their wealth portfolio and high degree of leverage. The collapse in middle class wealth from to is a key factor in explaining middle class malaise. In particular, recent polls indicate that despite the recovery in the job market, the middle class still voices continued pessimism about its future.

Net worth and savings are important elements in economic security.

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