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Undine is a fairy-tale novella (Erzählung) by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué in which Undine, a water spirit, marries a knight named Huldebrand in order to gain a.
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Later writers developed the undine into a water nymph in its own right, and it continues to live in modern literature and art through such adaptations as Hans Christian Andersen 's " The Little Mermaid ". Undines are almost invariably depicted as being female, and are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. The group contains many species, including nereides , limnads , naiades and mermaids. Although resembling humans in form, they lack a human soul, so to achieve immortality they must acquire one by marrying a human.

Such a union is not without risk for the man, because if he is unfaithful, then he is fated to die. Undine is a term that appears in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus , [2] a Renaissance alchemist and physician. It is derived from the Latin word unda , meaning "wave", and first appears in Paracelsus' book Liber de Nymphis, sylphis, gnomes et salamandris et de caeteris spiritibus , published posthumously in Undines are almost invariably depicted as being female, which is consistent with the ancient idea that water is a female element.

The group contains many species, including nereides , limnads , naiades , mermaids and potamides. What undines lack, compared to humans, is a soul. Marriage with a human shortens their lives on Earth, but earns them an immortal human soul. The offspring of a union between an undine and a man are human with a soul, but also with some kind of aquatic characteristic, called a watermark.

And yet, it had always always been her dream to know what it felt like to have a human heart. Now that he had married her, that dream had become true. She had flesh and blood and feelings. So long as his love remained true, she would remain a mortal and live by his side. Even in the morning, the stubborn Bertilda would not accept the kindly fisherman and his wife as her true parents.

They were so broken hearted, that they left the castle and returned to their cottage. Her own foster parents were angry with her, and she quarrelled with them too. Yet she remained friends with Undine, and lingered on in the castle. Sir Huldbrand, Undine, and Bertilda would often go around together, walking arm-in-arm, and the trio were almost inseparable.

How could the noble Sir Huldbrand refuse the entreaties of two such beautiful ladies? He ordered for arrangement to be made, and a boat was prepared so that they could sale along the Danube to Vienna. He sent large waves to rock the boat from side to side, and made everyone on board feel sick. At night, he howled like the wind and kept them awake. Even Sir Huldbrand, was feeling quite terrible.


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Even if my parents truly are that wretched old couple, at least I do not have demons for relatives. Hulbrand, who as not at all himself, staggered up onto the deck where he found Undine staring at the choppy waves. Her face was white and her blond hair was blowing in the wind. You must leave me and my husband in peace! The sailors screamed as he picked up the prow and sent them all slipping and sliding across the deck, and to the back of the boat.

Her face was almost transparent. Her body took on a semi-liquid form, half woman - half water, and she slipped over the side of the boat and into the swirling River Danube. The river was calm once again. Huldbrand and Bertilda returned to the castle, and some time later they were married. One morning, Bertilda ordered the great stone to be removed from the fountain.

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But that night, a watery apparition slid out of the well, and ran up the stairs of the castle. It flowed under the door of the room where Huldbrand slept beside his wife. The drops of water reformed themselves in the shape of a beautiful young woman. She placed her lips on the cheek of the knight as he slept, and she kissed him. In that moment, he was dead.

And that was the story of Undine. It seems that the story was a big influence on Hans Christian Andersen when he wrote the very beautiful Little Mermaid, which you can hear in three parts on Storynory. I do hope that you enjoyed this watery tale and did not find it too sad. It is very beautiful. Im the first one to submit a comment!!! THE stream has mischief sounds cool by the way can u please make a star spangled banner song Bertie please reply. THE stream has mischief sounds cool can u please make a story like Star Wars and can u make a star spangled banner song please reply.

Thank you all for your comments. Sorry I was on the move yesterday on a secret mission and unable to approve the comments, so lots of you thought you were first off the mark. But thank you for listening! I am glad most people like this story. Bertie — June 7, I read all the comments before approving them. Very occasionally I miss something. If you see a bad word, do let me know. I used to have an automatic filter with lots of very bad words in it, but some people are quite cunning at trying out different spellings.

So in the end, I just had to move over to reading everything first.

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Or just read the story of u turn back into a prince and the when you and princess Beatrice have adventures Thank u: Also, my birthday is coming up on the 13th June. It would be great if you uploaded some story for my birthday.

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It makes my mind go wild into imagination. Please, please, please write a poem, song or story for my birthday! It would mean everything to me. Dear Bertie does the time show the time where you live? Because i live in America and the time is not mountain time please reply thank you ps in the comment please tell what your favorite movie is and your favorite color is and your favorite thing thx. I thought it would be lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, oh no It turned out so sad.

Great story any way who loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My name is Nisha in reall life. But I always wish that my name should be Tania. So Bertie, can you please call me Tania? All because of storynory.

C. Reinecke - Sonate "Undine" für Flöte und Klavier, Op. 167 by Yubeen Kim

My Wbesites mane is, http: I am only 9 years old, and I come from India. I do not know if I can manage this thing or not, but I will try. I am proude of you and your teem.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this story a myth.

Cool dude[Ethan O] — June 11, Poor Undine a water nymph once more AND broken hearted!!!! Maybe she felt resentment towards the unfaithfulness of the knight when he ended up getting married to Bertilda. This ending somehow leads me to think that perhaps the stupid indecisive young knight deserved that. He had to pay for everything he had done. Undine just paid him back.

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Anyway, this is still a very depressing ending. By the way, this is the very first time I have ever written a comment on storynory although I have picked up several stories and tales from your website, Bertie. And hey, Bertie, you have an extremely gorgeous actor, I mean Natasha. I wish I could read and tell a story as beautifully as you.

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