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This report details the legislative history of the Presidential Libraries Act. The report then examines information on existing library facilities and.
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Because Presidents build their Libraries themselves, they can choose the location — and Presidents have chosen sites all across the country. Inside the Libraries are the papers of the Presidents — from memos transmitted inside the White House, to letters that Presidents wrote to citizens, to records of the policy decisions that changed the way the government operates. With advances in technology, newer Libraries now preserve and make available electronic records, including email and digital images.

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The Libraries also house and make available vast collections of artifacts as well as audiovisual materials. Preserving these records, yet making them available to the public, are competing demands.

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Archivists process the Presidential records — by inventorying them; putting them into special archival folders and boxes; and reviewing them for certain kinds of information that cannot be released to the public - before they become available to researchers. Researchers include students, historians, journalists, genealogists, or professional researchers who use the information to write books, research papers, or news stories.

Not all Presidential records, however, are immediately available for research. Each Library follows laws and regulations governing specifically when and how certain records are made available.

Are Presidential Libraries Evolving?

The Herbert Hoover through Jimmy Carter Presidential Libraries follow a deed of gift model, where the former President determines access to certain records. From the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library forward, the PRA changed the fundamental disposition of Presidential materials, stating that any records created or received by the President as part of his constitutional, statutory, or ceremonial duties belong to the people; and therefore, automatically come to NARA at the end of the administration.

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Under this law, however, the former President still retains privileges, including special access, the right to review materials slated for opening, and the ability to restrict access to certain categories of information for up to 12 years after leaving office. The PRA stipulates that records are closed for five years after the end of an administration, but after that time, are accessible through the Freedom of Information Act. During that initial five years, the records can be accessed only by the current President, the former President, the Congress, and the courts, under the special access terms of the PRA.

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  • For the archivists, the PRA provides guidance on restrictions that must be applied to the materials to protect matters, such as personal privacy and national security. The essay explores the many ways in which the failure to build an Obama Library adversely impacts researcher access to important historical information, damages the quality of museum exhibits at a privately run Obama museum, threatens the presidential library system as we know it, and ultimately impairs our democracy.

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    Touring our nation's presidential libraries

    The Future of the Presidential Library. In Defense of Presidential Libraries. The Public Historian , Vol.