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The Enchanters were an American vocal group based in Detroit, Michigan. They produced several local hit records in the doo-wop genre during the late s.
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When Jake Olson tried to use the hammer to turn back into Thor, Enrakt emerged from the hammer transforming Ceranda's form into a likeness of his own and caused Olson to have a heart attack.

Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters (4)

Brona and Magnir appeared in Asgard confronting Odin as he prepared for the Odinsleep and after he was drugged by Tarakis , teleporting him away. Enrakt overpowered the Warriors Three then transformed a group of humans into monstrous creatures which he sent to devour them.

The Enchanter taunted him with an image of Odin struggling against Brona and Magnir before blasting Thor to the ground. Enrakt caught Thor's hammer and hurled it back at him before departing to join the battle against Odin. Thor used Mjolnir to return to normal the people mutated by Enrakt.

Films Media Group - The Enchanters of Montparnasse: Episode 4—The Adventurers Of Modern Art

The Scarlet Witch then used the residue on Enrakt remaining within Mjolnir to locate him, and sent Thor to join Odin against them. The Enchanters absorbed Odin's strongest energy attacks and used that energy to assault him, but Thor arrived and pulled the Enchanters from him. Enrakt then transformed the ground beneath their feet into an immense serpent which swallowed them whole. Though Thor and Odin were powerless to escape Enrakt's serpent creation, the Scarlet Witch arrived and allowed them to do so. Dividing up their foes, Odin easily bested Brona with a knee to the face and crushed his Living Talisman, the Scarlet Witch trapped Magnir within solid rock, and Thor fought Enrakt.

Unaware that the Scarlet Witch had cast a spell of invisible protection around Mjolnir, making it impossible for him to control, Enrakt grabbed the hammer and tried to unleash the anti-force at Thor, but Thor directed it back at him.


Thor then battered Enrakt into submission. Thor prepared to execute Enrakt, but Odin told him to unmask the Enchanter instead, revealing Ceranda as the body in Enrakt's armor. Thor and Odin returned with the Enchanters to Asgard.

Odin banished Brona and Magnir back to the Lost Limbo of Infinity Unending after confirming that they had no further brethren to come after them , while Ceranda left in a lifeless state without Enrakt to animate her was to be placed under the Glass of Everlasting Honor. Sign In Don't have an account? He met Kiki after a waiter ordered her removed for not wearing a hat; she made a spectacle of up skirting herself. Ray took Kiki to the movies and asked to paint her. He photographed her instead and the pair subsequently dated for six years. During Kiki and Ray's relationship, they lived in a studio, an apartment, and a room at Hotel Istria.

Their relationship was full of fighting as Kiki struggled to settle into domesticity and Ray continued photographing. The surrealists attended a bar that had a neon sign and cowboy paintings. Kiki would get drunk and sing at the bar.

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Robert Desnos joined Breton, Soupault, and Tzara; he experimented in his sleep. Chaim Soutine frequented the same bar as the surrealists. He lived in a large studio near Montparnasse where he painted an ox. Aragon was heartbroken by his independent lover, Nancy. He moved into a house near other artists and became closer with his friends. He took a new lover, Elsa, who he did not like as much as Nancy and felt was clingy.

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Ray met the American model, who arrived in Paris to study photography. Ray ran off with Miller. Kiki fell in love with someone else and became a painter. Picasso and his wife lived in a large fancy apartment and no longer attended bars. They had a child together. Picasso took another lover and paid for her to live in apartment near his home. Dali visited Picasso; he was interested in avant-garde artists.

Dali began a new way of painting and charmed Paul Eluard's wife, Gala. Dali met filmmaker Luis Bunuel and they created a film of dreams; the film rejected rational representations.

Garnet Mimms was something different: Indeed, the partnership between the Enchanters on the one hand and Ragavoy and Berns on the other was very much an experiment in applying Mimms' gospel and deep soul roots to the new uptown soul in vogue in New York. The Enchanters did continue with Sam Bell as replacement lead vocalist, but there was little hope of recreating the magic of those previous UA releases.


Mimms, on the other hand, was far from finished, and struck out on a promising solo career. Would you have this song and if you have it, could you send it to me? Thank you in advance. There is no song "Runaway Lover". It was a printing mistake on the LP jacket. OK thank you for the information. I understand better now.