Guide Prince Eddy and the Homosexual Underworld

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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Prince Albert Victor--known within the British royal family as "Eddy"--was Queen Victoria's grandson and second heir after her .
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However his death at age 28 in eliminated him from the line of succession. Here we see him as reckless, self-indulgent and even dissipated. He indeed was part of the homosexual world of Victorian England.

Prince Eddy and the Blackguards

At that time in English history, life was difficult for male homosexuals but before he reached that point, Aronson paints him as a lazy, not clever, and unfocused fellow, yet he maintains that there was something fascinating about him. He most certainly was not Jack the Ripper nor was he in anyway connected to him. Add to this the classic Victorian murder mystery of Jack the Ripper and the stage is set for some extraordinarily wild accusations to be made. The one good thing about this book, is its systematic demolition of any connection between the two.

Prince Eddy and the Homosexual Underworld

The only problem is that the author is much less effective in dealing with the twin issues of the sexuality of the Prince and his involvement in the Cleveland Street affair. Given the fluidity of human sexuality Aronson goes all Freudian on this , I would conclude that Eddy may have had some leanings in the direction of male-male sexuality.

There are plenty of background possibilities especially in his University period the Apostles but much of what else is raised has absolutely no material evidence to support it. The author makes much of the known sexuality of important persons in his milieu but again this is largely guilt by association. What should he have shown an interest in? I note his birth condition and the possibility of slow development exacerbated by his upbringing by a pleasant yet very protective mother pace Freud where a range of conditions were disinclined to promote more outward social growth.

He was clearly inclined to seek pleasantries in social discourse without being particularly productive he writes a good standard Victorian letter assuming that they were all his own work.

Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale

Much is made of his appearance and physique which I regard as rubbish along with his interest in clothing pace Beau Brummel and George IV neither of whom came up short in the womanizing department. Was Eddy somewhat homosexual in orientation? The Prince was laid to rest at Windsor Castle, and his younger brother George came reluctantly to the throne. The world moved on into the calamitous 20th century, and history seemed to forget Eddy for about half a century. Then all hell broke loose.

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There was the Cleveland Street affair, for instance. In , a scandal erupted when a telegraph boy one of a cadre of poorly-paid, somewhat raffish youths employed to deliver messages all over London — the bike messengers of their day confessed that he and several of his fellow telegraph boys augmented their incomes by performing homosexual acts with various gentlemen at 19 Cleveland Street.

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Lord Arthur had been a regular patron of the Cleveland Street brothel, and when the scandal broke, he left the country. The most popular idea is that he will be killed in a tiger hunt, but runaway horses or a fractious elephant might serve as well. What this really mirrors is a public awakening to the fact that this stupid, perverse boy has become a man and has only two highly precious lives between him and the English throne and is an utter blackguard and ruffian.

The Prince of Wales was thunderstruck at the news that his stable-master, a bluff military man, might be involved in such an affair, and all his efforts to clear his friend look in hindsight like efforts to protect his son.

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It typically takes far less provocation than this to bring conspiracy theorists swarming like nightjars, and they did not disappoint. They had the germ of their idea in that Times screed: There was no chance of that, of course, especially in later, more scandal-friendly times. One might think that such posthumous infamy would be the worst scandal that could befall a dead prince.

But in the case of Prince Eddy, the conspiracy theorists were only getting warmed up. In an article by eighty-five-year-old Dr. Thomas Stowell appeared in the specialty journal Criminologist. But shortly after his article appeared, Stowell did two things that guaranteed it would get mentioned forever:

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