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What more could I want? Nothing, that covered everything. Take me as I am, he is saying, warts and all, then he wins us round through his indifference to winning us round.

Blair Bourassa (Contributor of Whispered Words)

There is nothing on that scale here, but we do get a paragraph devoted to him filling the coffee machine in the school staffroom and another listing the presents he receives one Christmas. But they root the story in real time and place, acting as guarantors of authenticity.

At least they seem to. How far Knausgaard remains faithful to the truth is another teasing question.

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Just not what happened there. How accurate is his recall of his year up north, then? With that novel, he says: And the business can find a new home, too; in fact, George is in charge of closing the real estate deal for the relocation of the laundromat. He kept doing things without letting himself think about them. It was like having a circuit breaker in his head, and it thumped into place every time part of him tried to ask: But why are you doing this?

Part of his mind would go dark. Hey Georgie, who turned out the lights? Something screwy in the wiring, I guess. The lights go back on. But the thought is gone. Let us continue, Freddy—where were we? Vampires and serial killers and haunted houses, yes.

Stephen King Revisited

A good man being royally screwed over by the system and fighting back…only to lose everything. Following this death I was left both grieving and shaken by the apparent senselessness of it all… ROADWORK tries so hard to be good and find some answers to the conundrum of human pain.

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For this reader, maybe even a little too personal at times. An arm of fire ran out of the cab, reached the engine hood, paused for a moment as if in reflection, and then sniffed inside. This time the explosion was not soft. And suddenly the cowling was in the air, rising almost out of sight, fluttering and turning over and over.

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Something whizzed past his head. He began to do a shuffling dance in the fiery darkness, his face contorted in an ecstasy so great that it seemed his features must shatter and fall in a million smiling pieces. His hands curled into waving fists above his head.

I could smell the gasoline in the air and feel the cold of the snow on my boots and the warmth of the fire on my face, and I could feel his heart soaring in his chest. I was there with him. When we first meet the young reporter, Dave Albert, he is conducting man-on-the-street interviews at the official groundbreaking of the new highway. George is gone, but how about his wife, Mary Dawes? I think she went back to school as planned. Got remarried to a balding insurance agent from a nearby town.

Lived out her life in a nice middle-class house in a nice middle-class neighborhood. Far far away from the new highway. Talk about a colorful character; I really dug this guy. Especially loved listening to him talk. I figure Sal probably got up to a lot of no-good in the years that followed.

But I think my pick goes to Olivia Brenner, the pretty, twenty-one-year old hitchhiker who spent a memorable night with George before continuing on to Las Vegas. To be notified of new posts and updates via email, please sign-up using the box on the right side or the bottom of this site. I need to reread this one. Remember very little of the story. Interesting write up — thanks for sharing. Up until Keri meets the man who will become her Master, I could believe that what she was doing was in character. She wanted to spice up her life, was given a chance to and took it.

Certainly the chance was a little more than she expected, but she was very good at rolling with the punches so she made it work for her. What struck me as odd was everything after meeting her Master, Alex. Overwhelming attraction only Some of Dancing in the Dark has to be taken on faith and pushing aside common sense.

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Overwhelming attraction only takes you so far after all. Even after she has a great night, reconsiders her options and realizes how insane she was acting--she continues. Its important to mention that she knows next to nothing about this man. He's great in the sack, makes her feel all sorts of pleasure, seems to be rolling in the money and goes by the name of Alex when he's around her This isn't to say he did some sort of suspicious behavior, but Keri acted more like her hormones were in control of her behavior.

We didn't see much of Alex outside of his and Keri's sessions until the very end of the story discounting their initial meeting at the party. As is to be expected he is hiding things from Keri, though I do agree to his reasoning even if it was presumptuous slightly for why he didn't explain to Keri who he was from the get-go, I wish we had more outside of Master time to get to know him better.

May 05, Tracy's Place rated it liked it. Kelleyj rated it liked it Apr 11, Louise rated it liked it May 05, No tension between the two main characters. I saw the ending coming a mile away. Virginia rated it really liked it May 11, Cassandra Tellez rated it it was ok Sep 25, Richard rated it really liked it Nov 21, Arno rated it liked it Feb 12, Debbie rated it really liked it May 26, Angela marked it as to-read Mar 04, Bea marked it as to-read Apr 18,